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This story is a sequel to Farmer vs Murderer

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended for you to read the prequel first before reading this one.

Lumberjack, Applejack's evil counterpart, has been defeated by the one and only Applejack. Now since she's locked up and trapped inside of the mirror prison, she's seeking revenge on Applejack by using a different strategy to take over her body again. Applejack, however, is extremely aware of that emotionally. It's not that she's afraid of her, but she's only afraid of being recovered by her. She's experienced it before and she definitely doesn't want to experience it ever again hopefully for the rest of her life. So if the previous spell doesn't work this time, then how will she keep her off of her body permanently?

Note: This story contains few or several amounts of blood, injuries, murderous violence and deaths. If you're not into this, please don't read it.

I used the eyes from sonicfan05.

Chapters (6)

How might the tale of the two sisters happened if one minor detail had been changed?
Warning: this story make take minor liberties with characters' personalities

(This is my first story here, so any constructive criticism would be appreciated)

Chapters (1)

The story begins with Twilight telling Nightmare Night stories to ponies in Ponyville. This story is about the two princesses sisters when they were young.

Chapters (1)

Three of the most powerful girls in all of Equestria's history have a chance meeting at a coffee shop in Manehattan. They talk. One of the topics being their father. The only male alicorn to ever exist in Equestria's history.

Chapters (1)

Okay... so short description wasn't the best. But here's more!... Maybe!

With Adagio and Aria abandonment of Sonata, she is forced to fend for herself. Why? Is unknown, but will she be able to overcome her own insecurities with the help of a mystery man by the name of Red Moon? Or will his own past destroy them both?

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash had enough of her friends picking out her mistakes. Now, she saw that her supposed 'friends' humiliated her and ruined her entire reputation at Ponyville. Her friends ... ex friends refused to apologize and Rarity began to compliment her costume. Angered, she decided to move away and start a new life... one without her so called friends. But Princess Celestia saw that the Element of Loyaly faded black and was beginning to crack. She gave a mission to Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie to somehow fix the Element of Loyalty. But Rainbow Dash wasn't one to forgive.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Starlight Glimmer Overreacts to Everything

Starlight Glimmer is not happy (shock), but this time it's at something Satanic! Something deplorable! Something unbelievable that will leave you shocked and gasping for air!

Starlight Glimmer... has witnessed two mares... in a RELATIONSHIP! Like, two MARES! Like, like, it's weird, innit? Like, just wrong! They're mares! Like, they both have vaginas! WTF?! HOW DO THEY EVEN- I gotta look up how they even have sex 'cause I just don't understand the mechanics of that ONE BIT!

... I may be gone a while...

Chapters (1)

"I send you many greetings, for those of us who are no longer together, for all the good and bad moments that we had to live, and to all with whom I am having a great time, thank you for being here and for being who you are."


Thanks to MrDerpface for the ! You're the real hero here!

Chapters (1)

This document was recovered in June of 2025 from the battle site now famous for the Retaking of Canterlot. Its content has been unanimously deemed culturally significant by the International Committee of Pre-Zombie History Preservation, and it is now a required reading in all entry-level zombie history classes.

Chapters (3)

Three siblings are being told about their past from an old friend, and one of them will learn what happened to her mom and dad.

Chapters (4)
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