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When Equestria's peace is disrupted by a new evil, the mane six are summoned by Princesses Celestia and Luna. But, this may be a job for a particular pony, is Fluttershy up to the task? The others simply feel that this foe should be sent to Tartarus, after past efforts failed, but Fluttershy thinks otherwise.

Chapters (1)

The Shrieker. A tale passed down through to Griffons generation after generation. It tells of a Griffon warrior, tricked by a sorceror and transformed into a hideous, corrupted monster. The tale has been told for thousands of years. When Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Equestria, reads it, she dismisses it as a old tale.

Exceppt strange things begin to happen around Ponyville. Claw marks on trees. Mysterious sightings of three green orbs floating in the night. And scariest of all...every waxing crescent, a horrifying howl echoes through the Everfree, belonging to no known animal or being.

Despite her disbelief, Twilight investigates, and soon finds herself face-to-face with a tale that just might be true after all...
Set during season 5, and after Tirek. Will have gore and swearing, with some scary scenes.

Chapters (1)

Electra, the young and newly crowned captain of the Budgie Dream, has spent her entire life being told of the Carrion Skull, the Pirate ghost ship that supposedly has been flying the skies for over 200 years under the guiding wing of the legendary Celaneo. After her mother, the captain of the Dream, dies Electra becomes more and more enticed by the dreams of treasure.

Her crew leaves her, due to her young inexperience, and abandon the trading ship. And, with a bit of a twinkle in her eye, Electra forms a new crew with one propose: Finding the Carrion Skull or die trying.

And so, the motley crew made up of all the flying races began to raid towns for supplies, and become a new force in the wasteland. However, after conflicts with the enclave, they gain a brand new reputation as they continue to try and find the lost ghost ship.

Chapters (1)

After what seemed like infinitely terrible writing and garbage finally catches up to a certain somepony.

Chapters (4)

The conference gathers to present an important discovery: Conclusive evidence on the existence of humans, a whole skeleton of one. But it turns out to carry a deadly curse. A frightening apparition emerges from it, to chase away those who dare to disturb its slumber.

But is the Anthro-Phantom even real? Is there somepony behind it? Why? And most of all, whom?

Lyra Heartstrings takes it upon herself to answer those questions.

Chapters (3)

Have you ever wonder, what are the portals that connect with Equestria are made off? What mysteries hold such an inusual means of transportation? And more important, what or who keep the road clean and ensure that all and every adventure starts properly and without a hitch?

Well what if I told that, all of that can be thanks to a certain structure safely build inside say portals and who important is crucial for billions of stories continue or even start? This is the story that tell the tale of such magical place one who owner constantly change, and to the misfortune of certain elements of harmony, a place that they will soon discover.

There a mysteries of the unknown that are better left unanswered, but perhaps this story will help show some light into those questions, or at the very least give you a small peek into the nature of the legendary vortex that connect other worlds.

I make this short one shot in hopes of helping writers on the page, if you have a mental block or don't know how to start your story, you are free to used this one as reference. I only ask to please send me a PM informing me of your wish to used it and I will try to help you build a nice base.

Chapters (1)

The world is plagued with a supernatural phenomenon like no other. Reports of mysterious mutations began over 40 years ago. It became known as the Phantom Curse. Those who fall victim to this mysterious phenomenon are transformed into what the government refer to as Hollows. People's daily lives became like horror movies as humans randomly transform into monsters of all shapes and sizes. To combat these nightmarish creatures the organization known as Divine was created for the sole purpose of destroying Hollows. However, good and evil isn't always what it seems.

Chapters (1)

As an ancient evil awakens, Twilight and her friends must go into a new adventure. As they advances they will learn that Equestria's past isn't as perfect as it seems. They will learn how ponies and windigos were torn apart while fighting an enemy as old as time itself. Will they succeed or will Equestria be buried in eternal hatred and ice?

Chapters (2)

Sunset Shimmer, a very powerful unicorn. The once-proud student of Princess Celestia herself, Outcast herself many years ago to a world much unknown. She had underwent many triumphs and failures upon being there. However once she had decided to return after her defeat against Twilight Sparkle things would never be the same. With every evil there is good, with every good there is also evil. Sunset Shimmer would soon find out is that her Darkness is much more than she had first anticipated.

Chapters (3)

Going through life, Twilight never expected herself being with another special someone. Especially when she only cares about books, herself, her family, her friends, and making them all proud. Let along getting together with one of the hottest, very very bad and undisciplined jock.

But going on through with this jock made her realize that her special someone had changed her, and, quite surprisingly, changed that person as well. But all got chaotic when a hidden truth this secret someone was hiding got revealed on a certain day that were supposed to be important to the two of them.

And it all comes crashing down on everyone involved and knew this.

Chapters (2)
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