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It's an enjoyable winter afternoon in Ponyville. Foals wage arctic warfare on one another in the form of snowballs, lovers dance majestically on the frozen lake, and then Scootaloo whips out her inter-dimensional snow sled.

Fic idea and prompt provided by The Duke.
Cover Art drawn by postcactus

Chapters (5)

this is the story takes place after the event's of tales of chanterlot high episode 3. This is about my OC Flaming Nova as he travel's the wide world of equestria. During his journey to recover his lost past he will meet a variety of different characters from the MLP series but little does he now a dark presence is closing in on him.

Chapters (2)

So a shy Ralts, a brash Riolu and a sarcastic Treeko walk into a small village inhabited by ponies. Sounds like a bad punchline doesn’t it? Cause it really is. Someone save us from the challenges that await, mostly cause we will probably kill each other by then.

Chapters (1)

Before Nightmare Moon was defeated and locked away, she led a sizable faction of devotees and followers. And rulers are known to give speeches.

Chapters (2)

When Rainbow Dash pulls a prank on Twilight, Twilight decides to come up with the ultimate, fool-proof revenge! That's what friends are for, right?

Chapters (1)

Angel bunny is about to meet Fluttershy for the first time. And of all things it happened to spark a little bit of.... Romance.

Chapters (1)

Everyone knows how the mane six got their cutie marks, but what would happen if Fluttershy was the smart one, Twilight was the shy one, Rainbow was the fashionista, Rarity was the cocky and loyal one, Applejack was the party mare and Pinkie was the farmer?

The world would be so different...

(this story will put you in Dr. Flora's mind as she goes about her day.)

Chapters (1)

Spike has always been very helpful to his friends, The mane six. But now that he is older and nearly stands as tall as his pony friends, they still consider him to be a baby dragon, and it begins to frustrate the young dragon. But during a visit to the Dragon Lands, Spike gets into a confrontation with his Dragon rival Garble which causes his friends to once again interfere and make him feel that he can't take care of himself and that makes him even more angry and upset. But then during his birthday, he loses his temper showing his hidden dragon rage which scares all the other ponies including his friends. Then Spike decides to leave ponyville and go on a journey to find out who he truly is and what kind of power does he possess. The mane six feeling sorry for how they have been treating Spike, discover that he is nowhere to be found, which then makes them really upset. But when they travel to the Dragonlands to look for Spike, they soon find themselves being overtaken by Garble and his group of thug dragons. When Spike discovers what Garble has done with his friends, he knows what his true purpose is and what he is mean't to do.

Chapters (2)

Starlight Glimmer is just your somewhat average pony on the surface….but what is she wasn't...what if Starlight and some mice had some similar interests? Read and find out her secret...

One-shot Story.

Chapters (1)

Morgan never really liked moving. Yet the prospect of moving to a new world where people didn’t constantly stare at her (or silently judge her) was a an opportunity she didn’t want to pass up. So she packed up her very few belongings and started the tedious process of transferring universes. Now all she has to do is get through an interview with an orange pegasus filly. That’s not hard right?

Another in the Nexus-verse. Yet done in a slightly different style.

Chapters (1)
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