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This story is a sequel to A New Hero

(Technically, a prequel story-wise)

No matter how bad things got, you were always there by my side. Despite what anyone else said, you were always there to tell me what really mattered. I thought things were bad enough when we came across others who had it better. However, it turns out that you were all I ever really needed. If it wasn't already too late, I'd go back to the life we used to live in a heartbeat.

Chapters (15)

Angel bunny is about to meet Fluttershy for the first time. And of all things it happened to spark a little bit of.... Romance.

Chapters (1)

After a giant electracle current whent through space and time and gave the perks from call of duty black ops 123 and waw and was transported to equestria as pony's with there unique abilities well this happens

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash has turned up at your doorstep during the late hours of the night in tears with a bloodied nose and a bruised cheek. When she tells you what happened to her, the response horrifies you and you decided to take it upon yourself to seek the answers from the one who did this to her.


Rated Teen for themes and some violence.

Chapters (1)

Machine guns boom with loud voices as a fuel tank is set on fire. His wing rips off. Several negative Gs force him in the seat. A cold, hard slam into the earth, and all he can see is nothing. Will he survive?

Chapters (2)

When Freddy fazbear aka sans got stabbed by the murdereristic Child he got teleported to equestria and takenin by fluttershy how will her freinds think of freddy and how will he live in the peace full world of ponies from discord ,chrysalis,sombra and someone he thought would never be found here again.

Chapters (1)

Konami Takahashi has seen many things in his life, from gods to robots of the future, travel time and between dimensions, but he never imagined ending up in a dimension in which there is no Duel of Monsters.

Well at least nothing can get weirder.

'' Is that a giant horse? ''

'' Apparently ... yes, it is ''

'' Did he just shoot a rainbow ray? ''


'' What the hell is going on with this world? ''

But again, he is Konami Takahashi, the Red Hat Duelist so his life can not be normal.

Chapters (1)

As a little filly, Pinkie Pie didn't have anyone to talk to. But she had so many questions she needed to ask, so many emotions she needed to share. Even if her family bothered discuss things like this with her, they wouldn't be much help. Their emotions didn't exactly vary. They were very predictable, which isn't really a good thing considering how they treated the pink pony. On the verge of insanity, the Pinkie Pie was going through the most depressing time of her life. But that all changed when she met Gummy.

Comments are always appreciated, and I'll try my best to respond back. Enjoy!

Chapters (3)

The dusty tome showed you how to enter the Lands of Dream. You learned the ritual and ventured out with your mind to explore the astral realms.

But you’ve lost your way, and hidden dangers lurk around you. How will you ever get home?

Your only hope may be to trust a stranger.

This story is an exercise in positive visualization, narrated by Luna with you as the subject. It was written for the June 2017 Writeoffs, where it came in seventh. The Luna painting is by FidzFox.

Chapters (1)

Parody of Hamtaro Please Come Home, but my own twist.
Sunset Shimmer ran away from home after accused for being Anon-A-Miss and posting everyone's secret, her decision led her on an adventure. Meanwhile Anon-A-Miss reveal them self, and the main 5 along with the rest of the school are on the quest to find their friend and bring her home.
P.S: This is one of my earliest stories

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