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Of Stars Descending - Taldaer

Human, deceiver, martial artist all these words have been used to describe me. Hi name's Stormcloud

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Ch 5. A princess of a problem

Chapter 5 A princess of a problem

I know secrets about you, that’s true, I do
I know something about you, you know, I do
Darkness, laughter and heartache, that’s what we see
Can’t stop thinking about you but now I am free

There are times when you don’t have to say anything. You just stand aside and let life play out before you. Who knows, you might see something new or discover something that you’ve overlooked for years. We are all part of the massive machine that we call life, and it will function with or without you.


Celestia’s eyes flickered opened and for a moment she just stared up at the unfamiliar ceiling above her. Then through the remnants of a slowly subsiding headache, the small but many cogs of her mind slowly started turning. Manufacturing questions at an alarming rate. The first one being: Where am I?

Her eyes started to scan through the room searching for answers to her ever increasing pool of questions. Much to her dismay they found nothing of value to tell about her situation. The room was simple in its decoration with three pieces of art adorning the walls but nothing else. The walls themselves were painted in a light blue color while the ceiling was white.

With a sigh she turned her gaze back toward the ceiling. Something wasn’t right, of that she was certain. She was just unable to put her hoof on what exactly. Well aside from waking up in this strange room she felt fine, but something was definitely wrong here. As she lay there and pondered on what was actually going on a stray thought crossed her mind. Hmm that’s odd I can’t see my muzzle or my horn…

Her eyes shot open with sudden realization, as she remembered what she had been doing before she found herself in this room. For the first time since waking up she tried move her legs. She was greeted with an odd alien feeling as every fiber of her being screamed wrong. Feeling her panic rising she flailed her limbs until the blankets covering her were thrown off revealing her body. The panic was replaced with shock as she stared dumbstruck at the two odd limbs she held up in the air.

Slowly she worked herself up into a sitting position, so she could see the full extent of this odd body. Much like a Diamond dog she now had a pair of arms as well as a pair of legs. But instead of being covered in fur she had smooth white skin. For a time she sat there, opening and closing her new hands. For they had to be hands, just as those she had seen in Clouds memories. As the initial shock subsided her mind started to work again. No matter how she twisted and turned her situation she always came back to the same answer, she had somehow been transformed into a human.

The panic she had felt before started to rise once more. Who had done this to her? Was Cloud to blame? Had he planned this? She had to get back somehow! A sound drew her attention and as she searched for its source her eyes finally came to rest upon the door she had overlooked until now. She carefully scooted to edge of the bed where she stopped and hesitated for a while.

From what she had seen in Clouds memories humans were a bipedal race and while the spell had allowed her to see this, it worked very much as reading a book. The spell allowed you to retain some information but not everything. One thing it certainly didn’t let you keep was practical knowledge, such as walking on two legs. How hard can it be, clearly one of my age and grace will find it a simple task? She thought as she tried to stand only to have the unfamiliar legs buckle beneath her. Groaning she got up on her knees and hands and started to slowly crawl toward the door. It wasn’t exactly as dignified as she would have liked but at least she was making some progress.

The closer she got to the door the clearer the sound got until she realized that the sound was actually someone’s voice. Was he talking to someone? No it didn’t sound like he was. Looking up she saw the doorknob that would open the door for her. Determination filled her as she struggled to reach the handle.

Ever so slowly she managed to work herself into a standing position. It was tough, but by using the door as a brace she was able to exert some semblance of control over the unfamiliar muscles. She was already reaching for the handle when she stopped herself. This much closer she could easily hear that the voice was in fact singing. Curiosity overcame her as she tilted her head closer to the door in an attempt to make out what was being sung. Her effort was greeted with muffled lyrics.

...ayby in another lifetime I could be the first you meet

I once read a poem
held my breath but that moment’s gone
First time I felt life somewhat hurts
I need an option, a reason and some hope

Yell at me, I want to be your light that shines
But my ground is shaking, and I might fall
I wish that I could say, I wish that I could be your evil in a closet

Yell at me, I want to be your light that shines
But my ground is shaking, and I might fall
I wish that I could say, I wish that I could be your evil in a closet

The song seemed to come to an end and a muffled sigh could be heard through the door soon to be followed by the sound of steps. Pressing her oddly placed ear against the door she tried to listen in on the steps. With a start she realized that the steps had stopped just outside the door she was currently leaning against. Before she had time to react the door swung open revealing the now human Cloud. Their eyes meet for a brief second before she fell forward effectively tripping the human in front of her. With a soft *thud* they fell to the floor although most the impact to her was cushioned by Clouds body. With a groan he lifted his head and looked at her. For a moment his golden eyes met hers then they widened in shock which was followed by a deep blush.

"Um, Celestia would you mind getting off me?"


A couple of hours earlier

I was staring dumbstruck at the human form of Celestia that had appeared before me. As I slowly approached the unconscious form of the princess I couldn’t help but notice her beauty. Even through the darkness brought on by night in my apartment, I marveled at the perfection that lay before me. I bent down beside her and gave her a light shake hoping to wake her. But despite my effort to rouse her, Celestia stayed unconscious.

I couldn’t leave her on the floor so I carefully lifted her form and walked over my bedroom. The door was opened with practiced ease by one of my feet since Celestia was still in my arms. As gently as I could I lowered her down unto the bed and began removing the jewelry she was wearing, placing each item on the nightstand beside the bed. I spent a few seconds staring at her unconscious form on my bed. My mind refusing to acknowledge that my situation had gone from weird to strange. Giving my head a small shake I started to tuck the regent of the sun in, in an effort to make her as comfortable as possible.

I’d be lying if I said that my mind didn’t give me some very suggestive mental pictures, she was by far the most beautiful human I’d ever laid my eyes upon. What made it all weirder was the fact that she was damn alicorn from another world. I shook my head once more and pushed those thoughts aside, I was going to sleep on the couch tonight it seemed.

Walking out of the room I closed the door behind me, with a small sigh I pulled an extra blanket from a closet and settled down on the couch. One of my few perks was to be extremely tolerant to low temperatures, so the single blanket would be enough even in the current autumn cold. Closing my eyes I tried to find sleep, only to end up tossing and turning before finally giving up on it entirely.

With an annoyed growl I threw the blanket off of me and headed out into my small kitchen. After putting some coffee on I returned to my living room and booted up the computer. I may as well get something done if I can’t sleep. But where do I begin? Is it even possible for me to help Celestia get back?

Pondering the questions that were circulating in my mind I opened a clean Word file to write down every random theory that came to mind, taking occasional breaks to make more coffee. Before I knew it hours had passed and I was taking a small break, humming along with the tracks randomly selected by Winamp. Soon I was singing along to some of the slower songs as my mind wandered down strange sleep deprived paths.

Well I better get back to work, but first a quick bathroom break. Still humming the lyrics to the last song I went about to do my business. As I washed my hands I looked up at the mirror above the sink only to receive a small chock. My eyes were still the golden hue they had been when I was a pony. Leaning closer I studied the unnatural color. How had this come to pass? Why weren’t my eyes their natural dark brown color? Slightly troubled I left the bathroom only to settle in front of the computer once more. Increasing the music volume I tried to drown out my personal problems with more work and singing.

It was with a small effort of will that I managed to get back to working on solution for Celestia. When I say solution, I mean what little I could do as a being without any real knowledge of the arcane.

Eventually I feel into a daze where I worked without any real goal until I decided to give up and just listen to the music that was blaring from my headset. In the end I started to sing again. I know my voice is not suited for singing, I just can’t control it while listening to music. Throwing a glance at the clock on the computer I realized that roughly 6 hours had passed since I returned here. I might as well go check on Celestia, who knows how she’ll react when waking up as a human. Deciding that the next song would be the last one, I started to sing along to one of my favorite songs.

We were one in words
You, finished my sentence
I could never attract tomorrow
It pushes me aside

I sink in waters deep…

I wish that I could be your evil in a closet.

As the last sounds of the song died out I pulled the headset of my head placing it on the desk before me. After quickly stretching my arms I stood up and released a content sigh before walking over to my bedroom door.

Lazily I opened the door to reveal the very much awake Celestia. For a second I just stared surprised into her magenta eyes before she started falling forward. Under normal circumstances I would have been able to catch her, but due to being rather sleep deprived Celestia’s falling form managed to trip me.

Landing on my back my head bounced lightly against the floor, with a groan I lifted my head to look at Celestia. My eyes once more met her magenta ones before involuntarily straying downward to the ample cleavage pressing down on my abdomen. I felt my cheeks burned hot as I blushed.

"Um, Celestia would you mind getting off me?”

My request broke the stunned silence that seemed to have gripped her as she started to struggle and shout.

"Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!" her shouts were growing more and more frantic for every second that passed. She didn’t even seem to notice that I wasn’t even holding her. She was just flailing on top of me.

Shit, she’s panicking. My mind finally settled on as I worked myself up into a sitting position. Using one arm I pulled her into a rough embrace to stop her flailing, before she managed to hurt herself or me by accident. I tried to clamp my free hand over her mouth to stop her ever louder cries.

However I hadn’t counted on her biting down on my hand as it grew close. I inhaled sharply as the sun princesses newly acquired canines and incisors pierced my skin. I responded by tensing the muscles in my hand in order to ignore my own discomfort and make it harder for her to bite straight through. I hugged her closer while keeping my hand still locked in her jaw tensed, I held her for what felt like hours. She thrashed, she screamed and shouted however muffled by the hand between her jaws until she finally collapsed into what seemed like sobs.

Fuck, I never meant for it to degenerate into this. I berated myself as I slipped my hand away from her mouth.

"Hey calm down, I’m sorry I had to be so rough, but you didn’t really give me any options." I said trying my best to use a calm and reassuring voice.

I carefully released the arm I had used to hold her. Standing up I moved the still sobbing wreck of a princess so that she was sitting with her back against a wall. I slowly sat down in front of her before I spoke slowly to her once more.

"Celestia I’m sorry for how this turned out, if I could I would have sent you back the moment you appeared here, and if could have avoided this recent development I would’ve done so too. I understand that you’re confused, that you’re frightened but please you have to believe me when I say that this situation was never my intention. To be honest I’m not quite sure how this situation came to be in the first place."


She struggled against the arms effectively restraining her, she let her desperation turn into anger. Who was this human to restrain her, to hold her down, she was demigod. The regent of the sun let her anger burn, fueling her desire to break free and escape this deceptive mortal. But when the human didn’t relent the flames of her anger started to grow less vibrant, less forceful.

She tried to desperately cling to her vanishing anger as she felt a sense of hopelessness, waiting like a bird of prey to swoop in and replace her will to continue the struggle. Screaming out of anger one last time she felt her strength flee her odd body, and she collapsed into sobs as tears started to stream down her face.

Whatever force Cloud was working for or if this was all Cloud’s master plan it had worked. She was defeated, broken in the most humiliating way without even being able to put up a fight. In a desperate last attempt she tried to reach for her magic. However, when she felt Cloud remove the hand that she had bit down on and start to speak she stopped herself for a moment.

"Hey calm down, I’m sorry I had to be so rough, but you didn’t really give me any options." he said his voice sounding calm but a bit strained.

Dark thoughts were gathering in the sun princesses’ mind. This is where he tells how I’m imprisoned here for the rest of my days, to serve as his slave. Or perhaps he will just toy with before putting me out of misery. I will not give him the satisfaction of me begging!

Through her spiraling thoughts she barely registered that Cloud moved her so that her back was propped against a wall. Cloud spoke again this time slowly, deliberately trying to make her hear every word. She tried to shut out his words, refusing to listen to her captor, but something in his tone made her stop and listen anyway.

"…avoided this recent development I would’ve done so too. I understand that you’re confused, that you’re frightened but please you have to believe me when I say that this situation was never my intention. To be honest I’m not quite sure how this situation came to be in the first place."

She looked up only to find Cloud sitting in front of her carefully observing her while keeping his distance. Why would he care about keeping his distance if he is evi… oh. Letting her gaze wander up until it met Cloud’s she saw nothing but concern in his eyes. I have acted like such a foal. She berated herself mentally.


Celestia finally looked up at me again. Her tear stained eyes meeting mine once more. Wow, I really fucked this up.

"Are you okay now Celestia?" I asked her instantly cursing myself for asking such a question. Of course she wasn’t okay, she was lost in world she didn’t know about until a few days ago. A world where her wildest fears were part of the normal day and in some cases even entertainment.

"I’m sorry that was inconsiderate of me. You’re clearly not okay, but I promise you that I’ll do whatever I can to help you get back." I promised her as I studied her eyes.

She subconsciously raised one of her hands to wipe tears before finally speaking to me.

"Really, you’re not behind all this?" she says sniffling a bit.

"No, I was surprised when you appeared in my apartment. I tried to wake you then and there but you were unresponsive so I put you in my bed. And the reason for me holding you down just now was so that you wouldn’t hurt yourself with all that flailing."

I kept staring into her magenta eyes, waiting for her response as she visibly debated with herself whether she should believe me or not. Eventually she drew a deep, if somewhat shaky, breath seemingly having come to a conclusion.

"Alright Cloud, I believe you and I’m sorry too. I overreacted based on my own assumptions."

"Apology accepted Celestia but not really needed. You had every right to overreact given the circumstances. Now can you stand?"

"I think so, but I can’t seem to figure out how to walk like you do…" her voice trailed off and slight blush appeared on her cheeks.

"Well then, I can teach you a few tricks to make it easier later. But for now I think we should discuss the situation. I’m going to help you on your feet and lead you over to the sofa, okay?"

Celestia looked me in the eyes for a second before nodding her assent. I stood up and walked over to the still sitting princess offering her my uninjured hand, as a dull throb has begun make itself known around the area where the sun regent had her teeth buried moments before. I pulled her feet and slowly led her over to the sofa, supporting her every step, before finally setting her down on the sofa. I hadn’t realized before I stood beside her. But she’s rather tall by human female standards, being only around half a head shorter than me.

Pulling over a small folding chair I used whenever I had more guests than I have seats. I sat down on the other side of my small coffee table, which incidentally was in front of her.

"Okay Celestia this is what I have so far…" I began, as I started to go over all the crazy theories I had come up with so far.

Celestia sat there in front of me nodding at some of my ideas while shaking her head at others. At times she added to my theories filling out points I had overlooked in my ignorance of the arcane. We spent what must’ve have been a good 90 minutes discussing the variations of my theories and Celestia added some of her own to the ever growing pool of ideas and possible explanations. Our mind storming sessions was cut short as a familiar grumble resounded throughout the apartment.

Confused I looked down at my own stomach. I wasn’t hungry so why did it… Wait a sec. I looked up at the princess seated in front of me, a slight blush was present on her cheeks.

"I’m sorry Celestia. If you were hungry you had but to ask." I said with a small smile.

"Wait here and I’ll go make something real quick." I continued.

I stood up and trudged out into the small kitchen. After a quick survey through my fridge I found that to a human the current food it held would work fine. For a pony princess of a mainly herbivore species however most of the contents would not be suitable. Sighing to myself I set out to make a plate with a few sandwiches and two glasses of OJ. I made a mental note that I would have to make a quick shopping trip before this day is over. I walked back out into the living room of my apartment only to find Celestia studying my computer from her place in the sofa. I chuckled lightly at her as she intently watched the screensaver.

As she heard my chuckle she turned her head back to me, an incredulous look on her face.

"Cloud, what is that machine? I saw you using one in your memories, how does it work?" she asked, clearly confused.

"I can tell you later, now however you better eat something. Don’t worry I made sure that the food was within the norms of what you would normally eat." I said as I set the two glasses and the plate down on the table. A small gasp escaped Celestia when I did, confused I raised an eyebrow.

"What? I know it’s not exactly fancy but it’s the best I could do given what I had to work with."

"No no, you stupid human. I’m reacting to your hand."

I looked down at my right hand where she had bitten me before. There was some coagulated blood where her teeth had pierced the skin and dug in but nothing too major.

"Oh yeah, don’t worry about it." I said trying to wave her concerns off.

Quick as a viper she grasped my hand with both hers, a stern look on her face.

"No, it’s not okay. I caused you that pain, I will help you be rid of it." she declared in a determined tone.

She closed her in concentration still firmly grasping my hand. Just as I was about to open my mouth to protest Celestia’s eyes opened once more and a golden shimmer appeared around her hands. The area where she had bit me itched a little as the dull throb subsided before vanishing completely.

Releasing my hand she slowly reclined back into the sofa a frown now on her face. I didn’t need to be genius to understand what had just happened. She had used magic in a world where it shouldn’t be possible. This changed everything, so why was she wearing that frown?

"Celestia doesn’t this mean you can just go home by your own power?" I asked.

"No, something felt wrong, that was a simple mending spell it shouldn’t even have taken that long for it to complete. It should’ve been near instantaneous." Celestia said as her frown deepened.

"Wrong how? Could you specify what you mean?" I asked, feeling that we might have stumbled on something important.

Celestia opened and closed her mouth a few times as she searched for the right words to describe her predicament.

"Well… It felt like an echo. Like my natural magic was resonating from somewhere else."

A suspicion grew in my mind but I had to ask on more question before I could be sure.

"An echo you say? Do you think you could try something simple like levitation and point in the direction of the echo?"

"Sure I could do that, but what purpose would it serve?" she asked. A look of confusion now present on her face.

"It’s just a new theory I’d like to confirm."

"Okay then." she complied simply.

Celestia set her eyes on one of the sandwiches and soon the golden glow of her magic had enveloped her right hand and the now floating snack. She kept the levitation up a couple of seconds before setting the sandwich back down on the plate.

"Hmm, the echo seems to be coming from that direction." the sun regent said motioning toward the wall behind her, unknowingly confirming my suspicion.

"Now ain’t that interesting." I mumbled to myself starting to lose myself in the possibilities that the new information had provided. Unbeknownst to Celestia she had just pointed in the direction of the very forest where all this had begun.

"What is interesting? Did you figure something out?" Celestia’s voice brought me out from my pondering.

"Perhaps, perhaps not. I cannot tell for sure, not at this point anyway. I’ll tell you about my theories later but know there are two things that need to be addressed before we continue. The first being me taking a quick trip to the convenience store to pick up some additional food items and the second would be teaching you how to walk as a human."

Celestia started to protest but I held up a hand to interrupt her.

"I understand that you want know, but unless I leave now there wouldn’t be much in my apartment suited for you to eat. As I understand it you would rather not eat meat products."

"I think I could manage, I’ve lived a long life you know." She said trying to put on what I thought was a brave face.

"Yeah, no. You’re not fooling me with that princess."

"I could order you to stay and tell me." she tried again, going back to the original topic.

"Well you could try, but it would fall on deaf ears since I was never one of your subjects to begin with." I said as an amused smile found its way onto my features.

"But I want to know…" she said with a pout.

How in the hell!? How did she manage to do that while looking both cute and stunningly beautiful at the same time? My mind raged.

"Yes, but you’ll have to wait. I can offer you something to read while I’m out." I said as I collected myself.

"Okay then… Do you have anything to recommend?" She conceded, finally giving up on getting me to spill the beans right at this moment.

"Sit tight, I’ll be right back." I said before standing up.

I headed into my bedroom and opened a small sliding door on one of the cupboards. Inside was a minor collection of books, instead of picking one, I picked the first books in a couple of series opting to give her a few to choose from. After closing the cupboard I headed back out to the living room area and set the books down in front Celestia.

"Here are a few to pick between. I hope that at least one will pique your interest."

"Okay, thank you Cloud." she said as she reached for one of the books.

"No problem, I’ll probably be back within an hour or so depending on the amount of people at the store."

I moved over to the apartment door and started to get dressed. Picking up my wallet and keys that had somehow magically appeared in their normal spots, I tried to not put too much attention on it.I put one hand on the door handle, before stopping.

"Oh yeah, before I forget again." I said turning to face the princess who looked up from reading the synopsis on the back of one of the supplied books.

"Welcome to my home Celestia, and even though it wasn’t planned I hope your stay will be pleasant. So please make yourself at home, I’ll be back before you know I was gone."

And with that I was out of the door before she had a chance to respond.

Author's Note:

So, it's been a long time. A really long time since I actually felt like writing on this story, hopefully this is the turning point though. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this latest chapter. Stay tuned for future updates and thank you for not giving up hope on this story if you're still there.