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Amber Sin


A vengeful colt named Joshua tells a whale of a tale.

This is just a short story based off one of my favorite songs. [youtube link to it if you're interested: ^^ ]
I wrote it to get my creative juices flowing while working on a different (much more pony related) fanfiction.
I know, it really doesn't need to be a pony story, but it is. Deal with it.

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Comments ( 3 )

well, first, thaks for showing me the band that made me start learning how to play the guitar, loved the song.
got to agree with you, the story was little pony related, much shorter than the ones I'm used to reading, but a fine one, nice change of pace.
very good idea to do a test run before writing anything bigger (that I see you are already doing and doing a great job by the way)
single complaint about it was the fact that breaking a pony's fingers may be a little bit hard, that's the only thing you should have changed from the song and it wouldn't change the main idea, "break his hooves" maybe?

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