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I would do anything to see her. Climb mountains, swim seas... But it's just a fantasy world, which I can't—even if I try—get out of my head. So why did I care to investigate the impossible of that fantasy?

Chapters (2)

As I walked into the castle all I could hear was yelling guessing it was a fight about something and I was right but I didn't think it would be about me! Know Not only do I got to deal with Luna But Know I got to deal with the wedge in between their Family Relationship the HARD way...

(Related to my other story The Lost One!)

(Short Story)

Chapters (1)

As Little Mac tries to choose a bedtime story for his mother to read to him and his sister, he asks why none of the old legends have earth pony heroes. His mother has a good answer for him, but she dredges up some old memories, too. Ones that Little Mac wishes she would share.

Chapters (1)

Sugarcoat has an illness inherited from her father. As a young girl, she would be in and out of the hospital. Sugarcoat’s condition stabilized when she was a little older and was only taking medication regularly. But recently, Sugarcoat becomes sick and is sent to the hospital.

Twilight Sparkle visits Sugarcoat in the hospital. Unexpectedly, Sugarcoat opens up to Twilight and the two of them bond. They find themselves becoming closer friends, but with Sugarcoat's unpredictable illness, would it last?

Chapters (1)

"There’s not enough time, there’s so much I want to do."
Rainbow Dash is given a diagnosis- only a year left to live.

Written for the June Monthly Contest Club

Chapters (1)

A collection of short stories about The Apple Clan.

Pear Butter and Bright Mac, doing their best to raise three children and make ends meet. All the while enjoying the smaller things in life.

Everything leading to a night, none of The Apple Family will ever forget.

Made Popular and Featured List on 6/22/17.

Chapters (2)

Pinkie Pie is upset. Why though? What's wrong?

Something has happened to the world around Pinkie today, and she doesn't seem concerned, in fact, it doesn't phase her at all.

Join along in this somewhat unique look at the pink party pony. One I hope you enjoy at any rate.

I swear Pinkie Pie isn't my favourite character, she's just so interesting to try ideas out on. XD

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle knew her potential, but she could never perform a basic spell. When she doesn't get into magic school after Starlight Glimmer successfully stops the Sonic Rainboom, she sees no reason to go on, and decides she wants revenge on all the other fillies and colts, who had no problem making friends or achieving the level of education they deserve.

A tragedy ensues.

But what happens after a tragedy? What about her parents?

Follow Twilight Velvet on her journey, dealing with trauma, guilt, and other emotions that stem from a tragedy. Meanwhile, Starlight Glimmer tries to deal with the consequences of her actions, feeling a similar guilt.

Twilight Velvet's story is heavily inspired by We Need To Talk About Kevin.
Starlight Glimmer's story is heavily inspired by the episode Turn Left of Doctor Who.
Other influences include Elephant by Gus Van Sant, Bowling for Columbine, and research of school shootings.

Chapters (1)

It's been just a little over two hundred years after the death of Princess Twilight's closest friends. Not only were they the other Elements of Harmony who saved Equestria, but they were some of the closest groups of friends a pony could find. For some, coping with a loved one's death can be an easy and manageable feet; For Twilight however, it is impossible to cope with. Now grudges have grown, festering against certain ponies because of it. No one, not even Spike has been capable of cheering her up. Getting her to her senses, getting her to even smile has proved to be an insurmountable task. Now the only question on most ponies’ minds is: Will Princess Twilight be capable of getting over their deaths or will she sink into a pit of despair and forever be lost in a maze of depressed, and if so, what possible harm could this cause herself and others...?

Chapters (4)

Rainbow knows that she is in love with Quibble Pants, but she doesn't know that she has to face the consequences of being saddled into an arranged marriage.

Soarin, on the other hoof, simply hasn't been ready for that kind of commitment. He never went out with mares, never kissed one-heck, he couldn't even talk to them!

Once they realize the compromise they have foisted on them, they decide to just deal with the challenges.
Credits of all the vectors used in the cover art goes solely to the respective owners

Chapters (1)
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