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This story is a sequel to Dark Sunset

How is Fluttershy holding up after Sunset's death?

Not required but recommended that original be read first.

Chapters (1)

In the jungle, even sleep is not a refuge from the horror of war. A radio operator tries to find something to hold onto while surrounded by nightmares, both real and imagined, and the line between the two is all too blurred. One day, he knows, he'll go home and try to move on. Until then, he keeps the radio on.

CONTENT WARNING: This story contains potential triggers for veterans suffering from PTSD. It is based on the recollections of a dozen veterans I've spoken to over the years, in particular several Vietnam War veterans. The content is disturbing, but necessary to paint an accurate picture of one facet of war.

This story is not intended to be a commentary on the Vietnam War. Rather, it is about a soldier finding something to cling to when surrounded by madness. This describes perhaps a majority of the men who served in that war: good people caught in an impossible situation and just trying to survive. Whatever your opinions on the nature of the conflict are, please be respectful of the veterans in the comment section.

Chapters (1)

Spike has been plagued by a horrible nightmare or vision of the near future. where it show him doing something unspeakable and completely horrible to the ones he call friends. Now he only sees one way out of it. a way to make sure he never hurts the ones he loves. a way that may lead to his demises.

Chapters (1)

A story based on a dream I had, this is about a foal with Obsessional Defiant Disorder, That blows up just a little to much at school.

Something that I often worry could actually happen to me. ODD is extremely hard to manage, and it makes one's life a lot harder.

Chapters (1)

Backstory for Into That Wild Blue Yonder

Yafid started as any of us do; a young child, full of wonder and awe for the world. But like so many children in troubling times, his innocence was ripped away from him, and he found himself on a road to nowhere, full of hardship and suffering until the bitter end.

Chapters (3)

The years have been kind to Rarity. A wonderful husband and great friends have softened the reality of time passing. Now in her old age she carries the weight of her limited time, but a chance encounter with an old foe may give her life a new unexpected direction.

Chapters (1)

On a day like any other, Princess Twilight Sparkle goes about her business in her typical fashion, though with a weight on the back of her mind throughout the day. And it's not long before she needs to confront it. With a heavy heart, Twilight prepares to close a chapter in her life.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Half-Hoof: Black Forest

Adrian Sheepherd was sent out to Black Forest with the Equestrian military to 'rescue' the scientists. Little did the battalion know that they were actually there to cover up the incident.

Chapters (5)

After an unfortunate accident, Spoiled Rich wakes up thinking she's her old self before her marriage to Filthy, and boy isn't she different. The whole town is shaken up in the process, and Diamond is about to uncover some long lost family secrets...

Chapters (1)

Spike has always been very helpful to his friends, The mane six. But now that he is older and nearly stands as tall as his pony friends, they still consider him to be a baby dragon, and it begins to frustrate the young dragon. But during a visit to the Dragon Lands, Spike gets into a confrontation with his Dragon rival Garble which causes his friends to once again interfere and make him feel that he can't take care of himself and that makes him even more angry and upset. But then during his birthday, he loses his temper showing his hidden dragon rage which scares all the other ponies including his friends. Then Spike decides to leave ponyville and go on a journey to find out who he truly is and what kind of power does he possess. The mane six feeling sorry for how they have been treating Spike, discover that he is nowhere to be found, which then makes them really upset. But when they travel to the Dragonlands to look for Spike, they soon find themselves being overtaken by Garble and his group of thug dragons. When Spike discovers what Garble has done with his friends, he knows what his true purpose is and what he is mean't to do.

Chapters (2)
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