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This story is a sequel to Where's My Daddy?

Ever since Screwball learned that her father may never get out of his stone prison, she never felt whole. Chaos was really the only thing she was good at, until she met Fluttershy, who showed the young chaotic filly a different side to the powers within herself.

Finally feeling normal and safe with Fluttershy and her friends, it all goes wrong when Celestia hears about Screwball being reformed. She now wants Fluttershy to reform Discord as well. Now Screwball has to choose between the power of Chaos or the power of Friendship.

Edited by, TheDizzyDan

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Reformation Buddies

After the Friendship Games, a cold war of academic ideologies has sparked at Crystal Prep Academy. While Dean Cadence pushes for a new student exchange program and a more friendly environment, Principal Cinch is instituting stricter rules and more drastic measures to keep her students in line. There are even rumors of a No Magic rule being enforced, though the details are sketchy. With so many mixed signals being thrown around, no one really knows what's in store for the prestigious institution.

Over at Canterlot High, meanwhile, the Sirens have their own problem. Sunset Shimmer's research has shown that music isn't the only way to tap into the magic of friendship. It comes out when those that wield it are true to themselves. Only problem is none of the Sirens know what that means. This is especially disheartening for Adagio Dazzle, who hasn't even regained her powers at all.

After hearing about Dean Cadence's student-exchange program, Sunset decides that she can help the Sirens and the Shadowbolts in one fell swoop by signing them all up for the program. For one week, she and the Sirens will be attending Crystal Prep, discovering their true selves while unraveling Principal Cinch's draconian schemes. Sounds simple, right?

Well, now add Discord into the mix, along with a dash of distrust from Adagio and just a pinch of the Shadowbolts not exactly being a united force. Yeah, Sunset really has her work cut out for her.

Takes place before Legend of Everfree.

Special thanks to Bookish Delight for inspiration and help with conceptualization.

Cover art provided by the amazingly talented GemiNiah.

Chapters (16)

Shipping is something almost every fan does but it is extremely common in this fandom. So I decided that for my first story I am going to make a series of one-shots each with a different shipping every time. I will write for any couple, though I'm not particularly fond of a few, so feel free to leave suggestions. (I put Spike and Discord tags because they will be coming in later)

Chapters (2)

“At least I’ll be working alone.” Zack thought to himself as he rode the Friendship Express. He was on his way to Canterlot to help the princess set up for the Summer Sun Festival. He has helped build some of the sets before but he doesn’t come every year. Zack thought that this year was going to be as simple as the last year that he came. He had no idea that this year would be very different.

Chapters (1)

A nameless stallion was found injured just outside the Golden Oak Library. Twilight Sparkle stumbled across the stallion and took him inside to heal.

Many days passed as the stallion was laid to rest in the purple unicorns bed, after a bout of amnesia he tries to remember who he is... His memory slowly but surely returns to him during his stay at the Library.

But little do each of them know, they are falling for each other day by day, neither of them realise it, but their friends begin to notice.

Chapters (1)

An excerpt taken from the online blog of Ryan, a trans-species zebra after his visit to the Conversion Bureau. And his own views on the stereotypes, misconceptions, following the reality crash between Earth and Equus, and the release of deadly energy that forced the human race to adapt.

Chapters (1)

In this book I will mostly be following Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Sunset Shimmer.

Rainbow is dealing with the worst traits in her life right now...love and hate. I mean to say that the top athlete at CHS and fully tomboyish girls has a few feelings she can't explain without help. Fluttershy doesn't know, her mother is...um... you know what read the book to find out she is also dealing with something, but that's a topic for next time. Now Applejack is a 'normal' farmer (you know besides magic and all that crap) ,but even the MOST HONEST girl in the school can have some secrets to share or not technically that's her choice. Sunset Shimmer never intended to have a boyfriend again, but when a new guy comes to CHS will the school crumble without the real Sunset. And will these 7 girls actually stick though this challenge together or will they fall apart?

Rated teen because of bad language, mentions of sex, and maybe some sex.


Chapters (9)

The Rainbow Dash they know is brash, confident and loyal, but when they're not in sight, another Rainbow takes control. That other Rainbow isn't all that confident, in fact, she has so less confidence in herself, she kills herself slowly everyday.

Little by little, the toys she plays with nibbles away her will to live along with her life as well until finally, her friends interrupt this routine.

Art does NOT belong to me.

Chapters (1)

Wild Spirit, a colt from Manehattan, was born with a rather unique ability. A defect that allowed him to do something that none of his horn and wing-less peers could.
Use Magic.
A newcomer to the town of Ponyville, Wild Spirit lives day by day with his demons. Not sure of where his life is heading, he settles down hoping to start anew. With Hearth's Warming on the horizon, the time for making friends is nigh. Hopefully, new friends will help when the time comes when he will have to face himself.

Cover Art: By Me
Written: By Me
Edited: By Me

Shoutout to my friend Pageturner-Scribblesheet for all of his input of the story so far

Sex and Gore tags for some mild graphic imagery and sexual themes.

Chapters (4)

Stone Armor, is instructed by his mom to keep a journal, like Twilight and her friends. Instead of writing about life lessons, he writes about his everyday activities.

Chapters (1)
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