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This story is a sequel to Blinking

Teleportation. It was the simplest way to get around. But now, many years too late, Princess Twilight Sparkle has learned a horrible truth about her favored spell. She has managed to escape the hell-prison that took the lives of so many of her previous selves, and return to the real world. But now that she's there, she has one thing weighing on her conscience. A single question, begging to be answered...

There are three stories recommended for reading before reading this story. My own story, the original, and the sequel to the original that is the prequel to this one.

I get a bit expositional in this and a tad philosophical. Let me know if the ideas needed to bake a little more.

Happy reading...

Edit: I did not realize that the way Fimfiction appears in the browser tabs reads perfectly! Lol.

Chapters (1)

Marble's life on the farm is simple and idyllic. She helps out Pa and Limestone, and in her spare time carves and sculpts rocks. She has it pretty great, she thinks. It cannot last.
Pa thinks it's high time she get married and settle down to focus on more important things, like family, and work. He doesn't see her sculptures as a way to make a living, and insists she visit the Pairing Stone for a match.
Reluctantly, she agrees.
She meets her suitors, but the Pairing Stone says all three of them are a good match. Marble thinks they're all equally unsuited. She refuses to marry any of them, and will go to great lengths to keep her freedom.

Chapters (6)

Nightmare Moon's return heralded a new age of darkness for Equestria. Celestia did not stand a chance, but contrary to most pony's expectations, a cold and thankless night was not their fate.
Nightmare Moon kept warmth, heat, and life, moving through the land, probably due to some fell magic. In this new landscape, ponies need to find new lives for themselves, and Chatelaine is one such pony.
Thrown from the castle, she becomes a delivery pony to make ends meet. This delivery goes out to a village in the middle of nowhere, where she finds darkness has taken on a new life, and the village is more dangerous than she imagined.

Chapters (2)

After receiving a letter from a colleague describing the discovery of something unimaginable. Star Swirl the Bearded and a handful of specialists travel to the Equestrian Badlands to investigate an ancient city deep beneath Equestria. With only their bright minds and research; the group will descend into the bowls of the ruins, uncovering both its secrets and its horrors.

Chapters (1)

Twilight wakes up in a dark, Stone room. Nothing is in there besides a Lantern, a box and a door. She steps out of the room and sees a long dark hallway, as she keeps going she realizes she's in Some sort of Maze. Where exactly is she? How did she end up here? And most importanly, Is sompony watching her?

Chapters (1)

Kayla Cautio has been working at Freddy Fazbear's for a while now. Half a year, in a ballpark figure. She's worked with new guards before, but now she has to work with six girls applying for the job, and pick one to be the new guard. They all wanted to have the position, in hopes they could work together as friends. Unfortunately, these girls do not know that it can be every guard for themselves on the graveyard shift. Kayla is in for one bumpy, crazy, possibly magic-filled ride.

(This is an MLP-mixed version of my AU for Five Nights at Freddy's. You're welcome to stop reading at any time if you don't like the way things are going. This is my first story on FIMFiction, and I'm a little too nervous for heavy criticism. Image made by either creatorofpony or Flare-Crasher. If someone knows for sure who made it, let me know.)

Chapters (7)

Discord has faded out of existence, leaving Fluttershy stranded at his home in the Realm of Chaos. Now alone, she recounts her journey through the Realm to find her way back home again. Along the way, she will discover her own strength, and that things in the Realm are almost never what they appear to be...

Chapters (2)

Spike has been sent to a shopping mall when the girls go missing. He finds the undead, as well as his crazy friends, and the truth that awaits him in seven days.

Chapters (2)

"My name is Essay. From the earliest years of my life I knew that my destiny is to learn about what's dead and forgotten. After a long period of time of restoring damaged chronicles in the space of my library I've decided that my records should be combined into a book too.
This tome contains stories, legends and theories about paranormal activities within the lands of Equestria. Everything you'll read here is based on my private research, beliefs and equestrian history. It might include topics too drastic for a sensitive reader, so if you're one of them, I won't force you to go through it. However, in a proper circumstances it may come in handy."

Chapters (1)
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