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Dragons have weird customs but who is Twilight to judge? As long as the mess is cleaned up.

Chapters (1)

Join me as Rainbow Dash and I read 'Daring Do and the quest for the sapphire stone'!

Chapters (1)

It's a typical day in Ponyville for you, and you're shopping at the market when you suddenly realize that you've got a booger in your nose, and it's really annoying. Luckily, you've got fingers to deal with that little problem. All you need is to find a private alleyway. . . .

Chapters (1)

Due to an accident, Luna has become Twilight’s adoptive mother. She tries to pay back for what has happened with lessons about magic and creatures that go bump in the night.

Chapters (1)

Old legends speak of a select group of ponies, linked by common ancestry and hidden in plain sight. Where they came from is a tale that dates back to before Nightmare Moon, and has its origins in a war beyond most ponies' comprehension. You've probably seen them without even recognizing them, thanks to their unique magic, but rest assured, they're on your side. They are known as the Order of Gallopfrey.

Quiver Quill and Lyra Heartstrings are among those who know of the myth, but the truth behind it is something they could only dare to imagine. But as time and magic shift around them and all of Equestria is threatened, they find themselves forced to grapple with that old mystery. Fortunately, they won't do so alone, as they find themselves dealing with a mad pony with a big blue box. Get ready, Equestria, because the Doctor is in.

"Doctor Who" and the TARDIS are the property of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). This crossover is in no way authorized by the BBC or any of its associated organizations.

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Friendship is Magic is the animated version of an RPG campaign. These are the original transcripts of that campaign, gathered across multiple sessions.

Do not ask how I obtained them.

Sex tag for some dirty talk/implications.

I hope this is actually somewhat funny.

Chapters (3)

Songbird Serenade is a quiet pony known for her singing skills, but what is she behind closed doors? Other ponies claim that Songbird is just insane, but hides it with her singing.

To investigate these claims, Twilight Sparkle and the gang go speak to Songbird.

What will happen?

Why is Songbird Serenade still so shaken up from Tempest Shadow's almost invasion of Equestria?

What did happen?

This is the untold (non-canon) story after the party.

Chapters (2)

The Doctor Livestreams at the Halloween Gala but Something Dark is inside the doctor and wants to kill him

(Capital words are Glitchs of the master trying to take control)

Chapters (1)

It's been ten years since the Cosmic Beast incident and the reformation of Team Cosmos. Both Symon and Amber have gotten married and gave birth to a son. Now completely grown up. Felix plans to take the island challenge just as his parents did. However when Former Team Cosmos Admin Nova suddenly vanishes, Alola will be driven towards the darkness. A mysterious group called the Ultra Recon Squad has appeared and is researching the mysteries surrounding Alola. Nobody thought much of it at first. But when UB-01 suddenly appears at Aether Paradise, everyone starts having second thoughts. Team Skull is back, three new Ultra Beast has been sighted, Necrozma's sudden hostile nature, and Giovanni's sudden return. Now Felix must fend off his home from the darkness that once threatened Alola. But he's gonna need some help. Specifically from multicolored talking ponies.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Belongs to Game Freak
MLP FIM belongs to Hasbro Studios
Sequel to Pokemon Cosmos
Warning Spoilers

Chapters (1)

Time moves too fast for anypony to stop and think about what their legacy will be. But in those final moments, it seems to slow down just enough for those ponies to wish they had more time to think about the question.

A character study. Thoughts on how you'd write the characters are particularly encouraged for this story.
Proofread by Eloquence.

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