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The infamous Princess Molestia has attacked Ponyville using the magic of the Princesses and her main goal is to take over the whole equestrian nation. Only Twilight Sparkle, Spike and their friends are available to stop her. But, will they?
Warning: contains a nonsensical story, vulgar language, immature jokes and a ton of pop culture/brony/anime references.

Chapters (1)


Everypony has a special talent. Everypony has dreams to achieve.
But, sometimes, your dreams may not be there despite how much talent you have.

What is a pony without a cutie mark?
We may know that.

What is a pony with a cutie mark and no dreams to achieve? What happens when your talent means nothing to the world around you?

Lightning Dust knows it. Better than anypony.

Inspired by dragonataxia's artwork.

Chapters (1)

Luna tries to convince Celestia that the sun belongs to her because it is a star.

Chapters (2)

Dainty Hooves, mother of Derpy and former socialite, has a hard time getting her daughter to do her homework. So when her daughter must practice writing a letter for her first grade class, she expects it will be "just another one of those nights". But she finds that sometimes, writing a letter with someone can bring you closer to them.

Inspired by the Fatts Waller song "I'm Gonna to Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter".

Chapters (1)

Everypony thinks they know the real reason why Twist is named Twist. Something to do with candy or the like.

Turns out, hidden inside her personal notebook is a long list of twists.

And most of these twists even end up coming true.

Like how she finally got a Father to call all her own.

Artwork by Twist-a-Loo. One character tag omitted due to Twist.

Chapters (1)

Puberty, a wonderful time when fillies and colts will experience great changes to their bodies. They grow taller and their voices become less squeaky, but for Sweetie Belle, puberty has also made her notice certain...other, things. It doesn't help that those belong to a certain bow wearing apple farmer.

If only she could avoid staring too much.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow has been feeling uncharacteristically down about herself lately. The ponies she's been interested in seem to gravitate towards more feminine mares, and she's convinced that if she wants to find somepony to love, she needs to work towards that ideal. In her efforts to improve her chances of finding love, she finds a book full of questionable spells that infects the mind of anyone who reads from its aging pages. She has no idea what the book may hold, but it promises to give her what her heart desires most.

Will her friends figure out what's happening in time to help, or will they lose the Dash they know and love forever?

Chapters (1)

In Maretropolis you should know it's anything but calm, especially with all the Chaos and Villiany but never fear the Power Ponies will save the day!

Learn the story's of how these six ponies came to be, and just who they are as they fight crime and save the day!

Special thanks to pokefreak13 for Proof-reading the story!

Chapters (1)

This story was one of the weirdest that I’ve ever written. It did not go as planned, but I suppose that’s to be expected when you put Pinkie in your story. Although, I’m not sure that you can actually call this a story. I just don’t know what went wrong.

Chapters (1)

1000 years ago Celestia broke her promise to treat her sister as an equal, bringing forth Nightmare Moon and the Battle of the Two Sisters.

Fourteen months ago, Celestia broke that very same promise once ago, leading Luna to banish herself to the Everfree Forest and the Natchs who worshiped her

They say the third time is the charm, but once again Luna feels as if she's been pushed aside again. Things will never get better, will they?

Unofficial sequel to LuneLover's The Lunar Escape

Captain Broad Sword is borrowed with all respect from tom117z’s outstanding stories Change and Change: Queen of the Hive
Captain Shadow Iron is courtesy of Crimson Elixir

Proofreading and editing mostly done by my were Vik-Thor, with some help from Falnor and Snowliason proofreeding some last minute (like ten minutes before I posted last minute) additions and changes I made

Chapters (1)
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