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Fairly well written, with very few spelling errors. Good job.

I just....I don't....what is this? It was so well written though, but i'm caught between the feelings of :raritydespair: :twilightoops: :facehoof: and :pinkiehappy:

Unless this is a humanized story you should not be using the human tag. If it is you should say so in the description..

2566243 well they are humans only with the same skin color as in the show, no tails or hoof legs. I would sa that qualifies as human.

Mrs. Cake clop... Guess I'm favoriting this.

Comment posted by ThunderRoller deleted May 12th, 2013

Okay then. Say that they are humanized in the description.

"I can't wait to help out Pumpkin Cake with Father's Day already," Pinkie giggled.

Do I detect a sequel?

Dang. Sexy and sweet at the same time

Is it just me, or are most Mother's Day fics turning out to be clopfics?

2567473 seems that way :applejackunsure: there was someone who asked if there was someone going to write a mother’s day clop and I think a lot of writers jumped on that train, me included.

I enjoyed proofreading this and was glad to help. Looks like I missed a few things though... Sorry.

But still: :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by MamaLuigi deleted May 12th, 2013

Humanized stories do not belong in the anthro group. Please remove it.

*Flails arms*


We need a Father's Day sequel.

holy shit . . . whaaaaa!?:derpyderp1::twilightblush::facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

2568593 it has the tagline mature and sex, isn't that enough?

2568124 from which group does this come from?

Do you mean what group it was added in, or what group it should go to?

Comment posted by DrTechno deleted May 13th, 2013

2569864 Okay, I've got it figured out. It must have been someone else adding it, but its gone now.


22sonic did a great job on that cover pic

It felt rushed. But good regardless. Thumbs up! Hot hot hot!:heart:

Last comment was not meant to hurt, just so u no:twilightsmile:

gods, the thought of pinkie pie in a thong. HNNNGG

Carrot Cake is my fetish...
For the love of Celestia make a sequel of father's day!!!!

2636446 I am kinda wrapped up with other stories, but a handful of people have asked for a father's day sequel so I guess I should start workjn on that.

2636446 Say, would you like to be sort of a co-writer/editor?

Still incomplete? We had Mother's Day and Father's Day. So what's left now? A big orgy between the Cakes and Pinkie Pie?

Wow, just as good a read as your last one. haha. Glad i got to read it before leaving for the army. I leave tomorrow morning. haha.

massive orgy incoming. also Pound got Pinkie preggo

2727186 Well good trip.

Og also, it's dangerous out there so take this: :rainbowkiss:

2727225 Whaaat nooo, what gave you that idea? *shifty eyes and nervous smile*

2727179 well we got Christmas, Easter, New Year and Earth day... I might just make up one too.

oh, and pancake Tuesday, that might be something to do.

Muffin Monday!!! Do a Muffin Monday!~~~ :derpyderp1:

Oh, one more thing; you spelled "scent" wrong. So much for those three proofreaders, huh?:trollestia: Unless Pumpkin Cake smells like pennies.

2728451 I actually didn't show up to proofread the second chapter, because I never heard about it. Shoot.

Do let me know next time, Techno. I like your stories a lot, they just need the cleaning that a good English speaker can provide.

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