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One day Starlight Glimmer and her friends decide to go on a camping trip in the woods. But things go horribly wrong when a vicious bloodthirsty predator traps them in an abandoned genetics lab. Will everyone make it out alive? Or will someone have to make the ultimate sacrifice for his friends? And will they be able to figure out what the creature is where, it came from and if there are more of them still out there?

Chapters (2)

The day had finally come.

Erwin Highhill, a famous Field Marshal, has planned for this for long time. He has raised and rallied supporters from all over Nova Griffonia and is ready to strike.

This day, his big day, would go down in history. At long last, his homeland would be freed from the plague that was democracy, and he could finally restore the glory of his people.

If everything goes according to plan, that is...

This story is set in the Alternate Universe of ‘Equestria at War’, a MLP mod for the game Hearts of Iron IV. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly encourage you to check it out! Here is the mod's workshop page.

In case it wasn’t obvious, technologies are quite a bit more advanced. This means that bolt-action rifles, early cars and more exist. Basically, it’s WW2 technology and society but with ponies.

To anyone interested in the mod and/or our universe, feel free to join our group!

Chapters (3)

The Mirror, an inanimate object that allows one to see their true reflection. Many say that even the Mirror isn't as innocent as it seems. Breaking one would mean seven years bad luck and the deadly glass shards it produces when shattered. But what if the mirror has the power to spawn death itself? That's the case for this one particular Mirror. Possessed by a demon of the past, this cursed mirror has spawned the opposite side of one's reflection. The more good in one's heart, the reflected version becomes more deadly and evil. Twilight Sparkle didn't think much of this mirror at first, but now she wishes she'd listen to the warning the sales pony at the yard sale had given her.

Chapters (2)

Adagio is starving, with very few options for survival. Her magic and singing are both gone. She's at the end of her rope.

The most dangerous predator is the one backed into a corner and out of options. Adagio is one such predator.

My (secondary) entry into EbonQuill's Dark Reprise: Dazzlings Contest, on the low road path (Dazzlings Ascendant)

Chapters (3)

You have been accidentally transfered to another world, then returned after a while to find your previous life in ruins. Your mind is still undecided, how to treat the memories. The worst thing is - you feel watched again... even hunted for.

Diana is the Roman goddess of hunt, moon and nature. Usually depicted with the bow. The hunt has started and she is on her way after you. Can you evade her touch?

The cover image is the WIP artwork of my good friend Wolfgrel aka Yoye

Chapters (2)

A village of magic-using moose in the far north, starved of natural resources, in a desperate attempt of survival travels to Equestria to raid it's inhabitants. Things obviously didn't go according to plan. This is the story of Sven, formerly the village guard. Sven, a blue-eyed, white-coated guard, is among them.

Chapters (5)

* Takes place after the events from MLP: The movie*

After letting Fizzlepop Berry Twist, formerly known as Tempest Shadow, was able to understand friendship with the rest of her friends in ponyville, Twilight and Twist have a friendship party at Twilight's castle. Unfortunately, Twilight gets drunk and leaves her castle in the middle of the night only to be captured by a group of unknown thugs. The next thing she knew is that Twilight gets stuck inside a strange labyrinth filled with unpredictable twists and turns.

Can Twilight find her way out of or meet her doom to the denizens and the horrors residing in the labyrinth?

Chapters (2)

It's that time of year again, Nightmare Night has come to Ponyville once again. This year the crusaders planned to have their scary stories told at their Cutie Mark Day Camp for all campers to hear and be spooked.

Chapters (2)

This file contains the tales of the brave ponies who put aside their fear and shock during the Storm King's reign to help their fellow ponies, fight back against the Storm King, and went above and beyond in their duty to Equestria.

Equestria may live by the fact that Friendship is Magic, but we survive when we prove that Magic is Friendship.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to The Division-Cold Horse

Two weeks ago, Twilight Sparkle left Manhattan. Ever since, we've been fighting hard to reclaim Manhattan. It's been slow going, but we're making progress.

At least, we thought we were. One night, while we were out on watch outside the Base of Ops, we found something that sent chills up my spine, and that's when I realized something.

Something, or someone...is out there.

And they're coming for us. We're not the predators anymore. We're the prey. And we'll need help if we're going to survive the hunt in this city of wolves.-Nicholas Robert Sykes, Second Wave SHD Agent, Sierra-Kilo Team.
Two weeks have passed since Twilight Sparkle left New York to return to Equestria. And she is not the same. Nightmares plague her dreams, her memories of the SHD flash before her eyes. She hopes that the call from the SHD will never come.

Until it did. Up against a new enemy, Twilight and Squad Sierra-Kilo must surive the hunt, from the Dark Zone to Canterlot Palace.

Lock and load, Agents. The hunt's on.
The Division Crossover, will have references to Last Stand, West Side Piers, and the Underground. Will hvae gore and swearing, set after season 5.

Chapters (1)
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