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After a lifetime of crime, infamous con mare, forger and thief Sweetie Belle was finally caught and brought to justice. As her prison sentence was reaching its conclusion however, she is offered a very unique opportunity; the chance to use her unique skills and knowledge to join the guard as a private consultant. Now, she's found herself working alongside Special Agent Graphite, the stallion who arrested her all those years ago, in an attempt to help solve white collar crimes.

But can the two really work together without killing each other? Or will the two parties own intentions destroy any chance this partnership could possibly have to succeed?


An episodic story based on the popular TV show, White Collar. Each chapter will be it's own unique story with its own crime to be solved while tying into a much larger plot.


Cover art created by JakeHeritagu

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 77 )

This was amazing. I have never seen White Collar, but I know what I will be doing tomorrow! I look forward to more--the characterization and dialogue was excellent!

Hm, interesting premise. I'll take a look...
>>29,274 words, first chapter, Incomplete

Good lord! :pinkiegasp:
Guess I better start now, then...

Thank you very much for the compliment. Hope you enjoy the show. It's one of my favorites. :twilightsmile:

Yeah... I got a little bit carried away. :twilightsheepish:
I hope that you enjoyed the story!

You had my attention at "White Collar".

You did a good job of blending the two. There were a few minor grammatical mistakes, but they didn't detract from the story overall.

I look forward to episode 2!

Thanks! Glad to get some input from a fellow White Collar fan. :scootangel:

Also, if you remember any specifics and it wouldn't be too much of a hassle, could you message me the grammar errors you found? I'd appreciate it.

2508518 I would, but the only ones I remember off the top of my head was you used "you're" instead of "your" at one point and a handful of missing commas.

That's fine. Thanks anyways. I'll keep an eye out for those my next read through.

Great story so far (I'm only half of the way through it and I'm loving it). I have a small document open where I put anything I find that has some mistakes that draw me out of reading. I'll PM what I've got so far. Thanks for writing this gem of a story, and I'll finish reading the rest of it tomorrow morning.

This is pretty damn interesting so far. Couldn't finish it in one sitting, unfortunately, but I look forward to when I can read more. For now, it's fav'd!

Fantastic. I hope you can keep up the dynamic character that Sweetie has as well as giving us more of her back story over the chapters. I'm waiting with bated breath to hear about what happened between her and Apple Bloom. Awesome first chapter, this story holds great potential.

Never even heard of White Collar before, and your fic makes me regret it.

More please!

Sweetie Belle is best con mare :rainbowwild:
Liked and Faved, looking forward to more!

The chapter length makes me happy.:pinkiesmile:

2517239 2518187
Thank you! More is coming soon! I promise! I'm hoping to have Episode 2 up before the end of May, but I am taking a couple of Summer classes so no guarantee. But I promise I will do my best.

I have a lot of good things planned for Apple Bloom, but you're going to have to wait for a couple of episodes before she makes her appearance. :applecry:

2515709 2518892
Thank you very much for your comments. If you don't mind, I've just written a blog post asking for opinions on the overall length of the chapter. Could you post your thoughts there? I'd appreciate it immensely. :scootangel:


You, you created a White Collar/MLP crossover.

You are now my favorite person on all of the internet.

You read my story. You are now my favorite person on the internet. :scootangel: /)


>>29,274 words, first chapter, Incomplete

When I saw that, I was so happy. :pinkiegasp: But then I realized it takes most authors months to update 5k word chapters. :pinkiesad2: I can't wait months for the next chapter! :applecry: :raritydespair: :raritycry:

Thanks for the input. :heart: I'm trying my best to make sure that this chapter doesn't take months to be released, but no promises. :raritywink:

I've only watched a few episodes of the television series, just enough to know who the characters are played off of. But I look forward to the next update with bated breath! :pinkiehappy:

I absolutely love White Collar and simply had to read this when I saw it. You did not disappoint. Cannot wait to see more.

Well done. This came recommended to me by Silentbelle, and frankly, it was well worth the read. :twistnerd:

Bravo, this first chapter/episode was excellent. When I couldn't finish the whole thing in one sitting, I found myself very eager to be able to get back to it to read the rest. It takes a special story to do that to me, and this one did. Kudos.

The aspect of the story that entertained me the most was the complicated relationship between Sweetie Belle and Graphite. I was majorly invested anytime these two had a conversation, and was always wondering where it would end up. It's like, they hate each other, but they respect each other, but they distrust each other, but they depend on each other... but in some twisted way, there's the possibility of a real friendship developing? Ay, it's so multi-leveled and complex, I love it!

The details of the actual crime plot were good as well, though not quite as fleshed out as the character parts. I suppose that was your intention; the story's focus is on characters first, situations second. However, this left certain parts of the crime plot feeling a bit contrived; I found it a bit hard to buy that Sweetie Belle would be able to deduce the exact plan and motives of the thief based solely on the given details of his previous theft, regardless how good of a thief she is herself. Perhaps a few more clues should have been mentioned to help her reach that conclusion. And they just happen to be at the scene the exact day and time that the thief is, too? Maybe they should have had some reason to believe that the thief would strike on that day, if any. Such small details are very crucial in making a crime caper believable, and with such things, more believable = more exciting and suspenseful.

I also feel that the approach of having each episode be its own chapter may turn off potential readers who don't want to read such long chapters in one sitting. I might recommend making each 'episode' its own unique story and breaking each up into four or five chapters themselves.

Critiques aside, this was a superb piece of work. Your characterization is spot-on, and is more than enough to guarantee that I'll stick around for the next episode. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the input! I appreciate it. And you're absolutely right about the crime and I'll be the first to admit it. Originally, it was supposed to be much more fleshed out than this, but early on I knew that if I did that, this chapter would have easily ended up with another 10-15 thousand words. Ultimately, I decided that I needed a situation that would cause tension between Sweetie and Graphite, but minor enough that I could spend more time focusing on character introductions instead. I do agree that a lot of it seems really lucky on Sweetie's part and I wish I would have come up with something a little bit better. In future episodes, I'll definitely try to make sure that the crime and its solving are a lot more believable.

Thanks again! :scootangel:

God that clifhanger...

Though I've only seen a couple episodes of the actual show (not enough of a gimmick to he my interest) I can see this for what it is. Love the character involvement between Sweetie and Graphite and can't wait for more. Also the hella long word count is a definet plus.

This is good, very good. Finally, another Sweetie Belle story that I can enjoy! You won't believe the number of stories I trudged through hoping to find something good.

It's sad that the crossover tag seems to be keeping readers at bay. This is exactly what a crossover should be and more people need to see this. Now I've got another story to track, waiting for updates anxiously. Good show!

I really enjoyed this and can't wait for more.

I like this story:pinkiehappy:More please:scootangel:

This is awesome..... When is the next chapter coming out?

Glad you liked it. Next chapter coming soon...ish... :twilightsheepish:

T'was fantastic, I'm keen to see more! :pinkiehappy:

Pure genius! Can't wait for more! I'm imagining Scootaloo quoting famous literature right now.

Oh my god. This is a thing. I'm just speechless. I love White Collar. It's a great show. This fic is great because you captured the feel of White Collar perfectly. I can't wait for more.

This is pretty good. I have enjoyed white collar, and I hope this fic continues well.

This was glorious. Definitely one of my favourite Sweetie portrayals so far. I eagerly await the continuing story.

Admit it. You thought I was dead. :scootangel:

Oh My gosh! I know what I'm doing when I find some spare time :twilightsmile:

Wow. Not even 1 minute after hitting publish... :twilightoops:
Hope you enjoy it!

I knew rarity still loved sweetie.:pinkiehappy:

Or does she...? (DUN DUN DUN!!!!)
Also, did you really read the entire thing in 25 minutes? :rainbowderp:

2982587 And don't think of pulling that shit over me boy with that DUN DUN DUUUNNN crap that's so cheesy it's swiss cheese :pinkiecrazy:

Sorry. I will try to keep my stupid jokes to a minimum!

It's alive! I'm also loving how each chapter is its own episode. I'd hate it if you had to split this one up.

Loved the new chapter. Really looking forward to more.

This was great, just as expected. Continue the great work.

Great chapter !
The first chapter made me intrigued, this one - I love this story now :pinkiehappy:
Cannot wait for the next one :twilightsmile:

Wooh! It took me forever to read but it was worth it just for that ending!!:pinkiehappy:


Hot damn, that was a good chapter. The cypher solution, ee! Me likey. :pinkiehappy:

Also, woah, siblings, did not see that coming, hmm!

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