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A great tragedy happened in Appleoosa more than a decade ago, one that left half of the element bearers dead, and left the town abandoned. The incident has been left uninvestigated, until now.

Applebloom, third bearer of the element of honesty after her sister Applejack and brother Big MacIntosh, goes to Appleoosa to investigate the town, looking for information that will lead to the solution to the mystery of why her sister died there.

While she's on her own, she has tools with her to help her: a camera that takes animated pictures, and a crystal to record what she says. What will she discover about her big sister and her cousin? Will she want to remember what she learns?

Chapters (2)

Spike is a normal dragon, but Twilight gets worried because he keeps disappearing at night. Then, the ponies in Equestria are getting the news that there's a mad creature that's murdering ponies.

Chapters (2)

Twilight Sparkle has been a normal girl for most her life. But everything change on that one night. Seeing her parents kill in cold blood made her see that the world was not always black and white. She promise herself that she will end all crime in Canterlot. Years after her parents deaths, Twilight had learn to use both science and magic to make a powerful suit. A suit to help her fight crime. A suit to show criminals that magic and science can co-exist. A suit to mask Twilight to full her promise. She study the Science She learn about Magic. She is Masked Matterhorn!

Now she has caught her greatest enemy, The Mane-iac. Taking her to a Asylum call Tartarus Asylum for the Insane or Tartarus Asylum for short. But the magic mare is suspicious. Mane-iac barely put up a fight when she caught him. It turns out her suspicions are correct when Mane-iac gets loose and takes control of the Tartarous Asylum. Now Masked Matterhorn must figure out what Mane-iac's planning and fend off his goons. But, what is "Titan?" Why did Mane-iac want to return here?

Based off of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Chapters (1)

A series of writings for those who want to kill time.

Various accounts of troublesome and strange ponies engaging in their usual activities and each with their own tale to tell.

Not meant to be learned from at all.

Chapters (1)

Cryptic Sapphire is a ruin explorer with a bit of an unfortunate fate, however, she has recovered much of what has been buried in the past and has progressed society as a whole along with many other ruin explorers. The most famous ruin explorer would obviously be Daring Do. In her journey, Cryptic suffers many minor injuries in which become scars and her partner. What do these scars mean in the long term for Cryptic Sapphire? What do these scars mean for Equestria as a whole?

Chapters (1)

For months, a master thief known as 'The Shade of Canterlot', has been stealing priceless artifacts leaving behind not a single clue other than his personal calling card. With the Royal Guard stumped and the thief still not apprehended, Princess Celestia will assign her faithful student, Princess Twilight Sparkle, to the case. However, she will not be alone. Her partner may in fact prove to be an even greater challenge to deal with than the thief at large.

Chapters (2)

Applejack has a dark secret she keeps from her friends and family. Something for which she seeks redemption everyday of her life. What could it be?
Part of a collection of unrelated stories:
The Secret Life of... Rainbow Dash
The Secret Life of... Big Mac
The Secret Life of... Pinkie Pie
The cover art comes from the Three's A Crowd episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all related content is owned by Hasbro. CYA.

Chapters (1)

Bage Gale, prounounced 'Beige'; Guard, Castaway, Inmate, thief, schizophrenic, crazy, and convict... just escaped from prison.

Process of escaping: Using a withered plate as a bludgeon to foil a Prison Guards attempt to sedate him. Next step was leaping over a 40 hoof wall and galloping into the night with an item of interest.

Case in point, no prison is that good at holding someone. Now there's a weird pyscho on the loose, who has something very important in his possesion. Question is though,

What trouble will it get him into long the line? Better yet, what can Bage do to get into trouble?

Contains a diabolical amount of procrastination and sass.

Chapters (1)

Sequel to the SYNCHRONY oneshots; and takes place concurrently with the end of Oathmaker.

All across the city of Canterlot, stories are written and told each day. Stories of love and learning, adventure and mystery, family and fun. They tangle together without realizing, plots crossing plots and characters meeting characters without ever knowing the full scope of the parts they play.

And one story on a hectic Saturday begins as many, each part looking forward with excitement, none foreseeing what was to come. Such is the nature of life. Sometimes it just changes, faster and wilder than you ever realized was possible.

Pairings are SunLight and RariJack, but the story covers much more than them.

Chapters (1)

Admittedly, Luna should have told somepony, but it was such a unique opportunity.

Author's Note:
Feel free to leave constructive criticism in the comments. I literally live for it. Even if it's a bit harsh, after reading it I might get a little upset, but I will just simmer silently about it for a few days before ultimately deciding that you probably have a point.

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