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I write stuff and sometimes you read it, love hate relationship.

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Comments ( 11 )

I'll see your :facehoof: and raise you a :facehoof:.

Jokes on you I love this song *Goes to youtube* :trollestia:

:pinkiehappy: Clever for a trollfic.

Clever Clever Clever:twilightsmile: love the trollfic:rainbowlaugh:

Facehoof... How could I fall for that?!?!? Favoriting anyways... I haven't been rickrolled in months. "Never going to make you cry, never going to tell a lie, and hurt you."

I'll one-up this. I'll actually do the whole song.

Can't even use the right lyrics. For God's sake...

You might want to correct the grammar so that people don't identify it as a trollfic immediately.

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