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Mr. Admin, before you get all antsy at the picture, rest assured, it's a simple back scratching. Don't think dirty like that! :raritywink:


Looks like he's really using those claws to get those hard to reach areas.

My fetish
Do go on.

insta-fail sorry buddy.

Needless to say, that was pretty f*cking awesome.

2517180 Best butt-scratch ever. :twilightsmile:

Butt scratcher! Butt scratcher!

Now you are just taunting them.

2519074 Meh, they can do with a bit of teasing...

2518978 This, I lolled

2518693 You got it mate!

2518862 Eeyup :eeyup:

~Hoarse :scootangel:

1. where ever did you find that image
2. fdhfsgdhjgfh that was the bestyou are my new best friend now

2519416 It's from my collection. I have an image for every setting, I bet. Its been pretty edited, however. That area beneath rarities hind hooves was once covered with semen, er, I mean, back rub ointment.

I'd give thanks to my editor for that excellent Photoshop job, and Alexstrazsa for being so lenient,as the image is pretty provocative (just how I like it!:rainbowwild:)

Anyhow, I'm glad you enjoyed. My goal is to write some stuff for those wonderful minorities who like the crazier kinks and fetishes.

Welcome aboard as well, I'll strive to impress. :raritystarry:

And now I add another to my Fetish List. Well Done Sir.


While I am all for kinks and fetishes, and diamond dog x pony that is not all out rape seems fun, what I am not for is the gleeful way in which you twist, slander, and defame everything from canon, characterization, and even concepts such as love and independence to do so.

I only hope that the eventual outcome of this series of outrageous character corruptions is that your reporter OC is revealed as a slanderous hack who twists and lies out his ass as to make every human tabloid look like the Times in comparison and he is charged with treason for threatening national security by falsely attesting to lewd criminal activities perpetrated by the EoH.

2519783 ah, yes, of course.

I suppose for two bits, I should mention that the style I write in takes the essence of the character, how she talks and walks, but exclude most cannon allusions in my clop writing, and I underline clop.

If you've read my homepage, you would have noticed that I write elsewhere on this sight, and I promise you, everything is in order there.

When I write clop, I use the characters I have to work with, and slew them intentionally to fit the picture I'm creating (Which is where your idea of the interviewer messing around with his interviewees image comes in). Think of it like this:

You're browsing on the MLP, Rule 34 page, and you run into a really great pic of... applejack, whatever. She's out of character. The honest, down to earth pony we all know and love as cannon would never dress in a frilly french maids suit to please, er, Rainbow Dash. But you still like the picture for what it's appealing too.

There is no clop in MLP, so writers such as myself have many directions to take. I decided to throw a twist on all the characters, and call it creative rights, as neither of us have any sort of solid, cannon evidence of how Rarity would act while experiencing intercourse.

All we build off of is the fannon stuff, and fannon can be challenged.

If you didn't like it, that's fine. I wrote the story with an idea about what reception it would bring in, and seeing everyone reactions is half the fun. Clearly, people are enjoying it, as I've gotten a few new followers, some favorites, and a greater like to dislike ratio. However, I appreciated the time you took to respond, so I thought it would be appropriate to respond back.

~Hoarse :scootangel:

oooohh fuck yeah, you're in your groove now Hoarse.
You write an awesome Rarity, 9/10, I couldn't find anything wrong there if I tried, but no 10/10 because I'm an ass like that :rainbowwild:
Also, the clop itself was fucking hot

Now, two things to improve on for next time:
Editor notes go in the author's notes field. Instead of putting brackets around that whole paragraph, just put an asterisk at the end and if anyone's interested in what you had to say they can check the notes at the bottom when they're done. Putting notes right in the middle of the story is an immersion-killer.

Also, would have liked to see more dialogue from the dogs. Instead, they got more of a sex-toy role, at least Fido and Spot did. If they had the same amount of dialogue that Rover did, I would have been very happy :pinkiesmile:

Did I already mention the clop was hot? Good. Because it was. :twilightsheepish:

Its not like the tears in her eyes and the wetness dripping from between her legs helps the image... :rainbowlaugh:


Uh... I don't care about how or why you write these characters fucking. It's canon that they have sex and therefor I have no problem with you being as liberal as you want with how they go about it.

I only care about the fact that you are implying things like ponies go into heat, Dash would have sex with a 10 year old, Scootaloo would want to have sex with Dash, Celestia would want to "breed" Twilight, Rarity would for some reason need to resort to prostitution to support herself (if she was doing it for fun, then whatever).

I don't care about the sex. I care about undermining the integrity of the characters we are fans of.
I would rather see fantastic clop with no context at all than these contexts.

tl;dr Quit being Discord. Be Cadance instead. Make them touch... Touch hooves.:heart:

2520475 Or stop QQing to the writer because it effects your fragile head-canons?

Just an idea :twilightsmile:

2520417 Doctor. It was a really, really good back massage

2520475 Bah!

Romance is for the weak!

I much prefer puppets.

Thank you for your opinion.

2521719 shut up and buy a butt scratcher.

Thank you for joining the discussion with nothing to contribute other than a lack of insight, flawed logic, and the inability to see the bad writing on the other side of your boner.
If it affected my headcanon I wouldn't care.
The author is imposing his headcanon over actual canon in unnecessary and negative ways.

(Who said anything about romance?)
Well, anyway. I tried. Enjoy being part of the problem.

2522201 All I see is you whining about someone disagreeing with your views.

Are you some sort of canon fascist? If the writing is well done, then the content should be of no concern to you.
Down-vote it and move on, not clog the comments with your whining,


I am not whining. I am complaining. Would you like to hear whining? Then read your own comments.:duck:

Calling comments and criticisms you don't agree with "whining" is pretty bad form. Especially when they are not even directed at you.

And this is fanfiction. The characters and setting are predefined. If someone writes them differently they are OOC, which is considered bad writing. I don't see an AU tag on this fic. If these were OC's then no problem. (Well the foalcon would still be a problem, but otherwise...)

2522390 and>>2522375 just stop. It's done and over with, If you guys want to keep on arguing, I'd encourage you to take it to the PM's



Sorry. I had no problem dropping the issue, and I wouldn't be back unless someone kept calling me out and making ignorant statements... Which I'll respond to via PM, as you requested.

2522462 thank you for your compliance.

You claim you have a picture for every setting? Give me a picture for Cadance being raped by Chrysalis. I sincerely hope no one has ever drawn that...

I thought I would enjoy this, since Rarity is my favorite Mane6 pony, but I almost couldn't get past the first scene, noticing a few grammar and syntax errors. Luckily, it wasn't long to get to the actual story, with Rarity getting rutted.

I read it anyway. The clop was very descriptive and sexy.

That being said, I can't seem to either like or dislike this story. For once, I'm actually indecisive in that aspect.

I'm curious as to what you've written on your other account here. I might have heard of you, but being secretive isn't really helping...

2543860 I have a genuine response to this. A ponder. You had mentioned

I thought I would enjoy this, since Rarity is my favorite Mane6 pony, but I almost couldn't get past the first scene, noticing a few grammar and syntax errors.

I'm curious, how would you have re-written it? And are you referring to the characterization?


No, just a few sentence structure issues, and a few misspelled words is all I saw. I seem to have an inane attention to small details. It's both a gift and a curse.

Other than that, it was a good clop story. Super sexy!

2546897 oh, alright!

Glad you enjoyed, mate.

Glad I could serve...:raritywink:


Despite the many complaints in the comments I will say I am impressed. Very few do Rrity and Diamond Dog fics. Very few do Diamond Dog fics. I love and respect Diamond Dogs and love an author that will use them. Good show.

2547568 Even if it's this kinky!

Your tough.:rainbowwild:


My tough what? :rainbowwild:

Sorry. Had to be done. :twilightsheepish:

I like Diamond Dogs. Kinkiness... you know, I can tolerate a lot if it promotes something I think is lacking. I mean, I prefer something quasi-romantic or partially consenting like 'Carnality' but ideals aren't always possible. :eeyup:

Very good for a smut-fic.
My only complaint is the occasional thought processes of Rarity (e.g. My, my... I'm an animal, etc.) in the middle of the clop that makes it pre-evaluative for the reader. Nevertheless, it's a minor flaw. Have a thumbs up.

Damn good smut-fic.

Holy hell is this fic hot!:pinkiehappy:
....wish it was longer, though.:pinkiesad2:

Humming to myself, I brought the flared tip into my lips and sucked, tasting his salty precum with a ravenous appetite. As I continued my menstruations






2522201 Headcanon is headcanon. Its his story, and its how he or she wants it to go. He could rebuild the world from scratch of he wanted, and there's nothing you can do about it.

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