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Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy have been great friends for a while now. When they are alone, it gets awkward. Pinkie Pie realizes that she may like Fluttershy. She has to find a way to win her heart.

She manages to convince Fluttershy to go on a date with her. But will she realize that she may like Pinkie Pie too?

Chapters (2)

Peter Parker finds himself in an unfamiliar world after dozing off on a rooftop and must adapt to a new world, new surroundings and new threats!

I know this one is very similar in terms of grammar and writing to my (now removed) Spider-man in Equestria series on this site, but don't worry! My writing and grammar, as well as Peter's personality, get better halfway through the sequel!

In all honesty, not that proud of this entry in the trilogy.

Chapters (9)

Starlight shares the Our Town gospel with a disinterested Maud, only to get pushy when things don't go her way.

My own attempt at answering a question that Maud's and Starlight's first meeting raised: Why in blue blazes didn't Starlight try to recruit Maud to Our Town?

...Which is a thought that I, apparently, am not the first one to have had. Heh.

Chapters (1)

The first time Maud meets Trixie, she thinks she's an egotistical narcissist, and Trixie thinks Maud's an emotionless robot with no worries. Funny how first impressions change...

A romance told in snippets with frequent time skips and written for Jake's Horse Words Extravaganza: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/212414/jake-the-army-guys-horse-words-extravaganza

Chapters (1)

The Gala is on it's way here and there is one mare that you want to spend it with but how will she feel after you've expressed your feelings toward her?

This is my first fanfic and be weary that there may be a few grammar mistakes. Just look past them and I promise that you will be satisfied.

Chapters (4)
This story is a sequel to Cutiemark Crisis

After school let's out and Meadow settles into the orphanage again. Soon after she meets a nice mare that she's starts to think as a sister.

Chapters (2)

Something silly created by Allykitty and Blackwater.

Alternate realities mix at Hello Tropics as one pair of Shimmers meets another. The double couple works out the collision of realities and different paths their lives took as they take to the beach and the all-too-familiar island getaway they've all enjoyed over the years.

Meanwhile, children of both pairs get to know each other and share their enjoyment of their childhood paradise. No holds barred!

Chapters (2)

Following another weekly battle against Dr. Eggman, the mad scientist plots to send his enemies, Team Sonic away so he could turn the Unnamed Village into Eggmanland. Unfortunately, he got caught in its crossfire and is now stuck in this new world.

The Rainbooms were equally surprised to find a group of talking animals during one of their hangouts. With the Magic users curious, they decide to aid Team Sonic for as long as they're there.

But of course, things couldn't be easy. With robots, magic beings, and foes old and new as well as balancing a normal life on top of the chaos that goes with it, perhaps some peace and quiet will do.

Chapters (1)

It's the rule of making MLP fiction, everyone has to do it, even Anti-Bronies like me

Original Publish Date: June 25, 2015

Mykan Stevens (Voiced by me, but NOT AT ALL a real version of me) A young astronaut, while making a solo flight around the Earth, gets sucked into a portal that takes him to the Dimensional Universe where he must cope and live with the ponies, while under extreme suspicion as well as the ponies now face what could be certain danger.

Only Mykan knows the truth of what is happening, but most of the ponies do not believe him and think him a spy.

Will Mykan find a way to convince the ponies, and will he ever be able to return home to Earth?

Chapters (7)

Two weeks before the 1000th Summer Sun Celebration, Moondancer discovers a forgotten spell scrawled across the pages of an ancient book. Casting it threatens to turns her world upside down: faced with glimpses of an Equestria contradicted by historians, she must use all of her intellect to piece together the mystery surrounding Mage Meadowbrook, Princess Celestia, and the mare with the mane of stars—before the project destroys everything she's worked for.

It's a good thing she can rely on Twilight Sparkle for help.

Thematically inspired by, but not a crossover with, the movie of the same name.

Chapters (3)
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