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It's lunchtime in Ponyville! You've been working your butt off for a few hours and can't wait to go out on the town and eat! You're hungry after all, and do need something to fill up your belly for the rest of the day. Therefore, you must make the hardest decision any pony can ever make. Where do you want to go?

...and no, the answer isn't, "Wherever."

This is a random story I thought of in my head... Please enjoy! :pinkiecrazy:

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to A Boyfriend Without a Girlfriend

One afternoon, while making tea for herself, Twilight and Spike, Starlight discovers an unexpected fourth resident of the Friendship Castle. Somepony who, once discovered, leads to some rather embarrassing questions for Twilight.

Chapters (1)

In the jungle, even sleep is not a refuge from the horror of war. A radio operator tries to find something to hold onto while surrounded by nightmares, both real and imagined, and the line between the two is all too blurred. One day, he knows, he'll go home and try to move on. Until then, he keeps the radio on.

CONTENT WARNING: This story contains potential triggers for veterans suffering from PTSD. It is based on the recollections of a dozen veterans I've spoken to over the years, in particular several Vietnam War veterans. The content is disturbing, but necessary to paint an accurate picture of one facet of war.

This story is not intended to be a commentary on the Vietnam War. Rather, it is about a soldier finding something to cling to when surrounded by madness. This describes perhaps a majority of the men who served in that war: good people caught in an impossible situation and just trying to survive. Whatever your opinions on the nature of the conflict are, please be respectful of the veterans in the comment section.

Chapters (1)

It's an enjoyable winter afternoon in Ponyville. Foals wage arctic warfare on one another in the form of snowballs, lovers dance majestically on the frozen lake, and then Scootaloo whips out her inter-dimensional snow sled.

Fic idea and prompt provided by The Duke.
Cover Art drawn by postcactus

Chapters (5)

It's Wintertime in Equestria, and Hidden Power, a brown coated unicorn, is about to have his life changed forever when his biggest and deepest Hearth's Warming wish comes to life! Join him and his two best friends as they celebrate the truest form of what Hearth's Warming is all about... Friendship, Acceptance, and most importantly, Love.

Chapters (3)

Spike has been plagued by a horrible nightmare or vision of the near future. where it show him doing something unspeakable and completely horrible to the ones he call friends. Now he only sees one way out of it. a way to make sure he never hurts the ones he loves. a way that may lead to his demises.

Chapters (1)

With a broken hoof and only a day left to record her latest piece, Octavia must rely on her roommate to assist her in playing.

Assist her in an awkwardly intimate half-embrace, that is.

A slightly belated birthday present for Not Enough Coffee. Special thanks to Ceffyl Dwr for offering me the idea and helping me out with pre-reading, legend as always.

Chapters (1)

First in a planned series. Batpony teenager Cassius, the nineteen-year-old son of Lunar Guard captain Cold Justice, moves to Canterlot with his father to live after Luna returns from her thousand-year absence, but finds himself having to deal with some very complex issues involving school, batpony reputations and his own personal life.

Chapters (2)

Rainbow Dash has been in a relationship for three years, and it is her anniversary. When she gets home she plans to make the night truly special for her special somepony... Pinkie Pie

Chapters (1)

A month Celestia and Luna introduced Lena to the Slayers and Elements who were in Ponyville Alarak reappeared grabbed Lena and dragged her to his office and while the events of A New Life, A New Home were happening Alarak and Lena were having a little.... disagreement. Once they've went there separate way's to calm down Lena sees something she thought she'd never see again.

Here's a new story for the Nexus-Verse and maybe now i can take a break, but considering this is twice within a month I've tried to take a break from the Nexus-Verse things do not bode well for me.

Chapters (1)
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