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When Celestia asked the Guardians of Harmony to help reform Discord, they didn't get the chance. After less than a day of freedom, the chaos lord vanished. A year later, the Guardian of Kindness vanished, too...

A year ago, Chrysalis invaded Ponyville and Canterlot with Discord at her side. After a bloody battle resulting in the deaths of countless ponies, Discord was defeated and Chrysalis fled with her changelings. Now in a Canterlot dungeon, the chaos lord is a shadow of his former mischievous self. Despite his betrayal, Princess Celestia strives to understand what drove him to ally with the changelings. Enlisting the help of her sister, Princess Luna, the ruler of all Equestria sends her right-hoof mare to try and ferret out what could've caused Discord to betray them once again.

Deep in the dungeons of Canterlot, Luna engages in a half-mad game of Twenty Questions with the draconequus, desperate for answers. But the more time she spends with Discord, the more questions she has. Why did he help Chrysalis invade Canterlot? Why does he want to kill her now? Who was Rosedust? Why are the Princesses of Equestria responsible for her death and the death of someone else Discord is hungry to avenge? And is all of this an elaborate lie to trick Luna and Celestia into setting their old friend-turned-enemy free once more?

Chapters (1)

A young man has dreams of Equestria, but it seems all too real. He can feel pain in his dreams.

Chapters (1)

There goes Love Craft. I hope she's doing well. Didn't you know? She's the mare who got possessed by that horrible monster last year. Terrorized the whole town until she was cleansed by the Elements of Harmony. Goodness, that must have been exciting, meeting the nation's heroines! Not saying I envy the dear, but one must always look on the bright side of things!
I do wonder whether she's managed to find another job though...

Chapters (2)

My Name is D'allure. Rainbow D'allure.
My Mom Says That D'allure Stands For Failure. So We'll Go With That.

I am the founder, president, and CEO of the best detective agency in town, probably all of Equestria.

The book you are holding is a historical record of my life as a detective. It has been rigorously fact-checked by my assistant, Total.

Chapters (3)

Spike has been plagued by a horrible nightmare or vision of the near future. where it show him doing something unspeakable and completely horrible to the ones he call friends. Now he only sees one way out of it. a way to make sure he never hurts the ones he loves. a way that may lead to his demises.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Star Knight and the Nine-Tailed Fox

The kingdom of Tambelon has always been a place full of laugh and hope, until Grogar invaded it and subdue it into the Lord of Chaos' influence. The laugh and hope are replaced by fear and sadness, all to bring back na entity that will bring chaos to the Pony World. With the failure of his last plan with the Eternal Nightmare Curse, the Lord of Chaos resumes the plan. However, the light is approaching to try to end that plan. What is that light? Will the Lord of Chaos be able to cover everything with chaos?

Note: The main focus of this story is based on the season 3 of the series Sailor Moon Crystal.

First story: The Life of a Young Colt
Second story: Twilight and Blue Sword
Third story: The Light Kingdom
Fourth story: The Taking of Tartarus
Fifth story: Star Knight and the Nine-Tailed Fox

Chapters (1)

A month Celestia and Luna introduced Lena to the Slayers and Elements who were in Ponyville Alarak reappeared grabbed Lena and dragged her to his office and while the events of A New Life, A New Home were happening Alarak and Lena were having a little.... disagreement. Once they've went there separate way's to calm down Lena sees something she thought she'd never see again.

Here's a new story for the Nexus-Verse and maybe now i can take a break, but considering this is twice within a month I've tried to take a break from the Nexus-Verse things do not bode well for me.

Chapters (1)

After hearing Celestia's spiel about friendship being magic for the Nth time, and getting fed up with being told to make friends with the ponies that had been content to leave her on the streets of Canterlot, Sunset Shimmer is about to go back to the mirror that showed her as a powerful Alicorn to try to figure out what it means, when she hears Celestia talking about something that worries her...

Chapters (2)

The start of a game will finally commence between two souls who will embark on a journey to shape the future of ponykind. What will become of Equestria depends on what belief holds strongest to the inhabitants that still seek to live another day.

Glory to Equestria

Chapters (2)

Midnight, Aurora, Melody, Wingsong, and Ebony Rose are taking a semester abroad...At Ever After High.

An Ever After High and Homecoming crossover event for the season.

Co-written by Littlest Fox on Fanfiction.net.

it's going to be hexcellent.

Chapters (2)
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