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I’m Michael skyline and I’m different in a way. I play bloodborne when I was 4 and I beat it with using bloodtinge build. My eyes changed color once I was insulted. My friends noticed it and I looked in the mirror to see them. Then I had dreams of bloodborne. What happened next scared and amazed me.

Chapters (1)

Snow Flake was born and raised in stalliongrad, having lived there for his whole life, he loved his city and wished only the best for her. But one day, his love for his city was tested after war was declared upon his home. But fate had other plans. After a five year long siege, his city fell, and white peace would be declared one year later. With the war being over for a year and still being upset from the loss of his hometown, he decided that he will avenge her by hitting the enemy where it hurts most. Their leader.

Chapters (1)

Matthew has a dilemma: either find a way home or find a way to save this world. Maybe a certain pony can help him. (Takes place the day after the movie. Prone to edits, so expect them. Also, please don't be too harsh this is my first attempt.)
Any resemblances between the characters/story here and other pieces of work are completely coincidental.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Humanity? Sanity? Sorry, I Lost Those.

Pinkamena has returned from her three months of torture, thought to be dead and gone. But, she's returned, dark and corrupted. She's hiding things, became a different person. Her friends try to help, but they don't know the truth. This is her story, her pain, who she is, and what she's become.

Chapters (1)

I've had many names given to me; the Monster, Ruinator, War Mistress, and Death.

But I prefer to call myself Zerstörung, the Goddess of Havoc. I bring extinction, the apocalypse, and war.

But my reign over these things were brought to an end when I was encased in stone by King Sol and Queen Selene, whom declared my "acts of evil" were at an end.

But after a billion years, I've finally been freed from my eon long prison.

And I have a lot to do.

New story! (I should seriously stop making them and continue the ones I created already)

But whatever, criticism is, of course, welcomed.

Prologue is also required to to be read in order to understand this story.

Chapters (2)

Silver Spirit is unhappy. A failed author, he finds comfort in literature, either reading it or writing it. But one day, he decides that he has nothing left to live for.
He is about to take his own life, when the Mane Six come to rescue.

Sometimes, all you ever need is a friend.

Chapters (1)

In this timeline, Tirek decided not to betray Discord. After the battle with Twilight Sparkle, Lord Tirek ascends to the throne and begins to rule Equestria with an iron fist. Little did the centaur know, however, that his kingdom was going to receive a certain visitor who had been banished by Discord 1000 years ago...

Chapters (1)

Hello Again! Here we are, the final part of the Burning Star Saga!

Before reading this, read my previous stories "Nightmare Ponyville" and "Dark Star of Shadows" first.



It's time to end this battle, Burning Star now faces a threat so great, it will not be stopped without the help of Twilight, her friends, and a few of Burning Star's old friends as well... and a foe from the movie as Well!

There will be action, adventure, and a interesting villain in the form of Queen Diamanda... who will stop at nothing until all of Equestria is underneath her frozen hoof!

Chapters (3)

It was a ordinary day at church, but Starlight is abandoned when her dad doesn't show up to pick her up. Weird things start happening and she isn't sure what to believe...

Drawling by my Ex brony bf Marcado

Chapters (7)

Home Brew was once a simple unicorn from Canterlot, studying magic and working in his family's brewery.

Now, as his former hometown lies in ruins after costly house-to-house combat suffered during the Griffon withdrawal, he arrives on the latest frontline against the Griffon Reich, fresh out of basic training and having never fired a gun against a living target.

He's assigned as a loader to the Party Machine, an M4A3E8 Sherman with a storied past and veteran crew who have fought their way halfway across the world and faced the toughest challenges the Griffons could throw at them.

With the snow beginning to fall, and the Griffons getting more and more desperate, can the five of them survive to see the end of this war?

Part of the World War: Equestria universe, reading the other stories not required.

Chapters (1)
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