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A man from the special forces goes into the Hells Forest to look for the cause of his missing father. He finds it and dies fighting before waking up in Equestria.

Chapters (2)

A grifter, mercenary, hedonist Lunar Guardpony and a gangster, hitmare, hooligan professional musician stumble into a strange - and strangely fulfilling - relationship.

(Rated T for mild violence and sexual references/undertones.)

Chapters (1)

One of the lost six elements have been found.

A mysterious group of ponies plan to use its energy to power a weapon only known as Metal Gear Moon, a mech powerful enough to claim all of Equestria for whoever owns it.

The fate of the land falling into the hooves of one retired mare, Solid Sparkle.

Can she stop the end of Equestria from happening?

Can she stop a mech made to be unstoppable?

Will she be able to end the life of an old friend?

Cover Art by: Johnjoseco.

Chapters (1)

Ace, a former employee of the Black Forest Research Facility, must escape the perilous premises of his former workplace. (This is a rewrite of the original.)

Chapters (6)

After the bug-bear attack that transpired before the wedding between Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda, no one in Ponyville seemed to think anything of it due to how common attacks such as these had become over the years. However, Twilight Sparkle kew otherwise and decided to report the attack to Princess Celestia. Upon hearing this, she goes to consult her greatest sources of intel within her staff. No pony else but her knows of them, but she trusts them with her life when it comes to sensitive information such as this.

Chapters (2)

South of Equestria, the Tenochtitlan basin has had trouble lately; the city of Tegucigallopa finds itself at war with a hidden civilization to the southwest and ponies are found missing or kidnapped. But this isn't stopping Daring Do from pursuing her latest prize: a statue of the legendary "god" Quetzalcoatl, a half-pony, half-snake being with bird wings believed to come as a savior of the Tenochtitlan ponies.

Daring, out in the jungles of Tenochtitlan, suddenly finds herself within the confines of the city of Viboran, a city inhabited by half-pony, half-snake beings that revere Quetzalcoatl as an actual pony. Despite being kept inside the city until they can be sure she's not a spy from the outside, the residents and their leader - Prince Serpis - offer to help with Daring's latest quest. But something seems off to our intrepid adventurer, and she quickly smells the power struggles hidden under the surface.

Daring Do's quest now is not just a fight for a treasure; her sanity is on the line...

Prince Serpis (C) MightyShockwave

Proofread by MightyShockwave

Chapters (2)

The Apple Family are stuck inside there home due to a monstrous storm that has come about because of a terrible accident. What caused that accident? That question is yet to have an answer

An old friend and family member stops by unexpectedly and is asking for help.

How could a simple rabbits paw do anything to cause this old stallion such grief?

You couldn't even choke to death on it if you wanted to.


Hey! Thanks for reading!

I will confirm that this takes place in the same universe as the "DEAR DIARY" Trilogy and i will extend the universe once again after this!

First Goes Sweetie?:unsuresweetie:
Who Goes Next?:applejackconfused:

Super easy secret message at the top! :trollestia:
Can you losers find the second one?Warning super hard to find! Use all Resources! :ajsmug:
it might answer a question above

Chapters (1)

For years, the Flim Flam brothers have roamed the Heartlands, selling the proceeds of their artificing skills and searching for a patron who will provide the funding and protection that they need to bring their dreams to life. In the wake of her defeat of the mad alicorn Chroma, they have sought out Baroness Adagio Dazzle, hoping that the newest star on the Heartland's political scene will be willing to aid them. Baroness Dazzle is happy enough to give them a chance to prove their skills, but they will have more trials than simply those of engineering and salesponyship to overcome if they wish to win the grand prize...

A story of the Rainsverse. Rating for some fairly suggestive language.

Chapters (1)

Twilight was a happy pony, with best friends, her castle and all the books she could dream off. Clearly she felt like the luckiest mare alive, and knew that nothing could take it away. Until... One night, the alicorn finds herself in a strange dream. She wakes up the next morning after having an encounter with, herself? She walked out of her room, only to realize things were different. Darkness and hatred surrounded Equestria, and the ponies weren't the friends she knew. What was this place? This broken universe. Twilight knew that she had to go back before her life heart was destroyed in this friendship less world. But, in order to do so, she had to go back to the void, and make her other self agree....

Warning: Contains torture

Contains slight Twicord. But just because it does doesn't mean you must drop the hate bomb here. But don't worry cause for the most part, it doesn't really contain that much. This isn't a ship fic

Chapters (1)

When Spike finds a strange object Twilight and him go on an adventure to find out what it could be?
I will be updating this in chapters.

Chapters (1)
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