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Dusk Shine wakes one morning thinking that the relationship drama amongst his friends will be his biggest worry for the next few days. He couldn't be more wrong. The capital city has been threatened, his family is in danger, and he's the only one who can do anything about it. There's just one problem: he doesn't even know he's been invited to a wedding.

Between old friends he no longer remembers, new friends he hasn't met yet, and a few people who wouldn't exactly say they were friends but he meets anyways, Dusk will have a lot on his plate over the next few days. It's a good thing he won't be facing it alone.


A multi-chaptered trailer of sorts for my upcoming story [Dusk's Dawn], a humanized take on the series. This takes place in the Season 2 finale but with some significant deviation near the end. Twilight has been gender swapped to Dusk, everyone is human (or anthro), Raridash shipping (and breakup), and features cameos from characters such as Flash Sentry, Minuette, Sunburst, and Thorax. Some of the characters will be LGBT, dl;dr. Tagged for allusions to sex and for some intense violence. [will source cover art later]

Chapters (1)

At night, Spike feels lonely.

Who could blame him?

He missed his oldest and greatest friend.

So what does he do?

He ends up at the kitchen where he has a morning conversation with her. Events ensue.

Cover Photo by wolfjedisamuel on deviantart

A/N: This is my first story here in 3-4 years. Enjoy, and pardon the inevitable rust that comes with years of absence.

Chapters (1)

This is simply the harrowing tale about the day that blueblood had to foalsit Flurry Heart.  What brought these two together?  Will Bluebloods survive this experience? Last but most important, what could possibly go wrong?

Chapters (1)

Discord had won. Twilight Sparkle's friends are their opposites, and Twilight gave up on friendship.

Now that he had taken over Ponyville, Canterlot was his next goal. With the Elements of Harmony gone, nothing could stop him.

But, his chaos in the small town won't last. He needed somepony to continue chaos for him there. He also happened to make sure Twilight didn't try to defeat him again.

My first one-shot! Yay!!!!


Chapters (1)

100 years ago, a scientist pony discovered a shocking secret about Princess Celestia, believing her to be a fraud, and feeling Friendship and Magic were not all that they were cracked up to be.

As a result, he was put on trial, scorned by the villagers and believers in friendship and magic, which began a great debauchery in all of Equestrian history, that it nearly drove everyone into chaos over their beliefs.

Chapters (2)

Pinkie Pie recalls her days on the dreary rock farm, when color was muted and bleak. Her first real sighting of how bright and cheerful colors could be came from the sonic rainboom Rainbow Dash caused.
Now, Pinkie Pie wants a new color. The current ones just aren't enough, and they don't do enough to make ponies happy for long periods of time. She wants something unique and exciting, and so she talks to her friends in her quest for just such a thing.

Chapters (2)

Apple Bloom's friends romanticize the idea of how special a first kiss is and how she'll remember it for the rest of her life.

It'd be a shame if somepony messed that up for her.

A real shame.

Chapters (5)

Knowing that not everyone is as lucky as her, Rarity decides to Punk again to donate some of her fabulous hair to a good cause. However despite learning to shine from the outside, there is one person's opinion that she's afraid of: Spike's.

However this new look, this new Identity of hers , may end up revealing a lot more about themselves than they ever thought possible.

Art done by cheezedoodle96

Chapters (1)

An anthology of short stories and flash fictions. These were generally written for fun or the entertainment of others, and will mostly be shipping because I’m trash like that. A lot of these are based on art or other people’s pony blogs, so context will be provided where needed. And of course, characters will change with each entry (but really, expect it to pretty much always be slice of life romance :twilightblush:)

Note: The ones at the end without real chapter names that are specified as “ideas” aren’t full stories. They’re more like summaries of stories that I haven’t written and don’t really plan to, but they were written in a way to (ideally) still amuse people. Still, you could probably find a better use of your time than to read those, to be honest.

Artwork by Pasu-Chan

Chapters (11)

This is a prequel to Colts Don't Need to Talk as part of my Pip and Rumble universe. No knowledge of that fic is required to read this one though.

With both of Thunderlane's parents thinking they are right, the family dynamic breaks apart. In an attempt to save it, Rumble and Thunderlane are whisked away on a very emotional road trip.

Trigger warning:
This fic has very real themes and realities behind family and divorce coming from a mixture of my own and my friend's experiences. If this is a volatile or delicate subject for you, please consider avoiding this fic.

This fic is a concept piece right now, but I would love to turn this into a full fic. I want to see how it goes before going further into the story so please drop a comment about what you think, it would mean a lot, thanks! I hope you enjoy!

An enormous thank you to OkemosBrony, eye-cfox and Javarod for being my amazing editors/ Proofers. All authors I would highly reccommend.

The fantastic image used with permission from the amazing buizelcream

Chapters (1)
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