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Friendship is Magic: The Gathering - TyHunter

Jace, a planeswalker from the realm of Ravnica, also known as the "City of Guilds", is being pursued by some other hot-headed being. After trying to escape by rifting to an unkown plane, he finds himself in a very strange place: Equestria.

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The Spark Ignites

Equestria. That's what the light-hearted, yellow pony, Fluttershy, had called this plane. Equestria, land of Ponies. Jace listened intently as Fluttershy answered each of his questions, usually in short responses, but she had told him enough. More than Jace had hoped, seeings he was a stranger to her.

Jace understood the way the different ponies worked together in this realm. Earth Ponies, he saw as regular Mundanes in his own world. Tending to crops and farming the Earth, as they were meant to do. The Unicorn being the magic-bearer's, and the Pegasi, he could only associate with the angels. He knew how inaccurate he could be ,as he only scavenged a small bit of information, from only one person, or "pony", however. But he decided this was an easy way to remember the information he had gathered.

Jace and Fluttershy walked side by side on their way to Ponyville. He could see the buildings from where they were, but it seemed they still had a ways to go. Jace would see another pony here and there, some harvesting crops, some walking the direction opposite of Ponyville, and some simply living in the outskirts of the city. Each had greeted the two happily, and they had said their "Hello's" back. Jace admired how nice everyone treated each other here, he wasn't used to it.

Soon, the two ponies were close to Ponyville. Jace could see the many houses, all painted a variety of colors, creating a welcoming rainbow in the town. He slowed as he walked across a small bridge, admiring the beauty of such a simple thing. And as they crossed it, he was filled with the aroma of fruit and pastries.

"This is it.." Fluttershy said quietly, "I can show you the way to the pony who could help you now, well, if you'd like me to, that is..."

Jace didn't understand why she had doubted herself so. Was she shy of him? He had hoped this wasn't the case, he had come to like the Pegasus, and would want to stay friends with her.

"Yes, Fluttershy, that's fine." Jace said cheerfully, with a smile.

"Ok," Fluttershy said, happy that Jace was smiling at her, and being kind towards her. "Uh, It's this way."

Fluttershy started to walk forward, deeper into the city.

Jace followed behind her, admiring everything about Ponyville. He was used to large spires and the huge buildings that were established in Ravnica, this small town was a new sight to him, and especially the way the ponies acted toward each other.

Jace soon found himself standing in front of a large tree in the middle of the town. There were windows on the outside and a door, so Jace figured something lived here. Perhaps the tree was hollowed?

Fluttershy knocked quietly.

After a few moments, the doorknob turned, and out came a small, green and purple dragon. But, this dragon had no wings! And how small it was! Jace had to stifle a chuckle as he layed eyes on the dragon. But this also confused him. How did dragons fit into this society? Perhaps the pony who could help had a few answers.

"Hi, Spike" Said Fluttershy. "Twilight wouldn't happen to be here... would she?"

"Yeah, she's here." Answered Spike, "Reading. Like always. Who have you got with you Fluttershy?"

"Uh, oh, he just came here. From the sky." Fluttershy replied.

Spike eyed Fluttershy oddly. Jace knew why. She said he was from the sky! Of course no one would believe that. Of course, technically, that is how he ended up here. Spike then looked at Jace.

He saw the crystal on his back, and his eyes yearned for it.

"What have you got there?" Spike asked Jace.

"Oh, this? It's a crystal. I need it for something. To tell the truth, I don't really know why..." Jace answered truthfully.

He didn't know why he needed this. All he knew was that the inscription in the maze had asked for a "shard of rock, infused with the power of Planeswalker", and this rock perfectly matched the description. It had allowed him to planeswalk here. All he needed to do was get back to Ravnica and insert it into the tablet now, and hopefully he could work from there. But, now, he had a minor setback.

Also, for some reason oblivious to him, he couldn't perform magic on this plane. Perhaps the landforms didn't hold mana? Or maybe there was a difference to the way magic was done here, but he was determined to find out.

"Well, ok." Spike said sadly, "Twilight! Fluttershy's here with somepony for you!" He called to somebody in the tree-house," I'm going to the Cake's." He said as he walked out the door, and past Jace and Fluttershy.

Then, a purple unicorn came to the door.

"Hey, Fluttershy!" She said, " Oh, whose this? I've never seen you around Ponyville before."

She was eyeing Jace now.

Fluttershy spoke up. "He's lost, he needs help, Twilight. I thought you could be the one to help him... if that's okay.."

"Of course!" the Unicorn answered, "I'm Twilight Sparkle, pupil of Princess Celestia, I'm sure you're familiar with her. And you are...?"

"Jace." Jace answered. "And... well, I'm not from these parts so to speak. I actually don't know who this Princess is. I didn't even know where I was until earlier. Fluttershy here helped me a lot."

Twilight looked disheveled after the comment about Jace not knowing who the Princess was, but had quickly regained her fairness and Fluttershy blushed at Jace's compliment.

"Oh really? That was nice of you Fluttershy." Twilight said. "Could you do me a favor actually?

"Sure, Twilight." Fluttershy replied.

"Could you tell Pinkie Pie that I won't be making it to lunch with her? She should still be at the Cake's."

"Of course I will Twilight.."

And Fluttershy trotted happily in the same direction the dragon had gone.

"Now, Jace, would you like to come in?" Asked Twilight.

"Sure. Thanks very much." Jace said, with a polite nod, as he walked through the door and into the large tree.

Jace couldn't believe what he saw. Books on shelves lined the whole room that the door had opened to. The walls were filled with blueprints and checklists, rituals and spell words. Telescopes and globes lined the floor to the sides of the room. There was a small balcony across from where the door was and up a flight of stairs, that led to, what Jace had thought to be Twilight's room. Books were piled on the floor in various places. Jace read a few of the titles:

History of Magic-Vol. 1
Starswirl's Lost Handbook
Ghosts and the Paranormal

THIS reminded Jace of his own home. He was definitely a never ending seeker of knowledge and he had read more books than most of the libraries in Ravnica could hold. Nicol Bolas was the only other being that Jace knew that could honestly say that he held more knowledge than him. Though Jace had tried to read Bolas' memory, Bolas' thought block spell was too powerful, not allowing Jace to gather any information whatsoever.

"Sorry it's such a mess in here. Let me just tidy up real quick." Said Twilight.

She then began to levitate books into their correct spots on shelves, making organization a priority. Jace was exhilarated! Was this magic she was using to levitate these books? He was a mage himself, how was it that none of his spells worked here?!

"Magic! You're using magic!" Jace said enthusiastically, "So magic DOES work here! I'm a sorcerer myself, but I can get none of my spells to work right!"

Twilight finished putting the last book away as Jace ended his sentence.

"But... you're a Unicorn. You don't know how to do magic?" Twilight asked, clearly confused.

"No. Well yes. I do. I mean, I can. Just... can I explain something to you Twilight Sparkle?" Jace asked.

Twilight was confused, but understanding towards Jace. She knew he needed help, and he obviously wasn't from Equestria.

"Of course Jace." Twilight said understandingly.

Jace hesitated. Then, he explained to her who he was, and how he came to be on this plane. He had put much trust in this Unicorn, but a fellow practitioner of magic was someone Jace thought he could trust. And it seemed she had understood him.

"So you already know magic... you just don't know how to use it here! Of course! Well, you see, only Unicorns can cast magic in Equestria. and it's channeled through our horns. Try focusing your spells there." Said Twilight confidently.

Jace nodded.

He closed his eyes and searched through his head for a pathway to his horn. He reached it soon, and when he had, it was a whole new feeling to him. It felt as if cold water had been poured down the length of his spine, and then started to rise back up and out of his horn as he started to levitate a book off of a shelf, and toward his self.

Jace was elated! He figured out how to work magic on this plane! He had always been so fond of his sorcery, he had never really thought of life without it. He now knew he could barely live without it.

Suddenly, something caught his eye from across the room. The light had shone on one of six gems, sealed in a glass case, and had been reflected into his periphery. He walked toward them, curious about their existence, and deeply admiring the intricacy of what seemed to be five amulets and a crown, each with it's own colored symbol. A red lightning bolt, a blue balloon, a violet diamond, a pink butterfly, an orange apple, and, in the middle of them, sat a crown, with a large, beautiful, six pointed star, tainted a light hue of violet.

"Hey, Jace." Said Twilight, noticing his fascination with the jewelry, and knowing that, unlike most of her friends, this pony might be interested in learning more about Equestria.

"Do you mind if I tell you a story about those? They're called the Elements of Harmony, and they've got a very interesting background, trust me." Said Twilight with a smug smile.

Jace knew the story before she had even thought of telling it to him. He had learned how to use his magic now, and had watched the whole story in the back of Twilight's mind. He thought it best to keep this to himself, though.

"You have my full attention, Miss Sparkle." Said Jace, loyally.

Jace listened as Twilight told her story. Though he knew the whole thing, he found the details in Twilight's story more interesting than what he had found in her head. She explained how each of the 6 Elements, of which he had met two, discovered what element they were. And, ultimately, defeating Night Mare Moon. Jace clapped as Twilight's story coming to an end. This pony was impressive. She was the smartest in this land, and he was in her presence. He knew he had made the right choice to trust her.

Finally, Jace had a question.

"Can I... or, can you open this glass cover? I'd like to examine these more closely if you don't mind..."

Twilight hesitated, but decided to trust Jace.

"Ok, just please be careful. I...I trust you." Twilight said as she levitated the glass off of the Elements.

Jace looked at the crown first. It was absolutely stunning.

He levitated the crystal off of his back to compare the two. They were both crystals, so of course they looked the same, and Jace could definitely feel the power resonating from these crystals also.

Twilight inspected Jace carefully. His posture, facial expressions, everything. Nothing went unnoticed by Twilight Sparkle, especially if the Elements of Harmony were involved.

Jace then reverted his gaze to the pink amulet depicting a butterfly. He once again compared the crystals.

Slowly, he started to move his shard toward the crystal butterfly.

Twilight was scared as to what might happen. She didn't know what this crystal was that this pony had! But she kept quiet, deciding to trust Jace.

Jace touched his crystal to the butterfly.

As he did, a small flare ignited, shocking Jace and making him drop his crystal. It fell to the floor and he swiftly levitated it back to his face. Something was different about his crystal now...

It now had a small, thin, pink band in it.

The Element glowed bright pink and then, stopped.

It was as if nothing happened.

"Jace, what happened?!" Twilight asked, concerned.

"I don't know! I didn't mean to!" Jace proclaimed, "Nothing seems to have changed. Perhaps, it was just nothing? As if two of the same poles were to touch, they possibly just pushed each other away."

Twilight liked this theory. She understood Jace was an intellectual person.

"Perhaps you can tell me more about where you're from Jace?" Twilight asked, trying to divert him away from the Elements of Harmony. Not that she had stopped trusting him, they were just too fragile for such a new pony. She put the glass case back on the their stand.

"Sure, Twilight Sparkle." Said Jace, diving in to another story about Ravnica. He was eager to take the attention off the Elements. He knew something had happened, he just didn't know what.

He didn't tell Twilight about the pink band on his own crystal.


Fluttershy was on her way back to her cottage from the Cake's. Pinkie had been quite disappointed about Twilight's rescheduling of their lunch.

Suddenly, she felt a surge through her body. It was quite painful and uncomfortable for poor Fluttershy. She was lifted into the air and she screamed.

"Help! Somepony, help me!" She screamed louder than she had ever screamed before.

The pain was unbearable.

Then, a white light flashed before Fluttershy's eyes, and as she opened them, she realized she wasn't in Ponyville.

She was in a field. It was dark, and the moonlight was the only illumination the frightened pony had. Dense forest was to her left, and more field was to her right.

Straight ahead, however, there was a cabin.

Fluttershy sobbed quietly and walked slowly to the cabin. As she looked into a window on it's side, she saw something. Something was dead inside of the cabin. She didn't know what... some creature. It had four limbs, just as the ponies had, except each had five smaller limbs on the ends of them. It's skin was a pale color, and it's hair was black. It looked as if it had a dress on. And in it's throat, a dagger lay. Blood surrounded the creature.

Fluttershy gasped and cried a bit louder, looking away. She had hoped to seek refuge in the cabin until daylight, but she couldn't be in there with that! She couldn't stand this! Where was she?!

Then, she heard a loud crack, as the door was swung open.

Fluttershy looked back in through the window. Standing in the doorway, was a large creature, the same type as the one lying motionless on the cabin's floor. This one had shorter brown hair, and wore a green cloak, with a large brown belt. An axe was pinned to it's back and it wore helmet that covered the top half of his face. This creature looked sickly, though. Fluttershy could tell it needed rest.

The creature walked right past the dead one, on two legs, and went to another part of the cabin.

Fluttershy, lay down right there beside the shelter and cried. Dozens of forest animals came to comfort her.

Soon, she cried herself to sleep.

Author's Note:

Second part! Hope you guys enjoy! Sorry if there are any typos, I did reread 3 times though, so hopefully none slipped my mind. Thanks for the support you guys!

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