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You always got to watch out for Freudian Ice. If you slip, you may slip under the covers with your sexy, sexy mother.

well, im glad this aint overly cloppy. some authors just go too far with it. urs was just nice, coming from a non-clopper :D

You were in the clopfics group for the mothers day post, weren't you?

Hey, if you can't keep it in the pants, keep it in the family.

Mother's day was the death of me. Though this clopfic didn't make it seem all that bad, besides the fact that I spent the whole Sunday walking 16 miles to the beach by myself, no food, no water, no money, but i can still say, what a great mother's day.:pinkiesad2:

Whoa! There's incest? I feel as if somehow I had no warning as to the content of this story. The name is incredibly misleading, and there's not even a warning in the description. -420 points

I am okay with this... carry on...

This was a great start!

Must have :flutterrage: MOAR!!!

This is a good start to an interesting story.

Hey everybody. Again sorry for the poor correspondence, it's just I've been traveling a lot lately and hardly have time to nail down a sufficient internet connection. :raritydespair:

But, now that I have time, let's take a look into the mailbag... :duck:

2570676 Hmmm, lol, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Of course this one was for the clop, but it's good to know it was a readable story as well. Thanks! :twilightsheepish:

2570912 Aha, the great founder of the illustrious wincest group. I was going to add this story after it was done, but looks like someone did that for me! As you can expect more is on the way, :raritywink: but for now I'll leave this here: becasue a little group promotion never hurt anyone.

2570974 Yeah, you caught me. For those of you who don't know this is what spawned all the bad ideas going on around this site lately. :trollestia: So yeah chalk up another one to Regidar for the inspiration...

Speaking of which 2575396 the man himself. Sorry I didn't drop you a line when I put this up, but I see you found your way here regardless. Allow me to extend an additional thank you for starting that amazing thread. The stories resulting from it have chaffed my dick raw really been a great addition to the site.

Well that's all I suppose. Thanks for the likes, views, and favorites, it's much appreciated. I'll be sure to post the next part when finished, but I will likely be traveling so not sure when you can expect it. For now, I hope my continued thanks and appreciation is enough.
IRpony out! :twilightsmile:

2578707 I'm responsible for all these incest fics?
All right!

2578707 You got to the idea before I could :pinkiesad2:

I've said it before and I'll say it again:
There can never be too many incest fics. Especially with Twi's mom. What a milf...

C'mon, more! This is hot!

He worried that his efforts, including the part were he had gotten up early in order to cook, had gone to waste.

I think that's supposed to be "where." :pinkiesmile:
I could be wrong, though.

Shhh, don't tell anybody...
(but seriously, thanks. It's fixed now. I'm always bad with that. You'dve thought I'd sound out my words by now. Have a :moustache:)

2582771 Damn it man run, he's onto us!
2582768 No, of course not. Lol, whatever gave you that idea?

(Though I'd like to say in all seriousness if you find an error in the story, I welcome you to point it out. That way I can go back an fix it. No one's perfect, but you got to try to be professional you know... :raritywink:

2582818 Along the lines of the second part of your comment, I made like 10 stupid mistakes on the first chapter of a sequel I released today. What is even more embarrassing is that I even used "you're" as possessive! That mistake of yours is nothing! But, I guess that's the problem of writing on a tablet (which I do). :applejackunsure:


What is even more embarrassing is that I even used "you're" as possessive! That mistake of yours is nothing!

Yeah, small things like that can often slip through the cracks. And like I said nobody's perfect. One of these days I may need to get a second pair of eyes on my material, but for now I'm like: "hey, I'm competent enough to edit my own work. Here goes!" and then I end up with stuff like "were" instead of "where." So again, thanks in advance to anyone who points out my grammar mistakes.

So, I'm guessing the Sparkle family line is just one big incest-fest, then? Do they have any... well... special... relatives as a result? You know what would make this deliciously fucked-up? If Twilight was actually Shining's And Velvet's daughter. In fact, I'm calling it now. :twilightoops:

Oh, and the clop in this chapter is good, too. :twilightsheepish:

I can somehow agree to this, very interesting so far and nice use of words. I'm intrigued, carry on.

when I read the titile I assumed that Shining Armor + Twilight Velvet=Twilight Sparkle

2583276 What do you mean by special relatives? :trixieshiftright:

A by product of inbreeding is usually genetic abnormalities in the offspring.

I don't usually go for twi and shining incest fics but this is good and I like the way its going
you sir get a :moustache: for that its really rare for me to like this kinda ship

Thia is so wrong but why do I like it.:pinkiecrazy:

2615627 Theory- Unicorns have magically augmented/protected semen that scatters recessive traits and allows for inbreeding minus the effects. That, or it's a spell.

Incest clops always tickle my fancy, but I do have one complaint. It's difficult to get a sense of time between events. Approximately how distant are events? Does Cadance's talk take place before or after Twilight finds out? Is it hours or days? Months? Years? All I know is that these events happen. I'm not even sure if they are in chronological order.

Did twilight just.... Shit at the end?
Dear god that could have ended badly.

Oy, let's ava go shall we?
Well that's all good to hear. Means that I'm doing my job and everyone seems to be okay with that. :raritywink:

An astute observation my friend, and one that I had difficulty incorporating into the story. Flashbacks within a fic do have a disorienting effect on the reader, especially if not presented chronologically or if one jumps in and out of timelines.
However, for this piece I just wanted to go back to an event in Twilight's past of unknown date and time to set up a sexual encounter with her brother. To do this I attempted to lul the reader into the scene with Twilight thinking back on how fooling around with her brother and setting up the trigger for a romantic scene with Cadence. That way all of the characters hopefully feel utilized and not just thrown in as cardboard cut outs of their show personalities. Also, it will be incorporated more into the storyline in part 3, but should serve it's purpose now as it expands upon the character's feelings. Incidentally, it allows for tension in a situation that otherwise has none. This tension occurs when you get the reader asking questions like: where will they go from here? Do they still love each other? Wait, so Shining fucked his mom and his sister? :pinkiegasp:
Anyways, just a little info on what was going through my head during the writing process. I suppose that I could give dates and times and stuff, but that feels very mechanical. This is a story about feels. It should be organic. :ajsmug:

2641087 Mmmm to answer that or not? That's the big question...
Well, I struggled over whether to include that scene or not. It didn't seem relevant to the plot, but on the other hand this is where experience comes in.
Believe it or not (hint: believe it) that last scene is based off of real life sexual events. My intention was to make it not overly graphic, but just give it that touch of reality that would separate it from the mundane. So yes, I suppose she did. Although, I intentionally left it vague enough so you can make up your own shit :trollestia: if you want.
(if you must know...)--->Needless to say, if a girl hasn't done anal before, make absolutely double damn sure that she is loosened up and positively does not have to go to the bathroom, or you could end up cleaning your dick off in the shower.

Exact dates aren't necessary, but a scale of time is. I suspected it was a flash back, but I wasn't certain. Velvet said Twilight had a crush on Shining, but the flashback showed an actual consummation? That's what was confusing. Something as simple as: 'Last year, Twilight...' or something like that gives what is needed.

Also, sometimes exact dates are necessary, or loose dates if they are more appropriate. Saying one day or one month passed implies a greater sense of emotional stewing. For instance, if a sex scene between Twilight and Shining came after the talk with Twilight learning about her family's incest, the scale of time implies important things. A day would imply the knowledge got her hot and bothered enough for the act to be 'okay' in her eyes. If one month passed, it suggests that the pair have stewed in sexual tension and hormones for a lot longer. That, in tern, suggests that the sex would become a lot more visceral and satisfying.

A sense of time, or ambiguity by omission, lets readers come to their own conclusions in certain situations. What I said in the previous paragraph may not ring true for everyone, but that's just what i believe in such circumstances governing time. Different people can conjure up their own sensations, emotions, and settings that way.

Again thanks for the feedback and explaining your confusion. :ajsmug:
After some review, I decided that it would be best to leave things ambiguous, but do as you recommended letting the reader know that it takes place a few years back. :twilightsmile:
It's been updated with the line edit now. God knows as writers read their own works they are often blinded by what they know but that hasn't been properly conveyed to the reader.
I hope anyone else reading can now avoid any confusion, but if you are, don't be afraid to post about it! :raritywink:

All my ninja skills will be tested when I man the hell up and write a clop. I just know I will. I can hear it calling to me on the wind.

I fear something terrible will happen if i don't write it. Fate demands I finish the clop.


Fate demands I finish the clop.

<---Fate and this guy. :trollestia:

Thanks again everypone, and stay classy:moustache:

2641087 2641110

The backdoor can be messy, but that's one of the risks of the Musky Asterisk (TM). :twilightsmile:

Now make them have a sloppy foursome where Twilight get's some velvet folds!

(Your expected best response)

Don't try to fool us with what's to come. It doesn't doesn't work too well. Especially not in MY Intel Room. Not with MY sentry.

Fuckin' spies... Always sapping my sentry...

The Sparkles are a naughty family

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