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After another expedition with the crazy fake mystery finding show. Komasan and Komajiro ends up finding the real portal and get sucked up to the world of Canterlot High. They end up meeting Sunset Shimmer and their friends. How will they this adventure to another world go for the two Yo kai and the Main Seven of the high school?

Chapters (2)

A couple of friends take a stroll through town, when a slight wind picks up, usually meaning a storm is about to roll in. Well for our (not so) brave group of friends, it gets... well I needn't spoil... for why spoil, if none like spoiled milk.


"Don't be afraid to correct me if I made a spelling or gramadical error. So by all means go ahead and correct me. If I did mess up, make it quite obvious that I messed up."

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Vesta is a young filly obsessed with Halloween and Nightmare Night. This, combined with her lack of a cutie mark, has often led to her being bullied at school. But now, the tables will soon turn and everything will change for Vesta...

No OTPs are directly involved with this story and it is almost entirely about my own two characters.

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Rated T for Teletubbies
Heavy OOC Warning

You are Anon, the sole human of Equestria. Despite you living here for quite a while, you still discover new things daily. And since a minute here is pretty much ten minutes on Earth, you can discover quite a lot in a single day.

One of those things is that Fluttershy is a stoner.

Who knew?


I'm a piece of trash who writes crap when he's sick.
(I'll probably take this down to rework on it later, y'know, when I'm not coughing my lungs out)

Oh, that 'Sex' tag is pretty much bull, but I feel like I need it there.

Chapter Exclusive tags:
Puns - Chapter 1
Dialogue - Chapter 2
Regret - Chapter 3
Poon - Chapter 4
Missing Something - Chapter 5
A Bad Joke - Chapter 6

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*Art is my own

They're adults now, they had left school a while back and started there seemingly ever-lasting lives. Living how you would think everyone does, married or getting there, have children or...getting there. Now three lifelong friends find themselves in a predicament that brings them back to where it all began...sort of.

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Young 17-year-old Xavier Wilson, an early high-school graduate, whose parents hated him & kicked him out at an early age, is sick & tired of his sad, lonely life. He'd do anything to change that, even take a chance to leave Earth & go to another. He suddenly finds himself thrust into a magical land of talking animals. Scared at first, he soon finds himself adjusting into a life that he had wished for. The life of being cared for, & loved for being who you are. The life of being a somebody. Join Xavier as he explores the world of Equestria, in his exciting new adventures.

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You love your friends in Ponyville, you really do, but you have your suspicions about one of them. Pinkie Pie is so light hearted, bouncy, and carefree, you've begin to wonder if she's really a pony at all. Instead, maybe she's actually a balloon! It seems crazy, but you jut have to find a way to prove it, no matter the cost.

Yeah, this is pretty not-gross and horrible. No vomit, gore, sex, etc. I'm as shocked as you are.

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Sam had became something even more remarkable.. He had became a Water Dragon! A creature who's power is shaping the waters of the world. He and Rainbow finally are getting together, but things are holding the two back from lunging to each other, Neo's hopes of gaining love and heart are reaching their climax, but some old friends have survived from the event between Sam and his Ex-Girlfriend...

(Takes place during Mlp Season 7, but Samneo is the main focus instead of Twilight.)

Cover Art: http://gianghanz.deviantart.com/gallery/

One last note: Don't be fooled by the 2nd person tag, this story isn't entirely 2nd person, In fact so far it has only been used once in one scene In the prologue 1.)

Important: There is suggestive imagery in the Final Prologue, just saying.

P.S; I would recommend this to starters, Prologue 1 has a summary of what happened before, it's just my personal suggestion to read this first instead of Sam The Earth Pony.

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A new alicorn named Tiger Lilly arrives in Ponyville. The only problem is that with her not being use to be around ponies can the main 6 teach her about friendship, so she can be with her pony kind.

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