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When Eobard Thawne, a.k.a. Reverse Flash, is seemingly destroyed by Black Flash, he ends up in Equestria instead. He is told that Rainbow Dash is the fastest pony alive, and teams up with Chrysalis to defeat her and become the fastest pony alive.

A crossover with The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow.

I used Pony Creator to ponyize Reverse Flash. I gave him a similar mane to his hairstyle, but the tail of Rainbow Dash.

Chapters (3)

His name is Mister Green Hill. He’s an Earthpony stallion recently released from prison. But Nopony knows where.

He has admitted to breaking the law in the past.
But Nopony knows what.

He wears thick Iron horseshoes all the time. But Nopony knows why.

He lives with his sister and seems to have job that takes him out of town for a few days at a time. But Nopony knows what.

That’s really all anypony knows.

He is rather...anonymous?

Special thanks to Aprion and Irrespective for helping get this off the ground.

Chapters (1)

Things had gotten strange first that... Feeling? I am not really sure what it was but it was not normal. after about 10 seconds of nothing it happened Suddenly a hole and a pony too. Note: if you haven't read the stories called: rainbow factory, Pegasus device, the friendship test and "pandemic" you will see some spoilers for them later on in the story I highly recommend you read them first
That's all I hope you enjoy my attempt to glue story's together to see what sticks Ps: some events or characters in some of the creepy pastas are changed so I could put this together with glue,blood,tears and effort
Enjoy! :3

- theboxcatgamr

Chapters (1)

We knew they were coming. Over the course of nearly 80 years, we prepared for their eventual arrival. We built the Carriers to house ponies when they left Equus in hope of finding a new home for ponykind to start again.

This is where I*, Copper Wire, came in. As a highly experienced captain in the mercantile industry, I was selected to command Carrier 13, which we now call Stardust. My old crew had been split into all of the other Carriers based on their home city, so my new one is made of old friends from foalhood and my former friendly rival Mayflower as my XO. We reached the end of the gravity well 12 hours after the Princesses saw us off.

We were the lucky ones. Two more Carriers had been under construction when we left, but they were never finished. Everypony who was left had to suffer subjugation or death under the aliens. Lucky 13, I guess.

Our entire ship was frozen solid for 7,000 years because of some weird mishap. Now it's time to go home. Our journey will be fraught with danger. We may encounter both friends and foes. But one thing will remain certain: we will come home.

*Note: This story is told in 1st person. And I don't see a tag for it. Oh, well, I'll just tell you so that you guys know.

Chapters (1)

This story is about the Doctor and his adventures in Equestria and he will have to face the madness that rests within him.

Warning: The following story isn't any related to Doctor Who even though I make a tardis that turns into a batmobile.

This Story Contains Lightsabers,Beyblades and much more.
The Doctors Story is a Dark one but also a good one that needs to be told every chapter will give you more details of the story of the doctor.

Chapters (1)

Set eight months after "A Lesson in Kindness", Rose has departed from the Jedi Order and finds work wherever it can be found. She spends her days moving here and there, doing what she can to survive and have some semblance of life away from the Jedi. One day an event occurs that may change her approach and encourage her onto a new path.

Inspired by Amante Animation's "Duel of the Fates" animations.

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity had lived in the underwater world of Seaquestria ever since their first memory as young fillies being lost at sea. They knew that they were different than the other sea ponies, with their appearances and lovely singing voices, and they wondered what it was like up in the world above.

After experiencing another storm that stirred up old and faint memories, they sneak away and return to Equestria, and regain their land hooves. All the while, they reunite with their families, go on fantastic adventures, and grow to fall in love with very special someponies.

However, two things threaten the happiness that they have always dreamed of. Three beautiful yet jealous and manipulative ponies with a darker fishy secret challenge them to see who is the better singing group. And that whenever they touch water, they reveal their fish tails as a reminder of where they had been all the time apart from their families. How can this group of best friends learn how to handle so much? Well, not standing alone is one part of the solution.

Ships contained: Flashlight, SoarinDash, AppleSpike, Fluttercord, Cheesepie, and Raripants.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Harmony Among The Stars

The ES Harmony has returned home, Princess Twilight has been reunited with those she hold dear and everything has returned to complete normality.

Then there is the mirror portal to Canterlot High, which she and the senior staff of the Harmony had discussed at one point in their journey, filling the Princess' curiosity. It has been closed for around two millenia, so who knows what could be on the other side?

And then there is Discord. He seems to know something, and urges the Princess through.

All this, so the Princess can meet some very enterprising people. Discord has brought the popcorn.

(Featured on 12/12/2017)

Chapters (1)

Starlight Glimmer has been defeated, driven out of her village and into exile. In the aftermath of this, things are beginning to settle down in Equestria, and a new age of peace seems incipient. Fluttershy overcomes her fear of flying, a new pony arrives in Ponyville, and Twilight Sparkle continues to rule from her crystal castle.

To the west, over the rolling waves of the Luna Ocean, lies an isle inhabited by gargoyles. The northerners and southerners of that isle have been engaged in incessant conflict for many centuries, and have been deadlocked for just as long. Both sides have become weary, effete from the fighting. Under these conditions, a young gargoyle is sent east to Equestria on a mission of subterfuge, wherein his loyalties will be tested.

Chapters (1)

The Ultima Universe,a whole new universe where there is no Sonic Rainboom,but the mane six still became good friends, it here that Twilight finds herself after casting the universe swap spell


Eclipse Shine

Whisper Wind

Prism Dream

Golden Apple

Remina Pie

Rare Value

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