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Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom is a ruthless, certified insane psychopathic criminal mastermind. In his most ambitious escape attempt yet, he hijacked a prison plane with the aid of several like-minded convicts. What happens when Cyrus winds up in Equestria in a certain pegasus' cottage?

A crossover with the 1997 action film Con Air, so potential spoilers if you haven't seen the movie.
Cover art is my cheap attempt at Photoshop.

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle was granted a Royal Library as part of the castle in which she is residing, as Princess of Friendship. If her old library was good for the small village of Ponyville, the new library is graced with numerous and highly priced and valuable books, both great and small.

Pinkie Pie found joy in the value hidden within the still small library from the first day. She is regularly coming back, in search of books of direct interest, or randomly going through the books before her.

Pinkie Pie is found incapable of forgetting even the smallest detail, and having direct access to the wealth of knowledge she has been gathering: even if she had managed to forget her very own birthday, or other details of no humorous value.

As a Princess, Twilight Sparkle is holding on to books of value, books of great power in magic hidden among them. What happens, when the pink mare stumbles upon the dangerous material contained within these ancient tomes?

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A Human turned pony hybrid finds himself in Equestria, when he sees what Discord's doing to the world he realises that the world is now like a cartoon. Taking that logic a step further, if the 'Normal' rules of Magic and Science don't apply, then could anyone shape the world to their Will, seeing as the rules that would normally stop them aren't working.

After a quick experiment, the Human seeks the assistance of the one pony with experience in shaping the fabric of reality, Princess Luna.

Together they conspire to derail Discord's plans.

Chapters (3)

Twilight Sparkle has a version of herself in the human world. Her friends have human versions of themselves. What about Sunset Shimmer?

Chapters (1)

Loves ’em to bits. Much to Sunset’s chagrin.

Based off the tag by the same name on derpibooru. Tag filled with mostly suggestive - but infinitely hilarious - images.

Browser discretion is advised.

Will update as free time and inspiration dictate.

Chapters (6)

Let me start, none of the chapters are connected to one another, unless specifically stated as such. Each chapter is its own self-contained story. This is just a way for me to test out story ideas without having to make an entirely new story just to test them out. At the beginning of each chapter, I'll state what tags would be in that story. If you liked or disliked a chapter, please please please state which chapter. If you want me to continue a chapter, tell me in the comment and if enough people are interested, I'll turn that chapter into its own story. But if you don't want to read anything like that, well this is still a bunch of random story ideas, so there's bound to be something in here that'll make it worth a 10-minute read.

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Two YouTubers named McJuggerNuggets and BigBrudda, also known as Jesse Ridgway and J.T. Ridgway go into Equestria and help Princess Cadence give birth to Flurry Heart.

Chapters (3)

Spike is a dragon, currently in the height of his youth. He lives with a princess, works with the love of his life, and he couldn't ask for more.
Well, actually, he could. A lot more.
As his life begins to change, Spike finds that everything around him does as well, and he's damn set on finding out a better path to follow.

Chapters (3)
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