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The hardest thing we do in life is learn to move on. The despair of loss can almost be unbearable. When the fire that warmed our soul subsides and the candle which lit our heart flickers and burns out, leaving a pit of swallowing darkness and sorrow. Remember, that all you need is the memories of the ones you loved, and sometimes… a little adventure.

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While your verbage veers more towards the intellectual side, your ability to spin a tale is unparalleled. Now, there were a few instances where I disagree with the wording, and a few sentences where your prose could have been improved, I was rather impressed with it overall. A simple yet elegant tale, heartfelt and harrowing, full of longing and sadness.

Well done.

Your cordial reader,


Much sad, but very good :D

I noticed you didn't have any comments so I'm going to leave one as I know how annoying it is to not get critique.
1. If I wasn't such a cold hearted bastard I'd cry after reading this.
2. Very well written and the 'story' came along nicely
3. I do think you could've made it a tad bit longer but I guess it's just personal preferences.
Aaaaand I'm out!


Thanks for the comment. I really do appreciate it when people comment, it really helps for future writing. The reason it's so short is because this was actually just a special short story for my birthday. If you want a longer one, I am currently writing one called "For Auld Land Syne." However it is not as formally written.


200031 I see, well I'll keep track on when you release it!
I'm sure it will be fun to read!:twilightsmile:

Somewhat overwordy; you seem to go out of your way to say something in a complicated manner as opposed to a simpler one. You don't have to use fancy words to impress us, just write something worth reading

THAT WUZ AWE:rainbowkiss:SOME!! And......are u a dictionary? J K! anyways that was very well written. amazing description and wording.

Interesting. I like it :yay:

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