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This story is a sequel to Stained Memories

It is finally time to hear from a mother's perspective, as she unwillingly divulges the events of that tragic evening in her own words.

The audio adaptation of this story is coming soon!

Cover art provided by UrbanQhoul

Very special thank you goes to Magpiepony for prereading and editing.

Chapters (1)

What does it take to rule Equestria?  Following an argument, Celestia has abdicated the throne and vanished from the memory of Equestria’s citizens, leaving Luna the chance to learn for herself.  Twilight, one of the few that still remembers Celestia, has grave concerns about Luna on the throne.  The nobles are restless and foreign enemies circle like sharks, sensing weakness.  Meanwhile, far off in the frozen north, Sombra stirs, dreaming of himself on the throne.
Updates every Saturday until completed.

A note about chronology. This takes place after the end of season 2 and before the beginning of season three. So, no alicorn Twilight, Shining Armor and Cadence haven't met the mane six yet, etc. Some details are different (e.g. Luna and Celestia are the only alicorns), but the general shape of the world is the same.

Chapters (2)

Warning: Sex and Gore tags are for implied Violence and implied sex, there won't be any actual violence and/or explicit sex, the story is rated teen because vulgar language will be a thing in the story.

Button Mash is an adult now, but life didn't go easy on the poor boy, now, he has to revert his past sins by playing a videogame called "Pac-mare: the fault eater", but there is something wrong with this videogame, he just found it under his pillow, and the game knows Button on a personal level, what will happen?

Second warning: Contains subtle hints of Sweetiemash, or Buttonbelle.

Chapters (1)

The Galactic Empire has suffered it's largest defeat yet with the destruction of the Death Star. Not only did this weaken the Empire but it has helped the rebellion as more systems have pledged their loyalty to the Rebel Alliance.
To save the Empire, Emperor Palpatine has dispatched his apprentice; Darth Vader on a mission to bring new planets into the Empire for more income and workers. However when a miscommunication occurs onboard the Executor it ends up with a Navigator accidentally typing in the wrong coordinates, leading the fleet to Equestria.
Unfortunately for the ponies of Equestria Darth Vader has lost is growing impatient and has therefore ordred an invasion of Equestria.
The ponies are not strong enough and do not have the technology to fight the Empire and when the Empire occupies Equestria, the ponies have no choice but to fight back. But will the ponies fail or will the ponies win with the help of the Rebel Alliance if word of the planet's existence comes out to the public of the Galaxy? Find out in this Crossover Fanfic.

Chapters (1)

I, an animatronics designer am spirited away to Equestria. Not the one I knew from the show, but one where it is ruled by a corrupted Twilight Sparkle and corrupted versions of the Princesses. The worst part of it is: I have to create new rides for other theme parks such as their version of Disneyland, Uneighversal Studios, or else it's off with my head. Yep, it's pretty bad, but hey, at least she and the various parks I'm contracted for gave me plenty of resources to work with. Alright, enough screwing around. I've got rides to make, places to go, people to see, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Chapters (1)

From high mountain keep to deep ocean deep, learn the wisdom from the ponies of the multiverse.

This collection of short stories was originally part of my other story Three Bickering Bugs Conquer Equestria before I moved them here. They are all inspired by folk stories I read as a child.

Updates every Saturday with a new short story. Some of these universes will be explored in more depth in their own fictions.

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Farmer vs Murderer

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended for you to read the prequel first before reading this one.

Lumberjack, Applejack's evil counterpart, has been defeated by the one and only Applejack. Now since she's locked up and trapped inside of the mirror prison, she's seeking revenge on Applejack by using a different strategy to take over her body again. Applejack, however, is extremely aware of that emotionally. It's not that she's afraid of her, but she's only afraid of being recovered by her. She's experienced it before and she definitely doesn't want to experience it ever again hopefully for the rest of her life. So if the previous spell doesn't work this time, then how will she keep her off of her body permanently?

Note: This story contains few or several amounts of blood, injuries, murderous violence and deaths. If you're not into this, please don't read it.

I used the eyes from sonicfan05.

Chapters (6)

The story begins with Twilight telling Nightmare Night stories to ponies in Ponyville. This story is about the two princesses sisters when they were young.

Chapters (1)

In between times,ages, and worlds there lies millions of possibilities. In each one, lies a journey to find a answer. Then when else has come to fall,time and space come and gather to begin again.

On that note, what happens.... In a world... Where you get a changeling and a pegasus...
You know what? Screw it. Meet Amber and Write Lightning. They have recently gotten into a whole frak-ton of trouble. To start off Sombra was never defeated, Celestia is a tyrant, the land ITSELF is twisted, and all-in-all, things are looking dark. Literally. It's as if everything has took a turn and decided to go straight and ended up a twisted mix of values and sins. This is a shady place. But welcome.
Welcome to the Dark World.

This is my first attempt at a story, it's a collab between me and Boltpen, it's a silly thing we both agreed to write, and it finally hit the shelves. We have plans to release a chapter every two weeks.
Constructive criticism is appreciated, No ponies, changelings, dragons, humans were harmed in the making.
And we ensure Jingle, our resident eldritch abomination, well-fed and within normality most of the times when not working, all are invited to her parties of course, Jason is the main guest.

Chapters (1)

When Equestria's peace is disrupted by a new evil, the mane six are summoned by Princesses Celestia and Luna. But, this may be a job for a particular pony, is Fluttershy up to the task? The others simply feel that this foe should be sent to Tartarus, after past efforts failed, but Fluttershy thinks otherwise.

Chapters (1)
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