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Discord and Fluttershy are having tea in her cottage, as they often do. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming and the sweet aroma of tea is filling the room. For both of them, these are treasured moments that they get to spend together. And it is a habit they shall continue through years and years. But what happens when time starts catching up to them? For how long can these moments of peace last?

Massive thanks to my proofreader, Sketchy Sounds https://www.fimfiction.net/user/2085/Sketchy+Sounds

And another set of massive thanks to the amazing artist who did the cover, Bethiebo

Chapters (1)

The Gala is on it's way here and there is one mare that you want to spend it with but how will she feel after you've expressed your feelings toward her?

This is my first fanfic and be weary that there may be a few grammar mistakes. Just look past them and I promise that you will be satisfied.

Chapters (4)
This story is a sequel to Cutiemark Crisis

After school let's out and Meadow settles into the orphanage again. Soon after she meets a nice mare that she's starts to think as a sister.

Chapters (2)

This story is to help me write better. So please don't mind the whole idea of how 'Oh they didn't even know each other that much.' Well, for those who think that, for your information, when Nightmare Moon teleported Twilight and the elements, her friends went after her. Then she realized that they were her friends.

[This story takes place in The Magic is Friendship, parts one and two]

Nightmare Moon has returned, and has hidden the Elements of Harmony. She takes Twilight and makes her a servant. What does one do when so called blessed?

Chapters (2)

I have lost almost everything. I have lost almost everything and I can not get it back. I have lost it forever. The worst part is that I do not regret loosing it and I certanly do not want to change the past even if it means that I would get the thing that I lost back.

No sex, just mild hints.

Cover art by me, all of it, down to the writing - yes that is my handwriting.

Written for Jake The Army Guy's Horse Words Extravaganza contest. It is the first time that I entered a contest.

Chapters (1)

I've spent twelve years as a nurse, now. Nurse Redheart, helping the ailing ponies of Ponyville, caring for them all. Twelve years! So many memories, so many regrets. And yet one night, a decade ago, I remember with particular sorrow - for on that one, terrible night, I failed...

Note: This story largely concerns Bright Mac and Pear Butter, but they don't have character icons yet. I shall edit the characters as soon as they become available.

Chapters (1)

A series of stories that takes place in the town of Clydesdale. Every 'chapter' will be a different story, and the description will be edited to have premises/descriptions for each story published.

Blindsight: A new pony has moved to Clydesdale in hopes to start over. Her blindness proves to be problem though for her new roommate.

Chapters (1)

Spike is a normal dragon, but Twilight gets worried because he keeps disappearing at night. Then, the ponies in Equestria are getting the news that there's a mad creature that's murdering ponies.

Chapters (2)

Around the time of season 6-7 and Twilight wants to perform a spell which will change the bones in her body, making them more aero dynamic as well as sharpening the point on her wings. This will increase her ability to fly faster and with more precision, however, the spell tomes she requires are forbidden and the magic can cause serious harm. Is she ready for this? How will Rainbow Dash react to Twilights spell and her true feelings for her?

Chapters (1)
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