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This story is a sequel to My Little Star Butterfly

After looking back on past weddings, Star runs away from her wedding and returns to Equestria after she realizes that she's still in love with her best friend. She becomes Princess Luna's student in a genuine attempt to become a better being. But with Marco's rejection, Discord's unrequited feelings, and people in her past coming to Equestria, will Star return to her old ways? And will Star find true love?

Chapters (2)

Aria is not a normal mare. She was born physically male, therefore is perceived to be a stallion by her family. She has to make life work for her, but life doesn't seem to volunteer itself to assist her.

Chapters (1)

Ruling a nation on the brink of collapse is a stressful job, and nopony knows that better than Princess Platinum. With the pressure of a starving kingdom and fraying relationships with the Pegasus tribes, she has little option other than to seek the advice of her best friend and, perhaps, to take the first step to save everypony.

Chapters (1)

Ponyville is a quiet town, no murders or criminal activity of the like... Most of the time. But that's what the Pony in the Gray Trilby, AKA Philip Finder is for. With the skills of Sherlock Holmes, no case is left unsolved for him. But this time, he might need a little bit of help when somepony starts kidnapping ponies for a sinister purpose...

The Doctor's in a bad place. His best friend's left him, and he's traveling the universe to give it a fare-well tour before retirement. Might become a bee-keeper, worked out for that detective after all. But now he's crash landed in an Equestria that's different than the one he's used to and is about to get embroiled in a mystery that involves two old foes...

Name provided by Magic Step and Philip Finder belongs to PonyJosiah13 so credit where credit is due. Edited by mouthofmush and Ponyjosiah13.

Chapters (1)

When a mistake leads Nathaniel Finch to Equestria, he is understandably confused. When the pony he meets realizes just what is going on, she also discovers a terrible truth. If Nate and this strange, talking unicorn can't stop the inevitable, the lines between dream and reality might be forever warped, and Equestria will never be the same.

Chapters (2)

The final battle with the dreaded Old One, Pharaoh 90, ends with the monster dead and Sailor Saturn gone.

But that is not the end of her adventures as she is thrown from her own universe into another, one that is full of technicolor ponies.

Now in Equestria, the Solider of Death and Rebirth becomes one of Equestria's defenders. Yet something may have followed her, something that may end up destroying her new home.

AU of Sailor Moon S

Chapters (1)

On a seemingly average day, Rainbow Dash is roped into attending the birthday party of a complete stranger. Through chance or fate, Rainbow Dash manages to make a friend out of the introverted girl. Though by no easy means, Rainbow Dash eventually grows closer to her friend Fluttershy than she thought could be possible.

Huge thank you to the generous proofreaders Morgan Ray Hess and Prince Infinity.

Chapters (1)

A new type of darkness is coming, and it's not from Equestria. Twilight Sparkle and her friends feel like they're in peace even after Twilight became an alicorn princess. An evil dark tyrant name Razul plans to enter Equestria to bring Back an evil like him. King Sombra. The mane 6 will need the help of the people that defeated Razul before, the Power Force.

Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Spike will soon discover the purpose of Cyber-Shark, Catfish, Flair, Pac-Kid, Prisoner, Virus, Rusk-Pup and Kentaura's lives on earth so that they can defeat their enemies with the Power of Friendship.

Chapters (1)

The Sequel to Rise of Char. Smolder has journeyed into the Void, once known as the Kingdom of Naught, to help the mysterious Mira destroy the Dark King Null; host to the Storm that devours all traces of life. Twilight and friends are racing to discover whatever they can about the Void, searching all over Equestria in hopes of bringing Smolder home. Within the land of Naught, Smolder will discover the fate of his mother, learn to wield his unruly magic, and stands against an ancient evil that threatens to bring all of Equestria into eternal darkness.

Chapters (10)
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