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Based on my own dealings with cancer. Dai Kirai must deal with both the diagnosis and treatment that becomes the daily life of living with cancer and what comes after be it death or life.

Chapters (1)

[Set in the universe of Death's Stolen Diamonds. Original story is not necessary to read this story.

Under a twilit sky, one of the Goddess of Life's angels meets with one of the Goddess of Death's reapers.

Chapters (1)

After being called for a friendship mission, The Elements of harmony, Spike and, Ember, must now travel to another dimension to help save the World of Remanent, and help two being become friends. Dante, The lone wolf, bounty hunter, and Lionel, one of the last Beast Lords. Will Dante and Lionel look past their differences and become friends to save their world, or will it fall into chaos?
ether way a new legend is about to begin.
Co-writer: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/299426/GameBoy_Gamer

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The days after were not very kind to Rainbow's adoptive father. He became depressed, and was only roused out of it when he decided to take a walk. That walk would change his life around, for the second time.

Dashie, to say the least, was doing perfectly fine, until a mistake from Fluttershy brought all the memories back.

I hope you like this story!

Chapters (2)

Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Rainbow Dash are all best friends living in the small town of Esterwitch in the middle of Nevada.  Other than normal school drama, life was pretty peachy for the three girls: no desire for boyfriends, no gossip and no major disagreements; just fun times and friendship.  Until the hell-hole called high school crashed in and turned their worlds upside-down.  They find themselves in situations that could very well tear their friendships, family and selves apart.

Pinkie Pie begins to notice that she is becoming more and more of a third wheel to Rainbow Dash’s and Applejack’s tighter bond of friendship, Applejack dives deep into parent vs. child conflicts as she builds herself a wall between her and her mother and Rainbow Dash finds herself having a harder time keeping her crush a secret when the school’s “Gossip Girl” finds out and starts using it against her.

Watch as these three girls brave through it all...or not.

Cover is temporary

Chapters (2)

What if Sunset Shimmer went to Princess Celestia back in Equestria, instead of heading to Sugarcube Corner after the incident with Anon-a-miss? What if the girls didn't ever get to forgive Sunset? How many hearts will be broken?

Sunset Shimmer was sent to tears when the anon-a-miss blog, and the secrets it revealed, was blamed on her by the friends she once trusted. She had decided to write to Twilight, and the alicorn reminded her to stay strong, remember who she is, and to find her real family.
What if, instead of thinking about the mane 5 of the human world, she decided to go to Equestria again, and talk to Princess Celestia? Surely the Princess could forgive her, right?

(Constructive criticism is appreciated, no out-right hate! I'm decently new to the Friendship-Is-Magic part of My Little pony, so if i get any facts wrong let me know! Also if you come here and hate on the Equestria Girls movies, just go find another fic to read.)

(Also note i speedwrote this at 5 am in the morning forgive me i have better plans for my fanfictions)

Chapters (1)

It was just another day, Fluttershy just wandering through the woods near her house, when she came across a girl running in the bushes. She wasn't running or hiding from anything, just taking a walk. Nothing strange about that. Of course, what was strange was that the girl then started to hang onto a tree. Upside down. Yeah, there had to be an explanation, maybe the girl had a weird upbringing. Oh, she did alright. And Fluttershy was just about to find out.

Chapters (1)

It's the day after Thanksgiving in Canterlot City and you all know what that means. Black Friday is here! Which means everyone there will be buying stuff at the Canterlot City mall for a really good price. Iron Will decides to hold a competition to see who can buy the most items. The teams are,

The Mane 7
The CMC with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon
The ShadowBolts
The Dazzlings
Lyra, Bon Bon, Vinyl Scratch, and Octavia

Who will win this epic shopping showdown?

I do not own the cover art, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, or My Little Pony Equestria Girls

Chapters (1)

I, an ordinary high school senior, get dumped in the desert outside of Appleoosa after a particularly boring bout with Precalculus. What do I do? Read to find out.

I regret nothing. Of course, the universe is someone else's: (Because highschool me wasn't very original.) It's based in the Savage Skies universe, which was originally created by moguera.

Chapters (1)

Special Thanksgiving Story!

Flash Sentry and Applejack have been together for months and are ready to reveal their relationship to Applejack's family on during their Thanksgiving get-together. Flash feels nervous feel he's about to be hunted down if he screws up, but Applejack promise he'll be find and they'll also going to tell the tale of how they became a couple.

The time when an apple fell for a sentry.


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