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Macintosh Appleton the Large goes to a mysterious castle for a land deal with the eccentric master of the property.

Please withhold judgement until near the end, where it starts to make sense (hopefully)

Chapters (1)

When Requan (Ray-Quan, my actual name) lands on Equestria, they label him as a monster, only to make him one. One day, Twilight Sparkle and her friends force him out of Ponyville.

Chapters (1)

Tempest Shadow is working off her sins in silence at a community farm at the base of the Appleachians. Daybreaker still wants to stage a coup, but Nightmare Moon is reluctant. Trixie is lost in the middle of nowhere after an argument with her best friend Starlight.

When the four stumble upon each other at approximately the same time, they never expect to bond--or get trapped in Blond Collie Mansion, an abandoned, supposedly haunted house deep into the Appleachians. This means that they had better put aside their differences aside and work together to escape. Because something's coming after them, and it isn't very merciful...

Chapters (3)

Octavia and Viny Scratch go to Appleoosa for a Nightmare Night ride featuring none other than the legendary SNL horror host himself. But what else might be lurking in the darkness?

Based on the infamous Halloween Saturday Night Live sketch from 2016 featuring Tom Hanks as David Pumpkins. It's not necessary to understand the story but it helps if you watch it:


Chapters (1)

Time has an end, might as well have a story to tell it.

Pixel, a young stallion, has always loved helping and caring for others. But when an incendent occurs at his High School, he soon realizes that the devil wants to play. Uncovering the secrets of the school he goes to he finds that the only way to get escape this nightmare is to escape Hell. Or so he thinks, when two mares accidentally fall into the situation with Pixel, they seem to see far more than they intended too.
This is my Very First Fimfiction, you can criticize me but notice that this is my First book on this site.

Chapters (4)

Moondancer has gone missing. No clues seem to point to an obvious suspect, and no one seems to know where she could've gone. Twilight now takes it upon herself to find Moondancer and uncover the mystery behind her disappearance. But will she like the journey that awaits her? Will she even WANT to know the answers after all is said and done? Just WHO or WHAT is this Operator Moondancer's strange drawings keep referring to? And just what connection does it have to do with cameras?

(This is a Marble Hornets inspired story and has no connection to the actual web series other than the Operator, similar names, and themes. The story has been rated Teen for the use of blood, horrifying imagery, suggestive themes, and violence. The time period for when the fic takes place is never specifically stated but is left up to the reader's interpretation for if it takes place Post Twilicorn or not, though considering what's about to take place, it's best to assume this story takes place in an alternate universe as a safety precaution.)

Chapters (13)

The Dazzlings died the night of the Battle of the Bands. Now Adagio has to live with the walking, talking memories of her dead sisters.

Short psychological Horror fic; a tribute to the likes of Cupcakes and Rainbow Factory.

Chapters (1)

Continuously haunted and chased by zombies, the only remaining non-cannibalistic ponies will have to fend for themselves in a new and unfamiliar world.

Chapters (1)

Trixie is on her way to Vanhoover when she gets lost. She finds an old tunnel through a mountain and decides to take it, if only to avoid the trees. When she's inside, something is attacking her wagon, and upon investigation, she has an encounter with something terrifying and magical.

Chapters (1)
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