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This story is a sequel to Rustic Snuggles

Heading home to Ponyville Castle after a long day of snuggling Applejack at her farm, you are accosted by an adorable little pegasus mare who demands snuggles. When her sister comes home, you find yourself having to snuggle with her, too...
The seventh story in the 'Snuggles' series (it is not necessary to read any of the others in order to enjoy this one!). The others are:
Seraphic Snuggles
Scholarly Snuggles
Prismatic Snuggles
Shadowy Snuggles
Sunlit Snuggles
Direct Sequel to: Rustic Snuggles

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Rebels' Schism

Two more years of fighting Loyalists and freeing their thralls.

The unbreakable Rebel, now the Iron Warlord, is summoned to base and away from the frontline.

To discuss reports and plans with the Rebellion's Founder.

Only for him to get a message from a certain orange Overlord.

Chapters (1)

Episode tag/companion to "Discordant Harmony". Written in second person for some inexplicable reason. In the course of trying to make sure Fluttershy is impressed by his tea party, Discord discovers some things. Some of them are good things. Some of them are very much not.

Chapters (4)

When you yet again find that pony furniture has failed you, something has to be done. You're tired of being uncomfortable, and of having chairs crumble underneath your weight. You decide to take matters into your own hands, and build yourself something to sit in. Now... how exactly does one build a chair, anyway?

This is a dumb story. It is short, and stupid, and really dumb. It's got a few gross sentences too. Hopefully it'll make you laugh a little anyway.

Chapters (1)

Glassy Amber, unicorn mare, married to Bally Hoops, pegasus stallion.
Mother and father of Curly Emerald, unicorn, Basket Coco, unicorn, and their newly birthed foal, Sketchy Clouds, pegasus.

'Everyone would say that I can't do it, saying I couldn't do the impossible. I was just I mere "blank flank". Yet I tried, several times. And look where it got me. This is the journal, of Sketchy Clouds.' -Sketchy Clouds.

* * *

Cover Art by Multiversecruise.

Additional tags: Fluttershy


Chapters (2)

You, a human, found yourself in one of the most unexpected places to be in, Equestria. While many would love the opportunity, you actually want to get back home to your world. Wither you find this to be a gift or a curse is beside the point as you are only given 24 hours to live in this world before returning home.

However, there is a way you can stay permanently; you'll have to make a friend. The downside is that for every friend you make, you'll become a little bit more like a pony.

So the question is; do you accept others and slowly lose your human identity, or will you retain your features by pushing others away?

A 'choose your own adventure' story that is influenced by 'Undertale'. You wont see any of the game characters, but you'll get a vague sense of the game by similar elements; like the branching routes. Each character you'll encounter will have a 'battle' style similar to a text based game (Quiz, Puzzle, ect).

This is meant to be read in one sitting, so make sure you have some free time before reading.

You better be friendly, otherwise.... you're gonna have a bad time.

Chapters (197)

Spaghetti and Fillies is a multi-chapter work that began in the RGRE general of /mlp/ and has since begun to be remolded for the fine folks on FimFiction. While the story continues over several 'episodes' where the focus changes slightly and more characters are added, the overarching theme and tone remain the same: a lighthearted story in which a troubled farm-filly emerging into adolescence deals with the problems and societal pressures associated with such a time. In true /mlp/ fashion, many of her triumphs and failures will center around the human character Anonymous, as well as the various other RGRE counterparts for characters present in the show.

Though there isn't and likely never will be any real sexual content in this story, there will be allusions, crass language, and much, much spaghetti spraying - the latter of which only gets worse as the story goes on.

You have been warned.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Raven Hollow

You have managed to escape the dangers of Raven Hollow, but the experience is still haunting your nightmares. Nonetheless, you're trying to resume your normal duties as a private detective in Chicoltgo.
Then a young heiress hires you to help find her brother and a family inheritance hiding behind a trail of puzzles her ancestors have built. Your adeptness at solving puzzles makes you perfect for the job, but memories of Raven Hollow haunt you as you work, and this case will prove to be more dangerous than you were aware...

This story is the continuation of the Raven Hollow saga started by PonyJosiah13, a series of second-person puzzle adventures. This entry in the series is inspired by the computer game Nancy Drew and the Curse of Blackmoor Manor by Her Interactive.

Chapters (12)

The story about a small Pegasus mare named Flutterlina who travels a large world in search of her happiness.

Chapters (5)

Cover Art belongs to https://sushiihamster.deviantart.com

The duty of a King is to be there for his subjects. To guide, and rule them with fairness, and compassion. To lead them into a bright, and beautiful future in peace and prosperity. He must care for them as if they were his own, and protect them with his life. Those are the qualities of a pure king. But there are a few exceptions to this principle: and that is King Sombra. The nefarious unicorn who fell to the dark powers, and became an evil despot who conquered the Crystal Empire, and enslaved the ponies who lived there, before his 1000 year imprisonment in the Frozen North. His return 1000 years later may have brought about a second reign of hate and fear, with his slaves trapped in his iron grip for all time. That is, were it not for the efforts of eight ponies, and a small baby dragon who brought back the Crystal Heart, and used the power of Love inside to restore the empire, and vanquish the evil king once, and for all.

But this was not the end of the story itself.

The duties of a prince is to his people. To guide, and rule his subjects with fairness, and compassion. To treat them as his own, and protect them with his own life. And Prince Shining Armor, husband to Princess Cadance, and Former Captain of the Guard, is a pony who would give his life to protect everyone: whether it's his own family, the princesses themselves, AND his newfound subjects. While he still isn't quite sure about his place as a Prince, he is as sure as he can be that his place remains with his beloved wife.

But now that love must be put to the test. Ever since Cadance, and his sister found the secret study of King Sombra, something strange has been happening with Shining Armor. He feels.........unsafe at times. As if something were always following him. And he swears he hears a voice in his head. Worse still are these compulsions which threatens to take him over. What could this all mean? Is Shining Armor perhaps suffering from the strains of the recent events in his life? Or is something else at work here? Something insidious, and dark. Something which seeks to use him in order to see its return to power. The only question remaining is this:

Can Shining Armor stand against this evil? Or will he succumb to the Darkness within>

Chapters (8)
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