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This story is a sequel to The Guardian From Afar 3: Return to Earth

William Ross has come a long way to get to his current position: Loving father, and caring boyfriend. His new friends Luke and James now live in Equestria as well, and also want to have interesting lives. With separate goals in mind, how far will the humans go to achieve them? Only one way to find out.

Chapters (1)

Sunset knows that Twilight is still new to this whole friendship thing, but when the girls decide to invite her to a party to help loosen her up she decides to tag along to look out for her. But what if Twilight see this as something more than simply friendship?

Thanks to my Editor Shrink Laureate

Chapters (1)

Some time has passed since the end of the Friendship Games, and Twilight Sparkle is still adjusting, but it's nothing that Sunset can't help her with. However, something seems off when Twilight starts to have dreams. Dreams of a library with infinite books, and of a masked warrior who fought against monsters.

It is soon revealed that these were not dreams but premonitions, the power of the Earth has give birth to the creations known as Gaia Memories, and in order stop those who would use their power to hurt others, Sunset and Twilight will have to work together to stop it. With knowledge in hand, Twilight will equip Sunset with the tools needed to fight this menace, Sunset Shimmer will become Kamen Rider Unicorn!

"Time to restore harmony!"


This is a crossover of the Japanese Tokukatsu type TV series, Kamen Rider W

Chapters (4)

Cumulus is 18 years old. Cumulus and her aunts go to a hotel in Manhattan and there Cumulus meets a young boy who's going by the name Nick. Cumulus falling in love with Nick
This is the sequel to Cumulus.

Chapters (1)

Sauron the dark lord of mordor the one thath serves Morgoth and did command some Balrogs to help him in his conquest arrives in equestria.We all know how it happend sauron gets defeated and all of his domain goes to ash and anarchy eh? But as a ruler he has some skill that can help the princesses in ruling.But is this the only thing thath he arrived here? No sauron start's to feel emotion he though he would never feel becouse of his nature

His powers can create life and kill but in the books or films they ware not described very well so we need to make sauron a little bit more powerful and use our imagination and get him some new tricks.Tolkien didn't wan't to use sorcery but here in equestria sauron will show them thath the power of the ring could not be undone and the damage thath he will do and things he will forge will last so long until someone doesn't destroy them

Sauron awakes with his armor and ring and mace,in other words he is the sauron before he got his ring cut off by Isildur.And now he has his full power to show of and maybe just maybe do some fun with the girls...But first destination is the Crystal empire

(Timeline is 14 years after flurry heart birth)

A\N: I do not own sauron from LOTR or MLP they belong to their creators.
Shipings: Luna x Sauron(Strong) Celestia x Sauron(Weak) Twilight x Sauron(Weak)
The 'human' tag is here becouse Sauron looks like a elf in a way so he is humanoid and if he want's why not change himself into one for better relations

Chapters (2)

Celestia and Luna discuss something that's been on the former's mind ever since Luna returned. Something in her mind even during her sister's lenghty banishment:

The taboo love they share going back 1,000 years ago.

Will they continue their relationship or set it aside?

Rated T for softcore Princest and slight implicit sex, nothing explicit shown.

Chapters (1)

This is my first try at a My Little Pony fanfiction. There contains ABDL content and light sexual content. The story is of Rainbow Dash becoming comfortable with being an ABDL around her friends. This also contains Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash, and a few other shipping's that will be revealed later. If you enjoyed it, please comment to let me know that way I can continue writing it. If you don't want to do that annoying bit of work, a like is also very helpful. Either way, hope you all enjoy it!
-Your's truly,
The New guy: Ironskeleton444

Chapters (1)

Lahaa. Also known as: The Sky-Space. Is what remains of the great planet Equis, after a planet-cracking war between two powers. Now; the survivors of that war live in Lahaa, in the peace and quiet of the Sky-Space.

Well...mostly, according to a young mare earth pony.

Alternate Alternate Universe to one of my own, and my first story to have Anthro ponies. The anthro style is that they are 50/50. With the legs being pony and with the horns, wings and ears, while the rest is human.

Inspired from watching the Divergent and Insurgent movies.

Chapters (2)

Princess Luna rescues Roseluck from her dreams, for the fifty-billionth time.

Unfortunately, even Luna wasn't aware Rose's issues went quite this deep.

My prize-winning entry from Trotcon 2017's Speedfics-R-Us panel. The prompt: write a story involving Princess Luna and Roseluck, located in the Zebralands.

Chapters (2)
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