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When you moved to Manehatten a year ago, you promised your friends in Ponyville you'd stay in contact. You'd never break a Pinkie Pie Promise, right?

Just a note, this is taking place sometime around Season 2.

Rated T for language and references to drugs

Chapters (1)

Pinkie Pie represents the element of laughter, but she wasn't always so cheerful. She got depressed often, especially as a filly. Even now, she would unpredictable periods of extreme sadness. But she doesn't because of a certain mare. No pony besides Maud knows how often Pinkie Pie would fail to harness her element if it wasn't for her. She provides Pinkie Pie with occasional doses of happiness disguised in the form of homemade cupcakes. The only downside is where she gets her main ingredient.

Comments are always appreciated, and I'll try my best to respond back. Enjoy!

Chapters (1)

You're anonymous... and you've come here to meet somepony. She doesn't know you, but just how much do you know her? Or yourself? Discovery, you suppose, is the greatest challenge.

Chapters (1)

You are a college freshman at Starswirl Academy. You know that not many of your friends are there for you anymore, except for some, and one of them happens to be Sunset Shimmer.

But, whatever it is that got you two to be friends is exactly how you and your old best friend came together. You just can't seem to put a finger on why your two friends are exactly alike.

Chapters (1)

You wake up next to Fluttershy, only to find that some dreams don't have an happy ending.

That those we meet on our crossroads are just in passing, we must choose to keep the memories we hold close.

Or cast them away.

Art By Pony Echo.

Part of The Awoken Series.

Made Popular On 10/17.

Chapters (1)

Jormungdr, The Fenris Wolf, Hel, these beings were once blameless children, after Ragnarok Sleipner gathers their spirits and takes them to the land of Equestria, because sometimes even monsters need some understanding.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to A Sunny Day's Date

The leaves fall slowly around you and her, but all that comes to mind are the lines of her smile, her grace, her laugh.

Another Entry in the Date Series. No need to read the previous entries, but, hey, I can't stop you.

Happy Birthday, anonpencil

Chapters (1)

You have been accidentally transfered to another world, then returned after a while to find your previous life in ruins. Your mind is still undecided, how to treat the memories. The worst thing is - you feel watched again... even hunted for.

Diana is the Roman goddess of hunt, moon and nature. Usually depicted with the bow. The hunt has started and she is on her way after you. Can you evade her touch?

The cover image is the WIP artwork of my good friend Wolfgrel aka Yoye

Chapters (2)

Having only just awoken from a deep slumber inside of a crypt, a strange and nameless mare begins her journey into the darkness that calls her. These thoughts in her head and these voices are not her own. How long will her sanity stay intact? Will she break and fall into the dark? Or will she be able to find a reason to resist its dark voice and find the answers to face herself with the truth? A new era is beginning and nopony knows it yet.

Chapters (11)

You decide to meet Berry Punch at a local bar, what should be a night filled laughs and drinks quickly turns into something else.

Now only if you knew when to shut up.

My first story of many to the site!

If you enjoy what you see, leave a like to see what happens next.

Cover Art By Aljavis

Chapters (1)
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