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(Note this is not connected to Keybearer or any story that's connected to that so knowledge about those stories are not needed)

The end has come, The Mayan calendar was right and the end of the world has come, not in a mysterious planet X or a asteroid that could wipe us all out it came from earths inhabitants Man. Riots are happening in the streets of every major city and the governments can barely contain them.

But that isn't the focus of the story the focus is about me a survivor see the Mayan Calendar was a test by god believe it or not, the test was to see who would remain passive on this day and I passed. Now I get some powers and to go to a new world. Unfortunately I never chose the world and just asked to be sent to one at random.

Chapters (1)

Having escaped the destruction of their captors, three horses - Schubert, Blackie, and Burr - find themselves in Equestria, where the locals seek to forcibly assimilate them into their species.

Now, as several goblins whisk them away into different worlds, they will have to survive the seemingly-endless pursuit of the colourful ponies. Will the horses finally evade their cutesy pursuers, or will they be subjected to the magic of friendship?

[Author's note: Inspired by a lot of boredom, a lot of Internet surfing a few years ago that led me to liking this pony show, and "Get Him!" I like seeing ponies and ridiculous-looking characters get mad and chase someone.]

Chapters (5)

It's an enjoyable winter afternoon in Ponyville. Foals wage arctic warfare on one another in the form of snowballs, lovers dance majestically on the frozen lake, and then Scootaloo whips out her inter-dimensional snow sled.

Fic idea and prompt provided by The Duke.
Cover Art drawn by postcactus

Chapters (6)

James Raynor and Tychus Findlay find themselves in a rough situation after stopping for fuel and supplies on an outlying planet. A hoard of Zerg has destroyed the community they were hoping to trade with and now have them pinned while Raynor and his men wait for extraction. An unexpected ally arrives on the scene which changes the tide of the battle drastically. Will the Terran and the new-comer have what it takes to fend off the Zerg?

Big thanks to Tassadar2186 and Davis J. for their help with proofreading and editing.

Chapters (1)

Balefire bathed the land.

There were, of course, survivors…

The cities were scorched with weapons of untold power, the very land was soaked with poison, but the world was not destroyed, just a way of life. The first deaths numbered in the millions, but the death tool during the next year was even more staggering as ponies struggled to find water, food, and shelter amidst the ruins of the civilization.

In what had once been North Equestria, the survivors fought to prevail in a new age of sickness, balefire, barbarism and desperation. There were days of seemingly endless night, eerily lit by the glow of the pegasi’s cities burning in the sky. And then the sky was closed, blanketed by thick clouds that heralded an endless winter. Fetid swamps infected with magical radiation created new and terrible life forms. Windigo’s storms hurtled across the landscape with enough strength to level entire cities, and when by some freak chance a storm cloud swept in from the sea, it was warped, putrid rain that fell—balefire tainted water that stripped a pony to the bones in seconds of shrieking agony.

In isolated pockets, ponies survived and struggled against terrible odds.

Underground, ponies retreated into the safety of Stables and hoped to outlast the apocalypse.

Chapters (1)

Three millions years ago, at very beginning of the starfaring era, the daughter of a powerful noble house heads out into the galaxy, ready to uncover the mysteries of the Milky Way. However, Helena never expected her greatest discovery would be hidden away inside a foreboding nebula.

Twilight Sparkle's love of astrology was well known, but she never imagined a day would come when she aimed her telescope to the heavens, and found nothing but a dark, empty void.

Edited by: Eckaji, Snakeskin Ducttape, and PresentPerfect
Artwork by: Rossby Waves

Chapters (2)

(11/17/17 Featured!)

The Lone Wanderer.

A young man who has seen so much in so little a time. He was only nineteen when he left his home, vault 101, in search of his missing father. He trekked the Capital Wasteland in search of him, gunning down raiders, super mutants and all other sorts of abominations to finish what his dad has started and bring back life giving water to the Capital Wasteland. Now, ten years later, he is thrown into a whole new world to explore. A world where humans are pets and horses can talk.

This is going to be a loooong day.

(I do not own Fallout or MLP)
(Part of the'Your Human and You-Verse')

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to My Little Mages: The New World Map

It has been the better part of a year since Twilight et al faced Starlight, and while much has happened, it has been for the most part a peaceful year. However, after believing she sighted Starlight at a guest lecture she was presenting, Twilight is unsure if everything is as peaceful as she thought. Her fears are revealed to be well founded as she and Spike return to the Castle of Friendship to find Starlight at the Aura Map table. After casting a spell and discarding the scroll it was written on, Starlight vanishes in portal she evoked. And after Spike touched the scroll, Twilight and Spike are sent to day that Rainbow Dash preformed her first Sonic Rainboom, only to witness it being stopped.

Now flung into a preset drastically different from their time, Twilight and Spike must find away to set the time stream on it's proper course. But Starlight has not made it easy to counter this.

Can Twilight correct the course of history?
Can she save Mystica and the rest of the world from ruin?
Or will Starlight have her complete revenge on Twilight, no matter the cost?

A My Little Mages retelling of The Cutie Remarking
Cover art by Didj (go support his work)

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Half-Hoof: Black Forest

Adrian Sheepherd was sent out to Black Forest with the Equestrian military to 'rescue' the scientists. Little did the battalion know that they were actually there to cover up the incident.

Chapters (5)


Long time ago, when the Earth is still new and human is not exist, there was a huge island where ponies, dragons, griffon and hippogriff inhabit and lives in harmony. One day the war between Solar Empire led by Princess Celestia and Lunar Empire led by Princess Luna began and lasted over thousands years not just exhausted their resource but also destroying Equestria. Princess Celestia uses her final power to make all Equestria ponies, dragons and griffions to be reborn as humans.

Thousands years went by as the Equestrians live among the humans and only transform into their Equestrian form at night. Twilight Sparkle also read the prophecy of the returning of Lunar Princess as she gathers the Knights of Harmony and prepare for Princess

Unknowing to them, Taichi Kamiya, a normal human being who accidentally discover Mane 6 secret being ponies in disguise. He decides to dismiss it since he doesn’t like friendly atmosphere school.

As Princess Luna returns from her banishment, she wants to have her revenge on her sister and with the help of the Knights of Night Mare and all the armies to get back what she feels she has a right to, the Equestrian Tesseract.

Stuck in the wars between two forgotten kingdom, it is up to Taichi, a superhuman who also Canterlot Academy student to stop the war.

Knights of Harmony (Mane 6)
Knights of Nightmare (

Sunset Shimmer - The leader who is shown to be self-absorbed, condescending, manipulative, and dishonest. She frequently insults and belittles others and thinks little of it. Sunset makes life miserable for "anyone who stands in her way. She has a considerable level of intelligence, being ahead of her teammates and smart enough to develop various computer applications. Her affinity for science and research where she explains she prefers a hands-on approach to studying magic over "studying ancient books".

Trixie Lulamoon - Trixie assumes a very theatrical personality and speaks dramatically in the third person, over-the-top boasting and arrogant nature, often referring to herself as the "Great and Powerful Trixie".

Gilda - She is shown to be playful and competitive to her teammates especially Lightning Dust. However, she is also very rude and has a short temper .

Lightning Dust - Lightning Dust is vigorous and highly competitive flyer who loves to test her limits. However, because of her competitive spirit, Lightning Dust is also very reckless and shows little concern for anyone who becomes a victim of her actions. She also appears to have a bigger ego than Rainbow Dash.

Garble - a rude teen Dragon who enjoy bullying other people, especially the weak ones.

Little Strongheart - Little Strongheart is a levelheaded buffalo, serving as the voice of reason for the Knights of Nightmare. She displays more kindness and patience and also a deep commitment. She believes in fair battle and honour and most of the time voicing her displease about her teammates that never fight fair.


Chapters (2)
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