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Written with permission from the amazing Kkat

Littlepip has something important to tell her friends. Her confession will determine the future relationship with them.

The following story is based on the idea that ponies naturally form herds instead of couples and tend to have a polyamoric love life.

Chapters (1)

When Summer Sketch become pregnant, all seems tombs going great. That is, until her very protective family hears the news, and wants to talk to the colt that knocked her up. Will Connie survive?

Art and pre-read by Summer Magic

Chapters (1)

Applejack was a bit hesitant and confused when the no good conman, Flim, appeared at her front door, asking for advice. Naturally, she turned away from him, still bitter about everything he has done to her family and friends in the past.

As days go by, however, Applejack comes to terms with Flim. And, she quickly realizes that just like ponies can change, hearts can change, too.

This story is a side story to Chosen Love. Consequently, there are some spoilers for that story.

Sex tag is for a few innuendos.

Cover art made by me. That's why it's bad.

Chapters (14)

I would do anything to see her. Climb mountains, swim seas... But it's just a fantasy world, which I can't—even if I try—get out of my head. So why did I care to investigate the impossible of that fantasy?

Chapters (2)

Barbara is a new student at Canterlot High School. Because of her ADD, she's having trouble making friends. The only friends she really has are her brother and his friends, as well as her older sister, but she's quite detached from her family. Lucky for Barbara, there's another new kid at the school, a boy who seems to be interested in her.

Chapters (2)

Being rejected can be hard, but when your love rejects you for her best friend who happens to be of the same gender as her, it can leave you with a broken heart you think will never mend. However, comfort can be found in the most unlikely cases - such as a car ride with an old acquaintance. (Set a few years after The Legend of Everfree)

[SunsetxTwilight] [FlashxTimber]

Chapters (1)
This story is a sequel to FoaL: Hospital Visit

I finally got discharged from the hospital, and my new life can finally begin. With my good friend Flitter by my side, and a job for Princess Twilight, life is good.

Unfortunately, not every human feels the same way I do. Tensions rise, and I can only hope the others come to their senses before people and ponies alike get hurt.

Flight of a Lifetime (FoaL) part 2.

Chapters (1)

One hundred years in the future, Equestria is almost unrecognizable. Magic and technology exist side by side, working together to push the equine nation into a new age of scientific advancement. Now with the discovery of potentially habitable worlds only a few light years away, their civilization has decided to reach out beyond the solar system, and affirm its place in the universe. However, with technology advancing at such a sudden rate, several moral and ethical questions are beginning to arise.

Chapters (1)

With one new invention, everypony was granted the ability to tame the skies. With these new planes comes a war, and thousands of ponies rally to defend their home. Meanwhile, miles away from the war zones, friendships become strained as the war takes its toll.
With her friends falling out of touch, her grandmother in the hospital, her brother fighting on the front line, and her sister too young to understand, Applejack begins struggling to keep her farm running while paying off medical bills and debt while being hounded by two loan shark brothers.
On the other hand, Rainbow Dash is struggling with her own guilt and failure, as her own recklessness caused a crash that nearly killed her copilot. Her confidence shattered, Rainbow can’t bring herself to fly again.
As the war rages on, the two mares busy themselves fighting their own private wars. When they both realize they can’t win their wars alone, they discover that they aren’t alone at all: they have each other.

Chapters (1)

A collection of short stories about The Apple Clan.

Pear Butter and Bright Mac, doing their best to raise three children and make ends meet. All the while enjoying the smaller things in life.

Everything leading to a night, none of The Apple Family will ever forget.

Made Popular and Featured List on 6/22/17.

Chapters (2)
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