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This story is a sequel to Sirens' Captive

Surviving his torture and regaining his strength.

The unbreakable rebel brought hope to the people of the Rebellion.

However, will the other rebels follow this hero and his new view against the Sirens?

Chapters (1)

You are Anon, iconic figure of Equestria. One day while hanging out in the fields you are struk by lightning, but instead of dying you develop an amazing power: The Force Telekineses!

But at what cost did you receive these powers?

A story that was actually edited and proofread by a couple people.
Huge thanks to Mist_Chaser (and my friend James who doesn't have a profile) for help proofreading and editing!
Mist_Chaser's Profile

Chapters (1)

There are a lot of things in Equestria that are still puzzling to everypony. Why is the moon white? where did the first flowers come from? Whats the power behind alicorns? Most ponies who study in the arts of magic are used to the unexplainable. But what would happen if one of them snapped from the exposure?

Step into the shoes of a young foal named Silver Quill. While on a vacation with her parents in the magical city of Canterlot. She stumbles upon a book that seems to have a certain atmosphere around it. Silver Quill returns with the book, and reads it, endangering herself and some others while she discovers the great secrets that somepony has been desperate to hide.

Chapters (8)

Based on the ride "The Tower of Terror" at separate Disney parks.

You are a stallion. You've been running for quite some time, trying to get out of a thunderstorm. Within the outskirts of Canterlot, you happen to find a hotel. However, you notice there's something quite strange about this place.

Co-Written & Edited by tommal

Chapters (2)

Your laying in bed asleep enjoying a very nice dream that is totally not about Ms cheerlie and those fine curves, that is until a noise awakens you from your slumber.

Chapters (1)

This was it, it was Anon's last day that he was allowed to live with Twilight rent-free. She had gotten sick of him lounging about the library eating all the food and complaining.

He had already tried to move in with the other girls of the mane six, but he quickly decided not to when he remembered all of their own quirks.

Finally giving in Anon decides to get a job, he becomes the Ponyville therapist.

Rated T for cursing and sexual/mature references (no clop).

Chapters (4)

Anon is dragged into Equestria by the effects of a mysterious idol belonging to Discord. He is soon discovered by Princess Celestia, Twilight, and Fluttershy, without any memory of how to speak or write clearly, or his past. Fluttershy then volunteers to watch over Anon until the princesses decide on further action. What follows is Anon's attempts at making a new life for himself alongside Fluttershy and her friends.

Chapters (3)

"They've gone too far!"

The Griffons have captured Princess Luna and Equestria is at the brink of war, only you can stop it. Who knows what's in it for you.
Rated Teen for the following: Alcohol usage and adult themes

Chapters (1)

Daniel decides he's done with the party he's at and thinks it best to head home, but being the responsible 24 year old chooses to walk home. Or should he have just stayed at his friends house.

Chapters (4)

Part of The Nexus-verse.

You've been trying your best to keep It together, since you got here that Is. You've been taking mission after mission since you joined the slayers. You think maybe It was your way of running? So you'd never get the chance to really stop and think. Looking back on It that was a mistake.

I mean there was no way you could have known that you would botch the mission and those guards would die! Right? Well either way, you've found yourself here at the Broken Horseshoe. One of Ponyville's taverns. One thing that's for certain however, Is that you didn't know you'd find a kindred spirit, In the form of a pony named Berry punch.

Gore for flashbacks describing deaths.
Some musical accompaniment to help sent the mood.

Chapters (1)
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