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he is riped from his world and placed in Equestria by unknown means

You lost my attention right there.

Comment posted by The Drunken Sailor deleted Jan 29th, 2014

This has potential. I'll favorite this for updates. :moustache:

2549230 it's propably from all the errors in the spelling, i'm guessing you don't have a proof reader?

Comment posted by The Drunken Sailor deleted Nov 18th, 2013

I am going to read this because on one of the chapter headings.
I had to the second I read "I'm not in Canada anymore."

Rainbow Dash was testing from her ordeal in the monsoon,


If anypony was using magic at the time it would have shut down instantly along with the shield

Field? Shield doesn't seem right.

there you will locate the central vocal point for the magical fluctuations and collect data on it


Got to be careful with spell check. It's not always ones friend.

3861911 Yeah, spell check is evil an likes messing with me... If you want, you can serve as my editor, you seem good at pointing out mistakes. :pinkiehappy:

forest, there you will locate the central focal point for the magical fluctuations and collect data on it

How come theres always some magical charger thing in the Everfree...

3920909 Because the Everfree is the centre of everything in the universe ever.


I wonder how this situatuion will be remedied

3922349 How he will respond to the story could either go horribly wrong or good


It is yet to be seen, but stay tuned to find out, next time. On Humani Victoria :twilightsheepish:

4111063 but that would mean that Celestia is dead.... Oh to hell with it i'll just read the story

I think the "RPG quest thing" was a nice idea, but I dont think it would be good if this goes through the whole story. Maybe again in later chapters.

4156322 That means: "I will watch the story."

4156345 That's what I meant, it won't be in every chapter, but it will be a running joke/theme.

ha he's using the Skyrim system because

Spawn of Akatosh

one of the Divines


wich in Dragon means well Dragon
and thats Skyrim lore and i liked it

4156352 I was trying to make a joke with your choice of words but I guess it wasn't very funny

4156470 Wasnt so bad. If my english where better, I had understood it earlier^^

Not a bad story. Needs a good editor and some tweaks to really make it pop but consider me intrigued. I just ask that you tone down the gary stuness of your OC. The guy is a teenager, not a ninja.

Beyond that, carry on. :twilightsmile:

Was good. you were moaning about writers block for days. about time you finished.:derpytongue2:

"Twilight I need you to clean up my shit again"

Calm down, Celestia. They just shut the Magic Field off for routine maintenance!

Skyrim reference? Thought so. No matter how many times I walked by that NPC, he always said that.


Have you ever tried mercenary work Jason? I might suit you."

Just take out Jason and you have a Skyrim reference

cloths - clothes

Such a common mistake...

Love how Celestias bias was also included in her discription of them

"No, because that knife is important to me. I got it from... A friend and it's my last token from home, but I understand if you want to robe me of that." A

Should be rob

4268674 "I might suit you"

Great story. The reference was that part about mercenary work.

"If your occupation is of interest the I must ask. Have you ever tried mercenary work Jason? It might suit you."

You just had to do that.

"Wonderful! Time for a celebration... cheese for everyone!" -Shogorath Dadric prince of madness to the hero of Kavatch (He's better then Discord)

4305704 Your certainly a lively one aren't you?

Glad you're enjoying the story.

I broke my computer on this story. Not in the good way.
There are few spelling and grammar errors, but besides that- She committed Genocide on the human race, his race. And all he does is sit there. At that point, I would've A.) Killed Myself, or B.) Attempted to strangle Celestia. Then and there.
This story is good, but could do without the human basically saying "Oh, looky there! She killed my entire race... and what's that? She's asking for us to be friends!? Sure! HAPPINESS! YAY! :derpytongue2:"

My unofficial rating: 6/10

(I just rate stuff for fun. Ignore the rating thing above if you want to.)
Keep in mind that this is not ment' to be mean, it is supposed to be constructive criticism.

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