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December 21, 2012. This date has for long been synonymous with an oncoming apocalypse to which Mankind itself and all of God's creatures will return to where they all came from to live in peace.

What actually happened was an event almost nobody saw coming. In this journal, I aim to tell the story on what happened that day, and what happened since that day.

Be forewarned, however, that not everything that is written in this log was peaceful.

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As much as I hate to admit it, if the multiverse theory is true and they do come to Earth, this is the most realistic outcome to occur.

That was... amazing.
Certainly original. Certainly well written with only 2-3 spelling mistakes. Certainly truthful, because most of these things probably would happen. The only complaint I have is that towards the end the entries were kind of short in comparison to the beginning.
But this is a great story. Beautiful.
5 stars
Edit: Okay who the fuck gave this 2 stars?!

That was a pretty good story. The journal format works really well, it reminds me of another story I read where Dr.Robotnik enters Equestria, becomes a pony over time etc.

Anyways, an enjoyable story, you even got the Orbital Friendship Cannon in there. Nice work :heart:

Why, why, WHY do they humans always get the shaft in these kind of stories? And why are the ponies always so willing to commit genocide? And most importantly, why are they never called out on their willingness to commit genocide? Hell, even the human narrators of these stories seem to think what the ponies do is right at just in the end (Tip: Genocide is NEVER the morally acceptable answer).

"Look, everypony. I know we've been through a lot of tough times...but look at this way. At least now, we've secured a home for ourselves...we don't have to worry about the threat of war for a long time now...We can finally live in peace..."

Princess Celestia finally spoke after this, struggling as she uttered, "That...was a beautiful sentiment, Twilight."

Wow. So that's the secret to peace: Kill everyone else who is different from you. That is not a beautiful sentiment, that is a terrible, hideous sentiment.

"Attention, Citizens of the United States of America. This is Princess Celestia, Goddess of the Sun, and Princess of Equestria. As you may doubtlessly be aware by this broadcast, I now sit where your late Presidents sat. The entirety of your Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, and Executive Office has been banished to the moon. America has lost this World War, and Equestria is now in control of this Country. Throughout my campaign, I have subjugated, incapacitated, or annihilated your armies. However, I was not without mercy. I gave them a chance to surrender and take their place by Equestria's side. Should they accept, I used the third setting of the Orbital Friendship Cannon to transmogrify them into Ponies. The Civilians throughout my motorcade were given that same opportunity..."

Holy shit, that's their answer to everything? Transform them into ponies? Even when they surrendered? That's downright xenophobic, "Sure you can leave peacefully with us... but only if you look like us, think like us, and live like us, under OUR rule." Beside that, it seems to imply that there is something evil about the human form, which is remarkably misanthropic (on a side note, why the hell would they turn them into ponies anyway? I doesn't make any goddamn sense. It's not like it would make them different people, so the only reason would seem to be pony xenophobia. And if it would fundamentally alter who they are, well then that is just plain horrifying. That's brainwashing at best, complete loss of self at the worst.)

I suspect the ponies were supposed to look justified in their actions somewhat, but all I can see is a surprisingly xenophobic people who were willing to commit genocide and then feel very little remorse over it. Yes, some of the ponies cry over it at the end, but they still insist that it was "necessary" and that the ends justified the means, but that simply isn't true, not even within the confines of your story. There were many other ways they could have achieved peace between the two races.

I see these kind of fics a lot, where humans and ponies meet, and I cannot understand why they always seem to end in genocidal conflict between the two groups, often with the ponies being the ones committing the genocide. I also can't figure out why said genocide always seems to be portrayed as a good or at least necessary action. Furthermore, I can't understand why there is this obsession with transforming humans into ponies when it really, really isn't called for. As I noted above, it makes the ponies seem remarkably xenophobic. I am also alarmed by how little some people seem to think of us as a species. Most people are generally quite nice, and yet humanity always seems to get portrayed as Always Chaotic Evil in a lot of these fics, with the ponies never being in the wrong.

In conclusion, I find these fics quite sickening, both due to the horrifying events that they contain (often including Disproportionate Retribution, Moral Dissonance, and, most frequently, an Esoteric Happy Ending) and because they highlight the depressing amount of misanthropy that seems to exist within this fandom.

Nice... great story.
Though a bit genocial, but it is a sci fi fic like dark castle said...

This is really powerful stuff, man. One of the greatest stories I've ever read.

First off, I'd like to point out how the author uses European terms. Not a complaint, just that in the US people typically don't use kilometers or 24 hour time.

211760 You're dead on the money! That fic was called "Order from Chaos", and I drew from that format when writing this.

212050 I used European terms for the sake of how clean it looks. That, and since this fic takes a darker turn, military time is a handy thing to have.

Oh, and 211800: mylittlefacewhen.com/media/f/img/mlfw972_1319007716901105.png :trollestia: "Problem?"

211695 i'm with you on this, i'm pretty sure the equestrians would have been anialated in less than a week with humanity superior weapons.
211800 yeah and to top ot all off thbe americans would have just shot the satilite out of the sky the moment it was launched seeing as it was never approved by the UN and as soon as war broke out equestria being the isolated land mass it is would have just been nuked



Seriously bro its a damn fan fic, its NO EXCUSE for you to start flinging your used tampons at anybody.

>>BadassViking What is the image? I cannot see it.


That's been happening a lot to me recently, and I dont know why its happening. I can see it perfectly, so maybe refreshing will make it work?

The author is a call of duty fan, from what I can tell of your inaccurate knowledge of the military.

216181 I'm not that versed in international military. Thus, I used the more fictitious factions for the sake of ease of remembrance.

This is... interesting, to say the least. What I hadn't expected was the presidents head exploding, that was a little much. Very well written and well thought out as well. There really is nothing more to say, other then you get 5 mustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Good Story, I enjoyed it..

When I read the part when they sended the nukes against Neo Equestria I couldn't stop thinking about Sapidus3 theory: In order to power the sun with her magic, Celestia should be capable of generating a 60 megaton explosion every second. lol Celestia by herself may have more fire power than all the Earth nations. So... yeah, she was being nice after all. :trollestia:

Whoa...This is brilliant. This would be the most probable outcome if Equestrians existed and came to Earth. A masterpiece my good sir aside from occasional spelling mistakes, this was perfect.

Oh my god, it says Fiction on the Website.
Its a fucking revolution in reading

So... why did the ponies fully abandon their own universe and travel to Earth in the first place? And what happened to all the dragons and gryphons that apparently came with them?

Discord's gonna be pissed off when he wakes up in a few millenia and realises that there's nopony left to play with.


My guess is Discord already fucked their shit up, so they all had to flee.

Okay, once I started reading this as a crackfic, it was pretty good. When I tried to approach it as a serious, realistic story, it...just didn't work out. Sorry.

211800 Greetings, fellow transhumanist. Humans get the shaft in these kind of stories because they're written by fans of ponies who squee about how cool they are. This is understandable because ponies are cool, but we should also love and tolerate the Kenyan Strider Ape (i.e., humans) as well.

On another note, in regards to our shared philosophy, I'd like to see a fic about transponyism. Say, Twilight trying to make all ponies into alicorns or something like that. :twilightsmile:


If this were to actually come true, I would just start hauling ass away from D.C. I would hide in the middle of America's LARGEST forest. DEAD CENTER to be exact.


TRUE DAT. Also, Princess Celestia would have to FIND me to transmorgify me into a pony. I would hide in North America's largest forest, SMACK IN THE CENTER. I would also have a desert eagle .50 with 1 round in it if Celestia would manage to find me. I would use the ultimate self defense measure: SUICIDE.

May I than refer you to the story "The Tragic Story of Twilight Sparkle" on EQD
It involves Twilight gaining all the knowledge of the world and trying to revolutionise the Ponykind.

211800 Some of it is no doubt reactionary response to the stuff that comes out of the anti-TCB group, Humanist. I'm, not saying this story is. But some of these types of stories are. I honestly prefer stories where ponies and humans work together to build something great that neither one could accomplish alone. But when a story comes out of the anti-TCB group where humans end up winning against ponies, well, it leaves me wanting to write a story where the ponies beat the humans as a reactionary response. And honestly, the behavior of some of the people in that group leaves me wanting to write stories where humans are wiped off the face of the Earth.

>Ponies beating humans in a war
>Ponies winning against armored vehicles.
>Magic winning against rifles
>Pre-Hellenistic tactics winning against modern ones

I'll admit, I chortled.

Why do I feel so underwhelmed by this? :trixieshiftright:

Remember what happened after 9/11? The thousands of American citizens that were roaming through the streets of their cities, burning down mosques and murdering Muslims? The police forces that didn’t protect them and joined the angry mob? It was horrible. Hundreds of people died.

Wait, that didn’t happen.

Maybe because - quote Linkara - PEOPLE AREN’T THAT STUPID.

Yes violence against Muslims – and people who “looked like Muslims” - happened but there were no big riots or lynch mobs. If the citizens of the USA were able to act that rational after such a tragedy why would they start a killing spree “just” because the head of the President goes boom.

Especially the US government should act more rational. Why aren’t they searching for the assassin the ponies mentioned? Or check out if somebody has sabotaged/ hacked the satellite? You know something to make sure that they blame the right guys?

Even if they believe that the ponies were lying and intentionally killed the President, shouldn’t they demand an UN investigation first? Or threaten to blow up that satellite if the ponies don’t shut it down? It’s very rare that people immediately declare war on each other. More often there’s a lot of political bickering and threatening before things escalate.

So yeah the war only happened because almost every human carried one giant Idot ball for no apparent reason. Thumb down.

Funny, I actually like Linkara. :pinkiecrazy:

Just saying about the idea behind the story is actually decent. There are just some things that feel… off. A slow, growing distrust between humans and ponies that goes one over several months and escalates in riots would actually be more believable and certainly improve the story.

And perhaps you should change the whole discrimination thing in the first part. It’s already a stretch to believe that the modern day America would supports race segregation between Humans and Ponies. However, the one thing, that really kills the mood is the fact that EXCATLY the same things happened that happened during the race segregation. Not just similar things take make you uncomfortable, but really the same things. As if this were some kind of parallel universe in which ponies switched place with African-american. Sorry but that are too many coincidences to buy it.

Well, I mainly wrote this on a whim. I wasn't expecting an equal proportion of support and disgust.

It’s a pony vs. human story. People, naturally have strong opinions about these.

If you really want to disgusted people your story also needs an Alicorn OC with a ridiculous color pattern and a few unusual sex fetishes. :trollestia:

Well let's see
>It's personally insulting because you assume ALL New Yorkers act like this
>Having no grasp on how a military works thinking Modern Warfare-style permenant Task Forces exist
>Thinking OpFor is an actual force and isn't just a term for "generic enemy" in TRAINING EXERCISES
>Thinking the Taliban still exists in force
>Thinking New York is a crime-ridden wasteland
>Thinking a nuke can be stopped by magic
>The amount of disgust I felt when you degraded the Civil Rights movement like that
>Battle Saddles actually working
>Gee, it's not like actual WMD's exist that could be futuristic, like a Mjolnir Network or Ortillery, no, I'm going with THE MOST IMPROBABLE WEAPON POSSIBLE THAT WOULD BE HELD UP DUE TO ETHICAL REASONS.

I could go on.

Funny, I wrote two other stories...:pinkiecrazy:

This is one of the most worst anti-human fics I seen in my life.


what Dictionary says

science fiction
Use Science fiction in a sentence
science fiction
a form of fiction that draws imaginatively on scientific knowledge and speculation in its plot, setting, theme, etc.

what you say



Okay, that happened. *wakes up*

Oh it was just a dream. good to know.

*walks out door*

People still comment on this turkey? Yeesh.:pinkiesick:


You do realize I wrote this long before I even realized it was in any way misanthropic, right? Even I think it's utter tripe, even by my standards. The main reason I keep it on the site is as a benchmark of my worst possible writing. I'm fine with people bashing it, but at this point, it's just beating a long dead horse.

Oh wow I'm rereading this since I was brought back. This fic is a perfect example of why people need to do their research on the military before they try to write about it. This is fucking hilarious shit right here.



First of all, Equestria, with it's pre-hellenistic tactics, bronze age weaponry, lack of infrastructure to mount large offensives and primitive technology, would struggle to fight Mexico.

Not the US. Not Great Britian. Not China or Russia or India or France or Brazil or Germany. Mexico.

Siccing any one member of the nuclear club on them is overkill. NATO and/or BRISK would steamroll them in a week. Having them hold any major victory against the entire human race working together is retarded.

EDIT: Sorry, I just saw the post dates.

2411396 Glad someone else has the Brazilian military in high regard :pinkiehappy:

2395983 As much as I hate the story due how much it makes me want to raege, I have to admit it takes a certain kind of courage to leave it on here as a milestone of the nadir of your writing career. Bravo, mate.

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