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I finally get myself displaced but end up dragging my friend with me. I had nothing to lose, well nothing I cared about anyways Tony not so much. Let's just hope I am strong enough to survive his anger and become his friend again.

My first story I have no editor I don't know if I will need one. Should be obvious but is a displaced don't like don't read. Tags will change as story goes on or if I feel they are un/necessary

Chapters (1)

Stalin takes a bath in the Kremlin...... Stalin is no longer in the Kremlin.

Chapters (4)

Three of the most powerful girls in all of Equestria's history have a chance meeting at a coffee shop in Manehattan. They talk. One of the topics being their father. The only male alicorn to ever exist in Equestria's history.

Chapters (1)

When you moved to Manehatten a year ago, you promised your friends in Ponyville you'd stay in contact. You'd never break a Pinkie Pie Promise, right?

Just a note, this is taking place sometime around Season 2.

Rated T for language and references to drugs

Chapters (1)

In between times,ages, and worlds there lies millions of possibilities. In each one, lies a journey to find a answer. Then when else has come to fall,time and space come and gather to begin again.

On that note, what happens.... In a world... Where you get a changeling and a pegasus...
You know what? Screw it. Meet Amber and Write Lightning. They have recently gotten into a whole frak-ton of trouble. To start off Sombra was never defeated, Celestia is a tyrant, the land ITSELF is twisted, and all-in-all, things are looking dark. Literally. It's as if everything has took a turn and decided to go straight and ended up a twisted mix of values and sins. This is a shady place. But welcome.
Welcome to the Dark World.

This is my first attempt at a story, it's a collab between me and Boltpen, it's a silly thing we both agreed to write, and it finally hit the shelves. We have plans to release a chapter every two weeks.
Constructive criticism is appreciated, No ponies, changelings, dragons, humans were harmed in the making.
And we ensure Jingle, our resident eldritch abomination, well-fed and within normality most of the times when not working, all are invited to her parties of course, Jason is the main guest.

Chapters (1)

It's been almost a few months since Midnight died. But now that Twilight is on Earth, trying to get her crown back. While Young Earth Midnight is trying to become a hero and tries to help out Twilight. What he doesn't know is that she is not the same. Now Him and Twilight must help each other for surviving high school and getting Twilight's crown back and send her back home.

Picture made by Alvaxerox

Chapters (1)

Short scenes from displaced stories that me and other people had.

No characters that already have stories.
The chapter must be around 100 to 1000 words no more no less.

Chapters (3)

I will admit to the guilt of being a loner. Personally, I like the silence. It means more me time, rather than me and someone else time.

Oh but wait. That's right, as fate would have it, suddenly I'm in neck level expenses in covering for a particular mare that just so happened to knock on my door as though she was a freaking Jehovah's witness.

Do I have time to learn about the almighty god, Pinkie Pie?


I don't.

To be honest, I've been saying that alot lately...

Chapters (1)

Changeling are just works of fiction, right? Well not anymore. A certain drone from a certain hive during a certain event gets sent through a certain hole in the space time continuim (aka, an interdimensional hole in time) and lands on the outskirts of a small town. A human that knows of its race decides to save it and help it grow, but becomes a little too attached as some would say.

This story inspired from Queen Sanguine Dreams story.
Will add other tags as readers view necessary.

Chapters (1)

Plus, he's still French.

jacque has decided to take twilights advice, and go see "the blue one" at canterlot castle. However, Celestia, it seems, is having none of his nonsense, or that of anybody else.

follow up of "so a skeleton walks into a pastry shop"

Chapters (1)
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