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A great tragedy happened in Appleoosa more than a decade ago, one that left half of the element bearers dead, and left the town abandoned. The incident has been left uninvestigated, until now.

Applebloom, third bearer of the element of honesty after her sister Applejack and brother Big MacIntosh, goes to Appleoosa to investigate the town, looking for information that will lead to the solution to the mystery of why her sister died there.

While she's on her own, she has tools with her to help her: a camera that takes animated pictures, and a crystal to record what she says. What will she discover about her big sister and her cousin? Will she want to remember what she learns?

Chapters (2)

The world has ended in a small town in Kansas.

Note: Tags will probably change as the story progresses. Chapters will be updated periodically.
Special Thanks to MisterNick for his help.

Chapters (1)

When Rainbow Dash got Lightning Dust kicked out of the Wonderbolts Academy, she never thought of what Lightning might do afterwards.

Rainbow Dash had crushed the dreams of somepony who couldn't care less about others getting hurt and shrugged off nearly killing five ponies. Didn't she ever think that there may be consequences?

Awesome artwork by Grim_Grin.

Chapters (2)
This story is a sequel to The Fiend that heralds Dark Skies

(This story is the sequel to The Fiend that heralds Dark Skies, which itself is a sequel to The Mare that eats The Monsters. Reading the first 2 stories is STRONGLY recomended to understand anything in this one.)

Twenty years ago, Princesses Luna and Twilight Sparkle were turned to stone and hidden away from Equestria by an old monster, once a pony, named Luminous Horizon. His intent was to release them when Equestria was nothing more than dust and rubble as retribution for the pains he suffered at Luna's hooves. They will be released before then, however, thanks to the efforts of Palmwood, Wonderboom and Moonrise Drifter. Together, they intend to set the imprisoned princesses free and bring an end to the unyielding darkness over the world.

This third and final story in the series will see the thousand year conflict end; for better or for worse.

Chapters (1)

Sisters being peaceable with horrors unspeakable.

(A collection of surreal and creepy little comedies about the Princesses. Collab with Pearple Prose).

As this is an anthology series, it will update periodically. The stories are largely unrelated, but within the same continuity.

Chapters (8)

Ace, a former employee of the Black Forest Research Facility, must escape the perilous premises of his former workplace. (This is a rewrite of the original.)

Chapters (8)

Imagine facing doom in your world, killers, chaos breaking loose and a dark force/entity trying to persuade you into becoming a monster yourself and imagine nopony knows this monster is in their world until its too late.

Yeah quite scary, but wait what if this creature this entity entered an alternate world where harmony was achieved...imagine.

Chapters (1)

Alien: Twilight Signing Out, Captain’s Control Room, Iron Will took a brave step in order for everypony else to make it out alive from the horror that was going on aboard the station. It was believed that this great captain was dead from the battle against an Alien Organism who was named Gash by a Filly aboard the station. The final blow was a fiery explosion that was supposed to take out both Iron Will and the Xenomorph at once.

We know now however that the great Iron Will survived and ever since it was a frequently asked question. How does one survive something so brutal and then live to help fight again aboard an entirely different station? It is time you get your answer, in this short story it will be explained. How did Iron Will survive Valuntas Station?

Please read the Alien Twilight Series before reading this, this is a short story to answer a big question of the trilogy I made on FimFiction. Thank You!

Chapters (1)

The Apple Family are stuck inside there home due to a monstrous storm that has come about because of a terrible accident. What caused that accident? That question is yet to have an answer

An old friend and family member stops by unexpectedly and is asking for help.

How could a simple rabbits paw do anything to cause this old stallion such grief?

You couldn't even choke to death on it if you wanted to.


Hey! Thanks for reading!

I will confirm that this takes place in the same universe as the "DEAR DIARY" Trilogy and i will extend the universe once again after this!

First Goes Sweetie?:unsuresweetie:
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