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The entire Mane 6 find themselvs in a harsh no ponies land filled with dinosaurs after a transition to the human world via Canterlots magic mirror goes astray.

With the unicorns having their magic weakened for some reason and a heavier air, making it harder for the pegasus in the group to fly, the ponies will have to find a way through the treacherous land before time and get back to Equestria.

On their way they meet a slightly above child age apatosaurus by the name of Littlefoot. He is currently scared by events that caused him to abandon his friends and his heard to survive the wild lands alone.

They also meet a lot of dangers, in a harsh world where the food is scarce predators need to feed to. But the greatest danger may all be what they least expect, their own distrust in each other.

Will Littlefoot be able to help the ponies get back to Equestria, will the ponies be able to help Littlefoot discover friendship again, or may there be a chain of events in motion that none of the parties expected? The great circle of life may have the answer.

Chapters (3)

chapter 1description.

following the disappearance of pinkie pie in a recent terrorist attack
the girls sit around wondering what to do next when rarity comes in acting very suspicious.

Chapters (1)

After receiving a letter from a colleague describing the discovery of something unimaginable. Star Swirl the Bearded and a handful of specialists travel to the Equestrian Badlands to investigate an ancient city deep beneath Equestria. With only their bright minds and research; the group will descend into the bowls of the ruins, uncovering both its secrets and its horrors.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Just Another Victim

Azure Aura, as of yesterday, she was just a normal pony, screwing around with her friends. Next thing she knows. She's bitten and turned into a pony/wolf hybrid Zecora calls a lycan. And now, she has a choice. Give up her lycan friends and run away to her pony ones. Or stay with the lycans, and become a part of the battle against the Vampires. Will she become part of Just Another War?

Chapters (2)

Discord has faded out of existence, leaving Fluttershy stranded at his home in the Realm of Chaos. Now alone, she recounts her journey through the Realm to find her way back home again. Along the way, she will discover her own strength, and that things in the Realm are almost never what they appear to be...

Chapters (1)

Azure Aura. She thought it would be fun to screw around with her friends in the Everfree Forest. Little did she know, that's where Zecora hid 'him'.

Chapters (3)

"My name is Essay. From the earliest years of my life I knew that my destiny is to learn about what's dead and forgotten. After a long period of time of restoring damaged chronicles in the space of my library I've decided that my records should be combined into a book too.
This tome contains stories, legends and theories about paranormal activities within the lands of Equestria. Everything you'll read here is based on my private research, beliefs and equestrian history. It might include topics too drastic for a sensitive reader, so if you're one of them, I won't force you to go through it. However, in a proper circumstances it may come in handy."

Chapters (1)

Celestia destroys a school. Rarity has to kill a bunch of assassins before they assassinate Sweetie Bot! Celestia is a reactionary. And Rarara she and Quibble Pants start making out. And then Night Light joins them! Then he starts crying! Licky Flitter Appears

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to Twilight Shares The Narrator

Twilight has developed her relationship with Mr. Narrator, now with the addition of her friends being able to contact him. But one day, she disappears from sight and the Narrator grows worried as he sets out to track his best friend down. And much to his suspicion, Twilight finds herself in an unfamiliar Equestria controlled by an unknown malevolent being, one equally as powerful as the Narrator! Can Narry and the Elements of Harmony save Twilight from a world of chaos? And will more of his existence and abilities be revealed in the process?

Chapters (1)

Pinkie Pie's coltfriend get's kidnapped, in this tense thriller I ate in an hour. Oops I mean wrote in an hour at an the West Valley Branch of the LA Library.

NOTE: They don't let you save pictures on Library Computers so I added the cover art afterwards but I picked it during the hour I was logged in.

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