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Running a spa isn't easy. Lotus Blossom is expected to lower the stress levels of an entire town on demand, with nopony ever thinking about what those demands might be doing to her. Keeping the La-Ti-Da Spa functional, calming, and more or less in one piece means paying attention to the small details. Birds in the dryer vent counts as a small detail. But at least that's just a minor problem.

Or not.

(A standalone, no-prior-reading-necessary part of the Triptych Continuum, which has its own TVTropes page and FIMFiction group: new members and trope edits are welcome.)

Now with author Patreon page.

Chapters (1)

Dragons have weird customs but who is Twilight to judge? As long as the mess is cleaned up.

Chapters (1)

Time moves too fast for anypony to stop and think about what their legacy will be. But in those final moments, it seems to slow down just enough for those ponies to wish they had more time to think about the question.

A character study. Thoughts on how you'd write the characters are particularly encouraged for this story.
Proofread by Eloquence.

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to Spirit Of Love: Dark Sunset II

Fluttershy receives a letter from Sunset two months after she commited suicide. Who will she turn to for support?

Made the Popular Stories list from 11/22/17 until 11/23/17.

This is the final installment in this mini-series.

Cover art by Celestial-FX

Chapters (2)

Fluttershy's animals are concerned about her so they enlist Rainbow's help to comfort her. Not sure what's wrong, Rainbow takes Fluttershy to the clouds to stargaze until Fluttershy is ready to talk.

This story is a preship flutterdash story. Just something I wrote when I couldn't sleep. I've been writing fics for a long while now, but this is probably my first ever non-canon relationship story.

Cover art: I woke up to find my daughter drew this last night. She's only 7. I didn't show her my fic but I did at some point mention I wanted a picture of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy on a cloud. I never mentioned cuddling. On a whim she drew this and I had to use it for cover art. So yes, my cover art is by a 7-year-old.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Why me?

It's been a hair over a year, and Twilight and Tempest's relationship is as strong as ever. Tonight, Tempest has something special planned. She has the perfect location picked out, she got Luna to agree to a special nighttime display, and she even has a ring. All that's left is for Twilight to say that one magic word.

Chapters (1)

Gilda’s no good at making friends.

Who cares? Why should she be? Friends aren’t worth the hassle. What had having a friend ever gained her?

No-one in lousy Griffonstone is worth making friends with anyway.

Many thanks to the excellent Ceffyl Dwr for pre-reading and providing helpful feedback as per!
Cover art by ryou14.
Set during 508: The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Hope for the Future

Twilight finds herself in charge of Canterlot for a week, so her mentor can finally take that vacation with her sister she's been waiting so many centuries for. But the nobles are being difficult, the staff has questions, and the griffon ambassador is being tetchy.

And now some strange creature has appeared. Is Equestria being invaded?!

Just a silly sequel to Hope for the Future since so many liked it, a few people asked, and I finally had an idea.

Chapters (2)

Rainbow Dash, Canterlot High's Colorful Speedy Wondercolt and the Element of Loyalty. Jet, the Speeder of Fairy Tail and Proud Member of Team Shadow Gear. Two super fast people are going fight for 60 seconds to see which of them is truly the fastest and who is the most Awesomeness!

Equestria Girls vs Fairy Tail

I do NOT own Screwattack and MLP.

Chapters (1)

When Dr. Fluttershy waters a strange plant,something happens that she hadn't planned for.

My first story on here. Don't expect it to be updated soon.

Chapters (3)
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