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Wow, that is a different take on that!

That was really convincing.

Don't read Part 2 while eating

Pish, compared to what I've seen and looked at while eating, as well as doing other things, doubt that it'll startle me.

Edit: I was right, was able to eat this chocolate pudding without anything happening.
Good story btw and thanks for the author notes at the end there explaining that that was what she thought was happening.

That ending...:pinkiegasp: Thumbs up!

You son of a feel :applecry:

Dammit, Caleb, that is some good writing.

Also, this trap had me successfully fooled.

Thank you!
Already excited to be writing Picture Perfect. :scootangel:

ok you got me on that one i never saw that come :twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by Little_Draco deleted May 10th, 2013

Good story, man... Pretty hot stuff. Although, I have to say: BERRY PUNCH YOU ARE A F*CKINGIDIOT!!!!

I did not see that ending coming

I was about to yell in your face, but I coughed out my froot loops.

Well scootaloo being berrys kid is new

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