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Cadence is the princess of Love, she has used this power to fend off Equestria from different threats in the past. However when she falls underground into a world of monsters, she must choose to use that power for good or evil. To Fight or to Spare, either way L.O.V.E. will be used as a dangerous weapon or a tool of justice.

Undertale is by Toby Fox
MLP FIM is by Hasbro studios.

Chapters (3)

For over a millennia, the Principality of Equestria has laid dormant, only corresponding with neighbouring nations various times before going back to a state of isolation. However, with Twilight's meteoric rise to power (and fame), the discovery and/or invention of new technology boomed. No longer will Equestria be trapped in a state of stagnation.

Yet, despite all of this, tensions rise all across the world as the Changelings quickly industrialised as well, catching up with the rest of the world. Worried about this new development, the Princesses has issued a state of emergency across the nation, motivating the citizens of Equestria to join its military. Will they be prepared for the Changeling threat -- or will they face a much bigger problem within?

based on the Hearts of Iron IV mod, "Equestria at War".
note: chapter updates will be inconsistent, but i will try to finish them in a week or two.

chapters are now edited by: Massimo

on a hiatus until further notice -- assets are being diverted into other projects

Chapters (2)

A quartet of hunters go looking for wild hogs near Lake Okeechobee, and find a bit more than they bargained for. When Owen Cassidy falls into the lake and vanishes, his brother Trevor unwittingly follows him into Equestria. Separated from his brother, Trevor is forced to trek across an unfamiliar world full of creatures straight out of fantasy and legend.

Meanwhile, the ponies in Appleloosa have been struggling ever since members of their town began to disappear. All contact with nearby Dodge Junction has been lost, and anypony who heads that way doesn't return. Numerous letters have been sent to Canterlot asking for help, but due to the capital city's own problems no aid has been provided. Big Macintosh finds himself visiting the frontier town at the request of his cousin, to lend a helping hand bucking apples. However, due to a chance encounter he finds himself pitted against the very villains behind the kidnappings in the first place.

With fantastic monsters and powerful criminal gangs seemingly around every corner, it seems as though Trevor is in over his head here in Equestria. Armed only with his shotgun and his wits, he has a lot of ground to cover if he wants to find his brother and make it back home.

(Minor Gore Warning. Things get shot and bludgeoned and otherwise violently harmed, but it's not really excessive or anything. You'll probably be okay.)

Chapters (2)

Compass Rose was a navigator- A navigator, explorer, and a loving captain. 3 moons ago, she requested permission from the ruling monarch for an exploration mission, hoping to map the west of the Celestial Sea, and be the first to return from an expedition into the unknown oceans...

...This, however, would prove to never happen, as she left the friendly griffons, passed Bugbear Territory, and neared The Unexplored Oceans

Cover art by me, MLPCreationist!

Chapters (1)

It's on shelves now! Coming this summer...

Daring Do's latest novel has an almost improvisational tone.

A short, silly story in The Sisters Doo universe.

Chapters (1)

RIck and Button do related things mixed with Rick and Morty and Button Mash.

Chapters (5)

Not every story is told from this world. There are more stories to be told, more tales, and more friendships to encounter.

A collection of tales, adventure in nature not dissimilar to Friendship Tales, Crossover Tales focuses on a series of stories of different encounters throughout the 6 years of this story's progression. This is but a glimpse into those stories.

Equestria Girls Heisei Generations
Crossover Tales

Equestria Girls x Other Series

Chapters (2)

Twilight Sparkle takes a trip down a river.

Inspired by the music of case/lang/veirs
Cover art by Hioshiru

Minor spoilers detected in the comments. Tread lightly.

Chapters (1)

After Anon-a-Miss had turned Sunset's life a huge wreck, she feels like she has nothing and that the world would be better off if she was dead. However, she catches the attention of an old sensei, who takes her in. There she meets 5 other youths who went through her situation. Now she and her new friends will learn martial arts and a type of transformation called "Animode" which gives the user animal features of their spirit animal and taking out shadow creatures. All while living her life with her new pack of friends and rocking out in tournaments. I HOPE YOU ARE READY, SUNNY...


PS: Heads up. If you think there will be forgiveness... Forget It! No flmending of broken bonds here matey!

Chapters (1)

Strange and horrifying dreams haunt Equestria's nights, and Luna is at a loss. And then the past rears its ugly head, only to bring far graver news.

Luna must confront her past and come to terms with all she is and all she once was, so that she may stand a chance against a new and terrifying threat that may just break Equestria. But can she come to terms with her own hated horrors before the land falls to madness and ashes?

Chapters (3)
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