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Three of the most powerful girls in all of Equestria's history have a chance meeting at a coffee shop in Manehattan. They talk. One of the topics being their father. The only male alicorn to ever exist in Equestria's history.

Chapters (1)

Twilight and company seek out the Queen of the Hippos in order to retake Canterlot. Tempest Shadow wastes weeks staking our Mt. Aris as Twilight her new allies march on Canterlot. Don't worry, victory is assured.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash had enough of her friends picking out her mistakes. Now, she saw that her supposed 'friends' humiliated her and ruined her entire reputation at Ponyville. Her friends ... ex friends refused to apologize and Rarity began to compliment her costume. Angered, she decided to move away and start a new life... one without her so called friends. But Princess Celestia saw that the Element of Loyaly faded black and was beginning to crack. She gave a mission to Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie to somehow fix the Element of Loyalty. But Rainbow Dash wasn't one to forgive.

Chapters (2)

Displaced Story

Braniac/Brother Eye is the Displaced.

The Equestrian Multiverse is involved.

Crossover with Injustice 2.

Primary/co-author is Star709, due to my personal lack of show knowledge. Why I'm here writing fanfictions if I don't know the show like many on this site, is the big question.

I own nothing...except the idea for the story and the general line of story.
Sorry if my description lacks detail, but I get tired.

Chapters (1)

Spike the Dragon was curiously absent while the rest of his close pony friends were completely overrun by fans, haters, and critics of The Friendship Journal. Surely, some pony had to have commented on his written experiences, right?


And that's the problem.
This is a fan's interpretation of an event that takes place shortly after the episode "Fame and Misfortune" (allegedly written by M.A. Larson, though he's on record saying that he doesn't like it).

Chapters (1)

Twilight plays war thunder to blow off some steam after studying. Gaining more steam ensues.

Chapters (1)

Changeling are just works of fiction, right? Well not anymore. A certain drone from a certain hive during a certain event gets sent through a certain hole in the space time continuim (aka, an interdimensional hole in time) and lands on the outskirts of a small town. A human that knows of its race decides to save it and help it grow, but becomes a little too attached as some would say.

This story inspired from Queen Sanguine Dreams story.
Will add other tags as readers view necessary.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Starlight Glimmer Overreacts to Everything

Starlight Glimmer is not happy (shock), but this time it's at something Satanic! Something deplorable! Something unbelievable that will leave you shocked and gasping for air!

Starlight Glimmer... has witnessed two mares... in a RELATIONSHIP! Like, two MARES! Like, like, it's weird, innit? Like, just wrong! They're mares! Like, they both have vaginas! WTF?! HOW DO THEY EVEN- I gotta look up how they even have sex 'cause I just don't understand the mechanics of that ONE BIT!

... I may be gone a while...

Chapters (1)

After what seemed like infinitely terrible writing and garbage finally catches up to a certain somepony.

Chapters (4)
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