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Humans had long since colonized our neighboring planets, and many thought like James Blucher (First man on Mars) "It is the manifest destiny of man, we must take to the stars." But the NASA and the UNSA has long since abandon the thought of venturing out into the unknown, but Alpha Centauri II B has long held the interests of the science community. Due to political pressure the two space programs joined together for another great adventure. And now for the first time in over 80 years, man was sending their fellow man into the unknown depths of space once more. A thirty man crew was to be sent to Alpha Centauri II B in order study the planet on a 26 week long expedition (Which is not including the four years to get there and back) But it was quickly made apparent the planet had more to offer in person rather than through the viewing port of a telescope.

Chapters (2)

I'd heard the rumours of cosplayers going missing, I thought it was a joke. It wasn't, now my cousin, someone who's as close to me as an actual brother, is missing. This new world is pretty and the people are nice, but I need to find my family. Now to make matters worse these...Displaced are coming into the world and wrecking havoc. And all I have is a Guitar Hero controller...

I'm not a fighter, hell, I didn't even turn into anything when arriving in this world like all the others did, but I'll help out. It'll be fun!

After all, being called a hero is kind of cool!

Sister story: Undead Retribution

Chapters (1)

Thanks to his job, Anon E. Mouse became tired and frustrated. His usual life was a living nightmare. He needed some kind of therapy which can make him calm and relaxed. But he didn't need a therapy. The only thing that he needed was a pet. A cute, smart, beautiful and lovable pet.

In the petshop he couldn't choose, beacuse there was many kind of pet. Parrots, lizards, fish etc. Under the tour in the petshop he suddenly looked at an interesting aquarium and its content. In that aquarium he found the perfect pet. A tiny seapony called Princess Skystar.

Chapters (2)

Dusk Shine wakes one morning thinking that the relationship drama amongst his friends will be his biggest worry for the next few days. He couldn't be more wrong. The capital city has been threatened, his family is in danger, and he's the only one who can do anything about it. There's just one problem: he doesn't even know he's been invited to a wedding.

Between old friends he no longer remembers, new friends he hasn't met yet, and a few people who wouldn't exactly say they were friends but he meets anyways, Dusk will have a lot on his plate over the next few days. It's a good thing he won't be facing it alone.


A multi-chaptered trailer of sorts for my upcoming story [Dusk's Dawn], a humanized take on the series. This takes place in the Season 2 finale but with some significant deviation near the end. Twilight has been gender swapped to Dusk, everyone is human (or anthro), Raridash shipping (and breakup), and features cameos from characters such as Flash Sentry, Minuette, Sunburst, and Thorax. Some of the characters will be LGBT, dl;dr. Tagged for allusions to sex and for some intense violence. [will source cover art later]

Chapters (1)

It's a time for celebration in the Crystal Empire. It's Princess Flurry Hearts ninth birthday. The princesses, the Elements and even everyone's favorite gem eating dragon have shown up to party! That is until an unexpected guest crashes the place three days before the party and Flurry becomes smitten with the odd child they found.

He's a young man around her age in an odd orange and blue outfit. The biggest difference with him is that he has a monkey's tail instead of wings or a horn and the tremendous power he exudes. His name is Son Gohan of the Saiyan race.

He's kind, courteous, strong and very generous, almost immediately befriending the young princess and her family with his attitude and stories. But, as it has been Gohan's entire life, this peace is not to last.

The people of Equestria are about to get a very rude awakening because, despite Gohan's kind hearted nature and will to protect his new friends, war seems to be working it's way towards them in the form of the Changeling Queen, Chrysalis and the mysterious and powerful General Diserex. The half-saiyan will need to fight like a bat out of Tartarus to protect this new world he's found himself in, but every choice has a consequence.

Chapters (1)

As the Griffon kingdom modernizes far beyond Equestria Celestia is concerned that they may begin a warpath. she believes there is a third party providing knowledge to the griffon kingdom. she takes the elements and a few very talented ponies to investigate the situation. If she is too late the griffons may already possess technology that outstrips magic.

Chapters (1)

A multinational coalition lands in the minotaur homeland for a disaster relief operation. However, all may not be as it seems.

A comment driven story.

Chapters (2)

Twilight and her friends free a strange being, who's been imprisoned in stone for a long time. When she asks him about the lost truths of their world, he starts saying the least believable things. Can Twilight's logic and reasoning defeat idealistic beliefs and world-shattering claims about ponykind, or is their more to his claims then she thinks? And when ugly truths about the world are revealed, can the Magic of Friendship save them?

This is my take on HiE, with loads of mythology. This is an example of what I think it should be like. I am new to literature, so I would appreciate constructive criticism. Hopefully, I can do HiE some justice with this fanfic.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Rebels' Schism

Two more years of fighting Loyalists and freeing their thralls.

The unbreakable Rebel, now the Iron Warlord, is summoned to base and away from the frontline.

To discuss reports and plans with the Rebellion's Founder.

Only for him to get a message from a certain orange Overlord.

Chapters (1)

Bored out of his mind, Ben Jacobs gets sucked into the world of equestria thanks to a game called Choice. With his character picked and his confusion set to maximum, he tries to beat the game or die trying.

Chapters (1)
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