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Button Mash and Sweetie Belle have been living with each other for six months and are in need of a break. So on a whim they go to the beach for the day. On the way they discuss their future as a family and their plans. While they make their way to, and have a relaxing vacation.

Sorry long descriptions aren't my strong suit.

Chapters (1)

This fic takes place after the events of: "Boast Busters"

After Trixie lost to Twilight in calming down a rampaging Ursa Minor. Trixie fleed ponyville and wonders into a strange cave unaware of a Ursa Major that lives there. When the magician wakes the Ursa Major takes it upon himself to treat the grown mare like a cub, and keeps her from leaving the cave. As Time passes Trixie slowly starts to change from a unicorn into a actual Ursa Minor cub. Trixie realises she has to find a way to escape the cave and find somepony to help her, or be trapped in the body of a Ursa Minor forever.

Editor:The Fan without a face

Chapters (1)

Arceus and the creation Trio have teamed up to keep the balance of creation in check since their fight. However when Unown, a certain Psychic type Pokemon suddenly goes berserk, a distortion is created in 28 different worlds. Now Three certain Ponies and a dragon must engage in a quest to search for 28 warriors that rebelled against the negative aura the corrupted Unown has released and defeat the culprit before the entire universe is swallowed up into a world of nothing.

A massive crossover story with different characters from different series.
MLP, Pokemon, or any of the other characters that appear in this story DOES NOT belong to me and ALL CREDIT goes to their RIGHTFUL owners.
Story line and Plot developed by me.

Chapters (1)

Spike has a problem regarding inviting two of his royal friends over on the same day! To avoid a diplomatic disaster, can Twilight, Starlight, and Spike prevent these two from meeting? No. No, they can’t. Let’s move on to the real problem.

Thanks to Tired Old Man and Nova Quill for their edits and inputs!

Chapters (1)

The two year with the carnivorous Slimes has finally ended, but were they all killed? Deep in the Everfree Forest, a new baby slime is born... alone and cold... but different from the ancient Slimes of old... For it yearns for something else... It yearns...

TO CHOKE YOU, IN ITS SLIMY HOLD! "For Yibble wants huggles!" YIBBLE I SAID NOT TO COME HERE YET! "Sworry..."

Ahhh... Well your forgiven; here, play with this rubber ducky. "Yeahsy! Wubba duck is best duck!"

Good... anyway; this baby slime shall cross boundaries never crossed before... Can a monster be loved? Well one particular pony is about to prove that... a certain, butterfly-loving pony to be exact!

WARNING! This story is going have the 4th-wall broken a lot (because the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd walls are already broken) by the narrator... If I'm going to write a silly cute story I might as well bring in 4th-wall breaking too.

It shall also have overdose of sugary cuteness, slime everywhere (EVERYWHERE), and copious amount of silly noises! If you are a serious reader or have no soul, then this isn't your story.

The story is an AU story but can be also consider a X-story too, but for now is considered an AU story for now.

Main Character List will extend over-time and be added in the description: Discord

Takes place a month after Luna's return (Season 1); events from future Seasons will happen differently.

I also gotten someone to pre-read for me (thank you for the help); Sanguine Dream

Chapters (1)

Twilight accidentally turns Derpy into a herptile. Herping and/or derping ensues.

Chapters (8)

Malus pumila. So majestic, so ... leafy. It is no wonder that ponies tend to and propagate their species across their various countrysides. But there is far more to these wonderful plants. Join us, dear viewers as we go directly into the lives ... of the apple trees.

I have been watching too much Teh Spearhead Guy again. I am not sorry. :rainbowwild:

Something goofy written to get me back in the productive groove again :twilightsmile:

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to A Dying Hope

The last thing she remembers is being attacked by the things she calls "creepy-crawly death-dealers" and blacking out. She stumbles around in the darkness until a light shines and shows her the way to the two most important ponies from her life: her parents.

As Apple Bloom spends more time with the ponies that were taken from her too soon, she realizes that she has a unique opportunity; she has the ability to spend the rest of her afterlife with her parents. This realization, though promising, does not come without consequences, and Apple Bloom finds herself making the single most important decision of her existence.

Chapters (1)
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