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Applejack was a bit hesitant and confused when the no good conman, Flim, appeared at her front door, asking for advice. Naturally, she turned away from him, still bitter about everything he has done to her family and friends in the past.

As days go by, however, Applejack comes to terms with Flim. And, she quickly realizes that just like ponies can change, hearts can change, too.

This story is a side story to Chosen Love. Consequently, there are some spoilers for that story.

Sex tag is for a few innuendos.

Cover art made by me. That's why it's bad.

Chapters (14)

Applejack and Rarity try to enjoy a pleasant moment, while it lasts.

Set shortly after the events of Cruise.

Chapters (1)
This story is a sequel to Discord's New Business

This is an unofficial side story to KnightMysterio's "Discord's New Business" Series.

Discord's New Business was great! The CMC decided to use it to become adults for the day, aiming to taking in all the wonders of Manhatten and finish it off with a show!

Yet as the day wears on, they began to find a lot of their expectations falling short. The biggest being their first trip to a night club.

Stage Light on the other hand is just a poor earth pony musician dragged there by his sister for a night out.

The CMC had expectations set high. Stage Light had practically none at all.

Two separate ponies meeting for a brief moment, then part ways for what would have normally been forever.

It's in those brief moments, that destinies can interweave, and pave the way to something...


Chapters (2)

A continuation of my alternate take on the Anon-A-Miss storyline~

It is now March. Sunset has been excelling in her studies at Crystal Prep, running top marks in all of her classes and gaining the attention of the Academies Principal. She is going to have to rely on her friends to help with what is about to happen in her life.

This is an alternate take on the Friendship Games, and will incluse some personal changes to the happenings as well as the structure of the Games themselves.

Gore warning for aftermath of self harm as well as later events
Rated Teen for discussion of the aftermaths of self harm

Chapters (1)

As I walked into the castle all I could hear was yelling guessing it was a fight about something and I was right but I didn't think it would be about me! Know Not only do I got to deal with Luna But Know I got to deal with the wedge in between their Family Relationship the HARD way...

(Related to my other story The Lost One!)

(Short Story)

Chapters (1)

When the CMC are pulled into one of Luna's personal dreams, she reveals to them something that had lain dormant for a thousand years. As the Moon Princess battles with her inner demons, three young fillies search for the best way to repay her kindness.

Special thanks to NickNack, who helped me write this, and without whom I would never have released on time.
Cover art by Viwrastupr

Chapters (1)

The Introduction

I finally had it all... My memories, the attention of the sisters, the attention of everyone and everything in this rainbow-filled world. It's not that I'm bragging my popularity, those are for losers who thinks popularity is important to life.

Besides, you are the one reading, right? Whoever holds this story of mine... Anyways, who would like a story without any introductions? 

My name's Arnold, Arnold Brands of Badlands. No, I am not a changeling, I am a stallion just like any stallion you can think about. Well, others say I look like Prince Shining Armor, I have yet to see him, I believe he's the brother of the 4th Princess of Equestria.

Anyhow, I am known for... well... almost everything I do... except the personal stuffs, of course. Why would I brag my sleeping habits?

This is supposed to be the end of the story, but then I thought hey! Why not write an intro in the end? And that's what I did. It's a weird way to make an intro when you're through with your story, but it works, I think.

Oh yeah, I forgot... Everything here is not canon, sadly... Yeah... That's what the staff say. This is not connected to the story that you knew. This is just some weird fantasy my writer is typing in front of his computer or cellphone, what in the haystack are those?

Oh what am I saying, anyhow, enjoy my (ahem) story!!! As I go get my "citizenship" of Ponyville.

Chapters (2)

Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker.

They are the embodiments of the darkness that exists in the hearts of the two head princesses of Equestria. But what if that darkness was brought out intentionally, for a good reason? What if that bond created something even stronger?

Well that's what inspired this story.

(Contains an intentionally overpowered character, violence, and the destruction of a gigantic asteroid. Expect a series of short stories to spawn off of this)

Chapters (5)

Star Chaser liked to teach ponies how to fly. In the days she'd go around to teach children of non-pegasi parents, while at night she'd teach older ponies the required skills of flying & navigating at night.

Limestone Pie liked her farm. She liked to run it with her sister Limestone, who in turn liked to run with her.

Star and Limestone began to enjoy each others company. Their lives became intermingled, and they worked together even when it got difficult.

The storms, however, didn't care much for what ponies liked.

Art by aestaslux.tumblr.com

Chapters (2)

Twilight Sparkle knew her potential, but she could never perform a basic spell. When she doesn't get into magic school after Starlight Glimmer successfully stops the Sonic Rainboom, she sees no reason to go on, and decides she wants revenge on all the other fillies and colts, who had no problem making friends or achieving the level of education they deserve.

A tragedy ensues.

But what happens after a tragedy? What about her parents?

Follow Twilight Velvet on her journey, dealing with trauma, guilt, and other emotions that stem from a tragedy. Meanwhile, Starlight Glimmer tries to deal with the consequences of her actions, feeling a similar guilt.

Twilight Velvet's story is heavily inspired by We Need To Talk About Kevin.
Starlight Glimmer's story is heavily inspired by the episode Turn Left of Doctor Who.
Other influences include Elephant by Gus Van Sant, Bowling for Columbine, and research of school shootings.

Chapters (1)
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