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So the story goes, Starlight was offered the chance to leave Twilight’s side and find her own way in the world. A chance she decided not to take, because she wasn’t ready. But, what if she had taken that chance? Left her beloved mentor and gone to a place that, unbeknownst to her, Twilight had already thought about for her? A place where she could do some truly rewarding work?

Chapters (1)

Based on my own dealings with cancer. Dai Kirai must deal with both the diagnosis and treatment that becomes the daily life of living with cancer and what comes after be it death or life.

Chapters (1)

The Crystal War rages on, and Sombra's counter-offensive has left your division stranded. The Siege of Manehattan has caused heavy losses, and even Sergeant Dash injured her wing in an airstrike. Running low on supplies as northern winter descends on the urban battlefield, you'll have to find another way to keep warm...

Chapters (1)

Short stories and ideas that entered my head, and are for your viewing pleasure.

Please leave constructive criticism in the coments it will be appreciated!

Chapters (2)

Under the warm light of the setting sun, Rainbow Dash finally confesses her feelings to her longtime crush Fluttershy, and to her delight Fluttershy returns her affections! But it's not long before Rainbow's mind is racing with every mean thing she's ever said or done to Fluttershy, forcing her to wonder if she could even be a good girlfriend to her. It's up to Rainbow's friends to set her straight and help her realize she's the perfect paramour for Fluttershy!

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Growing Down

When Twilight is on vacation Spike decides to take the opportunity to invite, his marefriend, Pinkie Pie over for a movie night. However, things don't always go as smoothly as he might hope.


While this is a sequel story you do not need to read the first one to understand what is happening in this one. Just know Spike and Pinkie are dating.

Set in season 3

Written for CategoricalGrant's CUddlefic Contest.

Chapters (1)

Serenity Rain loves three things: her family, her friends and new things. School, strangers and society are challenges, but challenges make you stronger. Every pony in her young life offers a new challenge. Every new challenge offers a new lesson. And every new lesson offers a new view of the strange, terrifying and wonderful world. Serenity must learn, grow and adapt as she navigates the wild river of life toward a destiny greater than her wildest dreams.
*Note: Takes place in ancient days (pre-Equestria), when the 3 major pony tribes were still divided.

This is a story relating to the origins of my very first MLP OC. It ties to another fanfic, Story of Maverick. While the two stories intersect at points, reading both is not necessary. Pull up a seat, get comfy and enjoy!

Chapters (10)

The days after were not very kind to Rainbow's adoptive father. He became depressed, and was only roused out of it when he decided to take a walk. That walk would change his life around, for the second time.

Dashie, to say the least, was doing perfectly fine, until a mistake from Fluttershy brought all the memories back.

I hope you like this story!

Chapters (2)

Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Rainbow Dash are all best friends living in the small town of Esterwitch in the middle of Nevada.  Other than normal school drama, life was pretty peachy for the three girls: no desire for boyfriends, no gossip and no major disagreements; just fun times and friendship.  Until the hell-hole called high school crashed in and turned their worlds upside-down.  They find themselves in situations that could very well tear their friendships, family and selves apart.

Pinkie Pie begins to notice that she is becoming more and more of a third wheel to Rainbow Dash’s and Applejack’s tighter bond of friendship, Applejack dives deep into parent vs. child conflicts as she builds herself a wall between her and her mother and Rainbow Dash finds herself having a harder time keeping her crush a secret when the school’s “Gossip Girl” finds out and starts using it against her.

Watch as these three girls brave through it all...or not.

Cover is temporary

Chapters (2)

Cupcake begins to realize how long she's been away from her sister, even most of her friends. Maybe today is the day to reverse all of this.

Chapters (1)
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