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In the land of Equestria, everything is peaceful and everybody lives in harmony.

But for good to exist, evil must also exist.

So for a land to be so peaceful, the evil must have been contained, sealed, imprisoned.

Every evil, corrupted, sadistic and damned soul has ended up in this place, and has never escaped

A prison so far in contrast to the rest of Equestria, even the princesses themselves would have trouble surviving the corrupted landscape and evil creatures.


And every prison needs a jailer

So, for when the first time in eons, something escapes from Tartarus, Equestria will bare witness to the song of the jailer, and his foes will tremble when it chimes

So sing praise to the Songbird

For he is the Jailer of the damned

Displaced, tags may change

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Trigger Warning: A displaced fanfiction

A stray bullet, that's all it took for Christopher to get ripped from the life he once knew, and get thrust into a new life as the Big Daddy from Bioshock 2. Upon finding two fillies being chased by a manticore, Christopher was in for the biggest challenge of his new life.


Would you kindly explain how to take care of two alicorns barely in control of their power?

Chapters (1)

In The Early Ages, ponies lived in harmony after the miserable events of The Great Conquest. That was until, Captain Sharp Edge found new land and claimed it his. Debates were made, arguments filled castle halls and war had begun once more. This was deemed The Conquest for Equestria.

Various leaders raided the continent, eager to reveal the contents of the new land. Some were killed attempting to explore but many were dismembered because of the intense battles. Over years of hard fought battles, it finally came to a close when a new princess was born.

Forged weapons, armour and used spells transformed into loving words; friendship, care, hope, as their new ruler came into power in Equestria.

As always, enjoy reading!

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In the jungle, even sleep is not a refuge from the horror of war. A radio operator tries to find something to hold onto while surrounded by nightmares, both real and imagined, and the line between the two is all too blurred. One day, he knows, he'll go home and try to move on. Until then, he keeps the radio on.

CONTENT WARNING: This story contains potential triggers for veterans suffering from PTSD. It is based on the recollections of a dozen veterans I've spoken to over the years, in particular several Vietnam War veterans. The content is disturbing, but necessary to paint an accurate picture of one facet of war.

This story is not intended to be a commentary on the Vietnam War. Rather, it is about a soldier finding something to cling to when surrounded by madness. This describes perhaps a majority of the men who served in that war: good people caught in an impossible situation and just trying to survive. Whatever your opinions on the nature of the conflict are, please be respectful of the veterans in the comment section.

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This story is a sequel to Star Knight and the Nine-Tailed Fox

The kingdom of Tambelon has always been a place full of laugh and hope, until Grogar invaded it and subdue it into the Lord of Chaos' influence. The laugh and hope are replaced by fear and sadness, all to bring back na entity that will bring chaos to the Pony World. With the failure of his last plan with the Eternal Nightmare Curse, the Lord of Chaos resumes the plan. However, the light is approaching to try to end that plan. What is that light? Will the Lord of Chaos be able to cover everything with chaos?

Note: The main focus of this story is based on the season 3 of the series Sailor Moon Crystal.

First story: The Life of a Young Colt
Second story: Twilight and Blue Sword
Third story: The Light Kingdom
Fourth story: The Taking of Tartarus
Fifth story: Star Knight and the Nine-Tailed Fox

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Balefire bathed the land.

There were, of course, survivors…

The cities were scorched with weapons of untold power, the very land was soaked with poison, but the world was not destroyed, just a way of life. The first deaths numbered in the millions, but the death tool during the next year was even more staggering as ponies struggled to find water, food, and shelter amidst the ruins of the civilization.

In what had once been North Equestria, the survivors fought to prevail in a new age of sickness, balefire, barbarism and desperation. There were days of seemingly endless night, eerily lit by the glow of the pegasi’s cities burning in the sky. And then the sky was closed, blanketed by thick clouds that heralded an endless winter. Fetid swamps infected with magical radiation created new and terrible life forms. Windigo’s storms hurtled across the landscape with enough strength to level entire cities, and when by some freak chance a storm cloud swept in from the sea, it was warped, putrid rain that fell—balefire tainted water that stripped a pony to the bones in seconds of shrieking agony.

In isolated pockets, ponies survived and struggled against terrible odds.

Underground, ponies retreated into the safety of Stables and hoped to outlast the apocalypse.

Chapters (1)

[Displaced] When our hero went to a costume party, he never expected to end up in pretty pink pony land as Fairy Tail's most badass fire dragon. After an interesting turn of events, he is now the Red Diamond, the King of the Crystal Empire!

Be ready for humor, fights, and maybe avoiding responsibilities.

[All Fairy Tail characters used are not mine, only the creator's. Please don't hate me...]

Chapters (1)

(11/17/17 Featured!)

The Lone Wanderer.

A young man who has seen so much in so little a time. He was only nineteen when he left his home, vault 101, in search of his missing father. He trekked the Capital Wasteland in search of him, gunning down raiders, super mutants and all other sorts of abominations to finish what his dad has started and bring back life giving water to the Capital Wasteland. Now, two years later, he is thrown into a whole new world to explore. A world where humans are pets and horses can talk.

This is going to be a loooong day.

(I do not own Fallout or MLP)
(Part of the'Your Human and You-Verse')

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A young fox named Equinox runs away from his den and finds a village populated by colorful ponies. However, the fox can use magic and he tries to hide it.

He has no idea what he’s gotten himself into...
(Yes the main character is based off my account, deal with it! Also I’m new to writing so give me feedback please.)

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Jack is scrolling through channels when he sees a new episodes of My Little Pony, he makes a comment about how dumb the villain is and says that he could be a better one, a mysterious woman appears and gives him a challenge, that if he can take over Equestria he wins if he can't then she wins.

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