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This story is a sequel to Farmer vs Murderer

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended for you to read the prequel first before reading this one.

Lumberjack, Applejack's evil counterpart, has been defeated by the one and only Applejack. Now since she's locked up and trapped inside of the mirror prison, she's seeking revenge on Applejack by using a different strategy to take over her body again. Applejack, however, is extremely aware of that emotionally. It's not that she's afraid of her, but she's only afraid of being recovered by her. She's experienced it before and she definitely doesn't want to experience it ever again hopefully for the rest of her life. So if the previous spell doesn't work this time, then how will she keep her off of her body permanently?

Note: This story contains few or several amounts of blood, injuries, murderous violence and deaths. If you're not into this, please don't read it.

I used the eyes from sonicfan05.

Chapters (6)

How might the tale of the two sisters happened if one minor detail had been changed?
Warning: this story make take minor liberties with characters' personalities

(This is my first story here, so any constructive criticism would be appreciated)

Chapters (1)

Luna dwells on her own nature, and whether every tie and bond must snap in the end.

Best Read with your backlighting set to DARK

Originally written for the Write-Off.
The title is a joke about Setebos Upon Caliban.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Myriad Thoughts

Sunset Shimmer thought she was going to lose everything. Instead, she gained far more than she lost. With her new family, deeper bonds with her friends, and a firm understanding of the Magic of Friendship, Sunset is ready to face the new year.

However, she really didn't expect some of the problems which would arise from having a new home and better friendships. Sure, the curfew is bothersome, her new little sister tried to frame her for a crime she didn't commit, and her new Grandma wants her to learn to shoot a rifle, but these issues are manageable.

The fact that her new life seems to have reignited her magic- which she didn't even think was possible- is more worrisome. The fact that the new magic has attracted the attention of the smartest girl at Crystal Prep further complicates matters. However, the real issue is that the new magic seems to want to be used- and is continuing to spread.

Sunset's starting to wonder if she'll ever get a break...

Image credit to Girlsay on Deviantart. Used with permission.

Chapters (1)

Three of the most powerful girls in all of Equestria's history have a chance meeting at a coffee shop in Manehattan. They talk. One of the topics being their father. The only male alicorn to ever exist in Equestria's history.

Chapters (1)

For over a millennium, Equestria has seen (mostly) peace, with the barest of militaries, seen as "unnecessary" due to the prolonged period of harmony and friendship that took root within the country. However, that is quickly changing. With Stalliongrad having broken free from Equestria years prior, and the Changeling hives newly reunited under Queen Chrysalis, the age of peace is coming to a quick- and bloody- end.

Set in the Equestria at War universe.

Cover Art belongs to the awesome MadHotaru

Chapters (1)

When you moved to Manehatten a year ago, you promised your friends in Ponyville you'd stay in contact. You'd never break a Pinkie Pie Promise, right?

Just a note, this is taking place sometime around Season 2.

Rated T for language and references to drugs

Chapters (1)

In between times,ages, and worlds there lies millions of possibilities. In each one, lies a journey to find a answer. Then when else has come to fall,time and space come and gather to begin again.

On that note, what happens.... In a world... Where you get a changeling and a pegasus...
You know what? Screw it. Meet Amber and Write Lightning. They have recently gotten into a whole frak-ton of trouble. To start off Sombra was never defeated, Celestia is a tyrant, the land ITSELF is twisted, and all-in-all, things are looking dark. Literally. It's as if everything has took a turn and decided to go straight and ended up a twisted mix of values and sins. This is a shady place. But welcome.
Welcome to the Dark World.

This is my first attempt at a story, it's a collab between me and Boltpen, it's a silly thing we both agreed to write, and it finally hit the shelves. We have plans to release a chapter every two weeks.
Constructive criticism is appreciated, No ponies, changelings, dragons, humans were harmed in the making.
And we ensure Jingle, our resident eldritch abomination, well-fed and within normality most of the times when not working, all are invited to her parties of course, Jason is the main guest.

Chapters (1)

When Equestria's peace is disrupted by a new evil, the mane six are summoned by Princesses Celestia and Luna. But, this may be a job for a particular pony, is Fluttershy up to the task? The others simply feel that this foe should be sent to Tartarus, after past efforts failed, but Fluttershy thinks otherwise.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Stella Aura

The demigod Princess of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle ceases to be the world's only reincarnated pony when she sees a familiar sight on the the day before her many times great-granddaughter is born. She dreams once again of the desert but this time, she remembers.

And Twilight Sparkle is a pony used to remembering. Her friends. Her family. Her wife. The teacher she lost so long ago...

But today is going to be a good day.

This is the final story in a trilogy that began with 'Antumbra'. Art by flamevulture17. This story has nothing to do with the one-shot by Crystal Wishes with the same name.

Chapters (3)
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