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In this timeline, Tirek decided not to betray Discord. After the battle with Twilight Sparkle, Lord Tirek ascends to the throne and begins to rule Equestria with an iron fist. Little did the centaur know, however, that his kingdom was going to receive a certain visitor who had been banished by Discord 1000 years ago...

Chapters (1)

When the Mane 6 are transported into the world filled with the Need For Speed, they are forced to work with the leader of a racing group in order to get back home. In order to do so however, they must drive to get there, and it will not be easy. What will they drive? How far will they go? How many cops will they thrash? All is to be revealed in the new action-packed racing thriller game, The Ultimate Need For Speed.

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Rendain has been banished to equestria and there is no battleborn to stop him. Soon, Equestria will become a land of darkness. Luckily, The ponies have a battleborn, and he is enraged. And he is capable to lead a rebellion. And, he's Jennerit. And he is going to train Spike to be a great warrior. But, There is an LLC battleborn, along with an Eldrid, a Peacekeeper, and a Rogue to help Spike as well. Like the leader of battleborn would say: "You just brought down the thunder, Rendain. We were born for this." And Discord was also being trained by a battleborn. An LLC and an Eldrid. Same goes with Ember. And that means Rendain will have to face yet another rebellion. This journey between three equestrians and the battleborn will stop at nothing until the evil tyrant is stopped once again.

Chapters (4)

My name is Raina Delson, I'm 16 years old and i live in Manhattan. I have a loving family, good friends and a good paying job as a messinger.

But when the summer begins and one of my first diliveries goes wrong. My world turns from worrying for the next math test, to worrying about finding a gun pointed at my face.

Authors note.

Due to how Rainbow Dash is raised some things will be different, but she'll be the cocky teenaged Pegasus we all know and love.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Half-Hoof: Black Forest

Adrian Sheepherd was sent out to Black Forest with the Equestrian military to 'rescue' the scientists. Little did the battalion know that they were actually there to cover up the incident.

Chapters (5)

Four ponies enter the frozen land of The Crystal Empire, in search of fame and fortune. What they find is a plot to enslave Equestria by the vile King Arabus.

Who has spirited away young Princess Flurry Heart, to try and steal her magic power. So he may then use a new spell, to swipe the shadows and souls of all ponies across the land.

If interested on details of this DND style Quest or would like to have a Oc of your's star in a possible future Quest visit Dungeons and Ponies Quest. for details.

Jade Bloom belongs to StrawberryGamer.

Hopeful/ Hopeless Dreamer belongs to Amereep

Wind Shard belongs to The Real Mister Pkmn

Sturdy Forest belongs to Orthoros

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The Element of Loyalty has been saved from the clutches of the evil Prince Mustang! But it was not without trial, and it surely will not go unpunished. With a spy already in Twilight's enclave, what other sorts of dark secrets does her powerful enemy still have up its sleeve?

Loyalty and Magic. Only four more Elements to be found, along with the missing crowns of the perished Royal Sisters. But something dark is coming for Twilight. Jax, her former human enemy now works on her side, but for how long? Can Jax and Twilight find the spy in time to stop the coming dark before it reaches them? The search for the Elements of Harmony continues in this new act of a story set in a cruel, dead world.

Chapters (2)

Tempest Shadow is working off her sins in silence at a community farm at the base of the Appleachians. Daybreaker still wants to stage a coup, but Nightmare Moon is reluctant. Trixie is lost in the middle of nowhere after an argument with her best friend Starlight.

When the four stumble upon each other at approximately the same time, they never expect to bond--or get trapped in Blond Collie Mansion, an abandoned, supposedly haunted house deep into the Appleachians. This means that they had better put aside their differences aside and work together to escape. Because something's coming after them, and it isn't very merciful...

Chapters (3)

Equestria has faced many dangers before... but never all at once.

Danger lurks around, distruction remains, and many friends are lost.

After facing an old enemy, Twilight and her friends must try to defeat the shadows that feast on the lives of Equestria. And they're not the only ones who are in trouble.

This time... Friendship may not be enough...

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