• Published 12th Feb 2012
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The Day They Came - AdamThePony

Equestria's equines enter the human world through a planar rift, chronicled by one man's journal....

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The Day They Came

The Day They Came
A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fanfiction by Adam J. Nelon

21 December 2012 00:00 - The Supposed End of Days

The day everyone had been raving about has finally come. For roughly two years, lunatics, scientists, and religious zealots alike have been debating what will happen on this day. Many of the religious types (notably the Mayans, Christians, and Vatican Scientists) have predicted or theorized today would be the day that Mankind would face judgement, either to be saved and ascended to Heaven in a holy Rapture, or damned to Hell to burn for eternity. This moment in time, many thought, would be the starting point for Mankind's last moments on Earth. This was to be the End of Days, we expected.

As the chimes of the midnight hour had rung, what we had expected had not come, but what we received was something far, far stranger.

As one passage in the Holy Bible had once read, "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from Heaven." What came from the heavens was not Satan, nor God. Instead, from the lightning shot a bright, pink blur, preceded by another blur of cyan, trailed by a large...rainbow?

That was indeed what I had seen as I looked out the window, hearing the deafening bang of a sonic boom roar across the sky, its intensity shattering not only the barrier of sound and the spectrum of light, but several windows' worth of glass in its' wake. From what some people had guessed on the streets, the cyan blur had been moving at 12360 Kilometers per Hour. For those of you who aren't savvy in physics or maths, this means that the two of them were clocking roughly ten times the speed of sound. The two beings moved far too fast to identify, but their intense power had already begun to show that whoever these beings were, they meant serious business.

Finally, the two beings had finally touched down upon the earth, and many of the bystanders who had been standing in the streets, awaiting Judgement, had moved in to identify the two mysterious beings which had made their way into this world. Upon inspection, our two mysterious visitors were...ponies?

Indeed! Our two new guests to Earth were a pair of equines! The first was a bright pink mare whose mane was in a permanent state of bedhead, who greeted the passersby in a cheerful manner, while the other was a cyan pony who bore an uncanny polychromatic mane and tail, and most strangely of all, wings. She seemed to be pandering to the crowd, boasting of her "awesomeness" as she somehow made it here, striking poses for anyone who had a camera. They seemed friendly enough.

However, the two of them were not the only visitors we would see in the first few minutes of this day. Following the jarringly pink pony and the winged rainbow pony were two pairs of winged ponies. One pair was white, and bore golden, roman centurion armor, carrying a golden carriage, while the other pair was grey, wearing gothic styled armor, carrying a more Victorian carriage behind them. Aboard the carriages were two of the largest horses I had ever seen in my brief existence. One of them was a pure ivory, with striking violet eyes, a golden tiara and armor, and most oddly of all, not only a rainbow-colored mane and tail that flowed in a seemingly-constant state of free fall, but sported not only a large pair of wings, but a frighteningly long, sharp horn upon the crest of her forehead.

Upon the other carriage was a horse of similar appearance, only this one was a dark blue, a trifle smaller, green-eyed, and bore a mane and tail that seemed to flow with the essence of the night itself. Looking through the binoculars, I was able to spot an even more jarring feature of these winged unicorns; They both bore a mark upon their flank. The larger ivory mare bore the mark of the sun itself, while her smaller, navy blue partner wore a crescent moon. What was the purpose behind them? And for that matter, why did they seem to radiate with intense power? Were these deities? Goddesses in equine form?

The crowd fell silent as the navy-blue cleared her throat.

"Do not fear, you beings of strange form and function! We mean no harm to thee! Our arrival is not meant to be feared, for we come in peace! We are the Princesses Celestia and Luna, patron deities and rulers of our land known as Equestria, come to interface with your peoples in the hope of establishing peaceful union! Direct us to your leader!" Were the legion-voiced words of the dark blue mare.

Her white associate cleared her throat, speaking for herself. "I believe what my sister meant to say was, "Hello. We don't want to hurt you. We come in peace." As she said, I am Princess Celestia, and this is Princess Luna, my younger sister. We come from a world known as Equestria, and wish to interact with your people as the peaceful race we are. Please, if it is possible, take us to who leads your people?"

It was then that the crowd surrounding these four equines began to part, as this royal escort was guided down the street, away from what I could see. At the moment, I write this by candlelight, as apparently, the sonic boom that heralded their arrival doubled as an EMP Wave that has for the moment, shut down all technology within a five-mile radius.

21 December 2012 01:00 - One Hour Following the Arrival of the Equestrians

The momentary power outage has been corrected, power has been restored, and a Local News broadcast has begun on the TV. The two Princesses were directed to the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg. The broadcast was live, as the Equine Royalty and the Human overseer of New York began to share banter. From what I gathered, the two Princesses, as well as the pink pony her winged companion, and the royal convoy, were a test to see if Equestria could make contact with other planes of existence, and with this attempt, they had confirmed that they could in fact establish contact, and with this, they asked that, that they be treated with the same respect as the Humans that lived in the city. In exchange, they would trade technology and research. They assured the mayor that, in spite of outward appearances, that these ponies were highly sentient and intelligent.

In spite of much controversy, the Mayor agreed to these odd terms.

21 December 2012 01:30 - 5 Minutes after the Talks between Bloomberg and the Princesses

One phenomenon after another in so little time. Just moments after Bloomberg had agreed to the terms of these bizarre equines, in spite of so many meteorological impossibilities, a rainbow had erupted in the middle of Times Square. Though there was snow out, the moonlight wasn't exactly bright enough to shine a rainbow. For this one, however, it was irrelevant; This rainbow wasn't made of sunshine and water droplets. It was made of ponies. Hundreds of thousands of them. Some creatures strewn between them included gryphons and dragons. The ponies and dragons came in several forms. The ponies were either standard shaped, had a horn, or sported wings. Their huge numbers poured into the already crowded city in droves, causing some bystanders to faint, others to watch in awe, and others to cheer.

Once the entire population had been transposed into the word, the rift that had been opened shut abruptly. Princess Celestia took the front of the procession, smiling as her horn began to glow with a white aura, a crowd of news cameras began to roll.

"Hear me, Humans of Earth! There is no cause for alarm. Today is a day not of fear, but of celebration! We mean only goodwill to everyone here, as we are a peaceful race. That is why we have come here. We wish only for love, tolerance, and friendship. You are free to return your devices once more now. As for Us, we shall be exploring this "New York City" to enjoy its splendor! Feel free to mingle among my people as you wish. We have spoken."

With this, the gaggle of Equestria's gamut of citizens dispersed, some flying, many walking. Most were following a similar agenda to their Princesses, but some decided to share a nice conversation with the passersby.

From first impressions, these Equestrians seem legit.

I'm headed to bed now. I kept myself awake for a vigil so that I wouldn't sleep through the Apocalypse, which as you may expect wasn't good for my health.

21 December 2012 5:30 - 4 Hours since New York made First Contact with Equestria

I was awoken a bit earlier than I intended this morning by a knocking at my door. Upon answering it, I was greeted by, of all things, a unicorn. Young Adult, Black Coat, Blonde-Red Mane, and Hazel Eyes. Upon her flank was the icon of a burning cross of wood. Her name, as she told me, was Tinder. Upon questioning as to why she was here, she explained she was asked by the Princess to become a cohabitant with one of the humans to understand human culture. Fair enough. While I wasn't quite ready to have a roommate, I found mutual interest in this equine, and thus arranged an agreement; In exchange for information on Earth, she'd have to teach me of Equestria. She agreed to teach me under those simple conditions, and added a clause to be given food and shelter. Seemed reasonable enough to me.

With this, I showed her to a small guest room and helped her get acquainted before settling in once again. It seemed that Equestria must not have been a complete departure from what existed on Earth. Of course, this may just be an unconfirmed theory. I'll have to ask Tinder later this morning...

21 December 2012 9:00 - Breakfast

Today, Tinder and I shared cereal while watching the morning news. It seems that Television was a perplexing thing to Tinder. She told me that in Equestria, Television programs weren't as crystal clear or high definition as they were before. Televisions existed, sure, but upon seeing a picture of one, it looked like something you'd be playing in the Eighties with a Nintendo Entertainment System. Music was pretty much almost completely to date. She entertained me with the name of a popular disk jockey named Vinyl Scratch, better known by her stage name, DJ-Pon3. She was known for her techno, rave, and rock music binges, and for constant debates on the color of her eyes beyond her violet goggles.

With this, we shared our tastes in music a few minutes before I decided to move onto an important subject of discussion: The Equestrian Race.

Thankfully, Tinder helped me understand in a straightforward manner. There were 4 different breeds of pony in Equestria. The first were Earth Ponies, which are known to be the most populous of pony breeds, being the equivalent to Humankind in general. The only difference were that Earth Ponies were made of much sterner stuff than most other ponies, and had an innate connection to the Earth, including a sensory perception of ores and materials, and a natural capacity for land and livestock cultivation.

Second were the Pegasi, which were as muscular as Earth Ponies, but were leaner, and of course had wings, which I noticed were avian in appearance, hinting a hollow bone structure. Pegasi had a capacity to not only move and group clouds, but they could almost directly affect climate itself hooves-on. Because of this, Pegasi would be able to coordinate weather wherever it was needed and whenever they could.

Third were the Unicorns, which were the meekest breed, and yet at the same time, the most intelligent. Thanks to the horn that adorns their head, they are able to cast forms of individualized magic, alongside a racial capacity to perform telekinesis. Usually, Unicorns are only capable of casting one particular group of spells in general. In Tinder's case, she was a Pyromancer. Meaning, she could finely manipulate fire to her liking. However, there was a minority within this race to where they could cast multiple forms of magic. However, like everypony else (yes, apparently Equestrian Vernacular uses Equine Terms to refer to groups of like-bodied individuals), the Magic in a unicorn required stamina. Lifting simple objects and working machines was easy work for a Unicorn, but trying to lift heavy objects would require much more focus and energy to accomplish. This weakness aside, they are able to do many things using their innate ability for magic.

Fourth and last were the Alicorns, Ponies of such stature and power that very few are known to exist. In fact, Records persist that only 3 of them exist, all of which are royalty: Princess Celestia, her younger sister, Princess Luna, and the yet-to-be-seen Princess Cadence. Physically, these ponies are the largest breed, and have bar none the most potent magic. So potent, in fact, that two two Alicorns which graced us but nine hours ago? They apparently can command the sun and moon themselves! For some reason this explanation of the godlike power of the rare Alicorn race both intrigued me and frightened me all at once.

Demographically, Earth Ponies made up 50% of Equestria's citizens, Pegasi roughly 30%, Unicorns held 19%. and Alicorns made up the 1% Remaining.

With knowledge of Equestrian native life in mind, I left Tinder to eat. My thirst for knowledge was sated.

21 December 1012 12:00 - Lunch Rush

Now that the cold was not as bad as it was earlier, I strapped on my K-Way jacket to see if I could get any picture-worthy shots of the site where the first two Equestrians had made contact with twelve hours ago. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't the only one who had the idea. Unfortunately for the poor shmucks who followed suit, I used a Nikon Camera equipped to a Telescopic Lens, so I was able to get a good look at the crash site with far more ease. Ironically, for such a large, explosive shockwave to have ripped the sky a new one, the impact was only about a pock-mark of asphalt. Damn shame, too. If it were bigger, perhaps it may have been more significant.

Well, with a few newspaper-worthy shots in my camera, I left the scene of significance and retrieved Tinder to invite her to lunch. I decided I'd go for McDonalds. However, it was there that I learned two things. First, Equestrians, like normal equines, were Herbivores, and Second, in spite of the great patience and goodwill of the Princesses, much how history had done to the African American, Equestrians weren't exactly the most welcomed ponies to New York. While it was true that horse-drawn carriages did in fact frequent the streets of some of New York's more historic hotspots, it also true that prior to their arrival, horses weren't able to talk, either. As a matter of fact, one of the patrons that waited their meal thought that Tinder and her whole race were nothing more than Animatronics and Special Effects, even trying to remove the mare's horn to reveal an antenna. Of course, there wasn't; in spite of their uncanny appearance, these equines were living creatures. Part of me felt that such prejudice would only be the tip of a large iceberg.

Over lunch, we discussed locations and towns. In Equestria, several towns and cities existed. One of them was Manehattan, which was basically where we were now. Another was Fillydelphia (once again, no points for guessing where that is.). Then there was Appleoosa, a town populated exclusively by Earth Ponies in the middle of nowhere, originally a group of squatters that had separated the Buffalo tribes from their stampeding grounds, much like how America was settling the West. Ponyville was a famous hamlet and primary Earth Pony capital, above which rested Cloudsdale, a Grecco-Roman utopia and the Pegasus Capital, and Canterlot, a City inside a castle and nestled inside a mountain range, which was the Captial of the Unicorns, and home to the Princesses.

There were certainly hotspots for the three primary races, but there was no real segregation regardless.

Thankfully, McDonalds did in fact have vegan meals, which benefited our lunch greatly.

21 December 2012 17:00 - Rush Hour

I was personally able to have informal audience with Princess Celestia today. Either I was the luckiest man in the world right now, or this matriarch was very generous. She looked at me and Tinder and smiled, chuckling a bit. She made a comment about how quickly humans and ponies were getting along, which made me smile as well, telling her that I befriended her out of mutual interest for her people, which only served to sustain that smile. She noted that knowledge was key to understanding, which was key to tolerance, which was key to acceptance, which was key to love. That made perfect sense.

The Solar Princess further explained that every day, she would hold court with the express purpose of addressing the concerns of the populace. A shame our President is so tied up in other matters, he can't do the same.

Upon being summoned back the carriage, our brief meeting was over.

21 December 2012 18:00 - Sunset

The sun has set about an hour later than it normally does. Whether this is due to the equinox, or the fact that there now lived mare able to control the sun was hard to tell. The thing was too damn bright to notice anything.

The news kept talking of nothing else but the event many are calling the "Equestrian Reckoning". While the apocalypse was the catch of the day yesterday, today, it was about nothing more than the arrival of these rainbow-colored Equines, and the social interactions between them and the citizens of New York. Tinder and I didn't pay much, if any attention at all, to the broadcast, as it was old news by now. Though, given how they treated Micheal Jackson's untimely death, they would probably discuss this topic for weeks to come.

I decided to have Tinder show me what it looked like to use telekinesis. It was surprisingly simple. One aura surrounded the caster's horn, and the other surrounded the object(s) of choice. A small hum usually accompanied it, and when the spell or telekinetic period has been ended, the aura would fade away. However, from what Tinder had explained, the more difficult the spell, the more profound the spell aura. Tinder's was a dull red.

As I had begun to turn the oven to try to start our first dinner, the pilot light refused to work with me. At this moment, I found Tinder's special talent exceptionally handy as she aided me in heating the oven to ready it to cook. I decided to cook cheese pizza. A simple meal even a Vegan could enjoy. Tinder had no objections, and now, I simply had to ask on the strange mark that adorned each grown pony's arse. My answer was simple: It was an icon called a Cutie Mark, which was an icon which appears on each pony's flank when they accomplished a feat or discovered their talent in life. Sometimes, the Cutie Mark was relative to perception. Tinder saw hers two ways: As a symbol for her capacity for fire conjuration, and for the fact that once a spark ignited in her mind, a flame of inspiration would burn clean and true.

I then explained the connotations behind what an icon on the arse usually meant to humans. To put it simply, it was usually an adornment of prostitutes, and in New York's seedier streets, it was a given. But of course, I downplayed it, remembering the possibility that such things were alien to Equestrian culture. But, to both my surprise and my relief, my equine roommate laughed it off, seeing my comment as a humble farce. I then pondered what my Cutie Mark would be if I ever earned one.

Dinner is going to be ready soon, so I must set aside the quill and ink for now.

21 December 2012 21:00 - Bedtime

So much has happened today, in such a short span of time. We meek humans had become acquainted with polychromatic equines, and while many of my peers cast an eye of doubt upon the situation, a lot of people, particularly Children and a few guys I know - I think they're called "Bronies"? - say they couldn't be happier.

As an aside, I logged onto my Gmail earlier, and someone linked me to the pilot for "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". So, before I turned in for the night, I looked to Tinder while she was finishing another piece of pizza, then I began to watch the episode itself. I have to say, for a Girls/Children's Cartoon, it's surprisingly well-written. These days, most of what is on TV is surrealist humor. Not that I dislike surrealist humor, but it's not the kind of thing I'd like to be caught watching.

Before I knew it, Tinder had joined me, and was enjoying the show as much as I was. One hour of quality animation well-spent. I'm surprised that her reaction wasn't disillusionment at the fact her race resembled cartoons. I can only suppose that in terms of mental faculties, ponies were uncannily hardy.

I decided to let Tinder share the bed with me tonight. I only pray she's not in Heat. What am I thinking? Of course she isn't!

24 December 2012 09:00 - Christmas/Hearth's Warming Eve

Ah, the Yuletide day is almost here. I personally enjoy Christmastime. Probably the only time where most people who give a damn put aside their differences and revel in the spirit of of respecting the fellow man. It also seems to be the one time of the year your job gives you a break and gives you a better slice of the proverbial pie. Thanks to those great shots of the crash site (alongside good merits and continued service), I have a nice $500 to spend as I want. I decided that I might consider getting Tinder an Eiderdown jacket. When I first met her, she, like just about everypony else that graced Manhattan was nude. Although, considering that clothing for Equines here is a rarity, that comes as no shock.

Before I left, Tinder and I educated ourselves on the upcoming Holiday. I told her the backstory of Christmas, and she explained Equestria's Equivalent, known as Hearth's Warming. In Equestria, the Holiday's Tradition is a reenactment of Equestria's founding. Back during medieval times, 3 tribes, which consisted of the three races of ponykind, leaved in reluctant harmony. The Earth Ponies tended to the crops that would feed themselves, as well as the Pegasi, who would supply the rain to grow the crops, and the Unicorns, who supplied the sunlight. The three tribes formed a triangle of balance; Remove one piece of it, and the whole thing topples. And, sure enough, as with any extremely valuable commodity, Food had become less of a point of contention, and more of a fuel for an unwelcome fire.

In the midst of their squabbles, an unwelcome blizzard hit the three tribes. It hit so hard, in fact, that the Earth Ponies could not grow enough to feed even themselves, and in turn, everypony began playing the blame game. Eventually, the three races sent the leaders of their factions to converse diplomatically: Princess Platinum of the Unicorns, Pegasi Air Commander Hurricane, and Earth Pony Chancellor...Pudding-head? Anyhow, in tow, they each had a beleaguered assistant, in the forms of Clover the Clever, Private Pansy, and Smart Cookie, respectively. Talks were at first civil, but quickly gave way to a shit storm of equal (if not greater) proportion to the storm that raged outside.The meeting was disbanded, but they all agreed that one thing was clear: They needed land, and quickly.

With this, the three faction leaders and their assistants made a pilgramage to find new land.

After several difficulties, name Princess Platinum and Clover the Clever having trouble on Foot, Commander Hurricane and Private Pansy being caught in turbulent winds, and Chancellor Pudding-head and Smart Cookie being lost in the mountains, they finally happened upon the lands they hoped to Colonize. Each of them had a name for the new land.

The Pegasi opted to name it Pegasopolis. The Unicorns thought to call it Unicornia, and the Earth Ponies simply called it Earth (Orginally, it was to be Dirtville, but Smart Cookie suggested Earth.) However, it was soon discovered that hey all reached this new land almost simultaniously, and thus, yet another shitstorm insued. Much like what had passed before, the blizzard found its way to these new lands, forcing the six ponies into a large cavern. Even here, they divided land, and even here, squabbles ensued over overstepping boundries. As a direct result, the hatred between the three faction leaders had Frozen them, while their three assistants began to share small talk as they too began to freeze, if only by proxy. The cause were malevolent spirits of ice and cold called Wendigos, whose power grew from hatred. In reality, they meant no ill to either each other, or their superiors. Eventually, the power of their friendship allowed Clover to somehow cast a powerful spell which formed a giant heart-shaped ball of fire; The Titular Warming Hearth. It was through this that the Wendigos' curse was lifted. It was also through this that the ice around them all was melted, and all six of them banded together to form Equestria.

Such a charming tale.

24 December 2012 11:00 - Christmas/Hearth's Warming Eve, inside Macy's Department Store

In the past few days, the Equestrians were slowly making themselves right at home here in Manhattan. As I was walking past Radio City Music Hall, I noticed an advertisement for a Cellist Pony named Octavia. Seemed she was going to be performing in an ensamble tonight. The tickets themselves burned a nice $150 hole in my money-lined pockets, but I figured that Tinder would like it. Besides, I always loved to hear good performances from time to time.

Returning to the poster a moment, I saw DJ-Pon3's image. Was it going to be a duet piece? Were they going to do a joint song? I guess I'd have to learn tonight.

Now, to the subject of this entry. Macy's was packed this morning. On an average day, it was already fairly packed, but come Christmas, it was gonna be like being in a maze of human and equine bodies.

This leads me to mention Equestria's economy. Much like America, Equestria was a fairly capitalistic nation. They seemed to have minted their own currency, which I learned was called "Bits". Apparently, paper money was nonexistant. They payed in golden coins. Because of their foreign state, New York has had to quickly arrange an exchange rate for this foreign currency, but thankfully, the weekend saw to that. I managed to locate Burlington within the thriving labyrinth of bodies, and thankfully, they had Eiderdown jackets in stock, and with the money I had, I got one just for her, in pearl white.

While I was browsing Kay, I noticed a marshmallow-white unicorn with curly, violet hair. I could only bairly make out what she was musing about, (Something about what gems would match a dress?) but upon my interruption, she saw my eiderdown jacket and was flattered. Turns out, her name was Rarity, and she was famous for her lavish designs.

Remind me to reach her when I need to get Tinder a new look.

We could have talked more, but she had other matters to attend to. Probably for the best, in hindsight.

24 December 2012 11:30 - Christmas/Hearth's Warming Eve, Back Home

I have Tinder's jacket in a nice box to give to her on Christmas Morning. My hopes are that I got the right size, and she's wowed by it. In addition, I hope she's wowed by the tickets I got her for tonight's show. After all, I payed $150 for the tickets. I decided to order in Pizza Hut. One Large Pizza, Half Pepperoni, Half Cheese. I figured we shouldn't risk going out on the streets because of the crowd, which made sense. Besides, I wanted to set the mood. However, I did go out to get Apple Cider. From what I heard on the streets, it was a popular drink among ponies.

At the time of this writing, the Pizza has arrived, and I have poured the cider into some glasses. Time to eat up and see what happens.

24 December 2012 12:30 - Christmas/Hearth's Warming Eve, Post-Lunchtime

Oh, great; Tinder got smashed off the cider. I guess it shouldn't be much a surprise, being that Apple Cider is mildly alcoholic. Tinder's intoxication almost lead to her having her way with me. Good thing I was able to get her sedated and into bed. I'll let the alcohol leave her system before I surprise her tonight...

24 December 2012 18:30 - One Half-hour to Octavia's first performance in the Human World

Right, it's been six hours since Tinder smashed herself with Apple Cider. Thankfully, she ate lightly, so the Cider worked its way out quickly. Immediately after coming to, she immediately went to the bathroom to relieve herself. Lesson learned: Keep her away from the cider at all times, or at least moderate her intake. Either way, the Cider's not coming out for a while.

When she was done, I pulled out the box containing the Eiderdown jacket. She looked at me quizzically, wondering why I was giving it to her so early, but nevertheless, she opened the box. Her reaction was utter amazement. She didn't know what to make of it until she put it on. She mentioned something about it being a bit odd to wear, due to the shape being for humans, rather than ponies, but with a brief magic spell, it was remedied. Upon seeing the tickets, she grew wide-eyed and proceeded to squeal like a Fangirl, leaping onto me. Turns out, she loved Octavia and Vinyl Scratch. I guess the fact I just got her a ticket to the first show since our two worlds became one was the best gifts she could get on Hearth's Warming.

I suppose I made Tinder the luckiest filly ever.

24 December 2012 19:00 - Octavia's First Live Show

The show was quite nice for something done by Ponies. It opened with a Cello version of the My Little Pony theme song, then was immediately undercut by DJ-Pon3's techno songs. Then, the two of them shared a song at a time. Octavia did a nice rendition of Fur Elise with her instrument of choice, while Vinyl remixed a song dedicated to Princess Luna. Then, the two of them began to cue the aid of one of Harlem's best Jazz musicians for a song called "Burn My Dread". Who knew Jazz and Rock and Roll blended so well together? During the program, a flyer was passed out for a new radio station called "K-KOLT", with it's prime show being "The Vinyl Scratch with DJ-Pon3 and Octavia". Somehow, I think this radio show may be worth tuning into.

All and all, not a bad show.

At the very end, the Hearth's Warming Eve Song was sung aloud to help bring the Holiday cheer in, and considering the cheering that came afterward, it worked.

24 December 2012 21:00 - Post-show, Bedtime

The way home was calm. Christmas Eve snow littered the ground, and I had the pleasure of crossing paths with more celebrities in Equestrian Culture. A team of Pegasi stunt flyers called The Wonderbolts was frequenting the city. They wore blue outfits, laced with golden bolts. I met one of their female leads, a Fire-maned filly named Spitfire. From what her name indicated, the Wonderbolts were like the Blue Angels as Ponies. That being said, they looked tough enough to be ponies of war, if they were so inclined. Remind me never to commit an act of war while they were here...

Before we returned home, I decided that, since I had plenty more money left, I decided that we ought to buy something we could share. So, I decided to get an Xbox 360. I purchased the Halo Reach Bundle, which I thought would be a great game to start Tinder on, as it tends to be a great multiplayer game.

Thank god there were some available tonight. Another few hundred dollars burned out of my pocket, but another few hundred well spent.

Over the course of an hour, we both had a learning experience playing through a Co-Op campaign. Tons of explosions, bullets, and flashing lights. Looking at her, I saw she was holding the controller with her magic, her eyes on the screen. Magic certainly can do wonders.

25 December 2012 09:00 - Christmas/Hearth's Warming Day

Christmas Morning has come! I was the first to wake today, So I decided to make Tinder a breakfast in bed. If it hasn't become aware by now, I've slowly begun to see Tinder less as a roommate and more as a romantic interest. I'm not sure exactly how that happened, but I don't aim to lose sleep from it.

Breakfast was going to be simple: Cereal and Milk, Buttered Toast, and Iced Tea. Not the most extravagant breakfast in bed, but it was the thought that counted. As she began to wake, I turned on the Weather Channel. A bit warmer than what was typical in a New York winter, but it was still that kind of weather you needed a coat for at least the morning. Thank goodness I invested in getting Tinder the eiderdown jacket. After breakfast, we decided to enjoy some holiday specials over some hot chocolate. Quite a heart warming morning.

Nothing else really comes to mind, except for the fact that tonight was the night that we shared out first kiss. Apparently, it's a big deal in Equestria, too. From what I discovered, though, Japan treats one's first kiss as a sacred rite of passage, as it is a sacred thing.

I guess we're fated to be together after all.

31 December 2012, 23:55 - Five Minutes To 2013

Hey! It's New Year's Eve, and nothing bad's happened! Either this is really good, or I've just jinxed myself into causing something bad to happen regardless.

Princess Luna was bestowed the honor of lowering the Alabaster Ball in Times Square. With this, everyone began to count down to the New Year. The same deal every year; Everyone in the world begins to count down, lights and music fill the sky, and there's tons of cheering and revelry. When that bell hit the giant Neon 2013 Sign, Princess Luna kicked off the Midnight hour with these words:

"Rejoice, thy Ponies and Humans Alike! 'Tis now the year Two-Thousand Thirteen! May this year be as prosperous as the prior!"

Cheering filled the crowded Manhattan streets in a mighty roar.

Here's to another year survived.

3 January 2013 - Third Day of the New Year

New Year, same problems. It seems that the brief time of equality between Humans and Equestrians ended after New Year's did. While the Alicorns remain left be, mainly out of fear of what would occur should they incur the wrath of two physical goddesses, all other races are starting to get discriminated. It seems history has begun to repeat. As we Americans have done with African Americans, we are treating these benevolent, rainbow-colored equines as second-class citizens. I would have honestly thought we'd have learned from this...

5 January 2013

I had a chance to see The Wonderbolts perform live today. They seem to have one hell of a pyrotechnics budget! Many of their routines are top-notch aerial acrobatics that not even the Blue Angels can typically perform.

It was here that I met Rainbow Dash, the cyan Pegasus who served as the Herald for Equestria's arrival to Earth. As it was, Rainbow was a raving fanatic for the Wonderbolts, having been working on a chance to wow them one day and become a member of the team. Somehow, I doubted she'd ever accomplish it.

I had to question her about what that trick she did to arrive here was, and what it happened to be called was a Sonic Rainboom. It gets its name for the fact that not only does the sonic boom break the sound barrier, it shatters the visible spectrum of light itself, producing a rainbow. In addition, the resulting shockwave is able to split rocks, and radiates arcane energy.

A finer breaking of barriers, I've not seen.

7 January 2013

As you may have worked out, I won't be doing a running commentary of every single day since the crash. This journal simply does not have enough paper to support that. I'll only be mentioning significant events, and I shall only go into further information for a certain date if it is needed to get the point across.

Right, so a rather nasty controversy stirred up at a local eatery today, when an Earth Pony named Southern Comfort attempted to apply for a job, but not only was she denied a meal, she was told she could not apply because she wasn't human. Nevertheless, this has hit local news, and from what history has taught me, it will be but only the tip of that proverbial iceberg.

11 January 2013

Further racism has taken hold on Manhattan. Restaurants now have signs either saying "Humans only", or, having separate locations to cater to the Equines. That's crazy! How can we be so ignorant?

14 January 2013

History once again repeats. An elderly mare named Granny Smith, of the famous Apple Family, was told she was to relinquish her seat to a human man and move to the back of the bus. However, much like Rosa Parks, she was defiant, and as a result, was arrested.

This in turn has started a Manhattan-wide Transit boycott, with a group called "The Freedom Trotters" transporting Equines where they need to go, free of charge. I can see where this is headed...

16 January 2013

I got some fantastic shots of Princess Celestia's royal motorcade leaving the city. Word on the streets is they are headed for Washington, D.C., guided by a group of human sympathizers. I suppose it's nice to know some people aren't ignorant jackasses in this (pardon the pun) one-horse town.

18 January 2013

The Freedom Trotters have made quick progress! From the pictures my colleagues in the field have shown, the Motorcade to DC should make it by the 21st. Perhaps a word from the President shall help clear things up...

21 January 2013 09:00 - Martin Luther King Day

The Princess' motorcade successfully made it safely to D.C., and while some of the in-the-know are doing all they can to stop their advancement to the White House, a so-called "East Coast Freedom Militia", a group of human sympathizers -many of which happen to be "Bronies", even going so far as to wear "Brony Supporter" shirts to show their commitment to the cause- have safeguarded the Equine Matriarchy throughout their parade to Pennsylvania Avenue. Upon hearing the combined foot and hoofsteps of the veritable army of Ponies and their Human supporters, the President personally greeted the Princesses face to face and invited them for a polite conversation.

Class act, Mr. President. Class act.

21 January 2013 10:00 - Martin Luther King Day, One hour following Royal Motorcade arrival.

Following the deliberations between the Royal Pony Sisters and the President, a bill has been sent to Congress to amend the Civil Rights Act to grant Ponykind full recognition as a race, and as Americans of that race. To that end, Bronies the nation over have been petitioning that Congress pass this bill for the sake of promoting peace and aiding the general welfare of America. Finally! Some people have common sense.

25 January 2013

The Equestrian Civil Rights Movement is gaining momentum quickly. In an inversion of the events of the Stop Online Piracy Act, petitions have flooded Congress in droves in support of the bill. Only time will tell.

28 January 2013

The bill to ammend the Civil Rights Act is to be voted on by the 31st of this month. Tinder and I plan to watch the polls live from home.

31 January 2013

Oh, Fraptous Day! The ammendment to the Civil Rights Act passed, and is to be put into affect immediately! Needless to say, Tinder was overjoyed. We celebrated with Apple Cider, and following some time to sober up, Tinder told me she's going job-hunting. I'm so happy for her now!

4 February 2013

I'll be brief with this one. Anyone who's studied American History (Or, more specifically, Black History) is doubtless aware of the incident at Little Rock, Arkansaw, right? If not, allow me to bring you up to speed: Essentially, 9 African American students were to enter into a recently integrated High School in the area, but were denied entry because of their race. Because of this, a protest ensued, with the Arkansaw National Guard also preventing entry, up until President Eisenhower sent in the 101st Airborn Division of the US Army to personally escort them inside, where they still met discrimination.

Well, much the same happened here in New York, only with the NYPD, and of course, these were ponies, and at a higher ratio. As a result, The Royal Pony Sisters and the President called in their respective militaries to escort the maturing fillies and colts into the school. Seeing Spitfire proudly escort her peers inside was nothing short of Poetry.

In a local story, Tinder has visited the NYC Fire Department, and will be in basic training for a week or so. So, with that out of the way, I'm going to put away the quill and notebook for now.

6 February 2013 -09:00

The local Newspaper (Manhattan Tribunal) has commissoned me to get shots of some famous Equestrians while on my daily commute. With decent money in my pockets on the line, how can I refuse? I decided to start with the New York Public Library. As I have previously noted, I have met Rainbow Dash, Rarity, the Princesses, and a Wonderbolt named Spitfire. In the public library, I found a violet unicorn with a Hime Cut shelving some books while rambling through the aisles. Her name, as she told me, was Twilight Sparkle. So, I decided upon interviewing Twilight.

As it turns out, Twilight has a history with Princess Celestia as her Favored Student. She is an aspiring mage, and does her best to learn about the tennants of friendship. She is one of six ponies known as the "Elements of Harmony", weilders of powerful, sometimes world-altering magic. Only 4 times in Equestria's known history were the Elements ever used. The first was the deafeat of Discord, a god of Chaos and Disharmony, the Second was the Banishment of Nightmare Moon, a dark horse which formed from foreign magic and Princess Luna's innermost and darkest of thoughts. Third was Nightmare Moon's exorcism from Luna's body 1000 years after her banishment, and last was Discord's reincarceration. These Elements were known to only be used in times of utter crisis, or if no other concievable option can resolve a problem that has ensued.

Twilight is known to be one of Equestria's most powerful of Unicorns when it comes to magic, having been able to sedate an Ursa Minor -which, as I can gather, is a bear made of a constellation endowed with magic- and return it to its mother. She also made it a point that she was the Element of Magic within the Elements of Harmony.

With that, I thanked her for her time and promptly left after getting a photo.

6 February 2013 - 10:00

Right, where else do tourists frequent? Central Park! I took a walk to Central Park, and I happened upon a Pegasus tending the the native animals that were outside. She was pale yellow, with green eyes, and a pink mane, with the Cutie Mark of butterflies. Upon trying to talk to her, she kept silent, but after coaxing her to talk with me, I learned her name was Fluttershy. Her passtime was essentially veterinary work. She loved animals, even to the point that she kept a rabbit named Angel at her side. Something about this rabbit made me think that "Angel" wasn't the most accurate name for it...

I queried her about the Elements of Harmony, and I got an answer almost identical to the one Twilight Sparkle had given me, only in this case, she was a bit more...shy about it. Her Element was Kindness, and it showed. She was very courteous to me, in spite of me being, in her perspective, a total stranger. In spite of being a Pegasus, Fluttershy was known for being a bit of a weak flier, and unlike Rainbow Dash, she was timid and quiet. It was from her I learned that Rainbow Dash was the Element of Loyalty, due to her steadfast nature to stand by her friends.

With my information sought after, I got my shot from her, where she winced a bit. Not the worst picture, but she could've done better.

6 February 2013 - 10:30

Man, all this walking is making me thirsty. I'd better get a drink before I go any further. Thank goodness I was lucky enough to happen upon a group of ponies serving up Apple Cider. Manning the Register was Applejack, the Element of Honesty. Man, how honest she was!

Applejack is part of an enormous clan called the Apple Family. In Equestria, she lived on an Apple Orchard called Sweet Apple Acres, and lived with her older brother, Big Macintosh, her younger sister, Applebloom, and her grandmother, Granny Smith. Essentially, they're all named after Apples, if you hadn't worked it out.

Cider was one of their favorite beverages to serve from the tap, but it seemed that their stock was always fairly small. However, their cider certainly was more about Quality then Quantity, and was well worth the price.

Surprisingly, in spite of her southern background, Applejack was fairly knowledged about New York's customs, as she spent some time as filly in its Equestrian equivalent of Manehattan.

Before I move on, I may as well point this out; Applejack is Orange in coat, Geen in Eyes, Blonde in Mane, and wears it in a Ponytail. Applebloom is yellow, with a Red Mane and Tail, and sports a hair bow, Big Macintosh is Brick-Red, a Redhead, and sports a plow barding and a very simple vernacular, and Granny Smith is a tad lime green with a greying southern Belle look.

6 February 2013 - 11:00

I had a hole in my stomach that needed filling after that lovely cider, so I decided to stop in at a greasy spoon on my commute. There, I got hash browns and bacon, and sat adjacent to two more obscure ponies. A Mint-green Pony with a Lyre Cutie Mark called Lyra, and a Purple, Blue, and White mare named Bon-Bon. Lyra, as it turned out, had a great interest in Humans, and imitating Human mannerisms, like sitting as a Human, holding objects in her hooves, and so on. As for Bon-Bon? She was a thespian, renowned for one thing, and one thing only: she was a master vocalist, being able to speak in many different voices. As such, she is known as "Equestria's Greatest Voice Actress". Honestly? I'd kill to see her be a ventriloquist. A Pony Ventriloquist. Now that's money waiting to happen.

6 February 2013 - 11:30

I decided that I would give Tinder a gift upon her return from basic training for Valentines Day. So, I happened upon a recently opened bakery called "Sugar Cube Corner". Sounded legit. I decided to have a look inside, and I was immediately greeted by a bubbly Pink Pony aptly named Pinkie Pie. She was the Element of Laughter, and a masterful baker. She had been working with the proprietors for years. Her specialty, aside from catering, was planning parties, especially of the Welcome variety. This in mind, I decided upon an interview.

Apparently, she grew up originally on a rock farm. How one farms rocks, I may never ascertain. I presume it's a lower-grade version of mining, but I may be mistaken. She got her balloon Cutie Mark from throwing her first party, which made her family quite happy, including her two siblings, Blinkie and Inkie. Her family photo implies a possibly Amish background.

I ordered a nice red velvet heart cake to be delivered one day from Valentines Day, to which she happily chirped she would have done. I was easily able to get a picture out of her with no qualms.

6 February 2013 - 15:00

I submitted the photos I got, and received a nice loaf of $300. Nice. That's all for this entry.

11 February 2013 - Tinder's Homecoming, 09:00

Today, Tinder returned home in a firemare's uniform, jumping into my arms. She had made the team, and was given an alert radio. We decided to celebrate with Coffee and Scones from Sugar Cube Corner. All and All, a lovely homecoming.

13 February 2013

Today, I went to pick up the cake, and I saw Valentine's Day decorum in the shop. Before I left, Tinder explained that their holiday is Hearts and Hooves day, which started originally from a mishap with a love potion (or rather, a love poison. Ever since, the tradition kept. Pinkie Pie happily gave the cake to me in a Valentine-shape box.That alone was, mind the pun, very heartfelt.

14 February 2013 - Valentine's/Hearts and Hooves Day

Tinder was called early this morning with a fire emergency from a failed attempt at a Valentine's Day breakfast. Thank goodness. That means I have time to get the cake out! I also have time to reflect on what's happened. Not only has Humanity endured an event of Cataclysmic proportions, has a new race to add to it's multicultural melting pot, and that race has gained equal rights. And, of course, they're Ponies. Although, I honestly believe that the civil rights trouble is but the tip of the iceberg. Something feels off...

When Tinder returned home, she was covered in soot, but mostly unscathed. She made some comment about liquifying toast and burning juice. (How the hell does that even work?) When she saw the cake, she fainted like a goat. She was just that flattered by my gesture. I personally found that much hilarious.

18 February 2013 - President's Day

Today began with something truly odd. Air raid sirens filled the air as every available NYPD Officer and Wonderbolt raced the streets. A continual message echoed through the streets:

"This is a public service announcement. Do not be alarmed. Please, stay in your homes until the all-clear has been given. A flash flood is to be nearing Manhattan in 1 hour. For your safety, please get above ground to shelter. We have the situation safely under control. Our mages will be erecting a barrier to divert the water safely...Message repeats..."

Didn't have tell us twice. Tinder and I kept to our apartment and turned on the weather alert radio and the local news...

I can't believe what I'm seeing. What sort of magic could be unfolding here?! What I am seeing is a landmass being created from absolute nothingness! It grew larger and larger in mass, size, and depth, until eventually, the magic around it dispelled, dropping the large chunk of Earth into the sea, sending massive waves to every direction, only for the more serious ones to be weakened by Pegasi weather management teams. By the time they reached Eastern shores, they'd be too weak to cause damage. However, when it comes here, the supposed barrier will be able to subvert the water. Besides, Twilight Sparkle is apparently spearheading the subversion operation.

Sure enough, the water crashed against the shield like a locomotive. Everyone stood in shock from the many windows outside. With that insanity over, I returned to sleep.

19 February 2013

The All-Clear had been given hours ago, and at the moment, there seems to be no real damage from the erection of the Eighth Continent. Thank goodness for that. However, there seems to be a prevailing tingling feeling in the air. Something feels...different. The air is still breathable, that much is certain, but why do I suddenly feel more energetic the more I'm breathing? I'll have Tinder examine me when I get home.

19 February 2013 - Evening

I don't know what the hell is going on, but an impromptu examination from Tinder has implied that I, and just about every other human who has air ventilation and/or goes outside now has mana in their bloodstream. I've yet to ascertain what this means, but I aim to have Tinder teach me to harness it.

21 February 2013

(The writing in this particular entry is a mix of being more rough in some areas, yet more refined in others..)

At the time of this writing, Tinder has begun to teach me basic telekinesis. I decided to start with something simple as this quill and paper. From the looks, my new penmanship is god-awful. Probably ought to work on that. I'm going to postpone writing in this journal for at least a week.

28 February 2013

Right, now that I've practiced my penmanship, and I have plenty of things to write about, I'm able to write in more depth.

So I've begun to see a Unicorn named Trixie doing street performances for Cash. To her credit, she's not bad, either. Just a bit...too flashy. Speaking of magicians, everyone seems to be getting a hold on how to cast magic...particularly the street gangs. I saw some guy getting mugged by a guy who was ready to fry the poor mook's face off with a fireball. Thank goodness that the Canterlot police are on active duty. People don't need to use magic like that. Although, personally, I wanted to try one of the oldest cantrips in the book; snapping your fingers to make it into a lighter. I don't think I've mentioned this, but I'm the type of guy who enjoys a good smoke every now and again. I decided to pull out a nice cigar and light one up while I had a chance alone. Surprisingly, the trick works well. Ah, the nice smooth taste of a finely made Cigar...

4 March 2013

An effort to colonize the new continent of Earth, which has been dubbed Neo Equestria, has begun. Princess Luna, alongside an expedition team consisting of the Elements of Harmony, will go to the continent by boat and attempt to make the land livable.

Meanwhile, here in New York, Pegasi teams have dispatched in an effort to deal with some of the Smog up in the sky in order to properly recreate Cloudsdale. I wish them good luck.

11 March 2013

Great, I've been asked to go overseas to explore the progress on Neo Equestria for the Manhattan Tribunal. I'm gonna be hopping a chariot to the new continent tonight. If I don't make it back, this may just be the last entry in my notebook. Wish me luck.

17 March 2013 - St. Patrick's Day

Right, so I got back from Neo Equestria. Mother of God, has progress been quick. I suppose this can be attributed to its equatorial location and the heavy use of magic, but the area has been domesticated, and the propagation of cities on the new continent is quickly making headway.

Meanwhile, while strolling about Central Park, I've begun to notice very odd crystal formations sprouting out of the ground. I have yet to figure out what they are, but they radiate the same energy that is deep in the air. Unicorn scientists and arcanists are looking into this odd new crystal formation as we speak.

As it's St. Patty's day, Tinder and I decided to get smashed to celebrate. And smashed we did get.

Ugh. Can't think of anything to write about. I'm too drunk off my ass. I'll write again when I'm sober.

20 March 2013

Research is in progress to harness the magic within these eldritch crystals as a way of providing cheaper, cleaner-burning electricity. We may finally have an easy alternative to coal! I hope the scientists being funded for this make some serious progress...

25 March 2013

So far, Equestrian Scientists have found this energy can be extracted by any living creature, but Unicorns have a distinct advantage, as they have a focal point in their horns through which they can effectively channel the magic in the crystals. Plans to find ways to fabricate a Unicorn's Horn and augment it to a mining laser are being drafted. If they can find a way to do this, we have a veritable gold mine on our hands.

29 March 2013

Eureka! A groundbreaking discovery! The SP4KL3 Arcane Extraction Beam has been prototyped and is ready to go! Plans are to set up a benchmark test to see how it will power a city like New York! If all goes well, we may have a clean-burning alternative to coal! May God's grace shine upon us...

31 March 2013 - Easter Sunday

Nothing to write today; Happy Zombie Jesus Day.

1 April 2013 - April Foal's Day

APRIL FOOLS! Nothing here, either.

5 April 2013

NYC has blacked out for today to test the the new Magitricity grid's power output. Fingers are crossed all around.

6 April 2013

The reports have come in, and after compiling the data, the Magitricity grid worked outstandingly! Not only did one crystal have power to fuel an entire city as large as NYC for an entire twenty-four hours, but it still had energy to spare. Hearing this news, the President has greenlit further R&D Development, which is to carried out on Neo Equestria. We may be on the verge of going green as we speak.

15 April 2013 - Tax Day

I just realized something; I've been writing in this journal for over 100 Days now. And now I write from Tax Day, which this year, falls on Monday. The two worst days known to man have joined forces. Tinder didn't know what I talking about at first, so I had to briefly explain that we have to file income tax so that we get a nice tax return. Slowly losing joy and patience...must return to taxes.

17 April 2013

Construction of Cloundsdale concluded today. However, due to the massive overcast that it has left on NYC, it is slowly being migrated to Neo Equestria.

20 April 2013

Word has reached from overseas that Canterlot has been finished in Neo Equestria, and Ponies are beginning to emigrate there, mainly the residuals here in New York, with the Elements of Harmony taking up a new position known as the Council of Harmony. I guess the Princess needed to restructure her government.

25 April 2013

Today happened to be Tinder's birthday today! So, I threw her a party at Sugar Cube Corner, and it was glorious.

31 April 2013

Apologies for not writing as much as usual. It's simply that there's pretty much been jack shit that I feel is noteworthy. Today, however, the first Magitricity power plant has been established, and for a day, some parts of the city (including my portion) are shutting down to hook up the new system. However, a pervading sense of caution is in me. Usually, when it comes to plentiful and practical energy resources, there's going to be people fighting over them...

5 May 2013 - Cinco De Mayo

No news today. Feliz Cinco De Mayo, Mis Amigos!

12 May 2013 - Mother's Day

Today is Mother's day, and thus, to commemorate it, Tinder and I have said our prayers to our late mothers, who had passed on year's ago. We pray they watch over us the same as our Deities are...

15 May 2013

Today commemorates those poor American souls who have either died or been disabled in the line of duty in order to protect peace in our nation. Not a lot of Wonderbolts died, but due to magic being used for criminal purposes more than for good, a lot of NYPD have lost their lives. May God have mercy upon their souls.

18 May 2013

This entry is dedicated to the Armed Forces, who keep themselves in harm's way for the sake of world peace. Speaking of, Neo Equestria is applying for recognition in the United Nations. Let's hope they get to pull up a seat at the World's Table.

22 May 2013

Another obscure celebration! In honor of National Maritime Day, we decided to go fishing! I didn't catch anything, but apparently Tinder cheated by heating the water till a nice bass popped out of the water. That big cheat.

27 May 2013 - Memorial Day

A moment of silence for our dead patriots...Now then, the UN has decided to recognize Neo Equestria under its banner.

1 June 2013

We're midway though the year, and today, for her excellent discoveries in the field of Magitricity Generation, Twilight Sparkle is being honored with the Nobel Peace Prize! Twilight's Acceptance speech was needlessly long, so I won't transcribe it, but she fainted on stage at first from the glee of it all.

3 June 2013

Manhattan Tribune is sending its Golden Boy out to Neo Equestria for the sake of a business holiday. He expects me to get shots of the whole continent throughout the week. Well, better pack my bags. See you in a week, my journal.

10 June 2013

Right, so Neo Equestria is looking beautiful. From what hearsay has told me, it was formerly a temperate nation, but it has since become tropical. It reminded me of that ride at Disneyworld, "It's A Small World After All". So many mirrors to Earth there, it was almost uncanny. Keyword being almost. I got tons of great shots, and my boss couldn't be any happier.

14 June 2013 - Flag Day

Today, I learned of Equestia's flag, which seem to be the two Princesses in a Ouroboros position. Odd.

16 June 2013 - Father's Day

Today, we visited my Father's grave and graced it with new flowers. After all, respect for the dead is a must.

17 June 2013

Today, reports from the Navy are saying Middle Eastern ships are possibly executing espionage on Neo Equestria. Plans to send Coast Guard to Neo Equestria are underway as we speak.

21 June 2013

Today marks an important celebration in Equestria's Celestial Calendar called the Summer Sun Celebration. Every year, come the June solstice, Princess Celestia personally raises the sun live. It's a wonder that doing this in a place like New York didn't result in her getting shot. Regardless, it was an excellent ceremony.

4 July 2013 - Independence Day

Today is usually a day of celebration, but it seems today was the day those terrorists wanted to kill the mood. They were planning to crash a plane into Canterlot, but thankfully a response team of Wonderbolts and Unicorn Archmages were able to counter the attack successfully, and the President has moved to station soldiers there to guard the borders for a while.

11 July 2013

One week following the incident at Canterlot, a war has broken out! America is sending the best of its Rangers and Navy Seals to help with the threat, while the UK is considering sending TF141 Soldiers to assist. Right now, it's a bloodless stalemate.

14 July 2013 - 09:00

The first casualties have been recorded today. On the human front, Lieutenant Riley of TF141 died from a shot in the Head/Chest Area, and on the Equestrian front, Sergeant Black Wind of the Pegasus Division of Luna's Royal Guard died from an AA shot to the wing at 500 Meters. Intel on the terrorists confirm they are either Taliban or Al-Qaeda. That alone signals a bad omen...

14 July 2013 - 12:00

Appleoosa's been seized by the terrorists, and Braeburn of the Apple Family has been held captive. However, thanks to aid from the Seals, efforts to push back the terrorists are succeeding.

14 July 2013 - 15:00

The Allied Counter-Terrorists have managed to free and evacuate Appleoosa, and with this, the now-confirmed Taliban has lost major leverage. The Warding of Neo Equestria has returned to stalemate again.

21 July 2013

Through the magic of attrition, the Taliban are losing ground, and are being pushed back as far as Hoofington. Victory is close at hand, and the Taliban are now in Check.

25 July 2013

Victory! The Taliban has turned tail and fled from Neo Equestria! The death toll is surprisingly (or rather, thankfully) small, with 100 casualties on the Allied end, tallying to fifty Equestrian Losses (of which ten were civilian casualties), 20 Seals, 25 Rangers, and 5 TF141's. All in all, not the worst war we've had to wage, but it certainly had a few faults. Princess Celestia personally knighted one Private Sanders of the Rangers for helping in the recon mission to evacuate Appleoosa's citizens while taking a Taliban Fire team down with a Desert Eagle alone. One more success under America's belt.

31 July 2013

Troops involved in the Warding of Neo Equestria are returning home today, but rumors are going about that there is a possible Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) In Canterlot. As such, some troops are staying behind to investigate.

5 August 2013

Further investigation on the supposed WMD in Canterlot has not yet confirmed nor denied that it can be used as a weapon, but it has been confirmed it is a Satellite Type Device.

12 August 2013

Today, the Satellite has been launched into space, and is now in orbit. Princess Celestia has attended a Press Conference on the Satellite's existence, and had this to say:

"The Satellite's main purpose is certainly not what you have called a...weapon of Mass Destruction (?). It is called the Orbital Friendship Cannon (OFC) It's primary purpose is to be a deterrent for future conflicts, should any arise. It gets its name for it's capacity to transmit waves of light and sound to its targets to stimulate endorphins in the brain to induce a calming effect in its targets. It is non-destructive, and fairly accurate for the first satellite cannon of its type. This device has neither purpose nor potential as a weapon in war."

This probably didn't completely dismiss the fear, but at least it gave some comfort, and the troops are being withdrawn soon.

19 August 2013

In honor of National Aviation Day, the Wonderbolts and Blue Angels worked collaboratively to deliver one hell of an airshow. Rainbow Dash tried to show off, but as we all know, pride precedes a fall.

2 September 2013 - Labor Day

Taking my National Break from Work, and from this Journal. Happy Labor Day.

11 September 2013 -

Nine-Eleven. Anyone who was an American before the 2000's rolled around most likely knows somewhat about what it is. Because of a series of Terrorist attacks, Three Thousand people lost their lives. It was on this day that I felt a horrible omen. I decided to visit Ground Zero to pay my respects, and possibly catch the Presidential Motorcade. I left Tinder home for mutual protection, personally. What I was about to see was going to echo throughout the world...as that famous armored black limousine rolled through the road to the infamous site of disaster, the most unexpected event occurred...

As if from nowhere, as the President exited the Limo, a mysterious and unexpected beam of prismatic light shot clean through the President's head, resulting in..well, have you ever seen that one scene from the movie Scanners?

A glorious red mist showered virtually everyone in a 5 meter radius around the now-decapitated President as his brainless body buckled under and fell limp. A silence had fallen upon everyone...their President, not even a full year into office, had just lost his head quite literally, and everyone somberly returned home.

I fear this is but a prelude of events to come.

12 September 2013

The news has been talking of nothing other than the undeniable truth: The President was shot dead by an unknown source. Humans and Ponies both had one general consensus: Someone either wanted the President dead, or they shot the wrong person...

A High-Speed Camera confirmed that the culprit was indeed a polychromatic laser, and with this damning evidence, the source of the incident had been revealed: Someone fired off the Orbital Friendship Cannon, and it drilled an explosive wound into the President's head. The Royal Pony Sisters, and indeed, the rest of Equestria by Proxy, was in hot water, and now, I transcribe the immediate press conference:

"Please, be rational! This is all a big misunderstanding! Yes, the cannon did have a laser, and yes, it was intended to kill someone that day, but the President was not the target! The target was an assassin not too far from his proximity! However, either an alignment error (or perhaps more likely, sabotage) caused it to hit the wrong target! We assure you, this was not intentional!"

This can NOT be good.

13 September 2013

Friday the Thirteenth. God help us all, what began here was horrible. Kristallnacht was nothing compared to this... The outcry from yesterday must have echoed deep in the hearts of many human Americans, as several stores and homes where Equestrian-Americans lived were ravaged. Molotov-induced infernos burned through the mean streets of Manhattan as Tinder risked her life to quell the fires and cauterize the wounds that these madmen had inflicted. I don't believe this. After so much progress, after so much cooperation, a single spanner in the works undid the entire fabric of polite society.

Thankfully, I had prepared for such an eventuality. I had invested in some firearms in case I ever had to wade into a war zone. I was no soldier, but I'll be damned if I leave my love to die trying to save the people that mattered to her.

I charged directly into the riot, where several ponies were desperately fleeing the blaze that Tinder was curtailing with her magic. Even the Police weren't on their side. Many of them were beating downed Ponies, whether it was breaking Earth Pony Ribs, Snapping off horns, or even clipping off wings. It was a horrible spectacle that I had to get Tinder out of. I made haste through the mass of bodies and flames, getting Tinder into my arms as I ran, pot shooting at anything behind us to deter anyone before darting directly into my apartment and beginning fortifying it from attack.

It wasn't until the intervention of a single, large column of light flooding the city until the fires had been quelled, and the rage curtailed.

Now, I was sure of what was to come...

20 September 2013

Over the course of the past seven days, anypony who could and wanted fled New York for the safety of their newly-constructed homeland. Those few who actually listened and understood Princess Celestia's accident/mistake and fled the country with them, with as many supplies and weapons as they could. They didn't care if they were forsaking their birth country, or if they were going to be called traitors. They knew the truth, and they wanted to protect their neighbors. To be honest, I'm afraid to leave my home, even after the Manhattan Inferno had long since ended, as I fear worse things are on the horizon...

I'm running short of paper, too. I'm going to have to limit my entries to Weekly Updates, Holidays, and (Possibly) War Reports.

27 September 2013

The Equestria Exodus has finally ended. By the end of their journey, a sizable militia had been gathered to protect Neo Equestria from further harm. And it's a damned good thing that it has been gathered, because the United States has officially declared war on Neo Equestria. The conflicts should start at any moment now...

4 October 2013

The first skirmishes have begun on Neo Equestria, and at the moment, the ball is in America's court. Equestria does not have access to military hardware aside from its Militia, and thus, it has to play Defensive. Pegasi diversion teams have begun to confuse the infantry until they can find a breach in the defenses to counter the attack.

11 October 2013

Equestria has begun to rake in some casualties, and now common interest has caused the world to take sides. America's Rangers and Navy Seals now have the aid of Task Force 141 as Equestria has gained the aid of Op For, the Spetznaz, a group of Brazilian Rebels, and the Taliban. The stage is set, and the battles are to begin shortly. I think I can safely say, it's now World War III.

18 October 2013

Thanks to the backup, Equestria has begun to make it safely to Brazil, and has gained additional fire support while a contingency unit remains parked at Equestria's Borders. Chinks are forming in the armor, and fairly soon, South America will be at Equestria's beck and call.

The Allied forces are growing as weak as I am. I will have to get out to forage for food for Tinder and I soon...

25 October 2013

Equestra has breached Mexico. If they travel from the Gulf, they'll soon be within reach of a weapons depot, as well as having a point to grow from.

I was able to safely traverse the streets, but my face has not been completely forgotten. It's still a hellhole out there, and I was running out of ammunition. However, after pulling a successful snatch and run, I've now got plenty more armaments and food to hold out for a while...

31 October 2013 - Halloween/Nightmare Night

Today marks the Equestrian Holiday of Nightmare Night. What an appropriate name for such tough times...

How do I put this briefly...ah, yes. Mexico has been annexed, and Equestria has officially turned its back on their allies, inducing friendly fire and taking hold of their armaments for themselves. The meaning behind this World War has now Changed. Rather than two different sides fighting one another, it's the whole of the world against Equestria. By the looks, Humanity has a distinct advantage, as Humans outnumber Ponies by an outstanding margin...however, no one should underestimate the power behind these equines.

7 November 2013

Today marks my 22nd Birthday. A shame that I get to celebrate it by defending my veritable safe house from crazed civilians, psycho police, and sadist soldiers.

Equestria has officially entered U.S. Soil, and has taken hold of two-thirds of the Southeast. Once they get to Anniston, they'll gain a distinct advantage. However, at the state of things, in terms of firepower, Equestria has the lower hoof, because only Unicorns can use the mostly-automatic arms of their former allies properly. However, their magic is making up for this shortcoming. They've begun to augment their bullets with incendiary magic, which is starting to slash-burn through the Army like a hot knife through butter.

11 November 2013 - Veteran's Day

Today is meant to honor the soldiers of the US Armed Forces. But how am I supposed to honor soldiers who won't even hold their fire for civilians just because they actually have seen the signs and heard the voices of reason? To be honest, I'm beginning to question my allegiance to America.

Remember that little shortcoming that I mentioned with Equestria's newly-gained firearms? They've found a workaround. Thanks to some quick thinking, Equestria's military divisions have jury-rigged their guns to special combat based harnesses called Battle Saddles. The forces in Equestria's armies just doubled!

18 November 2013

The Southeast has officially been occupied. Equestria's Royal Armies are putting America on the ropes. They're slowly advancing up through the East Coast. Once they hit D.C., they'll be going for the Knockout Punch. Any hope of America pulling a come-from-behind victory is slim.

25 November 2013

America's fate is looking very grim. The President has officially gone to DEFCON 1. America's last resort rides on one final assault on Equestria: A volley of ICBMS directed right on Equestria. For them to have to use an entire payload of nukes, that just serves as a testament to just how desperate the U.S. has become to end this war at any and all costs...

28 November 2013 - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving once again. I decided to risk my life a final time to get a payload of food to last us through the inevitable. It took every last clip I could carry, but I did it. I've got enough nonperishable victuals to last me through the winter and nuclear fallout...

The impossible just happened in Equestria; Not only have they endured an entire salvo of ICBMS with a Magic Barrier around the continent, but the Barrier out and out subverted and nullified them. That was America's last resort, and it just failed. They'll be reaching DC in a matter of Days, and once that happens, Equestria has the world in its hooves....

1 December 2013

DC has officially been captured. Early this morning, Every soldier defending it was incapacitated, and every available broadcast station had now its eyes upon Princess Celestia as she delivered a solemn broadcast:

"Attention, Citizens of the United States of America. This is Princess Celestia, Goddess of the Sun, and Princess of Equestria. As you may doubtlessly be aware by this broadcast, I now sit where your late Presidents sat. The entirety of your Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, and Executive Office has been banished to the moon. America has lost this World War, and Equestria is now in control of this Country. Throughout my campaign, I have subjugated, incapacitated, or annihilated your armies. However, I was not without mercy. I gave them a chance to surrender and take their place by Equestria's side. Should they accept, I used the third setting of the Orbital Friendship Cannon to transmogrify them into Ponies. The Civilians throughout my motorcade were given that same opportunity..."

The broadcast switched to a street view of Pennsylvania Avenue. Everyone in the streets was deprived of their clothes and turned into ponies of all 3 types, and all the myriad colors. She wasn't bluffing.

"Following this broadcast, I shall continue my motorcade North. I intend to return to the place where it all began. My Royal Guardsponies shall be flanking me the entire way, going door to door to round up any civilians to follow in the hoofsteps of their predecessors. You have only 2 Options: Either surrender willingly and become a Pony, or be forced. Resistance is futile, and shall be met with banishment to the moon. Hostility shall be returned with death. Peaceful Surrender, Love, and Tolerance is the only thing that we ask of you. That is all."

With that, the transmission cut to Static as I deactivated the TV. The end was nigh.

8 December 2013

Throughout broadcasts I have seen through what few chances I can access the Internet, I see the same thing: Ponies. Ponies dotted streets all across the East Coast, and as I dared look outside, I felt it. A faint growing sensation of Magic...

They were almost here.

15 December 2013

The Royal Guards had knocked at my door this morning. It was my time, finally...

I opened the door, and allowed the Royal Guard a moment to rest inside my house. They complimented how protected I was, as well as my lovely marefriend. I thanked them, and allowed them to eat something. They admired my kindness, but regretted to inform me that they had to get to the business of the matter. I nodded, baring my body to the elements as they escorted me into the frigid colds of the New York winter. As I shivered, they gave the signal to a Pegasus in the air as a red bead was planted firmly on my forehead...I was told to take a deep breath as a loud whining noise filled the air. I shut my eyes as a loud bang filled the air. My ears failed me, and as what I only could only assume was the all-changing beam of the Orbital Friendship Cannon shot onto my body, intense pain filled every fiber of me. my body changed shape, but as it did, the cold of winter had begun to have less an effect on me...If anybody could have heard the commotion, a scream of pain would've lashed out. But all that they got was deafening silence.

After the most excruciating pain I ever felt in my brief life had run its course, there I did lay, now a Unicorn, with my coat tan, bearing a cutie mark of a notepad and pen.

As I returned to the warm comfort of my apartment, Tinder looked to me, first in shock...then with a smile. She asked me why I just did what I did, and the answer was simple: I did it for her. I didn't want to leave her in death, and because of our physical differences, we had only a few things parting us from a true relationship. Now, we can finally take it to new heights, and with that much, we went into the bedroom and finally did the one thing we've wanted to do in a long time...

21 December 2013

Today marks the anniversary that Equestria and Humans officially met. This marks the day that should have been the Apocalypse one year ago. But instead, we got Ponies. All was well until one single event threw a monkey wrench into it all and sent the world into a rainbow-colored downward spiral. All of New York's willing have become Ponies, and Celestia has begun to move out from the city. But, as I was able to chance a look at her from the window with the aid of a pair of binoculars, I saw a singular tear in the Solar Princess' eye. Her face did not bear malice...it bore regret...lament...she didn't want this to happen, but it had to. She was only doing what she needed to survive... I know not where she was going or what she was planning...

31 December 2013 - New Year's Eve

This is the last page of my Journal. Thus, with it, I'm going to reflect upon this year. This year, rather than having God ascend us into the 1000 year Kingdom of Heaven, we were greeted with polychromatic ponies. They were discriminated against, but through their love and tolerance, they became accepted members of society, one of which I happily fell in love with. It was through their efforts that we were blessed with new advancements and greater changes in the world, and when they were being besieged by the hell that was war, we gladly stood by them to defend their new home...Then, through one error we didn't event even confirm was theirs, all that progress, all those changes...everything...all for naught.

In that eternal struggle of Man and Beast, Beast had not just bested Man, but Beast had become higher than Man.

As I looked outside the window, I saw something arching over the Horizon. A large white light, which began to expand into a sphere around me. A bright light flashed through the world...

I know not what this is, but I know one thing: In the end, Man finally got its apocalypse, if a late one...

In retrospect, I suppose we men can appreciate that it was a colorful apocalypse...

Before I finally close this notebook for good, I will end on one final note: While I am no doctor, I can definitely confirm that Tinder is Pregnant. If the foal so happens to be a colt, I will name him Flint. I pray that when he's born, the scars of Armageddon will have healed, so that he may never have to see what I saw through my eyes...

So with that, I say goodbye to this journal, and to the Era of Mankind. We had a good run, but it is the Ponies' time now...

Princess Celestia stood near at the Grand Canyon, flanked by her younger sister and the Elements of Harmony. At the end of the canyon was filled with the bloody remains of human civilians and soldiers. Applejack helped to toss the last of the bodies into the canyon, as it was burned to ashes for its return to the Earth...

"That's the last of the bodies, yer Majesty." Applejack noted, recoiling from the stench with Rarity.

"I don't know what's worse, to be honest: The fact we were touching dead bodies, or the awful stench that comes from burning them..."

Fluttershy looked to the pile of ashes with a somber expression on her face. "I just wish...we didn't have to kill so many of them..."

Rainbow Dash flew to her friend in wings and consoled her.

"It's okay, Fluttershy; We were just doing what we had so that we could continue to live...."

Pinkie Pie kept silent, her mane and tail flat, and her expression the most somber of the mane six by far.

"I thought that we would have have fun while we were here...but this wasn't fun at all. I agree with Fluttershy..we shouldn't have killed so many of them..."

Twilight kept a straight face through it all, sighing after a moment.

"Look, everypony. I know we've been through a lot of tough times...but look at this way. At least now, we've secured a home for ourselves...we don't have to worry about the threat of war for a long time now...We can finally live in peace..."

Princess Celestia finally spoke after this, struggling as she uttered, "That...was a beautiful sentiment, Twilight."

The violet unicorn looked to her teacher for a moment, aghast.

"Princess...are you...crying?!"

Princess Celestia kept silent for a pregnant pause, before finally letting her response flow shakily...

"Twilight...I...yes...I'm crying..."

From the sky dropped an armored Pegasus with a tidal wave cutie mark on his flank.

"Staff Sergeant Crashing Tides reporting, your Majesty." He said, saluting with a wing.

"Be quick of it, Staff Sergeant." the Mourning Princess spoke.

"We have confirmed the last of the Human remnants has been dealt with. Earth is now fully Equestrian."

"Thank you," replied the the blood-marred Princess. She then turned to Twilight Sparkle. "How goes the restoration of the Magitricity Grid to full capacity?"

Twilight shut her eyes and said, "It should be operational by nightfall."

Celestia nodded in reply. She then turned the rest of the group, away from Luna's eyes.

"Everypony is hereby dismissed. Luna, if you could, stay here." She said, solemnly.

"But don't you want to-" Twilight began, but was cut short by the hard stamp of Celestia's armored hoof.

"I said...you.are.all.dismissed. Begone."

They did not have to be instructed twice as they quickly left the area, leaving the two Princesses alone in the cold of the desert. The ivory mare then turned to her ebony sibling.

"Sister..if I may share a word with you, now that we are alone?" she asked.

Luna looked to her elder and replied, "Aye, elder one. What was it you wanted to say?"

Celestia choked back a tear as she asked the one thing that was on her mind.

"Do you...think that we did the right thing?"

Luna fell silent for a moment, her mane and tail flowing in constant inertia.

"I doth not know. But, what I doth know is, what we did do, we had all the reason to do so. We lived in merriment for a great extent of our time, but then, one simple misunderstanding threw a spanner into all of our progress...Those humans made a mistake, and they were reprimanded deeply for it. But, in hindsight, do we not all make mistakes? Do we not all make foalish decisions in our lives? After all...I allowed envy and temptation to lead my soul down the dark path to make me into a fiend of a pony, and the world could have died because of it..." Luna replied in a somber tone

"I know that, Luna." Celestia snapped back, before righting herself into grief again. "What I mean is...do you think it was right for us to kill so many of them? We could've done better..."

Luna silenced again before speaking again.

"It is as Twilight Sparkle said, 'Tia...We only did what we saw was needed for our survival..."

The two of them remained silent for a full minute before either of them said another word.

"I know, little sister...It's just that...sometimes, I wonder how things could have been...if some of the wrongs had been righted?"

Luna frowned a moment.

"To some degree, I agree with you..."

A final silence deafened the barren fields as Celestia turned away.

"I suppose that's all I can take for one day, Luna. I'm returning to Washington to prepare for my Inaugural Address. Be a dear and get ready to lower the sun?"

Luna nodded and saluted with her wing. "Aye, Sister. I can oblige."

With that, Celestia took to flight, her image fading in the sun.

With the final night of 2013 now falling, Humanity's chapter in the ever-eternal tome of the Universe had ended, with the era of Ponykind beginning with the rise of the moon.


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As much as I hate to admit it, if the multiverse theory is true and they do come to Earth, this is the most realistic outcome to occur.

That was... amazing.
Certainly original. Certainly well written with only 2-3 spelling mistakes. Certainly truthful, because most of these things probably would happen. The only complaint I have is that towards the end the entries were kind of short in comparison to the beginning.
But this is a great story. Beautiful.
5 stars
Edit: Okay who the fuck gave this 2 stars?!

That was a pretty good story. The journal format works really well, it reminds me of another story I read where Dr.Robotnik enters Equestria, becomes a pony over time etc.

Anyways, an enjoyable story, you even got the Orbital Friendship Cannon in there. Nice work :heart:

Why, why, WHY do they humans always get the shaft in these kind of stories? And why are the ponies always so willing to commit genocide? And most importantly, why are they never called out on their willingness to commit genocide? Hell, even the human narrators of these stories seem to think what the ponies do is right at just in the end (Tip: Genocide is NEVER the morally acceptable answer).

"Look, everypony. I know we've been through a lot of tough times...but look at this way. At least now, we've secured a home for ourselves...we don't have to worry about the threat of war for a long time now...We can finally live in peace..."

Princess Celestia finally spoke after this, struggling as she uttered, "That...was a beautiful sentiment, Twilight."

Wow. So that's the secret to peace: Kill everyone else who is different from you. That is not a beautiful sentiment, that is a terrible, hideous sentiment.

"Attention, Citizens of the United States of America. This is Princess Celestia, Goddess of the Sun, and Princess of Equestria. As you may doubtlessly be aware by this broadcast, I now sit where your late Presidents sat. The entirety of your Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, and Executive Office has been banished to the moon. America has lost this World War, and Equestria is now in control of this Country. Throughout my campaign, I have subjugated, incapacitated, or annihilated your armies. However, I was not without mercy. I gave them a chance to surrender and take their place by Equestria's side. Should they accept, I used the third setting of the Orbital Friendship Cannon to transmogrify them into Ponies. The Civilians throughout my motorcade were given that same opportunity..."

Holy shit, that's their answer to everything? Transform them into ponies? Even when they surrendered? That's downright xenophobic, "Sure you can leave peacefully with us... but only if you look like us, think like us, and live like us, under OUR rule." Beside that, it seems to imply that there is something evil about the human form, which is remarkably misanthropic (on a side note, why the hell would they turn them into ponies anyway? I doesn't make any goddamn sense. It's not like it would make them different people, so the only reason would seem to be pony xenophobia. And if it would fundamentally alter who they are, well then that is just plain horrifying. That's brainwashing at best, complete loss of self at the worst.)

I suspect the ponies were supposed to look justified in their actions somewhat, but all I can see is a surprisingly xenophobic people who were willing to commit genocide and then feel very little remorse over it. Yes, some of the ponies cry over it at the end, but they still insist that it was "necessary" and that the ends justified the means, but that simply isn't true, not even within the confines of your story. There were many other ways they could have achieved peace between the two races.

I see these kind of fics a lot, where humans and ponies meet, and I cannot understand why they always seem to end in genocidal conflict between the two groups, often with the ponies being the ones committing the genocide. I also can't figure out why said genocide always seems to be portrayed as a good or at least necessary action. Furthermore, I can't understand why there is this obsession with transforming humans into ponies when it really, really isn't called for. As I noted above, it makes the ponies seem remarkably xenophobic. I am also alarmed by how little some people seem to think of us as a species. Most people are generally quite nice, and yet humanity always seems to get portrayed as Always Chaotic Evil in a lot of these fics, with the ponies never being in the wrong.

In conclusion, I find these fics quite sickening, both due to the horrifying events that they contain (often including Disproportionate Retribution, Moral Dissonance, and, most frequently, an Esoteric Happy Ending) and because they highlight the depressing amount of misanthropy that seems to exist within this fandom.

Nice... great story.
Though a bit genocial, but it is a sci fi fic like dark castle said...

This is really powerful stuff, man. One of the greatest stories I've ever read.

First off, I'd like to point out how the author uses European terms. Not a complaint, just that in the US people typically don't use kilometers or 24 hour time.

211760 You're dead on the money! That fic was called "Order from Chaos", and I drew from that format when writing this.

212050 I used European terms for the sake of how clean it looks. That, and since this fic takes a darker turn, military time is a handy thing to have.

Oh, and 211800: mylittlefacewhen.com/media/f/img/mlfw972_1319007716901105.png :trollestia: "Problem?"

211695 i'm with you on this, i'm pretty sure the equestrians would have been anialated in less than a week with humanity superior weapons.
211800 yeah and to top ot all off thbe americans would have just shot the satilite out of the sky the moment it was launched seeing as it was never approved by the UN and as soon as war broke out equestria being the isolated land mass it is would have just been nuked



Seriously bro its a damn fan fic, its NO EXCUSE for you to start flinging your used tampons at anybody.

>>BadassViking What is the image? I cannot see it.


That's been happening a lot to me recently, and I dont know why its happening. I can see it perfectly, so maybe refreshing will make it work?

The author is a call of duty fan, from what I can tell of your inaccurate knowledge of the military.

216181 I'm not that versed in international military. Thus, I used the more fictitious factions for the sake of ease of remembrance.

This is... interesting, to say the least. What I hadn't expected was the presidents head exploding, that was a little much. Very well written and well thought out as well. There really is nothing more to say, other then you get 5 mustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Good Story, I enjoyed it..

When I read the part when they sended the nukes against Neo Equestria I couldn't stop thinking about Sapidus3 theory: In order to power the sun with her magic, Celestia should be capable of generating a 60 megaton explosion every second. lol Celestia by herself may have more fire power than all the Earth nations. So... yeah, she was being nice after all. :trollestia:

Whoa...This is brilliant. This would be the most probable outcome if Equestrians existed and came to Earth. A masterpiece my good sir aside from occasional spelling mistakes, this was perfect.

Oh my god, it says Fiction on the Website.
Its a fucking revolution in reading

So... why did the ponies fully abandon their own universe and travel to Earth in the first place? And what happened to all the dragons and gryphons that apparently came with them?

Discord's gonna be pissed off when he wakes up in a few millenia and realises that there's nopony left to play with.


My guess is Discord already fucked their shit up, so they all had to flee.

Okay, once I started reading this as a crackfic, it was pretty good. When I tried to approach it as a serious, realistic story, it...just didn't work out. Sorry.

211800 Greetings, fellow transhumanist. Humans get the shaft in these kind of stories because they're written by fans of ponies who squee about how cool they are. This is understandable because ponies are cool, but we should also love and tolerate the Kenyan Strider Ape (i.e., humans) as well.

On another note, in regards to our shared philosophy, I'd like to see a fic about transponyism. Say, Twilight trying to make all ponies into alicorns or something like that. :twilightsmile:


If this were to actually come true, I would just start hauling ass away from D.C. I would hide in the middle of America's LARGEST forest. DEAD CENTER to be exact.


TRUE DAT. Also, Princess Celestia would have to FIND me to transmorgify me into a pony. I would hide in North America's largest forest, SMACK IN THE CENTER. I would also have a desert eagle .50 with 1 round in it if Celestia would manage to find me. I would use the ultimate self defense measure: SUICIDE.

May I than refer you to the story "The Tragic Story of Twilight Sparkle" on EQD
It involves Twilight gaining all the knowledge of the world and trying to revolutionise the Ponykind.

211800 Some of it is no doubt reactionary response to the stuff that comes out of the anti-TCB group, Humanist. I'm, not saying this story is. But some of these types of stories are. I honestly prefer stories where ponies and humans work together to build something great that neither one could accomplish alone. But when a story comes out of the anti-TCB group where humans end up winning against ponies, well, it leaves me wanting to write a story where the ponies beat the humans as a reactionary response. And honestly, the behavior of some of the people in that group leaves me wanting to write stories where humans are wiped off the face of the Earth.

>Ponies beating humans in a war
>Ponies winning against armored vehicles.
>Magic winning against rifles
>Pre-Hellenistic tactics winning against modern ones

I'll admit, I chortled.

Why do I feel so underwhelmed by this? :trixieshiftright:

Remember what happened after 9/11? The thousands of American citizens that were roaming through the streets of their cities, burning down mosques and murdering Muslims? The police forces that didn’t protect them and joined the angry mob? It was horrible. Hundreds of people died.

Wait, that didn’t happen.

Maybe because - quote Linkara - PEOPLE AREN’T THAT STUPID.

Yes violence against Muslims – and people who “looked like Muslims” - happened but there were no big riots or lynch mobs. If the citizens of the USA were able to act that rational after such a tragedy why would they start a killing spree “just” because the head of the President goes boom.

Especially the US government should act more rational. Why aren’t they searching for the assassin the ponies mentioned? Or check out if somebody has sabotaged/ hacked the satellite? You know something to make sure that they blame the right guys?

Even if they believe that the ponies were lying and intentionally killed the President, shouldn’t they demand an UN investigation first? Or threaten to blow up that satellite if the ponies don’t shut it down? It’s very rare that people immediately declare war on each other. More often there’s a lot of political bickering and threatening before things escalate.

So yeah the war only happened because almost every human carried one giant Idot ball for no apparent reason. Thumb down.

Funny, I actually like Linkara. :pinkiecrazy:

Just saying about the idea behind the story is actually decent. There are just some things that feel… off. A slow, growing distrust between humans and ponies that goes one over several months and escalates in riots would actually be more believable and certainly improve the story.

And perhaps you should change the whole discrimination thing in the first part. It’s already a stretch to believe that the modern day America would supports race segregation between Humans and Ponies. However, the one thing, that really kills the mood is the fact that EXCATLY the same things happened that happened during the race segregation. Not just similar things take make you uncomfortable, but really the same things. As if this were some kind of parallel universe in which ponies switched place with African-american. Sorry but that are too many coincidences to buy it.

Well, I mainly wrote this on a whim. I wasn't expecting an equal proportion of support and disgust.

It’s a pony vs. human story. People, naturally have strong opinions about these.

If you really want to disgusted people your story also needs an Alicorn OC with a ridiculous color pattern and a few unusual sex fetishes. :trollestia:

Well let's see
>It's personally insulting because you assume ALL New Yorkers act like this
>Having no grasp on how a military works thinking Modern Warfare-style permenant Task Forces exist
>Thinking OpFor is an actual force and isn't just a term for "generic enemy" in TRAINING EXERCISES
>Thinking the Taliban still exists in force
>Thinking New York is a crime-ridden wasteland
>Thinking a nuke can be stopped by magic
>The amount of disgust I felt when you degraded the Civil Rights movement like that
>Battle Saddles actually working
>Gee, it's not like actual WMD's exist that could be futuristic, like a Mjolnir Network or Ortillery, no, I'm going with THE MOST IMPROBABLE WEAPON POSSIBLE THAT WOULD BE HELD UP DUE TO ETHICAL REASONS.

I could go on.

Funny, I wrote two other stories...:pinkiecrazy:

This is one of the most worst anti-human fics I seen in my life.


what Dictionary says

science fiction
Use Science fiction in a sentence
science fiction
a form of fiction that draws imaginatively on scientific knowledge and speculation in its plot, setting, theme, etc.

what you say



Okay, that happened. *wakes up*

Oh it was just a dream. good to know.

*walks out door*

People still comment on this turkey? Yeesh.:pinkiesick:


You do realize I wrote this long before I even realized it was in any way misanthropic, right? Even I think it's utter tripe, even by my standards. The main reason I keep it on the site is as a benchmark of my worst possible writing. I'm fine with people bashing it, but at this point, it's just beating a long dead horse.

Oh wow I'm rereading this since I was brought back. This fic is a perfect example of why people need to do their research on the military before they try to write about it. This is fucking hilarious shit right here.

So bad it hurts.



First of all, Equestria, with it's pre-hellenistic tactics, bronze age weaponry, lack of infrastructure to mount large offensives and primitive technology, would struggle to fight Mexico.

Not the US. Not Great Britian. Not China or Russia or India or France or Brazil or Germany. Mexico.

Siccing any one member of the nuclear club on them is overkill. NATO and/or BRISK would steamroll them in a week. Having them hold any major victory against the entire human race working together is retarded.

EDIT: Sorry, I just saw the post dates.

2411396 Glad someone else has the Brazilian military in high regard :pinkiehappy:

2395983 As much as I hate the story due how much it makes me want to raege, I have to admit it takes a certain kind of courage to leave it on here as a milestone of the nadir of your writing career. Bravo, mate.

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