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Just some super short FlutterDash fics. The first two are just joking about Fluttershy and Rainbow's sex life. The third one involves Scootaloo. And the last one is just a super short story about them snuggling on a couch.The sex tag is for some mild sexual mentions. Nothing explicit happens.

Chapters (1)

The war between the Changelings and the rest of the world ended. Not with a Special Beam Cannon of Rainbows and Tolerance that magically made the Changelings ‘see the light’ like everyone expected, however.

Chrysalis learned the hard way that day that it was a bad idea to try to corner the girls right after they discovered a significant power-up from the Tree of Harmony.

So, sans a significant portion of her army, and after extracting her horn where she had gotten it embedded in Twilight Sparkle’s behemoth of a shiny crystal compensation device. Chrysalis did the only thing she could think of that could save her remaining changelings.

She surrendered.

Acclimatizing to their new world order is certainly going to be fun.

Rated Teen for safety's sake and sex tag mostly for allusions that will happen later on. The artwork is mine, link to my DA is on the piece if you're inclined to have a gander.

Special thank you to both Justice3442 and Steel Resolve, Justice for helping me with writing and Steel for being kind enough to let me know what 'summary' means. You both rock! :pinkiehappy:

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Twilight Sparkle gathers her friends after receiving a rather distressing letter from her mentor, Princess Celestia. She's not happy about the contents, at all.

It seems her friends all went on some magical adventure without her. And now they're all in a lot of trouble.

Sex tag and Teen rating for some crude humor.

Chapters (1)

Dusk Shine wakes one morning thinking that the relationship drama amongst his friends will be his biggest worry for the next few days. He couldn't be more wrong. The capital city has been threatened, his family is in danger, and he's the only one who can do anything about it. There's just one problem: he doesn't even know he's been invited to a wedding.

Between old friends he no longer remembers, new friends he hasn't met yet, and a few people who wouldn't exactly say they were friends but he meets anyways, Dusk will have a lot on his plate over the next few days. It's a good thing he won't be facing it alone.


A multi-chaptered trailer of sorts for my upcoming story [Dusk's Dawn], a humanized take on the series. This takes place in the Season 2 finale but with some significant deviation near the end. Twilight has been gender swapped to Dusk, everyone is human (or anthro), Raridash shipping (and breakup), and features cameos from characters such as Flash Sentry, Minuette, Sunburst, and Thorax. Some of the characters will be LGBT, dl;dr. Tagged for allusions to sex and for some intense violence. [will source cover art later]

Chapters (1)

An anthology of short stories and flash fictions. These were generally written for fun or the entertainment of others, and will mostly be shipping because I’m trash like that. A lot of these are based on art or other people’s pony blogs, so context will be provided where needed. And of course, characters will change with each entry (but really, expect it to pretty much always be slice of life romance :twilightblush:)

Note: The ones at the end without real chapter names that are specified as “ideas” aren’t full stories. They’re more like summaries of stories that I haven’t written and don’t really plan to, but they were written in a way to (ideally) still amuse people. Still, you could probably find a better use of your time than to read those, to be honest.

Artwork by Pasu-Chan

Chapters (11)

A powerful magical artifact has been lost in the vastness of interplanar space, and its creator is a bit miffed. The fact that it seems to be damaged probably doesn't have anything to do with it. The fact that he is a literal god, and his power seems to be leaking through it might, though.

The additional fact that the rest of the pantheon has flatly forbidden him to go after it himself out of fear of sparking an interplanar war with whatever local gods rule the area and might sense his presence almost definitely does.

But he knows just the cheeky mortal to send on a retrieval mission.

*Crossover with Norrath, the setting for the EverQuest games (you know, the one that started the whole MMORPG genre?)
*sex tag for innuendo and suggestive jokes only. This story will not result in the clippety-clop of little half-elven hooves galloping around Ponyville. Unless my druid is significantly freakier than I realized...

Chapters (3)


...Every mammal in the known universe has them, it's a fact! You have nipples, I have nipples, we all have nipples. It is common knowledge and it's usually not a big deal. But when a nefarious leprechaun steals your milk missiles and plans to use them for his own depraved (and possibly kinky) purposes, then and only then do things become BIG DEALS!!!

Join Pinkie Pie as she sets out on a wild international-to-interdimentional journey to retrieve her nipplies from the weirdo imp who stole them, while also being in a musical.

(Disclaimer: I own none of the property used and all properties belong to their respective owners)
(The sex tag used to represent lewd humor and adult situations; NO SEX HAPPENS)

Chapters (1)

After a grave offense against Starlight, Trixie is looking at dire consequences for her actions. Trixie never should have used that spell on Starlight. She never should have used the spell at all! In fact, she probably shouldn't have ever learned it, or head of it in the first place for that matter.

The only thing she can hope for is that Starlight will go easy on her after all, they are best friends right?

Sex tag is solely for innuendos.

Thumbnail Images:
Chibi Trixie by Emera33
Vector - Moon by MisterAibo

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This story is a sequel to Unknown soldier

During a double party made by Pinkie Pie, Twilight gets drunk and run away from the party, and Sunset need to stop her girlfriend before she hurts herself.

P.S: It's not necessary read my other fics.

Chapters (1)

Castiel was sitting in Heaven at Humanities beginnings, settlements that soon will become towns, cities. Then, coming from God's sun, flew into his arms a white filly, with horns, wings, with a pink mane and tail. He brought her to God, and he said: "Raise her."

Crowley just fell into Hell, died after his time was up. Starting out as a tortured soul was the easy part, now that he's a demon, the high ups decide to make things harder for him. He must raise a demonic pony.

John Winchester left his boys in the care of fellow Hunter Bobby while on a hunt. It was 1991, early spring, and Sam ran off to explore the woods. Not far from Bobby's backyard, Sam finds a small, blue creature. Experience taught him to usually shoot the strange first, but rather than pulling his gun, he picks it up, realizing it's crying, scared. While his brother, Bobby, and his dad especially were on edge of it, they all soon learned to accept the creature. Not long later, she joins them in the "Family business."

Inspired by the amazing Tatsurou

Chapters (4)
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