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Windy is running from her old town, Gemstone Valley, to get away from a "cult" called the Princestians. Arriving in Ponyville, she finds more than she could ever bargain for.

Chapters (4)
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The general niceness of Equestria part of a princess worshipping cult?

Interesting premise, tracked.

I like
I like very much
trollestia likes as well :trollestia:

I give it a

I thought very well of it


No my dear fluttershy,
its just her not likeing princesstains
Good chapter, rather short. Lost the will to go on?
I see, just making sure, it would be DEVASTATING if you didn't go on with this story.

Jolly good show my friend

... So... short...
Seriously, come on! Where's the rest of the story? You have a decent premise, but you keep teasing us with these incredibly short chapters!

So, is somepony who is loyal to the princesses a "princestian" by default, or is that a specific cult? Or will we find out as the story progresses?

I wonder what the princestians (at least the ones in Windys hometown) did to piss her off so much.

Wait, a pony who hates other ponies who like Celestia?


...Oh, right. I am forced to wonder just what this pony has against what is likely to be the state religion.
Also - Gah, her attitude! Seriously, she accepts that Twilight is the Princess' number one student, and has a go at her for being high and mighty (which TS hadn't been - that _is_ the sort of thing you would be proud and slightly boastful about). She then asks whether the princess even speaks to her - which, if she thought about it, is a rather stupid question. If you are someon's student, then, at some point, they are going to have spoken with you. Even if you have progressed to the stage where all that is left to learn is life experience, your teacher is still going to have a few words for you every now and then. And she then expresses doubt over TS's confirmation of that fact! That makes no sense - if you are to doubt anything, doubt she is the student, not that the student occasionally recieves word from her teacher. Indeed, if you are going to express doubt over the word of a complete stranger, why believe anything stated by them?
I'm not saying that this attitude isn't _believable_, simply that it drives me crazy.

Ohhh - this explains a _lot_. Her attitude makes a lot more sense now, for one thing.
Also - either I am detecting a subtle commentary on religion here... or you made a mistake when you said Celestia lived in Cloudsdale. Not sure which. I do have to wonder, though - if she fled from Gem Valley because of this, ah, belief, why would she flee _towards_ the place the belief originated from? And that's not mention, we still don't know what her problem with the belief is. Obviously, that point will be coming in later chapters, but I felt it worth mentioning.
And yes - this chapter length is much better, thank you. :twilightsmile:

"It was elephant whenever they met."


Anyway, looking forward to figuring out what the hay her problem is, to be perfectly blunt! :scootangel:


I don't understand.

If her mother passed away, why exactly is she worried about Princesstians?

Liked it. I never knew that Twilight Sparkle existed :rainbowhuh:

Also the princesstians don't seem all that terrible enough to move completely now maybe if they had a hand in several murders involving non members or they kidnapped kids and made their fathers prove their love by doing several task that are high risk suck as risking their life to prove their are the perfect dad,only cause at a young age the leader's brother drowned cause of how terrible his own father was,

Sorry Buob, I was not aware of chapter 4. Looking fairly good for the past

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