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Discord says goodbye to his dearest friend and reminisces about the life that he's lived; feeling repent towards most of it.

But he knows that he can finally disappear, without regretting the draconequus he left as.

Chapters (1)

Luna and Celestia have invited Twilight to canterlot. Twilight believes that the reason is important but soon finds out that the reason could be much more diary.

Ps: if you have any suggestions please let me know I am still young and do not know a lot about good story writing.

Chapters (1)

Trigger Warning: A displaced fanfiction

A stray bullet, that's all it took for Christopher to get ripped from the life he once knew, and get thrust into a new life as the Big Daddy from Bioshock 2. Upon finding two fillies being chased by a manticore, Christopher was in for the biggest challenge of his new life.


Would you kindly explain how to take care of two alicorns barely in control of their power?

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to A New Hero

(Technically, a prequel story-wise)

No matter how bad things got, you were always there by my side. Despite what anyone else said, you were always there to tell me what really mattered. I thought things were bad enough when we came across others who had it better. However, it turns out that you were all I ever really needed. If it wasn't already too late, I'd go back to the life we used to live in a heartbeat.

Chapters (15)

The Multiverse is vast and expansive but someone is destroying them group by group and a certain human is going to be pulled into a problem that has nothing to do with him
or does it?

Implied sexual content
Will have gore in later chapters

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Dark Sunset

How is Fluttershy holding up after Sunset's death?

Made the Popular Stories list on 11/18/17.

Not required but recommended that original be read first.

Chapters (1)

Backstory for Into That Wild Blue Yonder

Yafid started as any of us do; a young child, full of wonder and awe for the world. But like so many children in troubling times, his innocence was ripped away from him, and he found himself on a road to nowhere, full of hardship and suffering until the bitter end.

Chapters (3)

At the beginning of the Civil War, most of heroes of Equestria were forced to fight off Unicornia without Twilight helping them. Throughout the war, each hero has a tale filled with death, tragedy, tyranny, betrayal, and annihilation; some have to fight this civil war alone, while others meet up with allies during this dark, twisted turn of events.

*Takes place before the events in Assassinverse Unicornia: The New Order*

Chapters (3)

I wasn't always a slave. Hell, I wasn't always a outlander. Fate is fickle like that. What's that? Several raiders are coming for me? *Sigh* let's make this quick.

Chapters (3)

It's a normal day at CHS, right? So why is everyone ignoring Sunset Shimmer?

Gore tag for blood

Made the Popular Stories section from 11/14/17 to 11/15/17 (#1 popular story at one point)

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