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Nov 7th "Maybe"



This story is a sequel to Maybe that's all...

Part 31 in the Maybe series.... A nice few days was just want you needed. Besides from a few burns on your body and a sore pelvis all in all it was a good vacation. But good days have a tendency to change for time to time especially for some pony who cant remember anything.

To my old readers, I welcome you to the continuation of the maybe series new arc of the , hope you enjoy it.
To new readers even thought I suggest starting at an earlier part, you might be able to start here if you would keep an open mind but I suggestion starting earlier.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 43 )

WOOT!!!!!!!!!!! New part:heart:

Hooray new Part ^^, and of cause the beginning is slow... well duh... for obvious reasons...

I don't know... it felt "clean" and i like clean... I mean no Nonsense, no unneeded stuff etc. ^^

:fluttershysad: that's sweet


Ya now more waiting....

Oh ya but Fatty nice job on making the parts a bit long no longer doing just 6k a part hu? :rainbowdetermined2:

good morning so far...

(Back at Fantaisie Gras)

*erupts in hilarious laughter...*... I'm so sorry~~~ :rainbowlaugh:

nice and slow~ ^^ nothing to say here ^^

what you know about that pizza boyyyyy?!?!!@?!!!>@@#@?!?!~?

somehow Night Light remembers me of my Father... also totally ...quixotic(?) I'm not to sure if that is the proper term so... if it doesn't make to much sense replace it with weltblind Xp

any ways good work

You stare at the brush blankly at the brush as Twilight turns back with the empty bag over her, "Ok lets go."
i..dont get it

*Luna starts to speak* oh ha... why do i have the feeling that... *Luna is mentioned* ... no further questions...

good work ^^ nice and smooth


just a repeat word. Thanks for pointing it out.

this is how i'm going to die....


ow~ what will happen, what will happen?!

luna huh? interesting

*obligatory comment*:derpyderp1:

hooray~ ^^
good work ^^

good work, nothing to say very smooth... why do does Jazz comes to mind if i thinking about this Story?~~~

Any ways, really nice ^^

yes...yes...all is going according to plan


:twilightsmile: Jazz should fit well with the next part lol...maybe

nononononononono...no.Good job though.

"What we mean is what are your future intentions?"

and.. i froze.
ribcage locks up, i don't dare read on. so much to go wrong here..

three minutes later, and looking back i'm pleased to note that nothing i feared happened.
or at least not while you were detailing the scene :rainbowlaugh:

What are you doing here Terezi? :rainbowhuh:



A n0 1 can dos futty lag in me comemnts butt I. :pinkiecrazy:

I'm not crazy NOR AM I !

2529143 LOL :rainbowlaugh: SMILEY FACE :P

What did you expect him to say? :rainbowhuh:
"I plan to fuck bitches and get money!"

Oh sorry I forgot you like red. Are you here to pass judgement the crimes of ponies? If so, can I be on the jury?!

Fucking Blueblood....That's it! Either I kill him or he goes to the Moon!!!!!!!

2529487 back in my day (a whole 4 years ago) we only had orange and purple

Can't wait till 50th anniversary
10th and 11th together! *insert fangasm here*

2540028 back in my day we had Tom Baker

Well our maby brother-in-law is in town. OH BUCK.

2529435 I did. I would laugh my flank off.:rainbowlaugh:

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