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This story is a sequel to Star Knight and the Nine-Tailed Fox

The kingdom of Tambelon has always been a place full of laugh and hope, until Grogar invaded it and subdue it into the Lord of Chaos' influence. The laugh and hope are replaced by fear and sadness, all to bring back na entity that will bring chaos to the Pony World. With the failure of his last plan with the Eternal Nightmare Curse, the Lord of Chaos resumes the plan. However, the light is approaching to try to end that plan. What is that light? Will the Lord of Chaos be able to cover everything with chaos?

Note: The main focus of this story is based on the season 3 of the series Sailor Moon Crystal.

First story: The Life of a Young Colt
Second story: Twilight and Blue Sword
Third story: The Light Kingdom
Fourth story: The Taking of Tartarus
Fifth story: Star Knight and the Nine-Tailed Fox

Chapters (1)

Every Nightmare Night a timid little ghost of a long deceased filly comes out to celebrate the holiday which she cherished most when she was alive. Often she kept to the sidelines, never being noticed for hundreds of years. This was until three little fillies, and their group of rag-tag friends, caught her attention.

Edited by All Art is Quite Useless, Link4, and B_25.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to My Little Universe: Season 5

Well everypony, time for the Crystal Gems and Mane Six's reprise. The Cluster, Malachite, the trio of problematic serpents, my goodness did they had plenty to deal with but with all that passed, and Lapis and Jasper returning once more, it's time for them to kick back and relax. ...

Yeah, as if.
Months had passed since these events, and winter's nearing its latest years before spring. With so many problems handled the year prior, you'd think they would be given a break but boy you were wrong. One visit to their Homeworld revealed another group of Gems known as the Off-Colors, a group of strange, yet intriguing Gems made up of defects, fusions, and some interesting information on the Crystal Gem war. ...

Now they got two new tasks: finding a home for Off-colors, and to find the real answer to a century's old mystery. Relationships will be tested, rivals will return, all with a looming diamond shatterer elusive to their midst. Onward everypony!

Chapters (2)

The city of Mare-is is a popular tourist spot, especially since it is the home to the esteemed legacy of the Count of Monte Colto, believed to have been made from the burning desire for revenge against those that wronged him. However, when a priceless treasure belonging to the legacy was stolen and the family was attacked on the new Countess's wedding day, she vows revenge against the thief that caused it.

Meanwhile, Daring Do is alerted to the potential crisis when an old friend, a minstrel named Night Serenade, comes into her life once more and tells her of a letter requesting her presence at the city of Mare-is. She plans to go alone, but is forced to take Night Serenade with her at his request. Can the two find the priceless treasure in time or will they succumb to the wrath of the Countess of Monte Colto?

Chapters (1)

Prequel to Samneo - The Water Dragon, Sam The Earth Pony was my first story, but then I took it down because of poor reviews. But after reading a comment on my most recent Water Dragon chapter, I've realized that it's time for people to see the truth behind Samneo, and resurrect this long forgotten story!

Real Summary: Starlight is wondering around, when an unexpected commit hits the ground in front of her, she finds an unconscious pony on the ground, and thus, the origin story of Samneo begins...

Suggested Opening Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v78I_VfIHC0
Current Art Cover done by me

Chapters (2)

An old cave painting.

That's all it started out as.

Spread across every home. Every wall. Every life.


Red disease was an old disease that infected ponies in the late 1500's. It always began with, 'Just a small pain in the hooves,' or 'Just an ache in the stomach'. It would eventually grow to be much more, like the inability to move certain limbs, complete paralyzation, and at the end..

..usually death.

The most mysterious thing about this, however, is that when a pony passed away from said disease, the same, drawn character would appear near, or on the place the pony had taken her last breath.

The 'Idemoni'.

Chapters (1)

A robbery has been done and Rainbow Dash along with three Wonderbolts and her hero Daring Do gets locked up in prison for a crime they didn't commit.
Rainbow Dash feels sad and excited at the same time while the others not so much.
Will the five ponies be able to break out of the prison bars?


And whoever did the art I credit them for it and my good friend Bat Lover for helping me edit.

Chapters (1)

Edward Michael Wynn, is a 17 year old British Army Cadet who, whilst on a parade, sees an intangible wispy figure that looks at him and causes the earth around him to shake. Moments later, he is hurtling towards a snowy plain, falling out of the sky with an entire tribe as an audience.

Where is he? What sent him here? How will he get back? How long has he been falling for? Why is everything going dark?

Chapters (2)

The Ponyville Cider Festival is well underway... until somepony steals all the cider! Will Applejack ever get to the bottom of this... and save Sweet Apple Acres' reputation?

(This is my first ever MLP fanfiction... constructive criticism is highly appreciated!)

Chapters (1)

It has been two weeks since Rainbow saved Scootaloo from putting herself at great risk by racing down the mountain, accepting that she was susceptible to over protective thoughts and growing as a sister and a pony in the process. She has spent those two weeks attempting to learn more about Scootaloo's life at home, knowing that it must be less than what she deserves and wanting to help in some way, though her investigation is going nowhere and Scootaloo is refusing to tell Rainbow the truth. Will she make any process if she gets her own parents involved?

Chapters (2)
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