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Night Shadow a mare raised by wolves that was abandoned in the everfree at birth finds her true calling as a dreamwalker. This is a secret organisation under the duristiction of the Princess of the night. Her role is to keep the nightmares at bay with other ponies like herself but together they will find and Learn life changing secrets for better or worse.

This story is based of an rp so the other individual who gave me inspiration is called frogmyre please go check him out as well thanks

Chapters (4)

After 1000 years of sleep, Epic Bass awakens to meet the mane 6, and become friends with them. But Epic's revival is not all fun and games. His return also means the return of an old enemy, Flaring Flame, who will stop at nothing to defeat Epic Bass, and restore Nightmare Moon to power!!! Can Epic and the mane 6 defeat this terrible enemy? Will the Elements of Harmony, and friendship be enough? Or will this horrible foe succeed in his plans, and help Nightmare Moon return to seize Equestria?

The Story is not complete, and the full version may or may not have an upped rating, due to the fact that I do intend this for older teens...and there is a romance portion of this story. I hope you enjoy. Tell me if you want more. It may take me a while to post more of this story, due to the fact that I have very little time on my hands at the moment. At the time that I posted this, I actually was halfway through another chapter. I want to try and get permission from Hasbro and Lauren Faust to ACTUALLY publish this story as a book. Though, it is highly unlikely that will happen.

Chapters (3)

After the defeat of Abyss, the god cards rebooted the universe in gratitude to the actions of Burst and his friends. But the only drawback was that they would have no memory of their adventures or each other. Now the story begins again, but will things play out the same way? Only one way to find out! ROCK THE DRAGON!

Burst Stream, Inferno Flare, and Steel Edge are all owned by me.
Arctic Ace, Dark Ice, Shadow Thunder, Venus Bloomer, and Night Fang are all owned by MLPFan1
Golden Rise is owned by goldenrise365

Chapters (32)

Getting sucked into a land of talking ponies was the last thing Ethan expected...or wanted. Now faced with the task of trying to fit in, difficult questions will arise. Where am I? How can I get home? And did I leave the oven on...

Meanwhile, the mane six are preparing for the Summer Sun Celebration when a mysterious pony appears claiming to be from another world. Is he crazy or is there something big going on? What will happen to the land of Equestria? (Not a crossover)

Chapters (6)

Steven is a very abnormal teenager with something akin to bipolarity. Not to mention: he has been bored with just about everything in life. One of the few things he still finds pleasure in is running. It's on one of these runs that he finally gets the chance to have a grand adventure. He ends up in Equestria, but something strange and unexpected happens.
He gets two separate bodies to use with his one mind.

There will be a lot of slice-of-life at first. This site just doesn't allow that tag to be paired with the adventure tag.

Chapters (3)

Decades after the banishment of Nightmare Moon Equestria is experiencing it's darkest days. The kingdom is torn by war in the west and civil unrest throughout it's lands. In these times the criminals of Equestria are flourishing.

And who would believe that the fate of all Equestria would be decided by a lone thief?

Silver Heart doesn't care about politics. She is only interested in bits, but all this changes when a job gone wrong sets her on a collision course with her destiny.

Chapters (11)

Wow, I can't believe I get to go to Equestria. This is great. Oh, My name is Eddie. But you can call me Razor. I'm an Argonian What's a Argonain? Well, Argonians are bipedal lizard like creatures that can breath underwater and are immune to poison. I was sent here by Princess Luna to warn the ponies about Queen Chrysalis' return, but first I got some exploring to do.

This story is set in The Chess Games of The Gods and this is non-canon. This also gonna have a few what if's in this story so look out for those.

Note: I changed the tag to comedy because everyone needs a laugh every now and then as well as changing it to human because he's gonna mention humans and will have flashbacks about himself as a human.

I changed the tag from Crossover to Anthro because, Argonains are bipedal lizards.

Chapters (11)

This story is a sequel to The Little Pony Legend 4: Balance of the Heart

7 years has passed since the Day of the Sirens and peace has once again returned to the unified worlds. But even with peace, the team misses the old days of saving the world. But an ancient evil has returned and vows to snuff out the light for good. Now the Team, along with some new allies, must stop this new threat before its too late while along the way, uncovering secrets from a dark past.
Sequel to The Little Pony Legend Series by MaggiesHeartLove

*besides the original one on Fanfiction.net this version will be the definitive version of SOR.*

Chapters (16)

Big Mac is a decent and dependable stallion with a simple take on life. All he wants is to earn an honest way through life and provide as best he can for those he cares about.
What happens when debt and duty force him to venture outside of this life however? Will he handle it? Or will it drive him too far? More importantly, how much will he have to change in order to address it?

Chapters (3)

Everypony has secrets. Some are big, some are small. Shadow's secret is a big one. When his secret is discovered, the young colt is forced to run for his life and quickly finds himself simply trying to survive in a land that he has only ever heard about in rumors and history class, a land ruled by an iron-hoofed tyrant: Equestria.

Chapters (12)
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