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Orphaned at a young age, Muffin spent years waiting, wishing for someone to take her away from her foster home. That time comes when an odd man with a strange blue box appears.

After some minor confusion, Muffin accompanies the man, a so-called doctor named Time Turner, on countless journeys throughout time and space.

Semi-prequel to If I Look Back.

Chapters (1)


A new wing of Equestrias military, created shortly after the first space colony, Horizon. Many graduates of military school dream of joining their ranks and so does Shetland.

But faced with difficulties even acquiring the job in the first place, and faced with her mother's disapproval, can she really succeed to obtain her dream... and the dangers that come with it?

Chapters (1)

15 years ago a meteorite struck Equestria.

In truth, it was an ancient wreckage, blasted off from some battle fought so long ago that the successors to the successors of those who could even remember the race that fought it, had perished, and vanished into dust.

Inside the ship something still lived, even as all of it's brethren dried out into fossils, it stumbled out of the wreck and into Equestria.

Chapters (4)

As I walked into the castle all I could hear was yelling guessing it was a fight about something and I was right but I didn't think it would be about me! Know Not only do I got to deal with Luna But Know I got to deal with the wedge in between their Family Relationship the HARD way...

(Related to my other story The Lost One!)

(Short Story)

Chapters (1)

For millennia, the planet has been shielded from the horrors of the warp. One day, a part of the shield is dented, allowing a tendril of the warp to enter the mind of Sweetie Belle and Button Mash.

(Season 3 and onwards didn't happen in this story)

Chapters (1)

Over one hundred years in the future, Equestria is almost unrecognizable. Magic and technology exist side by side, working together to push the equine nation into a new age of scientific advancement. Now with the discovery of potentially habitable worlds only a few light years away, their civilization has decided to reach out breaking the bonds of their solar system, and affirming its place in the universe. However, with technology advancing at such a sudden rate, Twilight and Spike must face several moral, ethical, and personal questions throughout this journey into the cosmos. 

Chapters (3)

Every story has a beginning. The Paladins are no different. This is the story of how one man traversed the dimensions in seek of those willing to rally under his cause. His journey will be perilous. He will turn into a wolf. In the end, he will prevail.

Chapters (1)

In mathematics, the character x is used as the name for an independent variable or unknown value. Most Algebra problems will ask you to find the value of x, or they will provide you with the value and ask to solve the equation (i.e., x=2, find 2x2+ 3x+1.)

This is nothing new to Twilight Sparkle, who spent most of her foalhood solving these equations. However, when a mysterious substance is stolen from a top-secret laboratory, Twilight and her friends must find the value and identity of the pony called "X".

A semi-self-insert fic featuring :
Possible romance???
and the debut of Red X. (The character and the author.)

Chapters (1)

This is a story of a Pip-Buck that was passed down through vault 50 and beyond the vault its self. The story will be told by the character of the chapter. There will be little exposition unless the character leaves the Pip-Buck on to record something important. The story will continue until the Pip-Buck is either destroyed, unfixable, or gets lost and no one can find it. Hope you enjoy.

Chapters (1)
This story is a sequel to Equestria Wars Episode XV: Knights of Zero

After dealing with Zero, Charming Thunder sets out with Sombra and his old friend; Radiant Hope, to find the last piece of the crystalized princess of the Crystal Empire; Amore. They will overcome many challenges as they journey across the land of Equestria as Charming Thunder is guided by a Sith spirit.

Chapters (2)
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