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Granny Smith has had an agreement with Filthy Rich for years, making sure that he gets the first 100 jars of zap apple jam every harvest. What her grandchildren don't know is why, or how come their grandmother has agreed to increase that amount this year at the risk of losing the farm. They find a photo of a zebra family that Granny Smith becomes defensive over hidden in the pages of a curious scrapbook they have never seen before. They discover that there is a link between their dear old grandmother and the Barnyard Bargains businesspony hidden among the old photos and clippings, along with the answers to questions they never dreamed they would ask. Just what secrets are hiding in Granny Smith's private scrapbook?

Cover art done by the ever so talented Frostspear. Please check him out on DeviantArt, and give him your appreciation: http://frostspear.deviantart.com/

Pardon the mess, I'm re-editing and adding more content! Stay tuned for more!

Chapters (57)
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Comments ( 216 )

You may, but only if I may be the first to reply. :)

What do you think of the story so far?

This is a very good, underrated story!

Thank you so much! I'm a huge history buff, so this was a lot of fun to write.

I believe you meant "Works Cited" on the final chapter. With that said, I'll actually get to reading it now. :twilightsmile:

Well fingle fangle. I goofed on that one. Good catch, and if I miss anything else let me know.

You know, you don't need to spam my notifications by putting the story in every single available folder. Just one is fine.


I've seen a few writers doing this and thought it was the norm. Sorry for the bother.

2575907 No issues. It's something that I had to learn as well.

This seems like an interesting enough story, but you really should follow the "new speaker, new paragraph" rule (or at the very least use a line break). It's one of the most basic rules of writing dialogue, and the story looks very confusing and cluttered when you don't.


I've never heard of that rule, but I would be interested in learning. Can you message me something about it so I can learn it?


Thank you for the reference!

I took a look over it, and honestly I'm not much of a fan of the writing style in the reference guide. Perhaps it's the kind of books I like to read, or the years of English classes bored into my skull that influence me.

I do appropriate your feedback though, and hope this style can be embraced as something a bit different.


Racism is a terrible thing! That's why I chose to address it and it's history. :)

Ya get what you deserve Filthy, so stick it up your arse you racist.

GLaDOS in stallion form, also, THIS GUY ISN'T RACIST CUNTO! Hooray!

Hey sunflower?
*Cough cough, wheeze.*
Ya'll gone done an brung a world a hurt Sunny girl!

Dem feels, so nice. Such a nice story without racist bastards.


which just made the fun double

It's odd I said a variation this not 3 minutes ago in the last chapter.


Huh. Never heard of these before. Amazing how one reference can hold another meaning for another person.

Anyway, thank you for all the wonderful comments! It means so much more to me than you will ever know.

OK, this story looks pretty interesting. :pinkiesmile: This is essentially a comment to say that I plan to give an Authors Helping Authors review for this fic, although it will take a while because of the fic's length. In return I hope you can review my fic Legacy: The End of Harmony.

I'll get to reading fairly soon. I hope I enjoy it! :twilightsmile:


I do hope you enjoy it, and I will gladly return the favor!

:raritystarry: this is like MY kind of story! A mystery, romance, and comedy!!!! *sniff sniff* you know me soooo well!!!!!! :raritycry:

Mysterious . . . and a lil' funny:twilightsmile:


I tried to give it some unusual turns to keep my readers on their toes. :twilightsmile:

Not to be negative but, I would've slapped the crap out of Prairie Tune if he kept on being negative and left him right there. I am a very optomistic person and I hate it when negative people try to bring me down.:flutterrage::derpyderp1: tehee:scootangel:


I based his character losely on Johnny Cash. If you know anything about him you'll know what kind of things he went through to make the kind of music he did.

I wanted the brothers to be identifiably different, giving their small stories a path to follow along with Smithy's without theirs overshadowing hers. I don't want to spoil that for you yet!

And Johnny Cash pony is best pony. :p

She should have dated the zebra:raritydespair:

sorry about the many comments. I just have so many opinions to voice and your story made my day since i'm bored silly.


I don't mind the comments at all! Each one is a thrill to read because it lets me know what you think of the story.

oh, sweet!!!!! :pinkiehappy:
Y'know, You should write another story! It would be, like, :raritystarry: AWSOME! Do you make scary stories?


I've never made a scary story before. Some friends of mine and I are writing a script for an online series about zombies though. The initial story idea is mine, but my crew is helping me flesh it out (no pun intended) to extend it. We're videographers, and have been dying for a big project to experiment with. I can send you the basic skeletal synopsis if you would like to see it.


The only problem with that comes with the taboo of interracial mating, particularly with slaves. Don't worry, that has a major role to play, and their love story isn't over yet!

Thats right Zebra! Save YOUR girl!!!!:yay:

Old people talk about sex alot . . .


Dirty old ladies kind of crack me up for sime reason. Just look at Betty White! Having Granny Smith be in the Betty White category just seems to make sense for some reason.

Ooooooooooh Smithy . . . I would've strangled him fo ya . . .:trixieshiftleft:


Don't you worry. He'll get his come uppins.

Commencing read, will make sure to drop a comment when I'm done.


And while you're at it, commence to jiggling! :p

In all seriousness, can't wait to hear your feedback.

Oh that's a little messed up.:twilightoops: bring a basket with a bank note in it as a gift. Also this I really interesting and hers a lot of it yay:yay:


I kind of go for messed up humor sometimes. I wanted to give you the reader the 'there ain't somethin quite right with them there Rich's' feeling, though the arc still has some growing to do. They're quite the family, our Rich's.

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