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Twilight is dragged to a concert by Pinkie and Rainbow Dash. The only reason she goes is for Sunset. But when she gets in front of Sunset, she makes a complete fool of herself. Can Twilight confess her feelings to Sunset before the night is over?

Based on the Mystery Girl episode of Steven Universe.

Chapters (1)

Starlight Glimmer needs a quicker way to get through her books...but sometimes the quickest way isn't always the best way.

Finally, something new! I know it's been too long, but I had this silly idea in my head for a while and I just had to get it out.
Just something silly I wrote for myself and for anyone who enjoys a bit of Cellulite Glimmer.


Chapters (1)

After waking to a grim surprise, Luna spends the evening preparing a fitting gift for a friend.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash and Applejack are going on two years in their relationship, and on their anniversary Dash decides to take them to the bar where they first turned from friends into lovers. As they both briefly reminisce about the past, however, Dash is also silently panicking about her real reason for them coming to the bar- a reason involving a black box and the band onstage...

A short AppleDash oneshot based off of Thomas Rhett's song, "Unforgettable". WARNING: Possible OOC main characters, OC character, and AppleDash all incoming.

Takes place in an alternate future after Rainbow Rocks. All characters are at least 19.

Chapters (1)

Sombra was Princess Lunas student before he became evil and she started to have feelings towards him. Sombra felt the same way for Luna to but evil got the best of him. When Luna banished him she couldn't hold back her pain which part of her made her Nightmare moon. To the present after one thousand years, when Sombra returned after defeated in the crystal empire, her pain rushes back to her.

Cover work by me

Chapters (3)

The events of this story take place during and after the episode "sonic rainboom."

Soarin's life was going great until the day of "The Young Fliers Competition," when he tried to save Rarity's life. The next day Soarin wakes up realising his wings have been transformed into girly butterfly wings. Now he has to learn to use his new wings and fight to keep his position in the Wonderbolts with the help of Rainbow Dash and Rarity.

Editor: The Abyss

Artist for the cover art: Pridark

Chapters (1)

Set toward the end of Season 4's, "Simple Ways". After their little spat during Trenderhoof's time in Ponyville, Rarity and Applejack come to the realization that they have stronger feelings for each other than they realized. They are first able to admit these feelings and decide to start their relationship slowly. A weekly spa date tradition is born and the happy couple get started on their romantic journey together.

Chapters (1)

Mortar Shot, a pony that can't die, what goes on in his daily life. Is it different than yours or mine? Only he can tell, but so far he hasn't found anyone he can trust. Just settling into ponyville he starts getting a daily routine when something goes terribly wrong (hint: he is a fireworks pony and it involves explosives 💣)

Chapters (1)

It's been three weeks since the battle of the bands, they didn't have the money for anything and now? Audigo and Aria have disappeared, leaving Sonata alone. It's up to someone with her own demons and a DJ to save the youngest siren from herself, but can she make in time? Or will she be too late?

Chapters (2)

After a grave offense against Starlight, Trixie is looking at dire consequences for her actions. Trixie never should have used that spell on Starlight. She never should have used the spell at all! In fact, she probably shouldn't have ever learned it, or head of it in the first place for that matter.

The only thing she can hope for is that Starlight will go easy on her after all, they are best friends right?

Sex tag is solely for innuendos.

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Chibi Trixie by Emera33
Vector - Moon by MisterAibo

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