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This story is a sequel to Sirens' Captive

Surviving his torture and regaining his strength.

The unbreakable rebel brought hope to the people of the Rebellion.

However, will the other rebels follow this hero and his new view against the Sirens?

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The language of bones

Andreah Reigns has no break in-between these cases. As soon as she caught the guard, she had another​ case. But she's being sent to Griffinstone, and the police force is less than helpful. Who's killing the ponies in Griffinstone, and why?

Chapters (1)

After receiving a letter from a colleague describing the discovery of something unimaginable. Star Swirl the Bearded and a handful of specialists travel to the Equestrian Badlands to investigate what could only be an ancient city beneath the depths of Equestria. With only their bright minds and research; the group would descend into the bowls of the ruins to uncover its secrets and horrors.

Chapters (1)

The final battle with the dreaded Old One, Pharaoh 90, ends with the monster dead and Sailor Saturn gone.

But that is not the end of her adventures as she is thrown from her own universe into another, one that is full of technicolor ponies.

Now in Equestria, the Solider of Death and Rebirth becomes one of Equestria's defenders. Yet something may have followed her, something that may end up destroying her new home.

AU of Sailor Moon S

Chapters (1)

This is my first story so I hope all you bronies and pegasisters enjoy it I worked really hard to make this so rate Fairly.
I will also not be able to keep a steady stream of chapters.
This story will be a Kirby and Mlp crossover and in this story Kirby can talk and not just say "poyo" or his name. I DO NOT own any of these characters.
Kirby is owned by Nintendo.
Mlp is owned by Hasbro.
Warning: if you don't like cursing then stop and read something else.
Kirby beaten and broken fled from NME's home base flying through space towards an unknown planet in hopes of finding a new star warrior to train and help in the war between the star warriors and NME. But will the creatures be finds help him or label him as a monster?
Will he find a kaboo on this planet to heal his warp star? How will he live with his past failures and mistakes? Join Kirby as he ventures to Equestria to find The Equestrian Star Warrior.

Chapters (2)

Twilight wakes up in a dark, Stone room. Nothing is in there besides a Lantern, a box and a door. She steps out of the room and sees a long dark hallway, as she keeps going she realizes she's in Some sort of Maze. Where exactly is she? How did she end up here? And most importanly, Is sompony watching her?

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Just Another Victim

Azure Aura, as of yesterday, she was just a normal pony, screwing around with her friends. Next thing she knows. She's bitten and turned into a pony/wolf hybrid Zecora calls a lycan. And now, she has a choice. Give up her lycan friends and run away to her pony ones. Or stay with the lycans, and become a part of the battle against the Vampires. Will she become part of Just Another War?

Chapters (1)

After Starlight Glimmer's misadventure beyond the Magic Mirror, Twilight Sparkle creates an artifact that will allow its wearer to travel between planes of existence without allowing excess magic to leak from one world to another and upsetting the delicate balance of worlds.

In doing so, however, she soon discovers more about herself and the spark that awakened the Element of Magic than she could have ever anticipated, and learns of a secret that Celestia had been keeping from her all her life.

Stranded in the world-spanning city of Ravnica, Twilight Sparkle must now seek to understand herself and the strange new plane of existence she's found herself in, and come to terms with her own role in Equestria and the Multiverse.

A Magic: the Gathering crossover. Cover art by Beavernator on DeviantArt.

Chapters (2)

We all have something special within us. A gift given to show us who we really are, but that depends on the kind of gift we receive. You, a senior at CHS, walk on the Earth, hiding your true power. Power with such dark energy knowing that if left unchecked, you will be the complete abomination. If you lose control, your very existence is the extinction of all. You know that dark arts can be nothing more than pure arcane and destruction, but you know deep inside that it can be used for other purposes like helping others with it.

Dark magic for good? You think of it as highly unlikely.

One day, you realized that any gift given can be used for good. Soon, you meet a mysterious person in alleyway, telling you that the world is destined to fall into the hands of a dark entity who escaped from a temple. He says that there are others like him, hiding from plain sight as they wait for the 'DAY'. Unbeknownst to you, a chance of redemption was offered and you decided to join and show that your gift is not a mistake.

Not to mention, you meet a group of girls at Canterlot High who were quite well known and they seem to grow in suspicion of you. Because of their curiosity, they will soon know the dark truth. Now you, your mystery friend with the others and a bunch of girls will be facing the greatest challenge no one is ever dared to face. This is your chance to prove yourself... but the question is:

Will you and your friends be able to pull this off or will everyone fall to their demise?

*Set after the events of Camp Everfree.

Chapters (1)

It is the dawn of Nightmare's Moon return: Twilight and her new friends are marching to the Ancient Castle of the Two Sisters and the elements of harmony await their arrival. And with the awakening of the elements, thus will begin a new era: an era where strife, chaos, and disharmony will reign as every form of evil and darkness from ancient times and new threaten Equestria once more.

And despite her best actions, Celestia is still unsure of victory. Desperate for her sister's return and the future of her kingdom, she pleas to the Tree of Harmony itself for help. For something to protect her ponies during this era.

And to everyone's surprise, the tree grants her wish, and summons a champion from another realm: a mighty, battle-ready purple dragon with incredible power and a taste for adventure. And through his arrival the world has entered a new age; an age where the corruption and imbalance of this world, caused either by chaotic evils or ponies themselves, will be cleansed in Dragon Fire. In order to see ponykind through, Twilight and her friends will need to learn all they can in both the magic of friendship and the power of dragons to join in the adventure to reshape their world.

The New Age of Dragons has begun.
(Dragon-ish Spyro! No pony transformations!)
(Rated Teen for: Intense Fantasy/Creature Violence/Gore, Language, and Possible Sexual Content.)
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (c) Hasbro
Spyro the Dragon (Original Series) (c) Insomniac Game Studios
Legend of Spyro (Legend Series) (c) Krome Studios

Chapters (1)
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