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Disclaimer: OC Ponies Ahead
Lady Spearmint, maid and confidante to Princess Luna, may have an unimpressive appearance and stature, but makes up for it with a heavy chip on her shoulder.
As her sister Violetta parties her life away on the other side of the Canterlot life, a new stallion by her side every night, Spearmint does her chores and obeys her superiors, pushing back resentment for the family that cast her and her blank flank out of sight. But her routine life is set on fire when the famed traveling entertainer Cherry Coke, known for her spunk and her well-intentioned plots often gone awry, comes to town to play for the Princesses and their ladies.
Under the watchful eye of Midnight Ebony, a dark and mysterious knight errant she met on the road to Canterlot, Cherry Coke begins to concoct her last, but far from least, escapade.

Chapters (2)

A mysterious ship crash lands in the Everfree Forest, its sole occupant on the brink of death. Managing to survive due to the timely intervention of the benevolent ruler of Equestria, Princess Celestia. The mysterious alien creature is but a precursor to upcoming events, ancient and unearthed revelations from its past that will forever alter the future of Equestria.

Chapters (2)

Luna discovers something hidden from Celestia for twenty years, now, with emotions running high, she enlists the help of the Mane 6... but what seemed to be a single mystery, soon reveals a darker and much more complicated plot that will soon decide the fate of Equestria.

Check out the Empty Room TV Tropes Page (Warning: Spoilers!)

Revised chapters edits and proofing (with many thanks) by: lammy, Trevor, Nick Nack, Fifth Alicorn

Chapters (29)

Our six equine heroes rally together to battle a force the likes of which the Shadowmare Valley has never seen before.

Story was originally published on Equestria Daily on May 21, 2011. It was written by myself for the Equestria Gaming's Crossover contest (and I'm pretty sure I lost).


Chapters (3)

A long-standing dispute between an unwelcome astronomer and the town of Ponyville leads to a very strange series of events.

Chapters (7)

Things have not been going well for Twinkle, newly appointed student of Equestria’s beloved Princess. Not only has her idealised perception of Canterlot appeared to be completely incorrect, but she has also had to endure a devastating combination of illness and loss of control of her magical abilities. Thankfully, the Princess is at hand to distract Twinkle's worries with a tale of the much hated Elements of Harmony, which she claims is designed to teach her the methodology of control. But as the Princesses’ tale continues, it becomes clear that both the true meaning of this story and the Princesses’ intentions for telling the story are far deeper than Twinkle had originally believed...

Chapters (1)

Luna is off in search of a falling star so that her wish of ponies enjoying her beautiful night would come true. However, she never could have imagined the feelings of friendship felt after meeting Rainbow Dash and how the pegasus pony might change her forever.

Chapters (2)

Through the workings of an ancient scroll, the world of ponies is transported to another universe. Will this cold, heartless, and uncaring void be the end of ponies everywhere? For to carve out a place of their own in this new galaxy, what ancient secrets, forbidden practices, and forgotten artifacts must see the light of day and night?

Chapters (5)

The "Great and Powerful" Trixie has headed out to Appleloosa for a new start and a clean slate, but can she really leave behind a lifetime of bragging and showmareship?

Chapters (5)

Set in the far future after Celestia and Luna mysteriously vanished and the sun and moon froze in the sky, Antipodes is the story of two ponies thrust out into the harsh new world on an adventure to uncover what happened to the world so long ago.

Chapters (33)
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