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An homage to stories like The Substitute Demon, ALL GLORY TO THE OVERGOAT!!!, and 1000 Virgin Mares, 1 Frickin' Badass Dark Overdude, Infinite Facehoofing

One thousand years ago, the Princesses Celestia and Luna were blindsided by the return of the Masters of Equus. The cult of power-mad alicorns, thought to have been banished from Equestria forever, appeared in the middle of the Princesses' battle for supremacy, and caged them away. The rest of Equestria quickly fell to their might. Even the fearsome Discord was forced to his knees before them. All of Equestria was enslaved, and an era of misery began.

Now, one thousand years later, a lone unicorn mare has learned of a creature that might be able to overthrow the Masters. A creature immune to magic, overwhelming in size and strength, sealed away for centuries uncounted. A creature of ultimate evil: the Smooze.

Unfortunately for Starlight Glimmer, in trying to ensure the creature's obedience, she modified the summoning ritual a bit too far.

Because of her meddling, the soul of a recently-deceased human is pulled from Limbo, and given life, but not exactly a body. Now he has to help her save the world, or face obliteration.

Not much of a choice, is it?

Inspired by Pen Mightier and Bucking Nonsense, the legends who – to my knowledge – popularized the "human in villain's body becomes Equestria's savior" genre. May your inkwells never run dry.

Chapters (1)

The ESS Lunar Shine, Equestria's first interstellar exploration vessel, has finally been completed. Its first mission was to investigate an unknown anomaly in deep space. However, when the expedition ends up going sideways, the crew of the Lunar Shine end up crashed on a distant planet. Hope is not lost, however, as they soon discover that life in the Universe is surprisingly plentiful. Now they must gather assistance from the various alien races across the galaxy and find a way back to Equestria.

Of course, things are never that easy, and sinister forces lurk in the depths of space. Can the crew of the ESS Lunar Shine make it back home before it's too late?

Starbound crossover. Cover designed by Novel-Idea.

Chapters (1)

Takes place shortly after the events of "The Cutie Re-mark."

As part of Starlight's rehabilitation, Twilight has sent her to 'Dictators Anonymous,' where former tyrants like her can help each other move on from their wicked ways. Here's hoping that things go smoothly for her...

Chapters (1)

It's a typical day in Ponyville for you, and you're shopping at the market when you suddenly realize that you've got a booger in your nose, and it's really annoying. Luckily, you've got fingers to deal with that little problem. All you need is to find a private alleyway. . . .

Chapters (1)

Friendship is Magic is the animated version of an RPG campaign. These are the original transcripts of that campaign, gathered across multiple sessions.

Do not ask how I obtained them.

Sex tag for some dirty talk/implications.

I hope this is actually somewhat funny.

Chapters (3)

The Doctor Livestreams at the Halloween Gala but Something Dark is inside the doctor and wants to kill him

(Capital words are Glitchs of the master trying to take control)

Chapters (1)

It's been ten years since the Cosmic Beast incident and the reformation of Team Cosmos. Both Symon and Amber have gotten married and gave birth to a son. Now completely grown up. Felix plans to take the island challenge just as his parents did. However when Former Team Cosmos Admin Nova suddenly vanishes, Alola will be driven towards the darkness. A mysterious group called the Ultra Recon Squad has appeared and is researching the mysteries surrounding Alola. Nobody thought much of it at first. But when UB-01 suddenly appears at Aether Paradise, everyone starts having second thoughts. Team Skull is back, three new Ultra Beast has been sighted, Necrozma's sudden hostile nature, and Giovanni's sudden return. Now Felix must fend off his home from the darkness that once threatened Alola. But he's gonna need some help. Specifically from multicolored talking ponies.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Belongs to Game Freak
MLP FIM belongs to Hasbro Studios
Sequel to Pokemon Cosmos
Warning Spoilers

Chapters (1)

Anthony Y. Mous, A.K.A Anonymous, A.K.A Anon has finally been given the chance to go to Brony-con the catch though is he met the genderbent version of the Merchant who sent him to an Equestria where women fill in the men's shoes. with nothing else to do with his life, and owning a special compass, He decides to explore the mysterious dungeons created by all the displaced before him and maybe get some cool gear and powers along the way.

(Note: This is an RGRE/ Displaced fic so if you don't like either of those things then turn back and find something else to read otherwise get ready to strap in and enjoy a crazy ride.)

(Note 2: This story is slightly based off of another writers story that goes by the title of RGRE: Anon dungeon crawler but with my own twists>)

Chapters (1)

In an alternate universe two worlds collide, one filled with peace loving ponies and the other filled with war like humans. How will these creatures learn to coexist.

The year is 2056, and the Third World War is at its height, only two Empires exist The United Imperial States of America and The Second Soviet Empire. A U.I.S.A scientist by the name of Richard Smith has found a way to enlarge a wormhole to the size in which even the Cleveland-class aircraft carrier can easily fit through, and these ships are huge as they are one mile long by a quarter of a mile wide and a quarter of a mile tall. Something goes horribly wrong and the wormhole grows to the size of the world and teleports all the continents of Earth to Equis, well all except one Antarctica. Humans have been present in Equestria, but as slaves. Soon The Fisrt Multiverse war is underway, can the U.I.S.A and the S.S.E join forces to fight a common enemy, the Equestrians.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Hope for the Future

Twilight finds herself in charge of Canterlot for a week, so her mentor can finally take that vacation with her sister she's been waiting so many centuries for. But the nobles are being difficult, the staff has questions, and the griffon ambassador is being tetchy.

And now some strange creature has appeared. Is Equestria being invaded?!

Just a silly sequel to Hope for the Future since so many liked it, a few people asked, and I finally had an idea.

Chapters (2)
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