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What does it mean to be Normal? According to the dictionary, Normal is conforming to a standard; the usual, typical, or expected. It's almost scary really. That such a simple word can define the lives of so many. Day in and day out we toil in the machinations of society in an effort to maintain the status quo handed down from the generation that preceded us, all in the name of this Normal. What price would you pay for your Normal? Would you give up all your bits? Your home? Your friends? What if I told you that the 'Normal' you ponies cherish so much came at the cost of everything I hold dear?

My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I am not Normal...'

Many thanks to my illustrious Co-author: Dagger Tongue.

Additional Thanks to my fantastic and amazing editors:
Comrade Sparkle
Hyzaku, Gwenio, Beige Monkfish.

Incredible gratitude to Bristlebrushes, consultant to the story and fixer of all things writers block, seriously, shes like superwoman.

Cover art by the incredibly amazing xXCiaoBella23Xx on DeviantArt! Without whom the cover art would be forever bland!

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 891 )

17 views over 300 likes. seems legit

Over 300 likes and only 1 comment? Seems double legit.

>Just get off work.
>iPhone dings.
>OWoC has updated.
>Almost tempted to run red lights and break speed limit to get home.

843105 843119 843143 The story just went through a massive revision. All previous chapters (and the comments on them) were basically dumped when the current one was published. The stats (likes and faves) are a carry-over from the original version.

Anyway, glad to see this finally up. Good work Koba, looking forward to chapter 2.:twilightsmile:

Least helpful description EVER. Still gonna read later.

But really, that description: encrypted-tbn1.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQh4TfjZZZCsG_FU1WixwD4GDCVqWj7xt8NrxruvT_vCIFEXkz4

843154 Oh, well that makes sense:pinkiehappy:

clicked on it, because the defination of normal goes agenst everything i believe in. NON-CONFORMIST FOR THE WIN!!!!!!

61 views. 385 likes. Seems legit. That kind of magic is something that Magical Trevor can appreciate! You have my attention... *Adds story to 'read later in the morning when it's not *ing 3 AM*
(Yeah, read the comments, so I know how it happened.)

843130 please don't. I don't want to add murder to my list of personal guilt.

843161 wait till you're a couple chapters in, things will make more sense. Especially when we get past arc one.


Twilight with wings and over 300 likes make me very curious as to what this story is about. Definitely going to read this before bed.

Comment posted by Vates Despero deleted Sep 5th, 2013


843190 Gunna have to wait till about arc two, maybe late arc one. Sorry.


You know, I'm surprised nopony put 2 and 2 together.

Twilight burped up a lavender feather.

Twilight herself is a lavender-colored unicorn.


Celestia, yes. More than enough to make up for the uber-long hiatus of a CERTAIN OTHER alicorn Twilight fic written by a CERTAIN OTHER team of authors.

843267 Te Gusta? I hope you liked it, 3 months to plan a 500k word fic is no small task. And this is chapter one, a world building chapter. =P

how dose one get 393 likes but only 191 views? :derpytongue2:

I really liked the revamped chapter! The premise was always interesting, just the execution needed some work.

This new version is a lot better and I can't wait to see more! :yay:

I like the description :twilightsheepish:


Hey Koba, what the release schedule for this gonna be like?

shenanigans! THIS STORY HAS 400 LIKES AND ONLY 222 VIEWS >.> :pinkiecrazy:

Nice to see this being worked on again : )

a) Haven't you read the original OWoC?
b) This is in the Alicorn Twilight group for a reason


Oh, I have.

I'm just pointing out the plot hole so large, you couldn't fill it with 10 truck-fulls of cement.

My interest is piqued! I require... moar.

This was great just like before but... why did you restart?

843176 Hmm... I'll read this later. It looks good to me. I'll be giving you a grammar fanatic's eye.


That depends. After all, what is the chance in Normal Equestria to see either Celestial Ascension or Mutation? Impossible conclusion is usually subtracted from mind of person until they actually got it on their faces, what would be different for pony? Especially if that never happened before.

"Biggs and Wedge" Final Fantasy reference! :pinkiehappy:

i like the story but im at a loss for words. i dont know if i truly understand it .what is the point of this story ? it must be the realization of the importance of life and how one lives it ,but i cant help but fell like there is an under tow to the story is there more to be told and what was the importance of the lavender feather is it in some way a tale sign of the chapter to come RAWR i guess ill just wait :pinkiesad2:

"Well, Spike” Rarity seemed to savor her lower lip for a moment as she chewed it over. A unicorn does not simply... Oh, how does one say it?”

Missing quotation mark there, Koba.

Anyways, OH MY GOD IT'S HERE! I've been waiting for quite a while for this, as have many others, and even though this is rather similiar to the original opening, it did not disappoint. Eagerly awaiting more of the rewrite! (and more of the story as a whole!)


This was one of the few stories Twilight becomes Alicorn stories out there that was actually good, but now I see it will be just like the others. Going to go in a few chapters, then just stop and never update again. You better update faster, and actually finish it this time, or your just going to lose a lot of readers, and come off as assholes that don't care about your readers.

lol Biggs and Wedge :trollestia: FFVI reference (I know its actually a Star Wars reference, FFVI just had a much bigger lasting effect on me)


You'd think they would at least do something other than shrug it off.. Like, REALLY? A lavender feather comes out of the mouth of the same color mare, with no idea how it got there, and they just think it's NOTHING?

Either they're oblivious as all hell, or there is a plot hole. Personally, I choose the latter.


That picture? I'll be Scootaloo, and you be Sweetie Belle. Koba stated, when he first kidnapped Dagg to rewrite this, that he though it was SHIT and it needed to be rewritten. The thing is this: he was winging it on a multichapter story. Pro tip: Don't do that. Him and Dagg, during those three months of "inactivity", wrote out the entire storyline and other itinerary and paraphernalia needed to actually finish it. You could say that the story is alreadt done, it just needs to be fleshed out. I, for one, support this decision to rewrite... But I'm biased because I prefer well-written stories.

The time spent polishing and improving this chapter really shows, it's much better than the previous incarnation. That said hopefully you will be able to start updating quicker now that the planning has been done. Thanks for the update and really look forward to seeing more.


Take it from me, mate: don't ask questions, because Koba will just laugh at your confusion. He's a nice guy like that.

Edit: My bad, Jirodyne. Typing on a phone, thought I'd cleared the comment box of your reply tag.

Ok so this is like... what? the 3rd of 6th story of Twilight being an Alicorn or otherwise OP? I really hope you update at least somewhat consistently, it seems to be a cursed topic that gets abandoned or ignored a lot. :flutterrage:

I want more.... Ive always had the theory Twi was an Alicorn anyways..... but now.. I want more!

843589 They can do what they want, just as long as they update and actually finish it. Most stories I read don't take 3 months to update a story by deleting it and reposting a rewrite of only the first chapter. If it ends up going steady and good, then I will be happy, but I am worried they just won't be able to finish the story and just stop, like most of the other Twilight become Alicorn stories.

843581 Are you sure you replied to the right comment? I didn't mention anything about plot holes...

Ok, this has got to be the best story that i've read so far, and i am looking forward to the next chapter with great anticipation. Keep up the good work, kobalstromo!:pinkiehappy: Also, on a side note, if there is any way that i can help with the next chapter, please, do not hesitate to ask me.:twilightsmile:


So sorry, Fausticorn, was meant for 843390.


Plot hole? Hey now, this isn't that kind of story. I keed.

In a world with MAGIC, I think its safe to assume anything can happen. Also, there are only three known alicorns in existence (currently only 2 in this story because it was written before the finale and Koba hasn't touched on the subject yet) and no known method of becoming one. Many other fics have Twilight's MAGIC do strange things; is it so far-fetched to ha e her coughing up feathers via MAGIC? Nay, I find that her becoming a god (head canon, sue me) is more far-fetched.


(Repost for the notification, sowwy.)

Is this a rewrite? I could have sworn that the last time I saw this, it was on hiatus.

'Sharing the Night' is an example of a good Alicorn Twilight Story wich doesn't update anymore:pinkiesad2:
'Expectations' is another one:raritydespair:, but at last that one has the status 'On Hiatus':fluttercry:
But from what i read so far this one is not gonna die like the others ... right?

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