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Friendship is Magic is the animated version of an RPG campaign. These are the original transcripts of that campaign, gathered across multiple sessions.

Do not ask how I obtained them.

Sex tag for some dirty talk/implications.

I hope this is actually somewhat funny.

Chapters (2)

Vinyl and Octavia may be total opposites but opposites attract when they like each other. There's one little problem, they are both oblivious to each others feelings for one another. They are afraid of what others might think. They want to be each other without realizing it but yet they don't want to. One day, Vinyl invites Octavia to a nightclub to ask her out. Octavia thinks that Vinyl might ask her out yet she thinks she won't. This is Octavia's first time but so far things go well until Vinyl introduces Octavia to one of friends. When a few misunderstandings occurred, they thought it was too late to tell the other "I love you.".

rated T for mild language and mild sexual content.

This was inspired by the song: Secret Love Song by Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgy7vEje5-w

I do not own the song, the cover art, or My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Chapters (1)

There’s a fisting event happening coming to Ponyville. Spike is excited to attend, Twilight is terrified for his innocence.

Edited by Dreams of Ponies and B_25

"Sex" tag included for reasons.

Featured 11/21/2017~

Chapters (1)

Home Brew was once a simple unicorn from Canterlot, studying magic and working in his family's brewery.

Now, as his former hometown lies in ruins after costly house-to-house combat suffered during the Griffon withdrawal, he arrives on the latest frontline against the Griffon Reich, fresh out of basic training and having never fired a gun against a living target.

He's assigned as a loader to the Party Machine, an M4A3E8 Sherman with a storied past and veteran crew who have fought their way halfway across the world and faced the toughest challenges the Griffons could throw at them.

With the snow beginning to fall, and the Griffons getting more and more desperate, can the five of them survive to see the end of this war?

Part of the World War: Equestria universe, reading the other stories not required.

Chapters (1)

Lyra Heartstrings has been obsessed with humans ever since she was a little filly and she is striving to find a way to get to a human world to experience that alien world for herself. Her friends are worried about her behavior, especially her marefriend Bon-Bon; they have been witnessing her experiments which they are concerned that one of those would hurt somepony someday.

One day, Lyra heard a rumor that Twilight Sparkle has a portal that leads to the Human World and it mirrors Equestria and the inhabitants. She was thrilled to go there to start her new life but she is afraid that her marefriend would persuade her to not go or destroy that portal.

Instead, Lyra got herself kicked out of her own home after an experiment gone wrong. She wrote a letter to Bon-Bon saying that she will be leaving Ponyville forever and find a new home somewhere in Equestria, but in actuality, she was going towards the portal.

After Lyra found a chance to get into the portal, she was teleported to the world she desired for so long. However, when she got there she was immediately greeted by a crying human girl who said: “I thought you died…”

The first thought that Lyra thought of was “What just happened?”.

Let see where this story goes. Shall we?

(I put the Sex tag for there will be some swearing, sexual innuendo, etc.)

Chapters (3)

Orion, an orphaned young teen from Earth had attempted suicide by downing a bottle of bleach, but... survived? Well, he did and didn't. He did die, but he was revived into a different world.(Yes, it's one of those stories) Confused and dazed, he soon finds himself awake in the hospital. After explaining to Nurse Redheart what's happened to him, she finds it hard to believe, but she believes him nonetheless. She adopts him, and registers him into Canterlot High School.

Orion has to get used to live in this new world, and meet friends, along with a few enemies. Still trying to cope with his depression, new enemies is the last thing he needs...

Chapters (2)

Diplomacy amongst nations should be done by highly skilled and intelligent people that have had significant training. In fact, any kind of public spokesperson should be overly qualified before they step out into a spotlight.

Lyra is not particularly skilled. She also has absolutely no training. But, unfortunately for Equestria, that isn't going to stop her.

Artists is Hidden-Cat if anyone wanted to know.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Homework is a Real Kick in the Dick

Having added new features to her Beanis Brand Sexual Aid and Information Injector, Twilight Sparkle decides she can kill two birds with one stone by combining product testing and researching. However, the data transfer speed is a little underwhelming. Not wanting to spend another long night in the lab, Twilight calls on the aid of her friend, Sunset Shimmer.

Chapters (1)

Balefire bathed the land.

There were, of course, survivors…

The cities were scorched with weapons of untold power, the very land was soaked with poison, but the world was not destroyed, just a way of life. The first deaths numbered in the millions, but the death tool during the next year was even more staggering as ponies struggled to find water, food, and shelter amidst the ruins of the civilization.

In what had once been North Equestria, the survivors fought to prevail in a new age of sickness, balefire, barbarism and desperation. There were days of seemingly endless night, eerily lit by the glow of the pegasi’s cities burning in the sky. And then the sky was closed, blanketed by thick clouds that heralded an endless winter. Fetid swamps infected with magical radiation created new and terrible life forms. Windigo’s storms hurtled across the landscape with enough strength to level entire cities, and when by some freak chance a storm cloud swept in from the sea, it was warped, putrid rain that fell—balefire tainted water that stripped a pony to the bones in seconds of shrieking agony.

In isolated pockets, ponies survived and struggled against terrible odds.

Underground, ponies retreated into the safety of Stables and hoped to outlast the apocalypse.

Chapters (1)

Ever wonder what the characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls do in between seasons or new installments of their shows?

They do what a lot of actors do, they hang out in the green room and talk about potential projects, their careers, and, of course, their fans.

Sex tag added for discussion of sex, not actual sex acts.

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