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A nameless stallion was found injured just outside the Golden Oak Library. Twilight Sparkle stumbled across the stallion and took him inside to heal.

Many days passed as the stallion was laid to rest in the purple unicorns bed, after a bout of amnesia he tries to remember who he is... His memory slowly but surely returns to him during his stay at the Library.

But little do each of them know, they are falling for each other day by day, neither of them realise it, but their friends begin to notice.

Chapters (1)

In this book I will mostly be following Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Sunset Shimmer.

Rainbow is dealing with the worst traits in her life right now...love and hate. I mean to say that the top athlete at CHS and fully tomboyish girls has a few feelings she can't explain without help. Fluttershy doesn't know, her mother is...um... you know what read the book to find out she is also dealing with something, but that's a topic for next time. Now Applejack is a 'normal' farmer (you know besides magic and all that crap) ,but even the MOST HONEST girl in the school can have some secrets to share or not technically that's her choice. Sunset Shimmer never intended to have a boyfriend again, but when a new guy comes to CHS will the school crumble without the real Sunset. And will these 7 girls actually stick though this challenge together or will they fall apart?

Rated teen because of bad language, mentions of sex, and maybe some sex.


Chapters (9)
This story is a sequel to Spiders and Magic: Dimensional Crisis

Slice of life spin-off. Spiders and Magic started by Maximus_Reborn

A week passed since the Legion of Doom had been defeated, the rifts across Equestria, the Marvel Earth and the DC Earth are open for a while still. This meant that for the time being, Equestria's connection to the two worlds are still around.

Now, in a time of peace, Peter Parker, Twilight Sparkle, and the heroes of three worlds can relax, but that doesn't mean everything's perfect.

Cover art by ameliacostanza

Chapters (6)

Rather than throwing her own New Year's party, Pinkie Pie decides to attend one already being thrown. She goes with all of her friends, only to discover that one of her old friends is hosting it.

And he seems to be coming onto Pinkie...

Gift for Summer Dancer

Cover Source

Chapters (1)

A year after the first Hearth's Warming, unification hasn't gone as smoothly as ponies would have hoped. Old grudges and hostilities flare up despite the best efforts from their leaders. By the time the second Hearth's Warming has come around, cold, bitter feelings claw once more at Princess Platinum's heart.

Things take a turn for the weirder when she finds a tree in her living room and Commander Hurricane in her kitchen. He promises that there's a simple explanation for everything.

The only catch is that the 'explanation' will take all night. Generous though she may be, Platinum can settle for two hours.

The clock is ticking, Hurricane.

Written as a Christmas present for Fahrenheit, posted now after giving time for Farrie to savour it first.

Cover art by Rossby Waves.
Preread by Carabutt.

Chapters (2)

A colt with an ancient family curse, a unicorn with years of monster hunting expertise, and one simple family of Apples. What do they all have in common? This story.

*Now, the other tag is there because I have no idea about who is and who isn't going to be in this story. And because I get the idea that people will ask:
Yes, a lycan is essentially a werewolf. These are the reasons why I dodnt use the term werewolf in the story. First, a lycan operates under different rules than a typical werewolf (the rules of which will be explained in the story). Second, werewolf means man-wolf, a pony-wolf would be Equuswolf (which Auto-correct hates). Third, Lycan just sounds a whole lot cooler than werewolf.

Chapters (2)

Canterlot Boarding School houses many great students as well as teachers. Only the elite are excepted, and only the elite can learn the hidden magic of the old school. But seven of those students learn more than is presented, as well of a looming threat, that risks the safety of the school, as well as the entire world. They are also presented with many challenges, new love, old love, a never ending battle against the dark. Can they do it? Or will they crack under the pressure?

Chapters (5)

"Backstage Affair" has gotten a sequel! Check out "Centre Stage Romance" here!

It could have been a normal evening for Twilight. Hanging out with her student, experimenting with magic, trying to fix the map... Thanks to Pinkie, it wasn't.
Now she was here in Manehattan, at night, and to keep the crazy, pink mare at hoof's length, she had no choice than to hunt after an obscure destiny that was supposed to change her life... Something she did not believe in the slightest.
That her life would get turned upside down by a random visit of Manehattan at night was just completely absurd, that's something Twilight was sure about...

Short Twinyl shipfic, commissioned by Rubahhitam for winning the fourth Cutie Mark(ed) Crusaders fic contest. Set after the events of "The Saddle Row Review" and a few days before the events of "Spice Up Your Life".

Cover picture was drawn by MrSpanners on Deviantart.

Chapters (1)

Kiera has paid off not only her medical bills, but also the cost of the star-ship she is installed in: the ship that is part of her, that is her body. She found a brawn (a mobile partner) to suit her in Dustin y Neil, and was more than happy to bring on their partner, Belay. Sadly the brawns' romantic relationship was not destined to last, but that didn't stop them from staying friends and working with Kiera.

This story is a crossover with Anne McCaffrey's FSP universe, and in particular a Brain & Brawn ship combo in the Exploration and Evaluation corps. I know I walk in the footsteps of a giant, I humbly beg you to forgive me my mistakes.

Encountering a strange planet, they discover sentient creatures living on it, and are ready to flag it to be left alone (until the species present gain space flight, of course). When their ship is pulled out of orbit, their dreams invaded by a dark pony-creature that wants to meet them, their plans are changed.

We join our brawns waiting in line to see the "princess," and ask her to restore their humanity and let them go. Oh, and their genders being fixed would be nice, too!

This will be a monthly commission, funded by patreon.

Chapters (7)

With shattered elements and hope, Twilight Sparkle is caught with an unknown ailment while she embarks on a quest to return the sun. The "hallucination" Discord has come to taunt her efforts, never resting and always close to her side. Friends enslaved, one Princess killed and the other banished, Twilight's search takes an unexpected turn as her mind ebbs away into darkness. Equestria's only light in the dark could be Discord saving the mare before she's corrupted for good. But as more information on Discord's history with the two sisters is revealed, questions arise about the credibility of her former leader Celestia and the intentions behind imprisoning Discord and Nightmare Moon, and what the true answer to saving her world could be.
Perfection came at a cost.

Chapters (2)
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