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"Sometimes the world doesn't need another hero... Sometimes what it needs is a monster." - Count Dracula

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So many good comments...


Still pretty good, though.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Believe me, I am furious. I almost threw my computer onto the ground I was so mad. :twilightangry2:

What happened?


I attempted to update this story for all of its errors, and the original chapter got deleted so I had to post a new chapter and the views and comments all got reset...ugh I feel really fucking stupid. :facehoof: I dont feel well either, I think I royally fucked this one up. :pinkiesick:

I read this before an it still is as good as the first time.


Thank you. That means a lot after what happened. :fluttercry:

4100689 Mind if I ask you a question. Will there be a story about how Andrew came to Equestria or a sequel of Gems and Thunderstorms? This is my first time commenting in one of your stories and I got to say you write one of the best human/anthro clop on the site.


Awwww thank you so much! :rainbowkiss:

Addressing the first point, Ahem, I have tried to make a HIE background story for Andrew Redfield and it ended horribly in the rough draft phase. I just couldn't get what I wanted and I didn't want to rush it just for the sake of writing it. Will I try again again in the future? Yes. Hopefully with a little more experience I can successfully write down a story on Andrew.

The Second point, however. I must ask why you chose that one in particular for a sequel? I won't lie, I've never considered a sequel for Gems.

4100733 i didnt mean a continuation of Gems where Andrew somehow manages to convince Rarity to join him, I meant sequel as in "the story where Andrew manages to charm another mare after Rarity." Wow, that last sentence sounded better and less obnoxious in my head.:rainbowderp:


Oh another Andrew Story...well I did want to keep going, however... If I kept adding to his Legacy there would be nothing left to add to his HIE story. Also I recall several people asking why I haven't made a background story for him yet. And your comment wasn't obnoxious far from it, I just misinterpreted it.

just as good as the first time i read it:eeyup::pinkiehappy::raritywink:

not gonna lie,I miss these stories. Andrew's tails(i made a funny :rainbowlaugh:) through ponyville are hilarious and sweet

Ah well, means I can read it again later on. :pinkiehappy:

Quite frankly I in a word "love" the andrew stories, I was never really in to all the clop and romance whatnots. However I rarely ever find a piece of literature that grabs my attention that literally turns on my mental tv. Honestly I dont find them erotic as much as I find them a great read. Your doing a spectacular job, please keep it up. Also what order do the stories go in. Thanks brah!


I suppose I have never actually broken down the timeline for the "Andrew" stories as people are calling them. From the beginning it would be;

First Part of Rainbow Dash's Request before the time skip.
Second would be Cider and a Shower.
Third would be after the time skip in RD's request.
And fourth would be Gems and Thunderstorms.

It is kind of all over the place now that I look at it...oops. Heh.

Don't even know how this ended up on my favourite list.


Accident? I don't even see you on the list of the Favs...weird.

Well... it was okay. Not a fan of anthro, but not bad.


Thanks for at least giving it a chance, so few give anthro a try and I appreciate it.

loved the first one and the second revised for made me love it again

Read the first one and this revised version looks even better. Just....

the little fully

Spelling error, there, mate.


Fixed! Thank you, I knew there had to be something I missed. :twilightsheepish:

This story is still awesome. For some odd reason I always enjoy clop stories about Apple Jack more then any other pony.:twilightsheepish: By any chance will we get a squeal to this story?:scootangel:

Well, I read the first one, and rereading it again... I still love it:yay:

It was nice seeing one of the first human/anthro pony clop stories I've ever read again. You reminded me how much I like those more than... normal clop.


Awww, thanks. I'm glad I could spread the awesomeness that is Anthro.

You're welcome, I'm glad that you helped popularized it as well. ^^


Why are the likes 666

i like it


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That was some very good clop. Thanks for creating and sharing.

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