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God I love memes


After mysteriously being released by the strange Civie who imprisoned him, Adrian Shepard finds himself in a strange new situation. One that he can't shoot his way out of.

(Limited knowledge of the Half-Life universe is required to fully enjoy this story. Also spoilers for the end of Half-Life and Opposing Force)

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This should be a fun ride, even though I haven't actually played through all of Opposing Force. Does he still have that alien grappling hook?


"All I remember of Shepard is from Shepard mind on YouTube."

Wow, never played Opposing force, but I'm still enjoying the story.

10 outta 10 so far

...:pinkiehappy: I love it! And good application (I guess?) of Twicorn.


Liking this so far, though it does suffer from the "instant hostility by ponies" trope of HiE fics. Hope that's explained in later chapters.

2550694 Well Adrian did just go through the events of half life opposing force so he would be a bit paranoid,i mean he is a solder sent in the black mesa research to kill all of the staff only to be attacked by aliens and his own government and to make things worse G man has plans for him just like gordon freeman.So in short seeing a talking pony and being instantly hostile is not that surprising given his situation.

2550694 You're something else, aren't you? :twilightsmile:

I clicked on this expecting something similar to Shepard's Mind on youtube. But this is still good and I'll keep an eye on this

No, no, I mean the ponies being instantly hostile to him.

2555635 Oh. That's different than I think everyone thought. Yes, I am going to explain that.

2555635 oops,sorry that i didn't under stand what you were trying to say.

Wait a minute... THIS IS REALLY GOOD! :pinkiehappy:

why do grunts wear jungle helmts and arctic camo shirts :facehoof: it does look cool though :moustache:


Gonna read it later

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UNDO HIATUS! *Zap* Aw it didnt work its still there :(

I love gordon...but to me adrian is better i just dont see many story's with him. :fluttercry:

I imagined him with krimsinYT's voice

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Aaaaand Shepard's dead. Good going, ponies.

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