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Due to an accident, Luna has become Twilight’s adoptive mother. She tries to pay back for what has happened with lessons about magic and creatures that go bump in the night.

Chapters (1)

Old legends speak of a select group of ponies, linked by common ancestry and hidden in plain sight. Where they came from is a tale that dates back to before Nightmare Moon, and has its origins in a war beyond most ponies' comprehension. You've probably seen them without even recognizing them, thanks to their unique magic, but rest assured, they're on your side. They are known as the Order of Gallopfrey.

Quiver Quill and Lyra Heartstrings are among those who know of the myth, but the truth behind it is something they could only dare to imagine. But as time and magic shift around them and all of Equestria is threatened, they find themselves forced to grapple with that old mystery. Fortunately, they won't do so alone, as they find themselves dealing with a mad pony with a big blue box. Get ready, Equestria, because the Doctor is in.

"Doctor Who" and the TARDIS are the property of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). This crossover is in no way authorized by the BBC or any of its associated organizations.

Chapters (1)

Friendship is Magic is the animated version of an RPG campaign. These are the original transcripts of that campaign, gathered across multiple sessions.

Do not ask how I obtained them.

Sex tag for some dirty talk/implications.

I hope this is actually somewhat funny.

Chapters (2)

Songbird Serenade is a quiet pony known for her singing skills, but what is she behind closed doors? Other ponies claim that Songbird is just insane, but hides it with her singing.

To investigate these claims, Twilight Sparkle and the gang go speak to Songbird.

What will happen?

Why is Songbird Serenade still so shaken up from Tempest Shadow's almost invasion of Equestria?

What did happen?

This is the untold (non-canon) story after the party.

Chapters (2)

The Doctor Livestreams at the Halloween Gala but Something Dark is inside the doctor and wants to kill him

(Capital words are Glitchs of the master trying to take control)

Chapters (1)

Anthony Y. Mous, A.K.A Anonymous, A.K.A Anon has finally been given the chance to go to Brony-con the catch though is he met the genderbent version of the Merchant who sent him to an Equestria where women fill in the men's shoes. with nothing else to do with his life, and owning a special compass, He decides to explore the mysterious dungeons created by all the displaced before him and maybe get some cool gear and powers along the way.

(Note: This is an RGRE/ Displaced fic so if you don't like either of those things then turn back and find something else to read otherwise get ready to strap in and enjoy a crazy ride.)

(Note 2: This story is slightly based off of another writers story that goes by the title of RGRE: Anon dungeon crawler but with my own twists>)

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Spirit Of Love: Dark Sunset II

Fluttershy receives a letter from Sunset two months after she commited suicide. Who will she turn to for support?

Made the Popular Stories list from 11/22/17 until 11/23/17.

This is the final installment in this mini-series.

Cover art by Celestial-FX

Chapters (2)

In an alternate universe two worlds collide, one filled with peace loving ponies and the other filled with war like humans. How will these creatures learn to coexist.

The year is 2056, and the Third World War is at its height, only two Empires exist The United Imperial States of America and The Second Soviet Empire. A U.I.S.A scientist by the name of Richard Smith has found a way to enlarge a wormhole to the size in which even the Cleveland-class aircraft carrier can easily fit through, and these ships are huge as they are one mile long by a quarter of a mile wide and a quarter of a mile tall. Something goes horribly wrong and the wormhole grows to the size of the world and teleports all the continents of Earth to Equis, well all except one Antarctica. Humans have been present in Equestria, but as slaves. Soon The Fisrt Multiverse war is underway, can the U.I.S.A and the S.S.E join forces to fight a common enemy, the Equestrians.

Chapters (1)

When Dr. Fluttershy waters a strange plant,something happens that she hadn't planned for.

My first story on here. Don't expect it to be updated soon.

Chapters (2)

King Sombra has finally won. He beat both Princesses Celestia and Luna; and the heroes. Now ruling over Equestria with an iron hoof, the hero age ends. Twilight and Spike do everything in their power to bring back Spider-Mane, but will Peter let him loose again?!

Chapters (4)
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