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Sundude and Moonbro are the most close of all brothers, but their life has some wicked sick surprises in store for them. Luckily, they are chill dudes and know how to handle the situation when things get sketch.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 330 )

I don't even need to read this!:ajsmug:
You turned the princesses into surferdudes! :twilightblush:

Total bro to bro-force bro

>Pigs flew through clouds, houses melted along the ground like butter, and ponies of all shapes and sizes were prayed unpon by all manner of possessed condiment and herb holders.
They were preyed upon.

I didn't know I wanted this.
I know better now.

Hey Bill?

Yeah, Ted?

Best fic ever.

This time, when I say your story is cool, and I call you bro, I actually mean it. :rainbowdetermined2:

I haven't read this yet, but I already know that it will be most bodacious.

The last line is awesome! :rainbowlaugh: (The rest of the story was pretty cool too.)

Broseidon, God of the Brocean, approves of this fic, dude.

So much bro. This wins so hard at life.

Next fic: Scenelestia and Hipsterluna

Much love <3

Seriously radical story bro!:twilightsmile:


202784 Sup' 90'ies kid? :pinkiehappy:

Day after day, I'm impressed by the brony-community's imagination :rainbowlaugh: This was awesome :pinkiehappy:

I believe you meant horned pegasi . Winged pegasi is kinda silly I mean, obviously they have wings. This is awesome,the princesses as chill dudes is pure genius. I loved reading this.:pinkiehappy:

I guess these two are real... *puts on sunglasses* Wyld Stallyns.


I had Queen's "Princes of the Universe" going through my head toward the end of this. :rainbowlaugh:

Why do I think another name for these guy would be "Sweet Sun and Hella Moon"?:twilightsmile:

As for the story...my body says no, but my mind says....yes?:rainbowhuh:

Nicely done. Bill and Ted would be proud of this most excellent story.

202852 No way! That was a most exellent comment, on a most bodacious story!


Rule no.1 of Sundude and Moonbro's reign: Be cool to each other.

I loved this story, bro.

You mean Brommunity?

202958 I need an update to my pony-dictionary... "Hey Sweetie Belle, I need your help with something!"

lol i cracked up when discord looked "hella sketchy" :rainbowlaugh: the whole thing was amazing. you sir, are awesome. :moustache:

Dude! This is totally how it should have happened! Someone get Lauren Faust and Studio B on the line! We've got some changes to make. Brofist-hoof!



You MUST do Moonbro becoming Nightbro Moon. "Dude, you are being seriously uncool riht now bro. Like, seriously."

I saw this... so many times... and I thought about reading it... I finally took a chance... I love you

Either more super awesomeness is coming :yay: or somepony forgot to set this to complete. :derpyderp2:

Anyhoo, grats bro. 5/5 :twilightsmile:

"come at me, bro"
best line ever
i bro-ed all over my keyboard
its gross
that is all

DUDE. Brodacious brotastic bromazingess right here, bro.

And so there was much bro throughout the land. :yay:

I read this in a stoner's voice. That is quite literally all i can say about this. Now if you'll excuse me i'm going to bang my head against my wall and try to regain some semblance of sane thought......screw that :pinkiecrazy:

......................................Bro. :rainbowwild:

I'm just going to crawl into a corner and die now :pinkiesad2: I was totally thinking Bill and Ted the ENTIRE time. You have been most triumphant dude

I read the entirety of this in Keanu Reeves's voice a la Bill and Ted. Most excellent story, my brosky.

Hmm...yeah, yeah this is basically completely amazing.

This killed me.

The Bad Dudes line, Discord looking "Hella sketchy", the brohoof rainbow... great stuff.

All it needs are some skateboards and cool shades. And, possibly, yogurt in a tube.

Fix the syntax, because it completely ruins this thing.

I love it.

4/5, cool story bro

"...and the two felt much unbro."


I pray that you're going to continue this.

Dang, you're right! I hadn't noticed just how epic that foreshadowing was until I read the footnote!

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