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Warning: Contains some racist terms, language, and several mentions of slavery.
Disclaimer: We are truly sorry if we offended anyone who is reading this and we mean no offense to anyone who is African American, chinese, british or any other race mentioned in the story. This entire story will not have constant racist terms if that is what you are thinking.

During the war, many people are unaccounted for. Most killed in action, some ran off to change their name, and maybe even some simply got lost. Here is the story of two soldiers from each side that went missing.

Gore may come in later chapters.

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[A/N: We do not mean any disrespect to any race or creed but due to the time period in which the main characters are from he is severely racist. Note we do not mean to offend but only to accurately portray the character of a typical southern soldier. Seriously you have been warned!]


"African American, chinese, british or any other race mentioned in the story."
British people, now a separate race.

Hmm interesting, don't see a lot of Civil War fics and I like what I'm reading right now.


Your comment has been noted and will be taken under advisement

Hell yeah son. I'm loving this fic already. Keep it up!

“She’s not bursting into flames. I think she is fine.” The blue one said coughing a bit more.

I like this guy already!

This is quite intresting, I like it. Also if you need a pre-reader I would be more than willing to help, I saw a few grammer and spelling mistakes and would like to help.

i freaking love this :heart: i demand more :trollestia:


it would have been awsome if will was from Kelly's irsh birgade

This is a lot nicer than I expected :pinkiehappy:

Just y'all wait pardner, That yank an' ah got lots up our sleeves :moustache:

Don't leave us in the dark.When will this be expected to update?

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